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Temporary President Joe Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan.  He told the American people he was going to stay as long as necessary to get them all out, but he lied, and he left them behind.   He left them in the hands of the Taliban, an Islamist terrorist organization infamous for medieval brutality.  He left them at the mercy of 7th century savages who have no mercy.  He left them with fanatics whose religion mandates they lie to and murder Infidels.  He did it on purpose, and bragged about what a wonderful success his unprecedented military debacle was.

Americans don’t do that.  Americans despise people that do.  People like Biden are constantly telling us patriotic, honorable Americans “are not who we are.”  Now they’ve told us, with actions, instead of words for a change, they’re not Americans.  Leaving Americans behind is not who we are

Now he’s trying to distract us.  He thinks we’ll forget what he did.  He thinks we’re stupid, that with the right “messaging,” he can convince us we’re the real terrorists, despite the fact we’re not holding anyone hostage, nor did anyone, other than a government agent who shouldn’t be trusted with a cap gun, kill an American on January 6 at the Capitol. At his train wreck of a UN speech, he proudly proclaimed he’d turned the page on Afghanistan.  Nothing to see there; move along.  He wants us to forget he abandoned Americans—Americans—to our enemies.

He is doing nothing to get them out, in fact, he’s letting—or ordering—the State Department to prevent them from escaping.  Private citizens are working hard to save Americans, and the State Department won’t let their planes leave Afghanistan, and when some somehow manage to fly out, they won’t let them land at American military airfields or even in America.  Our government won’t lift a finger to save Americans, to keep them from becoming hostages, to keep them from being tortured, raped and killed.  Our government won’t lift a finger to keep from having to pay ransom for as many as thousands of Americans Joe Biden left behind. Private citizens saving Americans embarrasses the Government, which matters far more to them than the lives of Americans.

The State Department denies it, but it knows exactly how many Americans they abandoned. They have to because they are in charge of keeping track of Americans in foreign countries.  Americans don’t get to be in foreign countries without passports, and those, as well as other documents, are continually tracked, so they have no excuse for not knowing, and they lie anyway.  Admitting how many were stranded behind enemy lines embarrasses the State Department, which matters far more to them than the lives of Americans.

credit: Chris Muir day by day cartoon

Why, besides progressive dementia, a life lived as a leftist, a hatred of America and Americans, gross incompetence, just plain meanness and stupidity, would Biden—actually, his handlers—do such a thing? 

Regularly, until our American hostages are home, I’ll post brief updates/reminders that our Government, our Democrat/Socialist/Communist ruled and infiltrated government, has abandoned as many as thousands of Americans, men, women and children to our most deranged, vicious, bloodthirsty and ruthless enemies.  But for this first reminder, consider this from David Catron at The Spectator.org:

During an interview with William F. Buckley in 1977, Margaret Thatcher described the difference between American and British politics in this way: ‘American politics are very different because you have two parties based on a free society, a free enterprise society, and economic freedom. We have one party based on that, one main party, and another based on socialism.’ Sadly, Thatcher’s observation about American politics is no longer true. A new Fox News poll shows that 59 percent of registered Democrats have a positive view of socialism. It’s little wonder that our ‘moderate’ president has lurched so far to the left. He’s just appeasing his base.

Catron’s article was about how Biden—actually, his handlers—is destroying the middle class, in large part by trying to pass legislation to give unions a socialist stranglehold on our economy.  But consider that 59% of registered Democrats are willing to admit to favoring socialism.  Socialism still has enough of a bad name we can be reasonably sure many who also prefer it are remaining silent—for now.

This is why I refer to the contemporary Democrat Party as the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party, or D/S/Cs for convenience.  The Democrat Party that once loved America and Americans is long gone.

credit: give me liberty

Keep in mind socialism is merely communism-lite.  Both long to establish a Marxist utopia with all the misery, poverty, human suffering and death that evil ideology has always produced. American Socialists just aren’t quite ready to murder their political enemies in huge numbers, but given enough power, they’ll get there fast.  Lurking just under the skin of every socialist is a communist loading an AK.

Catron is right.  Biden is a socialist, to whatever degree his brain is sufficiently functional to consider such things, but his handlers surely are, and his fortune, and that of his family, certainly has not come from capitalism.  Biden’s handlers/Biden are playing to their base, the majority of the D/S/C Party, which is no longer Democrats as Americans once knew that Party to be.  It would only be surprising if they had not abandoned Americans to the Taliban.  Worse, far worse, is coming, if they can get away with it.