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Kyle Rittenhouse

We’re now three days into the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse for multiple felony counts.  As I suggested in Update 2, I suspected jury selection would take several days, perhaps even most of the week.  To my surprise, it took only about ¾ of the first day of trial.  Accordingly, there has been quite a bit of testimony, and I’ll be posting Update 3, which will cover the testimony of the first week of trial, on Monday, 11-08-21.

I’ve been able to watch quite a bit of the trial, and I’ll be linking to the commentary of Law of Self-Defense guru, Andrew Branca, whose view of the proceedings generally parallels mine.  My initial impressions are quite simple: this is another George Zimmerman backward trial,  a blatantly political prosecution, where the prosecutor relies on emotion, unethical conduct and outrage, while the defense is calm, professional and relies on the law and the evidence.  More on this, gentle readers, on Tuesday.  I hope to see you all there.