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I spend a great deal of time, gentle readers, reading.  I read because I enjoy reading, because I find inspiration there, and because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become just barely wise enough to realize how very, very much I don’t know and will never learn.  I do, however, do what I can to try to make up that deficit.

I also read to find ideas for my daily articles for this scruffy little blog.  Other authors, and often, readers who take the time to comment, help provide those ideas, as is the case with regular reader/commenter “Doug,” who in response to The Second Civil War #25: Bad Will Is Cumulative, wrote:

If ‘it’ comes… there won’t be any liberty worth preserving. You still don’t get it. Whether it’s from the weather, someone playing with the electric grid, the Internet, disease taking out the distribution system, or goof balls thinking they are going to rescue America from itself by burning the place up… you got about five to seven days before the good old boys in Wyoming, and anywhere else, aren’t so good anymore. You’re missing the point. America is an all or nothing deal… and even the Founders understood that. The next civil war will be nothing more than a going out of business sale. Save the chest thumping cause you have a lot of guns. They won’t matter at all in trying to ‘restore’ any liberty.
There are alternatives… but you know those already.

The “it” to which Doug refers is a second civil war.  It’s the topic of this series, which is a warning, not a wish list, in the hope of inspiring others to avoid such a conflagration.  Still, we must keep in mind there are things worse than war.  Doug’s premise, in part, appears to be that civil war would be so horrible it must be avoided.  I agree.  I don’t impute this to Doug unless he would like to own it, but D/S/Cs will sometimes spout the same premise with the sub premise that Normal Americans must, to avoid war,  therefore submit to whatever they want, which will preserve “democracy,” not liberty, never liberty, not a representative republic, but “democracy.”

Our Republic is like Democracy in the sense of one man, one vote, but even that no longer holds, as one man—even if he doesn’t exist—can vote as often as he likes without bothering to ever darken the door of a polling place, and even non-citizens and the dead have the same privilege.  D/S/Cs are doing all they can to set these principles of non-racist, liberated voting in granite, not that Americans may thereby enjoy greater liberty, but that America might become something else: a one-party socialist/communist state.

What they really want is a Democracy, where 50.00000000000001% rule: the Tyranny of the Majority.  That’s why they keep calling our republic a democracy: to condition us to accept their destruction of liberty.  In such a demos, there are no fundamental, unalienable rights; the people—the majority—rule, and they decide what privileges the minority may have.  Rights are reserved for the majority. In such a polis, the most heavily punished crimes are crimes against the state and against the scientific communists who run it.  Equity, which is never equal plenty, but always equal misery, is the rule, and rules and rulers must be obeyed.  The minority will never become the majority; the majority will see to it by any means necessary, the more brutal, the better.

A favorite D/S/C aphorism goes something like: “violence never solved anything.”  This premise is demonstrably, laughably false.  We have the Constitution and the liberties we all—mostly—enjoy because enough colonists were willing to use violence to secure them.  Mao, the greatest communist murderer of all time–thus far–observed “Power flows from the barrel of a gun.”  Commies do tend to be concise when they’re being truthful, and they’re generally truthful about imposing their will on others with force.  The Taliban have no doubt about the efficacy of violence, which these days they are happily applying with American weapons.

We have—in red states and cities—relative domestic peace because we have empowered the police to use violence on our behalf, so long as they do so reasonably and according to law.  Criminals, knowing we will support the police, which means they’ll be arrested, prosecuted and punished, tend to do all they can to avoid those unpleasant alternatives.  They also know citizens are more likely than the police to shoot them, which is why “hot” burglaries—burglaries committed when people are home—are rare.  They also know when people shoot them, they’re more likely to get a medal than any grief, which also has a marked deterrent effect. Criminals have no doubt of the realities of violence, which does indeed solve things.

Two summers ago, D/S/Cs sent a small recon party of their thuggish civilian militia—Antifa—to the Sturgis Bike Rally.  Apparently they thought their woke violence, trendy black clothing and powerful street theater would impress the assembled bikers, and the police would stand by and do nothing while they worked their revolutionary, Marxist magic.  The police hastily hustled them out of town, saving their lives, while the bikers applauded and jeered.  Antifa did not return to Sturgis this August, nor did Covid.

D/S/Cs, those who in varying degrees hate the Constitution, America and Americans, also understand the utility of power and the violence necessary to secure and hold it, which is why they are so desperate to disarm Normal Americans, the people who simply want to be left alone to raise their families under the rule of law.  They’re becoming more and more alarmed at how many Americans have become first time gun owners in the last few years: women, minorities, people who bought guns because they’ve come to distrust government.  When government shows them they were right, they aren’t going to want to lose those guns, and the “use it or lose it” aphorism will take on new meaning.

This is also why they want to pack the Supreme Court, to turn it into a D/S/C super legislature, no longer beholden to something as restrictive of their desires as the Constitution and the rule of law.  They want their word to be law, and they want to impose it—changeable from moment to moment as political expediency dictates—on us all.  Americans tend to have a dim view of that sort of thing and those sorts of people.

Some D/S/Cs understand all too well the Americans with lots of guns would not only come for them individually, but would prevail in any second civil war.  That’s why they’ve been trying to take over our military since the Obama years.  They’ve had considerable success in the highest ranks, far less in the mid to lower ranks.  PJ Media reports on one true believer:

Woke Army Sergeant Cindy Bronson has a message for her fellow Americans in case martial law is declared: ‘Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it’s pointed at you.’

‘If you do not get in your house when I tell you to,’ Bronson warned, ‘you become the enemy. Martial law. You know, when your rights get curtailed?’

Sgt. Bronson is quite young, and obviously, full of herself and revolutionary zeal.  What she doesn’t recall is her oath to the Constitution, not to the Army, or the D/S/C Party, or any politician or officer.  She also is not sufficiently experienced or wise to understand who and what she would be facing when she orders American into their houses.  Having gotten used to liberty over the last 245 years, they tend to be stubborn about such things.  Hopefully, senior NCOs have already had a meaningful talk with young Sgt. Bronson.  Hopefully, she is willing to obey the Constitution and now understands her place in our military under the Constitution.  If not, she, and anyone like her, must immediately become an ex-soldier.

America, as Doug tells us, is an all or nothing deal, and D/S/Cs want it all.  They just expect people like Cindy Bronson to die for it.  They really think they’ll be safe, will never be in danger and won’t have to dirty their hands.  They’ll order the deaths of millions of Americans, and our military, federal police agencies, FEMA, and their allies on the state level will do the killing of the stupid, racist Normal Americans for them.

It’s not going to work out that way.  One side is going to be fighting to destroy liberty, to impose Marxism.  They’re going to be fighting to fundamentally transform America into something ugly, cruel and evil.  The other side is going to be fighting not only to preserve, but eventually, to strengthen the Constitution, to return America to what is was designed to be and to what it must be–all or nothing.

Surely, some of our military, some of our federal agencies, some of our police will turn traitor. It’s an issue I’ve addressed in prior articles in this series.  Whether out of a misguided sense of duty, like Sgt. Bronson, or because they think they’re going to be on the winning side, or because they’re just evil people, some are going to gladly take arms against Americans who want nothing other than to preserve the Constitution and the rule of law.  But most won’t.  Most aren’t going to kill their friends, families, neighbors and everyday, honest Americans on behalf of Marxism or the latest D/S/C messiah.  They surely aren’t going to do it for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

For an entertaining exposition on how that would likely play out, one can buy Stephen Coonts’ Liberty’s Last Stand. Or take this link to an interesting, insightful article by Larry Correia.

Indeed, the Second Civil War would be nasty.  Civil wars always are because of the inherent betrayal, because it’s very personal, and because the forces of Marxism would be invading the communities and homes of Americans who will not lay down for that kind of aggression.  It would be bloody, but brief, and foreign enemies would surely take advantage of America’s absence on the world stage, just as they are planning to take advantage of the weakness they see in the White House today.

All of this is an excellent argument not to have a civil war, which is the point of this series.  It’s an argument Normal, Flyover Country Americans accept, unless and until they’re pushed too far, when the people pushing make it personal.  And when they are pushed too far, when it’s personal, they’re not going to honor restrictive rules of engagement.  They’re not going to consult lawyers before they pull the trigger. They want to abolish the rule of law?  Fine.  Americans will play by their rules.  They’ll do unto them before they can to unto Americans.  They’re going to kill the enemies of freedom whenever and wherever they find them—and they will—and win.  And when they do, they’ll strengthen the Constitution—strengthen individual liberty and strictly limit government in brutally unmistakable terms with equally brutal punishment for violating them–so they’ll never have to fight a Third Civil War.  God help those who stand against them.

As to the alternatives Doug mentioned, the best is for all Americans to willingly accept American Constitutionalism.  If everyone would simply be willing to be grateful for all that America is, all that we’ve accomplished, and the indescribable blessing that American citizenship is, we wouldn’t be talking about this.  If legislators would honor their oaths of office and say: “yeah, I’d really like to do X, but the Constitution doesn’t allow it, so I’m not going to bring it up,” we would not be talking about this.  If the moment any federal employee so much as looked like they had forgotten for whom they work, their supervisors had a serious chat with them about our constitutional scheme and their place in it, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

Most of all, if those who want to fundamentally transform America would just shut the hell up, sit the hell down, and live their lives the way they like—in  constitutional America you get to do that as long as you’re not breaking the law—and leave everybody else alone, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

But they won’t.  They’re going to push it until they’ve pushed too far, until they’ve made it oh so personal, and then all those people with lots of guns, and lots of training, and lots of ability instead of credentials will have to set things right, just like they did in the late 1700s.  They’ll be fighting to keep America in business, and they’ll succeed, or things are going to get very, very ugly, not only for what remains of America, but for Mankind.