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Our Commander In Chief

A Black, violent felon dies resisting arrest: wall to wall, ceiling to floor, news coverage for months, even years.  It’s absolute proof of systemic racism that defines the nation; politicians top to bottom express outrage about the outrageous outrage.

Two and three year old infants, American citizens, die, because they were stranded in Afghanistan by Biden’s handlers, and because his handlers won’t allow the State Department to save American lives thereafter.  Crickets.  That’s not who we are—except it’s absolutely who our self-imagined elite are.

This one, gentle readers, is the kind of outrage which will cumulatively, inevitably lead to civil war.  People pushed beyond endurance won’t engage in polite, reasoned debate on the nature of governance, they’ll come for their tormentors, the people—individual bureaucrats and elected “representatives” responsible for the deaths of their children, their loved ones–with bloody, terrible, single-minded resolve.  I wouldn’t blame the parents of these children at all.  Breitbart reports:

A two-year-old American and 3-year-old American died in Afghanistan as a result of the Biden administration’s failed withdrawal from the country, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), whose team is working firsthand on the ground to save stranded Americans, told Breitbart News Saturday.

Mullin, who has traveled to Afghanistan and whose team is working firsthand operating what he likened to the underground railroad to get Americans and Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs), and allies out of the Taliban-run country, told Breitbart News Saturday that the Biden administration has failed to assist his team in getting people out of the country, which has resulted in U.S. casualties largely unreported by the Biden administration.

It’s far, far worse than merely failing to assist.

Mullin briefly described what his team is doing in Afghanistan, attempting to get the people Biden abandoned out of the country to safety. Many told him the State Department was not helping them, ‘So we put a team together real quick. … We had arranged to get them even outside the airport,’ he said.

Mullin explained most did not realize many of the people could not even get to the Kabul airport because there were three checkpoints that were ‘charging between $500 to $1000 to go through.’

How about that: entrepreneurial terrorists.

‘So even to get to the airport for one person, it was $1,500 at the minimum. And you’re talking about a country that didn’t have any banking system,’ he said, explaining how his team essentially set up an underground railroad, getting people out of Kabul by transporting them to nearby countries in the region. His team has a full ground operation, operating 20 safehouses and 40 vehicles, and they have been able to move people out ‘almost every day.’

Wait a minute.  A Congressman and his team of volunteers puts together this operation using private money, and our military wasn’t–and isn’t–allowed to do the same?

‘I mean yesterday, we got three Americans out and four Brits. The day before that, we got a couple,’ he explained, but the successes have not come without devastation. Mullin revealed they have lost a handful of Americans, including a 3-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy.

‘The news isn’t reporting it,’ he said.

Of course they’re not:

‘For instance, we had a 3-year-old girl, that had a severe infection in her legs, and we tried to get her out. We had her in Kabul. We tried to get her out through the airport there … Her parents were LPRs, they’re legal permanent residents of the United States, which means they’re our responsibility,’ he said.

Mullin said the State Department would not take them in because the girl’s parents were LPRs.

They’re not doing anything for naturalized or natural born Americans either.

‘And when we realized they weren’t going to let her go through, we took her out on the 31st of August … and started driving her and her family across Afghanistan.’

They eventually got them to the border of Tajikistan, where the ambassador told him that ‘Washington’ told him not to assist Mullin in ‘any way.’

‘And I said ‘excuse me? You can’t — I’m an American citizen. Because he said I wasn’t traveling officially. And I said I know, I’m traveling on a blue passport. I’m not here officially. I’m not here in my official capacity but I’m trying to get somebody, I’m trying to get an American out of a war zone, a war area who needs medical attention. You’re telling me someone from Washington told you not to assist me. Who was it? He said, ‘I can’t tell you that,’ Mullin said.

Mullin said he replied, ‘If you don’t tell me now, then next time you’re going to hear from me is going to be in another capacity.’

‘That’s the only threat, because we’re going to have to find out,’ he said, noting that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) promised to have a hearing and investigation on the matter if Republicans take the House back.

‘So we may have to wait 15 months, but we’re going to find out,’ he added.

‘Because they wouldn’t help us get her out, September 10, she passed away from sepsis,’ he said of the American child. ‘A 3-year-old girl. That was eight days before that that we could have got her out. And she passed away from sepsis and her parents had to watch her while we could have got her out.’

Keep in mind “Washington” was not only endangering the life of the Congressman—of course that’s expected because he’s a Republican—they killed a three year-old girl.  No one involved in that murder is an American.  They don’t deserve to be called an American.  No real American should do anything but expose such empty, soulless shells to eternal scorn.  They’ll never be punished—in this life—for their complicity, but there is a Higher Power whose judgment cannot be bought or avoided.

At the parent’s request, Mullin isn’t naming the girl or her parents, who are done with the United States.

The congressman said the State Department knows who the girl is. He also revealed that they lost a 2-year-old boy, and his mother on the day 13 U.S. service members died from the attack at the airport, explaining he is certain they were killed at the gate.

‘And the State Department hasn’t reported that they were killed at the gate,’ he said, explaining they were at the gate because they were going to pull them out. They refused to let them land, but Mullin said ‘we were already supposed to have them out of that gate.’

‘She couldn’t leave, because they couldn’t afford to come back,’ he said, noting that CNN reported they died in a rocket attack, which he said is ‘a lie.’ He confirmed these were two American citizens and said the State Department knows because they were approved to pull them out that day.

‘Everyone one of these could have got out. It wasn’t like maybe. We could have got them out. We’re getting people out, and we could have got them out. It wasn’t like maybe. We had them in a position to get them out, and the State Department failed to help us. … All they had to do was literally allow them to come in the gate, and we couldn’t get them permission to come in the gate,’ he said, explaining that the Biden administration is ‘not being transparent.’

‘They’re not telling the truth of what’s happening. They’re not even telling the truth about why they pulled out on the 30th,’ he said.

Mullin is still working to get 65 Americans out of Afghanistan.  If he alone is struggling to rescue 65, what does that say about the Administration’s claims of only a hundred or so still abandoned?

Even the worst criminals in America don’t abide people who hurt children.  Child abusers do very poorly in prison.  If there is any justice left in America, these well-credentialed scum will lose their jobs in November of 2022.  It won’t be nearly enough.

Remember this photo:

One of the ‘iconic’ images of our catastrophic surrender from Afghanistan was a night-vision photograph of Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, the last American service member to depart the war-torn nation, boarding a C-17 Globemaster.

Mainstream media portrayed him kindly, like any brave U.S. soldier who fought and bled in Afghanistan for nearly two decades.

It was great propaganda.  The noble, selfless general, making sure all his men and all the people that needed to be evacuated were on the plane first, putting himself in danger to ensure their safety.  What a man.  What a leader.  If this report is accurate, what scum:

Our friend Jennifer Van Laar at RedState exclusively reported Sunday, however, that the 1992 West Point graduate erred badly in late August.

Donahue allegedly booted 50–100 American allies off the cargo plane so he could load a Taliban souvenir — an ‘inoperable Taliban-owned Toyota Hilux with a fully operational Russian ZU-23 anti-aircraft auto cannon mounted in the bed’ — to bring home.

Not only did this violate standing orders against taking so-called war trophies, but those left behind have been or likely will be killed by the Taliban due to Donahue’s actions.

According to RedState’s informants, ‘During the last hours of the evacuation, according to troops under his command and as documented by photographs and witness statements, Donahue ordered all of the passengers aboard a C-17 transport plane to disembark so he could have a souvenir loaded onto the plane. Once the Hilux was loaded passengers were allowed back on the plane, but, of course, there wasn’t room for all of them.’

Do you see what I mean, gentle readers, about this sort of thing pushing people over the edge?  Apart from the vile, traitorous General Milley, it’s hard to imagine a greater betrayal of the ethic of the American warrior.  Perhaps this isn’t what happened, perhaps it’s just a misunderstanding, but something like this can be easily and quickly investigated.  There will be no lack of witnesses. I’d like to believe the leadership of our military could not have sunk so low, but these days, with this Administration…

Real military leadership. A real American.

Of course, since treason at the top of the chain of command will never be investigated or punished under the current D/S/C Administration, it’s highly unlikely any general officer, no matter the crimes he commits, no matter the betrayal of our military and the American people, will ever be investigated or punished.  It would, after all, make D/S/Cs look bad.  I had not imagined they could look any worse, but they keep surprising me.

And the D/S/C media?  Aren’t stories like this their bread and butter?  Don’t they hate the military?  Don’t they live to expose official corruption?  Aren’t they are national conscience with layer and layers of editors and fact checkers?  Whatever happened to “if it bleeds, it leads?”  There is a great deal of American blood being spilled in Afghanistan.  We can be certain we’re not hearing of a great deal more that has already been spilled, and more that will be spilled.

One is tempted to wonder how such people live with themselves, how they sleep at night, but they’re quite satisfied with themselves and sleep very well, because they’re harming their political enemies, half of America, people not of their exalted class, their moral and intellectual inferiors who deserve whatever the self-imagined elite decree.

You know: people who would move heaven and earth, people who would give their lives to save little children—Americans.

Who knows how many Americans remain behind enemy lines?  We won’t let those that abandoned them forget.  Ever.  And perhaps, some day, we’ll have a hand in holding them accountable.