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Thomas Jefferson
Credit: Biography,com

Thomas Jefferson surely had a measure of satisfaction in the results of Virginia’s off year election last night.  Jefferson, some of whose statues were torn down by ankle biting, dimwitted D/S/C thugs over the last several years, was truly a Renaissance Man.  A man of learning and ability, he filled many local offices, was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and Delegates, Virginia Governor, US Congressman, Diplomat—he was a rock star in France—Secretary of State, Vice President, and Third President of the United States.  He was a lawyer, architect, writer, farmer, scientist, and wrote the Declaration of Independence.   In so many ways, he made America.

Not only was Jefferson the father of the University of Virginia:

Jefferson embarked on his last great public service at the age of seventy-six with the founding of the University of Virginia. He spearheaded the legislative campaign for its charter, secured its location, designed its buildings, planned its curriculum, and served as the first rector.

He wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which was the model for the religion clause of our First Amendment.  In retirement, he sold his library of nearly 6500 books to the government.  They became the basis of the Library of Congress.  Jefferson never flagged in his determination that men must be free:

I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves. . . .”                Thomas Jefferson, 2 July 1787

Few men stand so tall in the establishment of the liberties of Virginians and all Americans.  Contemporary D/S/Cs fear that men may be trusted to govern themselves.  They’re not the self-imagined elite; they’re not experts; they’re not qualified.  November 02, 2021, Virginians once again took steps to secure their liberties.  I cannot but help to imagine Jefferson is smiling down on the land and people he so loved and trusted.

As this is written, Glenn Youngkin is Governor-elect of Virginia, Jason Miyares has been elected Attorney General and Winsome Sears has been elected Lt. Governor.  Terry McAuliffe has conceded:

While there is still some vote counting, it seems clear Miyares, a Hispanic, and Sears, a Black woman, will keep their narrow victory margins.  The House of Delegates has also flipped Republican.  As one might imagine, D/S/Cs are not pleased:  

Monday morning, an unnamed Democrat congressman from New Jersey told Politico Playbook Biden failed to pass any accomplishments, which hurt the base’s enthusiasm.

‘Fucking disaster down ballot and way too close at the top. Not enough excitement at top of NJ ticket — Biden, Covid, etc. No accomplishments. Should have passed infrastructure a month ago,’ he said.

With that prelude, some initial thoughts on the election, and what it portends for the future:

*Some are saying the race card is now canceled once and for all.  It’s not.  It’s all D/S/Cs have, and it’s utility, despite being far less potent than it once was due to overuse, is not entirely lost.  Particularly since the D/S/C media are more than willing to push and publicize any racist hoax—the D/S/C demand for racism far outstrips the supply—the race card, torn, sodden and soiled, yet lives.

*Rational D/S/Cs know playing the race card is only hurting them.  They’re not in charge of the D/S/C Party.

*Because this happened in solid blue Virginia, Northern Virginia being essentially a DC suburb and ideological twin, the Republican victories have the potential to have a positive effect—for Republicans—on the 2022 and 2024 elections.  Potential only; it’s not called the Stupid Party without cause.

*More rational D/S/Cs realize what a disaster this is, but the party is in the control of its Socialist/Communist elements.  Because their political philosophy and policies are their secular faith, they cannot possibly be wrong.  When they inevitably fail, as they did last night, they often blame their candidate, as they are reasonably doing with McAuliffe.  They also blame racism, white supremacy, domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, parents, and they fall back on their usual villains: 1) Not enough money has been spent for the wonders of their policies to be come manifest; 2) not enough time has passed; 3) Normal Americans have been allowed to exist to oppose the one, true way; and what’s obviously epic failure is really glorious victory.

*D/S/Cs also blame impossible failure on faulty “Messaging.”  They just weren’t able to warp language quite enough to fool the rubes.

*Normal Americans are getting really tired of being called racists by racists.

*McAuliffe was far past his ‘sell by” date.

For his speech on Election night, McAuliffe apparently didn’t have enough time to finish his Joker makeup…

He really did run a poor campaign, in large part because he was all in for the D/S/C narrative.  D/S/Cs continue to believe themselves invincible, their policies non-falsifiable.  They believe they cannot be beaten, and if they are, it can only be because the people that voted against them don’t know what’s good for them.  D/S/Cs intend to show them–good and hard.  It didn’t help that McAuliffe is arguably, a poor example of humanity and got very upset whenever anyone didn’t show him the slobbering praise to which he has become accustomed.

Yes. That was the problem…

*McAuliffe had the full support of the local, state and national D/S/C, and all the resources he needed.

*Stumping with him was Kamala Harris, whose comment on the import of the race is going to haunt her and D/S/Cs for years.  

*Barack Obama, who fanned the flames of racism, Stacy Abrams, a race baiting loser who appears to have finally worn out her welcome, James Clyburn, and even Joe Biden tried to pump up McAuliffe’s campaign without success.

*The choice of the wildly arm waving, screeching Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers, as a featured speaker the night before the election will go down in electoral history as one of the dumbest choices ever.

*Youngkin kept the focus of his campaign on Virginia issues.  McAuliffe tried to make Trump and national issues the focus.  Bad idea.

*McAuliffe was angry, loud and constantly tossed racist lie bombs.  Youngkin was calm and likable, but did not fail to promptly and effectively respond to McAuliffe’s lies.

*While Donald Trump did not campaign with Youngkin in Virginia—McAuliffe lied about that too—Youngkin gladly accepted his endorsement, but kept his focus on Virginia issues.  Smart.

*Youngkin’s public appearances mirrored those of the Trump/Biden race.  Thousands upon thousands for Youngkin rallies; a handful or a few hundred for McAuliffe rallies.

*The stunt with Tiki Torch holding “white supremacists” posing in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus was an epic political debacle.  McAuliffe embraced and ran with it, even when it fell apart within hours.  It’s rather hard to be ominous white supremacists when one of five is a woman and another, a Black guy and they’re all wet because it’s raining, which rather dampened the Tiki Torch imagery.  Rational people know the McAuliffe Campaign was in on it; the Lincoln Project just fell on their sword to try to protect McAuliffe when it became, with warp speed, a failure.  Nobody was fooled.

*Former Conservatives and present Never Trumpers did not cover themselves in glory:

Kristol, who endorsed McAuliffe–don’t all Republicans want Clintonite D/S/C hacks in office?–tweeted out a congratulations for Youngkin.  It did not raise his stock in the minds of Normal Americans.  His cruise ship has sunk.  For good.

*The media continued to desperately try to pull the McAuliffe campaign plane out of its death dive by filming a freshly ironed-on confederate flag patch on the back of a new denim jacket, worn by a new cowboy hat wearing supposed Youngkin supporter at a Youngkin rally.  They didn’t bother to show the guy’s face, nor did they try to interview him.  That blew up in their faces too.

*McAuliffe’s most telling mistake was claiming parents had no right to be involved in determining what their children learn.  He made it worse by continuing to expand on that idea—actually illegal in Virginia—and compounded it by stating parents should not be allowed to object to books, because “we have experts for that.”

*The outrageous and illegal conduct of the Louden County School Board badly harmed McAuliffe and helped Youngkin, who expertly and calmly used it.

*D/S/Cs are entirely schizophrenic on CRT.  Some admit it is being taught and they’re pushing it, because it’s like totally awesome!  Others, including McAuliffe, claim it doesn’t really exist, and if it does, it’s certainly not being taught where they live, like Virginia.  In short order, Chris Rufo produced copies of the Virginia Department of Education website, which repeatedly mandates and cheerleads for CRT, and in those specific terms.  He produced documentation of the Louden County Schools doing the same.

He also produced documentation revealing McAuliffe, when he was Governor in 2015–take the link above–implemented CRT in Virginia schools.  He never stopped lying about CRT despite being caught.

*How is it possible that when caught, when there is incontrovertible evidence, McAuliffe continued to lie, to claim CRT didn’t exist in Virginia?  He’s a standard D/S/C.  They create their own reality and demand others live in it.  Some are incapable of recognizing actual reality; most just lie.

*Much is being made of the fact Winsome Sears is an immigrant and the first female, Black Lt. Governor in Virginia History.  I’m most impressed that she’s a Marine who loves America.  So is her husband.  Of course D/S/Cs absolutely hate her.  On Tucker’s Carlson’s show, she explained that is because she’s not their kind of Black person.  Republican, sane, rational, intelligent, accomplished, a mother, a Marine, and a supporter of the Second Amendment?  Of course they hate her.

Ow! This had to leave a mark…

*Much is being made of the fact Jason Miyares is Hispanic.  More will be made of the results when he reinstitutes the rule of law in the AG’s office.

*We will, in short order, be seeing a new mental illness: Youngkin Derangement Syndrome—YDS.

*Rational congressional D/S/Cs—there are some—are going to see the writing on the wall and become very wary about pushing Communist legislation like the 5+ billion spending bills before Congress.  Many D/S/Cs are blaming McAuliffe’s loss on their failure to pass those bills and turn America into a single party, Socialist tyranny.  If you think you’ve see discord among them, you haven’t seen anything yet.

*This is going to make Joe Manchin less, rather than more, likely to vote for that kind of insane legislation.

*Some are suggesting we’ve just seen the end of Joe Biden’s presidency.  I’m not prepared to go that far, but this is certainly going to cripple him further.  I will go so far as to suggest he won’t serve out his term.

*This is not evidence the tide has significantly turned in America back toward constitutional, limited government and the rule of law, but it’s a good sign.

Nightmare on D/S/C Street

Overall, this is not only very good news for Virginia, but good news for America.  This means, of course, it’s very bad news for D/S/Cs.  It’s also very good news for parents across the nation—be sure to catch my education article, which will be posted Sunday at 1700—and very bad news for D/S/C, race hustling, CRT supporting, Trans supporting school boards, teachers and educrats, which is also very good new for America’s future prospects.

And enjoying his reward, Thomas Jefferson is smiling.

UPDATE, 11-03-21, 1740 MT: The next two screenshots come from a post-McAuliffe drubbing CNN (?!) panel:

Yes. Yes it does.

No. No they don’t.

Gee, I don’t know what might make Normal Americans feel that way.  Perhaps Terry McAuliffe’s Social Media manager, the guy who had a hand in the Tiki Torch debacle, could help explain?

Yeah.  Thought so.  And thanks.  I’m sure Virginians will enjoy actual morals and low taxes, just like every American living in a free state.