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Well Gentle Readers, once again we are reminded just how fortunate such unsophisticated proles as ourselves are to be ruled by such as Joe Biden:

Biden’s remarks came during a press conference as he answered a question from a reporter on criticism he has faced from Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., who said: ‘Nobody elected him to be F.D.R., they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos.’

‘I don’t intend to be anybody but Joe Biden, that’s who I am,’ Biden said. ‘What I’m trying to do is do the things I ran on to do, and look, people out there are ordinary, hard-working Americans [who have been] put through the ringer the last couple of years.’

‘People are worried,’ Biden added, suggesting that people do not understand why ‘the price of agricultural products’ has increased.

Original credit: mlspodcast.worldsoccertalk.com

Shazam, Joe!  Yer raht!  We missin’-toothed, smelly, God and gun clingin’ WalMart shoppers out here in Flahover Country, you know, where them there agree-culchural prah-ducks is growed? Why, we don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no soo-plah chains!

‘If we were all going out and having lunch together and I said let’s ask whoever’s in the next table, no matter what restaurant we’re in, have them explain the supply chain to us. Do you think they’d understand what we’re talking about?’ Biden asked.

The president said ‘they’re smart people,’ but concluded that current crises are a part of a ‘complicated world.’

Of course!  How can anyone not a member of the self-imagined elite “expert,” credentialed class, who can’t tell a screwdriver from a toilet plunger, possibly understand the “complicated world” of our intellectual and moral betters?  We can only design, build and maintain it.  We can’t possibly understand it.  We certainly can’t afford the kind of restaurants people like Joe frequent. Aren’t you glad, gentle readers, we have people with the kind of intellectual horsepower of Joe Biden to ‘splain it all to us?

‘We’ve never faced anything like this,’ Biden added. ‘You can understand why people are upset. Whether you have a PhD or you’re working in a restaurant, it’s confusing and so people are understandably worried.’

Joe’s right.  We have never faced anything like this, other than under Jimmy Carter, FDR, whose brilliant, elite policies likely prolonged the Great Depression for a decade, and of course, we’ve faced varying levels of these kinds of economic woes pretty much whenever D/S/Cs are in power, but other than that…

OK then.  All I have is a Bachelor’s in English and Music, I’m a few credits shy of a Master’s, and have a variety of other skills in designing, making and maintaining things, so obviously, I’m not close to being a self-imagined elite, but let me take a whack at this, and you gentle readers, missing toothed, smelly you, can critique me–if you can read.  Let’s begin in China at an Apple Computer assembly plant.

*China Apple produces a new shipment of iPads—iPad1829—which wholesales for $100.00.  Their costs are low because they use slave labor, and when they don’t, if anyone complains about wages or conditions, they can kill them, slowly or all at once as they please.

*They have to pay to truck, or rail, it to a port.  That adds expense on the consumer end.

*Of course, there are the Chinese punitive tariffs, which add expense on the consumer end, as do various bribes along the way…

*Maintaining an enormous Communist security state apparatus is also very pricey, which the ChiComs delighting in passing on to all us running dog imperialists.

*Shipping costs, which include not only paying dock workers to load it in China, but unload it in America, insurance, wages for the mariners, fuel and lubricants for their ships—which absolutely can’t be produced in America lest the planet explode in 10 years, or is it 9 or less now?  It’s so hard to keep up—and other incidentals like maintenance and parts and paint and oil, and food, also add expense on the consumer end (I can’t wait until they have electric ships!  I bet it’s going to be kind of hard to place charging stations mid-Pacific though.  I wonder how long it will take to recharge that size battery pack?  Oh yeah, all that is going to add expense on the consumer end too.  I wonder what kind of tax break D/S/Cs are going to give on the purchase of a new, electric container ship?).

*When a ship finally arrives in America, say at Long Beach, it anchors and idles waiting for enough dock workers to show up to unload it, many of whom won’t go along with vaccine mandates.  For some reason dock workers operating cranes, alone, ten stories up, don’t feel like wearing masks, but then they’re not smart enough to understand complex things like Covid policies, so who cares what they think, which also adds expense on the consumer end.

*And California is fining ships, a lot, per container, for not having them unloaded when California refuses to unload them, which also adds expense on the consumer end.

*California environmental regulations have eliminated all but the newest trucks, the others being environmentally damaging, so there are very few trucks available to haul containers.  Also, because of the lockdowns, there are very few truckers.  And because of the vaccine mandate, there are even fewer truckers, all of which adds expense on the consumer end.

*There are all kinds of unnecessary and insane federal regulations that add all sorts of costs on the consumer end, but I’m not writing a book here, so…

*Even better, there are so many containers waiting at anchor off Long Beach, there isn’t sufficient storage yard space to park offloaded containers waiting for too few trucks driven by too few drivers, which also adds expense on the consumer end.

*And when a truck and driver can be found, their fuel prices have nearly doubled in just a year, which raises the cost of shipping from point to point.  Even worse, because of the driver and truck shortage, many trucks end up driving back empty, which wastes fuel, and you guessed it, adds expense on the consumer end.

Joe, solving complex, worldwide problems

*And speaking about that, when things like toilet paper are sitting on cargo ships in Long Beach Harbor, and there is no toilet paper on store shelves, prices go up.  This is known in self-imagined elite circles as “supply and demand,” a concept far too advanced for folks like us, gentle readers, to understand, but basically it goes like this: when a commodity is rare, it is in demand, therefore, it is worth more and prices rise accordingly.  But when store shelves have all the toilet paper anyone could want, when people know they’ll have no trouble finding it whenever they want, there is a “supply glut,” an “overabundance”–I don’t really know what all these big words  and technical terms mean; I’m just faking it to make myself look smart for the benefit of people like Joe–and manufacturers spend more money advertising, and stores lower prices.  I’m sure I have no real idea what I’m saying, but have pity on me.  I’m, sob, not Joe Biden.

*When those iPads finally make it to a WalMart, or BestBuy or any one of a thousand other places where they’re sold to unenlightened non-elites, the price has gone up even more, because the lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates, to say nothing of government welfare, have driven millions upon millions out of the job market, and stores have to dramatically raise wages and benefits to attract barely enough employees to keep their doors open, which raises costs on the consumer end.

*This whole “keeping the doors open” thing is really hard in places where the self-imagined elite rule, like San Francisco, where they have enacted enlightened policies such as decriminalizing crime, and for some really hard to understand reason, businesses are having a hard time making a profit when thieves steal all their merchandise faster than the few employees they can find can put it on the shelves.  As I understand it in my limited way, this too makes things more expensive, and closes stores, which makes the economy worse, because people out of work can’t afford to buy the products sold in stores that aren’t open anymore.  When “criminals,” who are actually just “justice system involved persons” smash our car windows and steal our food before we can get in into the house, this too raises the cost of car insurance, and depletes our bank accounts, which despite Joe telling us spending trillions we don’t have costs nothing anymore, actually costs us!  Apparently, none of this has any effect on the self-imagined elite.  This “economics” stuff is just so hard!

*Part of the reason people are having trouble is the price of fuel, which mysteriously—so hard is it for the non-elite to comprehend—costs more, a great deal more, than it did just a year ago, so driving anywhere, like to work, costs much, much more, and so do car repairs and buying a new car.  See all the above for details.

*Flyover Country people, in the dim resources of their tiny brains, think destroying the American energy industry, and relying instead on countries that hate us and want to destroy us for oil might not be such a smart idea, and just might also cost more at the consumer end.  They also think nominating as Comptroller of the Currency, who regulates all banks, a Communist who wants to destroy the entire energy industry might not be such a good idea.

*Flyover Country folks, in fact, are beginning to get the inkling, just the barest hint of an idea, that fuel costs raise prices on, well, on everything!  They’re even getting the idea that Joe Biden’s policies just might have something to do with that, but thinking about such complex things is soooo hard!

*As a matter of fact, the non-elite are also beginning to get an inkling that government regulations make everything more expensive, and they’re getting a really bad feeling about the Federal Government wanting to tax them for every mile they drive, which they think might be the real reason for wanting to hire 90,000 or so IRS agents.  For some reason, they think that might raise the price of–oh I don’t know—everything?—too, as well as really piss people off.

*And to make things even worse, when a Flyover Country person walks into a store to buy a Chinese made, slave labor iPad, they find they can no longer afford one, because of something called “inflation.”  This is a terribly difficult, complex concept in a complex world, but I think it has something to do with when the government prints so much money, it’s no longer worth the cost of the paper and ink, things tend to cost a whole lot more, and no matter how much money you make, you don’t have enough for bare necessities.  I seem to remember this being one of the causes of WWII, something about German hausfraus taking wheelbarrows full of paper money to the grocery store just to buy a single loaf of bread—if one could be found.  But maybe I’m confusing that with the German attack on Pearl Harbor.  I saw that in a movie; something about animals.

*I also think that whole “Inflation” thing has to do with crazy government policies, like spending billions on “tree equity” and electric cars that cost too much, don’t work pretty much anywhere but in California climates, and maybe, spending trillions on encouraging the rest of the world to move, illegally to America, by giving them $450,000 bucks each for violating our laws.  You know, that kind of stuff.  After all, a trillion dollars is pretty much pocket change these days, isn’t it?  Of course, I can’t remember the last time I saw a $50 dollar bill, which is worth about $2.50 these days, so…

*We missing-toothed folks are also pretty sure putting Pete Buttegieg in charge of anything other than being gay, bragging about it, and pretending he or his–whatever–can birth babies is not helping matters.

*As a matter of fact, we dumb folks are beginning to think pretty much everything the self-imagined, credentialed elite do, or refuse to do, raises costs at the consumer end.  We’re even beginning to think they’re doing it all on purpose, and not because they care so much about us!

So what do you think, fellow, dimwits?  Do I understand this highly complex supply chain stuff, or is Joe right?  Hey, somebody stop him before he falls off the stage!