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I have a bumper crop of stupid for you today, gentle readers, so let’s get right to it, beginning with the National Archives:

The webpage of the U.S. National Archives that hosts the nation’s own Constitution has a ‘harmful language alert’ for readers at the top of the page.

And of course, Facebook had to get into the act too:

Facebook apologizes after labeling part of Declaration of Independence ‘hate speech’

Facebook’s policies for censoring hate speech have again come under fire after the social media giant labeled a passage from the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.

Facebook apologized to a Texas newspaper on Tuesday for deleting its post that included the passage. The Liberty County Vindicator had been posting excerpts of the Declaration of Independence daily leading up to July 4th. The first nine posts were published without a problem. The 10th post, which included paragraphs 27 through 31 of the Declaration of Independence, was deleted by Facebook.

And where would an edition of TSTS be without Gropin’ Joe?

Biden gave a speech for labor unions in the East Room. When he finished his remarks, he said, ‘I’m supposed to stop and walk out of the room.’

Biden concluded: ‘So folks, you do it all. I‘m sorry to go on so long but I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for the country and what you’ve done for me over my career. You’ve educated me, you’ve brought me along, and you’ve — you’ve always been there. Now I‘m supposed to stop and walk out of the room here.’

When the Israeli Prime Minister visited Biden, Joe took the opportunity to take a nap:

You have to feel for [Israeli Prime Minister] Bennett. The poor man is so sincere and trying so hard to communicate . . . with a snoozing, twitching Biden.

As it dawns on him that Biden is asleep—and to his credit—Bennett turns to address his comments to the press. Perhaps he is trying to limit the embarrassment and humiliation of doddering and clearly unfit Sleepy Joe, hoping that the cameras will switch to focus to his comments rather than focus on the snoozing leader of the free world?

I suppose a case could be made that Biden is merely listening with his eyes closed (and shoulders slumped), but to make that case, one would need to demonstrate that this is a known trait of Biden’s, something I don’t recall seeing over his 40 odd years in public office.

One would also need to explain why when Bennett concludes with ‘Thank you Mr. President, I look forward to working with you,’ Biden doesn’t open his eyes and respond as any normal (awake and alert) human being would.

That’s because Biden is mentally checking out, as this tweet illustrates:

He actually said unvaccinated people are infecting vaccinated people, which sort of makes one wonder why anyone is vaccinated?  And if this is right, why is he talking about vaccinations?

Grennell is right:

Courtesy of The American Thinker, here are just a few of Biden’s most recent words of wisdom:

*  …they’re spending the most powerful message to their families…

*  …Our own Department of Energy pioneered and transformed the battery industry, where Barack and I w-w-went into offer, when we were in office…

*  …Jill & I would never have thought, we’d have to join you, the Capitol Rotunda, not once but twice.  Once, to iron — to honor Officer Brian Sicknick, who lost his life…

*  …Those of us been around a while, we knew his dad, knew his dad well.  He was Secretary a the United States — Sergeant-at-Arms in the United States Senate…

*  …It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated I know I’ve said that constantly, and others have as well.  The vaxation of the unvaccinated…

*  …Thank you, man; you’re a helluvan assalete…

*  …Hi-speed Internet — gonna be available and affordable everywhere, to everyone, so farmers nationwide can get the breast prices for their products at home and abroad…

*  …We started off the intercontinental railroad, in the late eighteen hunerds; all all kidding aside, we leak the coast…

*  …That’s why, I’ve instructed the Federal Drug Administration to get these genetic drugs to consumers…

*  Cleaning up and calfing capping the orphan wells.

*  We’ve trapped uh we’ve tapped additional aircraft from the Department of Defense.

*  …My national security team and I have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every constituency, including — and contingency — including the rapid collapse we’re seeing now…

*  …Like their fellow brothers and sisters, who’ve died, defending our vision and our values, and the struggle against terrorism, of the fall on this day, they’re part of a great, noble company of American heroes

How crazy are America’s universities these days?  The University of Wisconsin spent tens of thousands of dollars to move a rock because some idiots complained it was racist:  

You may think this really stupid, but our Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttegieg—he’s gay; just ask him—says roads are racist, so why not rocks?  Who would know such things better than a federal bureaucrat?  And speaking of gay Pete:

OK, let me see if I understand this.  Pete’s husband (wife? Child-bearing person?  It’s impossible to keep up) is male.  The children are adopted.  Neither Pete nor his…whatever…actually engaged in childbirth.  Neither of the children were passed through any part of their anatomy.  So why are they sitting on a hospital bed, and why is…whoever…wearing a hospital gown and why do both of them have hospital ID on their wrists?  If being gay is an intellectually and morally superior state of being, why would gay people want to pretend to be female and—you know—pretend to be giving birth?  I’m sure the happy couple will be very interested in this:

And speaking of gay vaccines:

Are gay people less likely to be vaccinated, or do D/S/Cs think this sort of thing persuasive to Normal Americans?  Yeah, that would make me want to be vaccinated right away to keep me from getting whatever infected this…guy?  And speaking of vaccines:

Riiiight.  Depriving people of civil liberties actually furthers civil liberties.  A civil rights organization is not only arguing the government has the power to force Americans to take drugs they don’t want, they’re arguing being forcibly drugged is good for liberty.  Actually, the ACLU has been stupid for decades.  You knew this one was coming, didn’t you Gentle Readers:

That’s right: you don’t appreciate government telling you to take whatever drugs they want or else, and you’re a domestic terrorist without actually committing any acts of terrorism.  We’re now well into thought terrorism.  Here’s the real thing:

Oh goody: North Korea has restarted its plutonium-producing nuclear reactor. As the Wall Street Journal reports: ‘Kim Jong Un’s regime is fully aware that activity at its nuclear sites is closely watched by satellite surveillance.’ In other words, the Norks have taken the measure of Biden, and proceeded accordingly.

But climate change and people not getting vaccinated are the real existential threats.  We’re paying these idiots for violating our free speech rights. They wear black socks and brown dress shoes with shorts.  And did you know, capitalization is oppressive?

I know there’s a live argument over the Oxford comma, and whether to use one or two spaces after a period. But these are so 20-teens: did you know that capitalization is—somehow—oppressive?

That’s what we’re told by Dr. Linda Manyguns, I mean, dr. linda manyguns, who is “associate vice president of indigenization and decolonization” at Mount Royal University in Alberta. Here’s the proclamation:

‘this is a beginning effort at describing the use of lower case on the website of the office of indigenization and decolonization.

Indigenous people have been actively engaged in a multidimensional struggle for equality, since time immemorial. we strive for historical-cultural recognition and acknowledgment of colonial oppression that persistently devalues the diversity of our unique cultural heritages. . .

the goal of equity, diversity and inclusion of all people is synonymous with the interests of Indigenous people. we support and expand the goal of equality and inclusion to all forms of life and all people. we join leaders like e. e. cummings, bell hooks, and peter kulchyski, who reject the symbols of hierarchy wherever they are found and do not use capital letters except to acknowledge the Indigenous struggle for recognition.

we resist acknowledging the power structures that oppress and join the movement that does not capitalize.

the office of indigenization and decolonization supports acts that focus on inclusion and support the right of all people to positive inclusion and change.’

Manyguns–oooo!  I feel unsafe just reading her name–appears to be upset at “capitalism,” an economic system, rather than “capitalization,” part of a system of punctuation, but she’s an associate professor, so I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.  And now:“World Ends: Minorities, Poor Hardest Hit!”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Monday it is creating a new office to deal with climate change as a public health threat.

The new office, called the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, plans to operate around social justice ideology claiming minorities and poor people are disproportionately affected by climate change.

I can’t tell you how badly I feel for Oprah, the NFL and the NBA.  We all must obey the federal health bureaucracy, because they know anybody can get pregnant, while we’re still stuck thinking that only happens to women:

Men getting pregnant.  Another damned thing I have to worry about.

Benjamin Crump, for those of you not familiar, has one of the easiest jobs in America.  He’s a race baiting attorney/ambulance chaser who shows up in blue cities whenever a violent felon like George Floyd gets himself killed in a fight with the police.  Why is his job easy?  He immediately files a lawsuit on behalf of the survivors and the city council boldly responds by asking: “how much do you want?  Are you sure 20 million is enough?”  But now he’s branching out into another field that will also take no effort:

The death of St. George Floyd has been the occasion of deep thoughts of all kinds. On the assumption that he is taking a typical cut of the action, I note that attorney Ben Crump has come to Minnesota and found his stays lucrative beyond the dreams of avarice. Now he turns his attention to new frontiers in linguistic sensitivity as he salutes abolition — abolition of references to the master bedroom in Minnesota real estate listings.

I think credit should be given where it is due. In this case, New York has led the way and, as is so often the case out here where we struggle ceaselessly to overcome our provincial inferiority complex, we are simply aping our trend-setting masters, er … betters. See the August 5, 2020 New York Times story “The Biggest Bedroom Is No Longer a ‘Master.’” Subhead: ‘The term’s racist and sexist undertones lead New York’s real estate community and others to rethink outdated industry jargon.’

What the hell is wrong with Oklahoma these days?

An Oklahoma school board member said Monday that she’s concerned kids could be ‘committing murder’ by not wearing masks in school, according to Fox News.

‘It’s just not OK for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask,’ said Norman Public Schools board member Linda Sexton. ‘And when it comes down to it, it’s possible. They will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. That’s not OK.’

I can see it now: kindergartners on death row.  Hopefully someone has rapped Sexton upside the head and bade her get a grip on herself.  Things are getting tough for Gretchen Whitmer:

President Joe Biden called Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whom he had on a list of potential running mates ahead of the 2020 presidential election, ‘Jennifer,’ marking his latest slip.

‘Thank you, Jennifer, for what you’ve done,’ Biden told Whitmer after she thanked the president for aiding in the Senate passage of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Apparently Kirby, who used to be an Admiral(?!) didn’t check out the photo used with his tweet:
Oh, I’m sure they haven’t nearly reached bottom yet:

By the way, how’s that “defund the police” business working out in Seattle?

During cuts to the Seattle Police Department’s budget last year in response to the ‘defund the police’ movement, Seattle City Council voted to cut the Seattle Police Department’s Navigation Team that had the responsibility of clearing the city’s violent homeless encampments and referring campers to social services.

However, it has been revealed that Seattle police officers who were on the Navigation Team have been reassigned to provide personal protection for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, despite a significant increase in violent crime throughout the encampments and a decrease in deployable officers citywide due to early retirements and resignations in the wake of the defund the police movement.

Multiple sources within SPD confirmed that officers from the former Navigation Team and North Precinct patrol provide 24/7 security outside of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s multi-million dollar home in an upscale Seattle neighborhood.

But of course.  Cities have to have priorities, and some people are more equal and valuable than others, like Rep. Carolyn Maloney:

“Equal rights.”  Riiiight.  Talk about irony deficient.  And speaking of irony deficient:

Oooooh.  So that’s what that was!  And speaking of doubling down on incredibly stupid:

Remember when Kamala Harris, who cannot reliably pronounce her own first name, was all for bailing out violent felons?  

Yeah.  That has worked our reeeeeal well.  This hasn’t aged well:

Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the good guys, explains:

We must all obey Dr. Fauci.  Not only is he the sexiest man alive, he’s SCIENCE, damn it! He’s walking, talking, lying SCIENCE! We know because he said so:

We must also obey Tom Nichols, because he has a radio show:

And how did that Sturgis super spreader event work out?  Was Sturgis wiped off the map? Did Gov. Noem and her horse get Covid?  Is all of South Dakota dead?  

Once again this year, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracted hundreds of thousands of bikers to the town of Sturgis in South Dakota’s Black Hills. Before it began on August 6 and as it continued through August 15, the rally was denounced by hundreds of liberal news outlets as a covid super spreading event. The Washington Post, for example, headlined ‘Sturgis Motorcycle Rally revs up, drawing thousands and heightening delta superspreader fears.’ CBS News warned, ‘Sturgis motorcycle rally sparks fears of super spreader event.’ South Dakota’s governor was derided for defending the rally, and even participating in it on a motorcycle. [skip]

The U.S. as a whole averaged 276 new covid cases per 100,000 population over the last seven days, while South Dakota averaged only 156. South Dakota has fewer new cases than all surrounding states except Minnesota and Iowa, which have 5% and 4% fewer new cases per 100,000 than South Dakota, respectively. [skip]

Meanwhile, have any liberal press outlets acknowledged that they were wrong about Sturgis, and apologized to the people of South Dakota, to the hundreds of thousands who attended the rally, or to the state’s governor? Of course not. This is why Rush Limbaugh called our conventional press the drive-by media. They casually smear the people they don’t like, and move on. Never is there accountability.

Headline: Sturgis Super Spreader A Bust: Fauci, Nicols hardest hit.  Here’s another example of the terminally irony deficient:

This is terminally stupid—probably actually:

A recent investigative report details how some medical school professors today deny biological sex to avoid being called transphobic and become targets of campus cancel culture mobs.

An endocrinology professor at a top-tier med school in California, for example, apologized for saying ‘pregnant women,’ because it ‘implies that only women can get pregnant.’

The investigative report from Katie Herzog is peppered with similar anecdotes and others that indicate not all med school students are taught how conditions present differently in males and females.

In light of this report, The College Fix emailed 83 professors at 22 medical schools across the country asking them to weigh in on the matter.

Only three replied that they believe medical professors continue to teach on the vast differences and needs between the two biological sexes.

Despite being offered anonymity, the rest — 80 med school professors — refused comment.

People teaching future doctors there is no difference between men and women, and men can get pregnant?  I’m sure Pete and his whatever are delighted, but apart from that, what could possibly go wrong?  And in the “what the hell is he doing” department:

The WNBA champions apparently do have time for losers. Even as thousands of Americans have been left stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, the Seattle Storm came to the White House for a photo-op with Joe Biden to celebrate their victory.

The Storm are the first NBA or WNBA team to visit the White House since the Cleveland Cavaliers came in 2016.

But their return to the White House came with an awkward, cringeworthy moment, when Biden, during a photo-op, bizarrely kneeled in front of the team as he showed off a jersey that read ‘Biden 46.’

You can just see the thought balloons: “what the hell…?  But hey, doesn’t everyone take a knee when someone gives them a t-shirt?  This must be the “leading by example” about which Biden keeps talking.

‘What makes this team remarkable is they don’t just win games, they change lives: encouraging people to get vaccinated so we can beat this pandemic; speaking out and standing up for racial justice and voting rights; supporting education and membership program for young people, and — excuse me, mentorship programs for young people; and fighting to protect trans youth from an epidemic of violence and discrimination,’ Biden said.

Uh, what?  Insanity:


Our southern border is wide open, under invasion, and this is what the government is worried about:

The Centers for Disease Control is once again involving itself in an aspect of American life which is absolutely none of its business.

We have watched as the CDC inserted itself in everything from the eviction moratorium to the Superbowl. Now they want to control your language.

They just released an exhaustive list of words you shouldn’t use, in the name of health equity, whatever that is. Topics include drug abuse, healthcare, homelessness, economic status, immigration, race, sexual orientation, and more.

Non-U.S.-born Persons / Immigration Status

Instead of this…


*Illegal immigrants

*Illegal aliens

*Illegal migrants


*The foreign-born

Try this…

*People with undocumented status

*Mixed-status households

*Immigrant, migrant

*Asylee or asylum seeker

*Refugee or refugee populations

*Non-U.S.-born persons/foreign-born persons

Yeah.  That’ll prevent the spread of disease, which is what I thought the Centers For Disease Control was supposed to do.  Who knew it was so easy, and involves vocabulary rather than science?  This will make everything better too:

The city of San Francisco will pay 10 lucky individuals who are ‘at high risk of shooting someone’ $300 not to pull the trigger or be involved in shootings.

The terminology used by Newsweek describes the project in that fashion. The Dream Keeper Fellowship is launching the initiative in October and will pay 10 people a monthly $300 salary to not get caught up in shooting incidents.

That’s not stupid at all.  Nope.  Neither is this:

President Biden on Thursday told Jewish leaders that he spent time at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh after the October 2018 mass murder of 11 people there — but the synagogue told The Post he never visited.

‘I remember spending time at the, you know, going to the, you know, the Tree of Life synagogue, speaking with them,’ Biden said in a 16-minute virtual address ahead of the Jewish holidays Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Barb Feige, executive director of the Tree of Life, said that Biden did not visit the synagogue in the nearly three years since the anti-Semitic attack.

In a phone interview, Feige, executive director since July 2019, said firmly that ‘no’ Biden didn’t visit, even before taking office when he had a lower public profile as a former vice president and then-Democratic presidential candidate.

We can’t be too hard on poor Joe.  The photo depicts him getting lost.  He just took off across the lawn.  His aides had to rush to catch up and show him where to go—at the White House.  We can never be hard enough on John Kerry:

China’s state-run Global Times did not think much of U.S. ‘climate envoy’ John Kerry’s visit to Tianjin in a Thursday editorial, blasting Kerry’s climate-change talks as an ineffectual effort to mend fences without giving China the apologies and restitution it deserves for various alleged American offenses.

The Global Times said it was ‘quite absurd’ for the Biden administration to think it can separate ‘cooperation on climate issues’ from other aspects of the bruised U.S.-Chinese relationship, scoffing at President Joe Biden’s attempt to ‘look righteous and reasonable through the lens of climate cooperation.’

I’m sure China, which is building coal-fired power plants at a frantic pace, will do whatever Biden and Kerry want any day now.  We have three entries for the “that really didn’t age well” department:

This one’s particularly good:

Great job, Sophie!

And finally, when government, and the D/S/C media work together, nothing is impossible, except accuracy and telling the truth:

Too stupid to survive.