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Can we trust the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President—to accurately, lawfully differentiate between heated, passionate, even threatening debate between the public and school board members, and actual crimes?

NOTE:  Threats generally aren’t crimes unless they’re made in such a way as to represent a specific, imminent and likely act.  If everyone who ever said: “I’m going to kick your ass,” or even “I’m going to kill you,” were arrested, a large portion of the populace would be in jail.

Is the administration’s very public demonization of American parents merely a crude, un-American and profoundly stupid attempt to intimidate parents into silence?  Do they think branding parents “domestic terrorists” will be sufficient to terrorize them into silence?  Or will they use the power of the state, manifested through the force of federal law enforcement and any willing state or local police agencies, to arrest, prosecute, jail and ruin parents?  If so, how many Marxist, police state prosecutions would they think necessary to intimidate the rest, or will there be no limit?  Do these would-be Stasi thugs realize they’re dealing with Americans?

A relative of mine, a law professor, always taught his students never to pass a law they were not willing to kill to enforce.  He referred to the reality that the police may use any force, including deadly force, reasonably necessary to make a lawful arrest.  Do not doubt, gentle readers, our federal government, and any state or local government that will ally with them on this issue, will be willing to use deadly force, lawful or not.  Do not doubt we could see, and soon, thanks to a CNN crew who just happened to be in the neighborhood with night vision cameras, Suzi Soccermom and her family, in their nightclothes and handcuffs, shivering in the cold on their front lawn one pre-dawn morning in Anytown, USA surrounded by armor-clad FBI and local SWAT cops because Suzi angrily defended her children at a local school board meeting.

Let us, gentle readers, examine this issue from the viewpoint of your local police—should you still have police.  Keep in mind, please, unless otherwise stated, I’m referring to ethical, professional police officers and agencies, which is most of them.

The police know, even as their D/S/C political masters do not, they need the public, perhaps even more than the public needs them.  If there were no police, the public would quickly form organizations to protect their families, neighborhoods and communities.  In such circumstances, there would be no tolerance for crime, and justice would be swift, sure and final. Obviously, in circumstances like that, civilization as we know it would be, at best, on hold.

The police understand that, and want to do everything possible to keep the public on their side, the side of the rule of law.  Bad will is cumulative.  They know the only reason they can be effective, and ultimately, survive, is because with the rule of law most people are willing to obey most laws most of the time.   Also, very few people see the police as enemies.  The police have a vested, personal interest in seeing things stay that way, so they work hard to keep the public on their side by doing their jobs ethically and professionally.

This generally works, because in a rule of law nation, most Americans understand the police, in making traffic stops and arrests, are only doing their jobs.  It’s nothing personal, and it’s absolutely nothing political.  They know that, they’re willing to accept that, because living under the rule of law confers great benefits, such as being able to go about one’s daily life without an unacceptable risk of being criminally attacked, or unlawfully harassed or arrested by the police, the former always being a far greater risk than the latter.  Unless, that is, the police become politicized, then the risk essentially flips, or becomes essentially equal and everything falls apart, gradually, then suddenly.

Most of the public doesn’t understand this, but most police officers are well schooled in the Constitution.  It, particularly the Bill of Rights, regulates their daily actions.  They are careful never to say or do anything that would step outside the boundaries of the reasonable exercise of police power, because when the public gets the idea the police are so much as thinking about infringing on fundamental liberties, rather than lawfully investigating actual crimes within the rule of law, people are no longer willing to obey most laws most of the time.  If the police aren’t going to obey the law, they become just another criminal gang.  If the police are just another criminal gang, they’re a more powerful version of criminals in general and the enemy of law-abiding Americans, who in the interests of self-preservation, act accordingly.

Let’s say Officer Smith has no appreciation for free speech.  Only some political views are legitimate, and he’s going to use his power to suppress “misinformation.”  As long as he keeps his mouth shut about this belief, and makes arrests based only on a solid knowledge of the law and probable cause, there’s no problem.  But if Officer Smith starts mouthing off to people, threatening them for saying things, even displaying bumper stickers he thinks inappropriate, people are reasonably going to think Officer Smith is willing to act outside the rule of law—because he is.  They’re going to think if he’s allowed to behave that way, if he’s allowed to abuse the power loaned him by the public, his supervisors, even his entire agency, must be willing to do the same.  The public reasonably believes that’s not the business of the police; it’s not their damned job.  Once this belief spreads—and such things spread faster than Covid–it’s damned hard to convince the public to trust the police again.

A perfect example are the D/S/C Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Disparate Impact, Racial Profiling and other related narratives that depict all police officers as racist monsters who live to murder unarmed Black men, and to oppress the public in general.  These lies have had considerable success in badly damaging public trust and the rule of law.  For example, the national murder rate rose 30% in 2020.  Fortunately, that rise is mostly limited to blue states and cities where police agencies have been defunded and so limited in their lawful duties, many cities have all but become Mad Max-like dystopias.  A great many officers in those cities have retired or simply left law enforcement.  They realize their local and state politicians not only won’t support them, they’ll actually make it impossible for them to function, encourage the public to resist and murder them, and prosecute and ruin them if they lawfully do their jobs.  Unsurprisingly, such agencies are finding it impossible to recruit qualified candidates to fill their growing number of vacancies, and predictably to anyone but D/S/Cs, crime continues to run rampant.

Traditionally, when local law enforcement agencies became corrupt, the state and federal governments would step in to clean house.  But what happens when the federal government is corrupt?  What happens when they’ve become politicized, weaponized, when the public, on a national level, no longer trusts them?  Since the Obama years, we’ve been finding out, gradually and then suddenly, as an unprecedented 30% rise in murders in a single year—other crimes, particularly violent crimes, are also dramatically increasing—demonstrates.

NOTE: 30% is the national average.  It’s 54%, for example, in Los Angeles County.  In flyover country where the police have been allowed to do their jobs and have not been not defunded, it’s a very different, much less crime-ridden, story.

As I’ve recently written, the Federal Department of Justice, the FBI and a variety of other Federal agencies, have announced not only their willingness, but their delight, in declaring war on America’s parents.  Enter “The FBI and Suzi Soccermom” in the SMM homepage search bar to find all articles in this series. Not all parents, only those who oppose Marxist, racist political indoctrination of their children in public schools under the guise of CRT, DEI and a variety of other stealthy acronyms and methods.  They also want to suppress parents who object to Covid insanity, trans activism and racist disciplinary policies.

Why do such threats make parents uneasy?  For the same reason local police agencies can lose the trust of their communities.  The FBI, for example, has demonstrated, from its highest levels, absolute disdain for American’s fundamental rights, and a gleeful, arrogant willingness to unlawfully pursue political enemies of the government.  Until recently, this knowing abandonment of the rule of law appeared to be limited primarily to people at the highest levels of government—members of the Trump Administration—but no more.  Now they’re threatening Suzi Soccermom of Everytown, USA.

Keep in mind because this is a fundamentally political threat, it’s politically focused.  Parents who support CRT, trans indoctrination, Marxism and insane, non-science based Covid policies are in no danger.  The DOJ/FBI are primarily after flyover country parents, people who do not vote for Joe Biden and other D/S/Cs, people who think they are the employers, not the subjects, of government.  People who foolishly think they have unalienable rights and live in a rule of law nation.

We’re far beyond gradual destruction of the rule of law.  Attorney General Garland’s unconstitutional threats are where things can fall apart suddenly, suddenly.

Should state and local police agencies willingly join with the FBI in suppressing lawful First Amendment expression, they will absolutely lose the trust of their communities, and the rule of law will certainly be damaged, if not destroyed.  This leaves two possibilities: (1) state and local agencies simply remain neutral, giving the FBI and other Federal agencies no support. (2) state and local agencies actively oppose federal actions.

State and local agencies traditionally have uncomfortable relationships with the FBI.  FBI agents tend to see themselves as far superior to every other police officer in the country.  The worst of them see other cops as lower life forms, barely able to walk and simultaneously chew gum.  They expect absolute cooperation from local agencies, but when it comes time to reciprocate, don’t.  As a result, most state and local agencies are generally willing to cooperate, but expect nothing back.  Under current circumstances, many of those agencies will offer the FBI no cooperation; they’ll become neutral.

But what happens when state and local agencies decide they’re not going to allow their citizens, their families, friends and neighbors, to be harassed and arrested for political ends, and without probable cause?  What happens when FBI agents showing up at Suzi Soccermom’s home to interrogate her are facing local officers determined to uphold the rule of law?  What happens when Everytown Officer Smith tells FBI agents to get off Suzi Soccermom’s property and not come back?  What happens when state or local officers don’t give a damn about unlawfully obtained federal warrants?  What happens when two armed forces, both empowered to make arrests, come face to face?  One is trying to go around the rule of law and the other is determined to uphold it; do you see the problem, gentle readers, the danger about which my relative law professor spoke?

AG Garland and FBI Director Wray are playing a very dangerous game.  By so much as suggesting they’re going to be infringing on the free speech rights of Americans, by declaring parents “Domestic Terrorists,” by boldly stating they’re going to be seizing jurisdiction where they have none, they’re demonstrating their willingness to put politics over the rule of law, to violate their oaths of offices, oaths every police officer takes, and to utterly abandon law enforcement ethics in favor of becoming thuggish lackeys of an American Stasi.  As bad, they’re, of necessity, ignoring real criminals, real threats.

If this is more than a crude attempt to threaten Americans, to intimidate them into shutting up and allowing the government to indoctrinate their children with Marxist, racist, statist propaganda, state and local law enforcement agencies, even individual officers, are going to have to make a choice: do they become part of an American Stasi, or retain their integrity and defend the rule of law and the Constitution, as they swore to do?  Do they protect Joe Biden or the people they’re sworn to protect and serve?

State and local police officers know they dare not lose the public’s trust.  Federal law enforcement management appears not to care.  What does it matter if one’s subjects, over who one has total control, trusts them? We appear to be on track to find out just how bad things can get, and just how suddenly they can get there.