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It was supposed to be “INSURRECTION: THE SEQUEL!”   Our crack federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies had the goods this time, and they would not be caught unawares by hordes of white supremacist, insurrectionist, domestic terrorist, non-Biden voting racists.  Yes, the same FBI that let teenaged American gymnasts be raped for the better part of two years rather than do their jobs, but that was small potatoes compared to the second certain, nefarious, attempt to overthrow the US Government by force, scheduled for September 18 at the US Capitol.

Across America, Normal Americans, notified by government media of the second attempt at insurrection that this time would surely succeed if not for the vigilance and brilliance of the Federal Government, which is here to help, responded by asking: “what rally? Where?  Really?”  So pervasive was the evil ideology that objected to Americans who exercised their First Amendment right to protest on January 6 being denied their 6th Amendment rights, so vast and unfathomable, virtually none of those hundreds of millions of white supremacist, insurrectionist, domestic terrorist, non-Biden voting racists were aware of their duty on September 18.  Somehow, that vast horde of traitors to the D/S/C Party and the self-imagined elite for which it stands, determined to bring down the government, never got the message and went on with the business of living their lives and minding their own business.

But boy oh boy was the government ready for them this time!  The eight-foot fence that once ringed the Capitol was once again erected.  Apparently fences/walls are not only moral, they’re useful and effective too, but only if erected around the Capitol Building.  Hundreds of National Guardsmen—er, Guardspersons—were on standby.  Hundreds of Capitol Police officers, many in their best Darth Vader Imperial Storm Trooper outfits–apparently they got a deal on overstocked “extra tall” outfits–were there and ready to dish out the kind of help only real public servants can give.  Innumerable other law enforcement agents were present, in uniform, and in sort of uniform.  Shockingly, they weren’t wearing masks, nor were they social distancing!  The horror.

How did it all work out?  Does the Star Spangled Banner—insert trigger warning here–yet wave oer the land of the not-so-free and the home of the entitled?  Breitbart explains:

Despite reports of potential violence and beefed up security, including the National Guard and fencing, Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally attracted a few hundred demonstrators and ended without major incidence.

Photos and video taken around the Capitol show media and police, many heavily armed and in riot gear, vastly outnumbered protesters, who were gathered in support of defendants detained in connection with the January 6 Capitol attack.

And did all those evil racist racists of racism cry out for the blood of the righteous?

The event began with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the national anthem.

Oh.  Antifa and BLM don’t do that–do they?

‘We condemn all violence, political violence,’ said Matt Braynard, founder of Look Ahead America and organizer of the rally. ‘I’m demanding that you all are respectful and obedient to police officers today. In fact, I’d like to start off — can we please have a round of applause to the main police officers?’

Then a string of speakers spoke for about 90 minutes and condemned anyone who committed violent acts on January 6, 2021, and called for justice for dozens of people who were arrested in the wake of the riot, many of whom, they said, did not commit violent acts but remain behind bars months later.

‘[This is] not about President Trump,’ Braynard said. ‘It’s not about President Biden. It’s not about the election. It’s not about what you think happened with the election.’

‘This is about justice and disparate treatment and equal treatment under the law.’

But surely the Insurrectionists wore all manner of MAGA apparel, maybe even—shudder—American flags, which all left-thinking people know is worse than, than, well, worse than anything!

In a video ahead of the rally, Braynard told people who wanted to attend not to wear shirts with any political message or disparaging signage.

Various D/S/C media propaganda outlets characterized the event as “mostly peaceful,” which normally means a violent riot resulting in arson, millions in property damage, multiple injuries, even murder.  Like much of what they write and say, it was a lie, though they tried their best to portray it otherwise.  OK.  You got me.  There was a little conflict, as Leslie Eastman at Legal Insurrection reports:

A heavy police presence – officers in riot gear, plainclothes police, law enforcement on bikes and horses – awaited the crowd. Also there were counter protesters, who carried homemade signs – one read ‘loser’ which was a reference to Donald Trump, its carrier said – and ‘Black Lives Matter’ flags. One small group stood on a street corner, blaring the song ‘FTD (F*** Donald Trump).’

Police broke up shouting matches between the two groups, moving people apart before fights could break out. There were no reports of violence amid fears the day could turn into another insurrection.

The over the top police response was so, well, over the top, even some of the media couldn’t stick to the narrative:

WTOP’s Alejandro Alvarez said he’d seen counter-protesters mixing in with rally-goers, but ‘I have not seen [them] making any attempt to disrupt the event.’ He added that ‘Some debates have broken out, some quite heated. But personally I have not seen any direct confrontation’ between any combination of protesters, counter-protesters and the police.

Oh, but the Capitol Police, and the D/S/C media, did their best to maintain the “mostly peaceful” narrative, while simultaneously suppressing the insurrection:

Wow!  They made four whole arrests.  They even did a separate tweet for this one:

A knife!  Why, he could have brought down the whole government!  NBC was on the case:

Hmmm.  Terroristic insurrectionists don’t normally wear suits when they’re insurrecting, do they?  Thank goodness the FBI was on the case along with NBC:

OK, now I’m really wondering just what they teach at the FBI Academy.  Note the identical Blues Brothers sunglasses, the identical watches, the one size too small, buttocks accenting, toney men’s store shorts.  Notice the suspicious budges in their pockets, which are either guns or they’re very happy to see each other.  Notice the high and tight hairstyles.  Notice the “just out of the academy and haven’t had time to spend years behind a desk” physiques.

In telling others of my police experiences with the FBI, it has always been a little hard to explain how easy it was to pick them out of a crowd.  Now I have pictures.  The best, most effective undercover federal agent touch was wearing black socks with shorts, and the man who obviously taught these undercover techniques at the Academy must be the guy in the center of the photo wearing black crew socks with brown dress shoes–the preferred footwear of insurrectionists everywhere.  These FBI guys know how to blend in with Normal America.

I can just see these guys sidling up to Normal Americans in the crowd: “Greetings, fellow insurrectionist.  I sure do love Donald Trump and QAnon, yes sir, and that’s a lovely American flag you have there.  I really respect the flag, and the Constitution too; did I mention the Constitution?  Now can you direct me to the leader of the domestic terrorists, the really racist one, because I want to join your band of insurrectionists and overthrow the government. I want to learn the secret domestic terrorist handshake too.”

But enough merriment.  What about those four—FOUR–arrests?  Oddly enough, I’ve been unable to find any real details about them, with one exception, but we’ll get to that in a moment.  Why is that odd?  If those arrests were worth anything, if they could be in any way twisted to fulfill the prevailing D/S/C narrative, you can bet we’d be hearing wall-to wall, 24/7 reports, but there’s nothing.  But what about the knife!?  I suspect it was probably the kind of folding knife Normal Americans in Normal America carry in their pockets or in a sheath on their belts every day.  If its owner had been threatening anyone with it, they’d be insurrectionist of the year and we’d have their mug shot tattooed on our retinas for the next year.

The two warrant arrests apparently took place not at the rally, but on a nearby street as the arrestees were driving by, which likely means those arrests had no relation whatever to the event, but this was supposed to be another unarmed attempt to utterly destroy the government, so somebody had to be arrested, and they were handy.  As I understand it, they decided not to publicize the arrest of the golden retriever that pissed on a nearby hydrant.

OK, OK, but there was a gun!  A Gun!  What about that one?  The Washington Examiner explains:

A federal law enforcement officer arrested at the ‘Justice for J6’ rally in front of the Capitol on Sunday will not face any charges.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer, identified as a 27-year-old man from New Jersey by the Associated Press , was searched by Capitol Police after demonstrators said they saw him with a handgun. He was arrested for illegally possessing a firearm on the Capitol grounds.

Oh.  He was a federal cop.  Well, at least the federal police didn’t kill anyone this time.

But prosecutors are ‘not moving forward with charges,’ according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney Office in Washington.

What actually happened is some of the domestic terrorist racists in the crowd of a hundred or so noticed the guy—who apparently took his undercover apparel lessons from the FBI–was armed and told the black clad Imperial Storm Troopers–dum, dum, dum, dum de dum, dum de dum…–who quickly surrounded him and determined he was no danger to anyone.

 Final Thoughts:

It’s interesting to note the authorities can indeed rouse themselves to be ready for trouble when their masters deem it necessary.  Unfortunately, their masters only seem to deem it necessary when there is virtually no probability of any actual law breaking.  When anarchists and racists in black, wearing masks and carrying shields, Molotov cocktails and various other weapons take to the streets, the police aren’t allowed to so much as derisively comment on their felony fashion violations.  We can be certain none of them would be wearing black socks and brown dress shoes with sissy boy shorts.

But let us, gentle readers, not be smug.  Sure, the feds could have just called up the organizer of the rally and figured out how many would attend and their agenda, but no, that’s just what they would have been expecting them to do!

In our nation’s Capitol these days, there are many suffering, wailing, gnashing their teeth and rending their garments.  The Second Great Insurrection was, tragically and inexplicably, a bust, and the January 6th Commission is surely inconsolable, particularly the two Republican members, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.  Depressed too are surely D/S/C congress critters, the FBI, the White House—I’m not including Joe Biden because he’s still trying to figure out who that hostile old man in his bathroom is every morning–and all those members of the Deep State, ceaselessly working to fundamentally transform America.  I’m certain General Milley, who is hard at work fighting Climate Change and White Rage, is beside himself.  Of course, he’s always beside himself because he’s missed more than a few annual Army fitness tests.  Let us keep these great residents of America in our thoughts and bid them whack themselves upside the head and get a grip.

Fortunately, the narrative goes on…