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Do you recall, gentle readers, how Vice President Joe Biden took the lead on fighting the scourge of campus rape culture?  Why, 1 in 4 college girls were being raped, raped I tell you!  Fully 25% of American college girls—maybe 33%!–were being brutally raped on college campuses, colleges seemed powerless to stop it, yet parents gladly paid tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their daughters to those colleges where they were far more likely to be raped than in their home towns.  Smithville College is the educational institution for you!  It’s the fastest and most reliable way to be raped!

It’s an issue I addressed here,  here,  here,  here,  here, and here.  I recommend them all for essential background, not only for this article, but because the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President–is working to once again stir up college rape hysteria and once again strip college men of due process.

This one from 2016 is particularly relevant today.   I concluded the article thus:

Progressives tell us, ad nauseum, that all cultures are equally valid and valuable, that we have no right to imagine that American culture is superior to any other. Tell that to the ten-year-old boy, and the innumerable women and children already groped and raped across Europe and Scandinavia, and throw wide the immigration gates! It rather puts a new light on the “war on women,” doesn’t it? But hey, what’s more important than Barack Obama’s legacy?

Biden mobilized the full resources of the federal government to force colleges and universities to do what they really wanted to do in the first place: go completely, bat shit crazy woke.  As a result, all college men were declared rapists, many were persecuted in due-process denying tribunals where the guilty verdict came before the trial—if one was held at all—and more than 50% of college student bodies became female, a number that is seemingly increasing.  Who coulda thunk it?

A point I have been making for years is not every culture is equally moral, capable, kind, rational and valuable.  Some cultures—Islamic cultures in particular—are fundamentally incompatible with our representative republic in particular, and with the cultural values of Western Civilization in general.  By “fundamentally incompatible” I don’t mean trying to mix them will provoke the occasional awkward moment at the local restaurant, grocery school or school.  I mean trying to mix them will leave broken bodies and lives across America.  We must indeed judge other cultures, and failing to correctly do so will inevitably result in the destruction of our own.

We now have some hundreds of thousands of Afghan “refugees” in America, or waiting to come to America.  Most are entirely unvetted, and accurately vetting them to ensure they are not terrorist plants is impossible.  Our government knows this.  Virtually none are translators or people who risked their lives to help America over the last 20 years.  Biden and his anti-America handlers left them behind to the tender mercies of Islamist barbarians, just as they left behind an unknown number of American and allied citizens.

As prelude, let’s visit an article at Powerline by John Hinderaker, which introduces a guest article written by David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield.  The basic theme of the article is if Biden and his handlers were actively trying to destroy America, they would be doing nothing differently.  Take the link and read the whole thing, but I’ll include only this quote:

While President Trump designated China’s persecution of Muslims as genocide, Biden squeamishly told CNN, ‘Culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.’ Genocide is a cultural norm that we are bound to accept.

On to an Associated Press article:

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials are looking into reports that in the frantic evacuation of desperate Afghans from Kabul, older men were admitted together with young girls they claimed as ‘brides’ or otherwise sexually abused.

U.S. officials at intake centers in the United Arab Emirates and in Wisconsin have identified numerous incidents in which Afghan girls have been presented to authorities as the ‘wives’ of much older men. While child marriage is not uncommon in Afghanistan, the U.S. has strict policies against human trafficking that include prosecutions for offenders and sanctions for countries that don’t crack down on it.

That’s right gentle readers.  It seems we don’t have enough rapists on college campuses and in American “rape culture” in general.  Now we have to import them—on purpose–from foreign countries.  And no, this is not an unforeseen problem.  Afghan culture, and the culture of many Islamist nations and tribes embraces not only the rape of women, but of children of both sexes—these backward people won’t admit there are 57 or more genders!—and animals.

One internal document seen by The Associated Press says the State Department has sought ‘urgent guidance’ from other agencies after purported child brides were brought to Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Another document, described to the AP by officials familiar with it, says Afghan girls at a transit site in Abu Dhabi have alleged they have been raped by older men they were forced to marry in order to escape Afghanistan.

But of course!  Our moral betters among the self-imagined elite at the Department of State would have no idea what to do with such wholesale violations of American law, the law of God, common decency, and necessities for preserving Western Civilization.  Rather than engaging in truly enlightened penology by tossing such monsters in jail and throwing away with key, they called for the guidance of even more evolved beings, who sprang into action:

The State Department had no immediate comment on the documents or the veracity of the details in them. Officials say that they take all such allegations seriously but that many of them are anecdotal and difficult to prove, particularly amid the crush of Afghan evacuees at multiple locations in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

An Aug. 27 situation report sent to all U.S. embassies and consulates abroad as well as military command centers in Florida points to potential issues involving young girls and older men, some of whom claim to have more than one wife at Fort McCoy, a sprawling 60,000-acre (243-square-kilometer) Army base in Wisconsin. Relevant portions of the document, titled ‘Afghanistan Task Force SitRep No. 63,’ were obtained by the AP.

Remember these are the same people who are more than willing to call most American men, and particularly college aged men, rapists based not on anecdotes, but merely just because they say so.  I can imagine what the Situation Report—“SitRep” in Milspeak—said.  Despite being systemically racist white supremacists, our troops aren’t fond of people who rape little girls.  But hey, raping multiple little girls, and boys, and animals, is a cultural norm we are obviously bound to not only accept, but praise as diverse, and certainly inclusive.

‘Intake staff at Fort McCoy reported multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families,’ the document says. ‘Department of State has requested urgent guidance.’

There was no immediate indication from the military or from the departments of homeland security and health and human services, which run the facility, that such guidance had been received.

We must keep in mind these paragons of intellect and morality also believe our military is full of rapists as well.  But we must be tolerant in judging their non-response.  They are working overtime to figure out how to spin this one, and it’s not easy.  How to explain the unvetted, non-refugee refugees we’ve imported at taxpayer expense, who have not been tested for Covid, and who are not required to wear masks or social distance are also serial child rapists?  That’s a tough one, but we pay them to make the tough calls, as Mr. Biden has repeatedly told us, yet the common “that’s not who we are” D/S/C narrative refrain is suddenly a bit inconvenient.  How to convince Americans raping little girls is, in fact, who we are?

At the same time, U.S. officials in the United Arab Emirates have expressed similar concerns, sending a diplomatic cable to Washington warning that some young Afghan girls had been forced into marriages in order to escape Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Officials familiar with the cable say it describes allegations by several girls at the Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi that they had been sexually assaulted by their ‘husbands’ and seeks guidance on how to handle such cases. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss internal communications.

I suppose we should be somewhat comforted by the apparent fact not everyone who works for the US Government is a morally stunted imbecile.  To be fair, I’m sure most aren’t.  But it’s horrifying, is it not, that the genuine Americans working for our current government are forced to ask the anti-Americans in charge what to do when the answer is morally, painfully obvious: return the bastards to Afghanistan, preferably from 30,000 feet as the plane passes over—without parachutes and without their “child brides.”

But what of those from such a unique and precious culture—diversity is our strength!—already on US Soil?  We once again visit Powerline:

Rep. Tom Tiffany represents Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District, within which sits Fort McCoy. Two weeks ago he paid a visit to check it out for himself. Rep. Tiffany discussed his visit with Tucker Carlson in the August 31 segment below — not a Special Immigrant Visa holder in sight. FOX News followed up with this story on the Tiffany segment.

Quotable quote (Rep. Tiffany): ‘They [the Afghans] were all there on parole. The parole authority is granted to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and he can just waive people in…People could leave the base…without the authority of the general that is overseeing Fort McCoy.’

But of course!  Our all-knowing government is simply letting them go wherever they please.  Recall, please, these “translators” need translators, because they don’t speak English, which is rather odd for “translators” who supposedly worked for us for some 20 years, translating Pashto and Dari into English, but I’m sure Bidenites would explain: “shut up, you racist!”

Americans, some with the best intentions, tend to think the peoples of other nations and cultures, apart from speaking other languages, as pretty much just like us.  After all, they wear blue jeans, t-shirts with American icons, listen to American pop music and like American movies.  This misconception is the beginning of great mischief.

The “refugees” that are going to flood our communities…wait; which communities?  It should not be surprising to learn D/S/Cs are sending not only Afghans—which includes Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, and a variety of other people from that part of the world—but the millions streaming, unvetted, over our southern border, to states they expect to turn blue with illegal voters.  Honest government employees, if given any guidance, will be guided to do nothing—other than let the child rapists and people longing for nothing so much as to establish Sharia in America, go.  Why Sharia?  It’s what they know, what they think the natural order, and most importantly, a religious mandate.  Oh, and it also allows them to beat and murder their female human livestock, and to rape women, girls, boys, and farm animals to their heart’s content.

These people will end up in our communities and will be everywhere, including schools, where well meaning teachers and counselors will do as the law mandates and report child abuse. Child protection authorities and the police will get involved.  In blue cities and states, they will tend to do nothing—they won’t be allowed to do their jobs if they haven’t already been abolished–because it’s their culture, and who’s to say our culture is more moral than one which countenances raping little girls, boys and goats?  Besides, their prosecutors won’t prosecute American criminals, so it would obviously be somehow culturally insensitive to prosecute non-citizens, who must be kept undercover so they won’t be deported, even though under D/S/C administrations, they won’t.

In red states—Flyover Country—unenlightened authorities, starting with the police who tend to find people who rape anyone and/or animals annoying for reasons other than that they are committing felonies, will arrest them, and prosecutors will try to prosecute them, and child protective services will try to take the child victims away from their familial—or not—rapists.  This will provoke the efforts of local defense attorneys, who will be aided by well-funded national organizations established to protect such innocent foreigners from the evils of the American criminal justice system and xenophobic, unwoke locals.  The federal government will also surely get involved because prosecuting people for doing as their culture—and religion—allows is surely unconstitutional and too American.  Being too American, or pretty much American at all, is very bad as we are all learning.

It will be bizarrely ironic to hear D/S/Cs, the same D/S/Cs constantly screaming about the rape culture that is male America, and particularly college campuses, ardently defending the rape of children because foreigners?  Culture?  Sharia?  Trump?  Shut up you racist?

Our oh-so-sophisticated self-imagined elite will also surely take a page from the enormous success—success being defined as the kind of horrific defeat Mr. Biden won in Afghanistan—of European and Scandinavian countries in assimilating Islamist hordes.  What success?  They’ve established police-free Sharia zones, and rape women at will.  Should they dare complain, they’re blamed—by their own police and governments. Expect Sharia zones in Blue cities and states, and expect D/S/Cs to try to force red cities and states to accept them.  That’ll go over well.

Cover of a Polish magazine depicting the Islamist rape of European women.  Coming soon to America?
credit: brietbart.com

I was going to say bringing unvetted people from 6th century cultures to America is trying to put  square pegs in round holes, but that would be entirely too sexually suggestive.  Let us say instead it’s going to be just another chapter in Joe Biden’s book of amazing, historic successes, and another contributing factor to the continuing suicide of the West.