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Bad will is cumulative.  It’s one of the fundamental lessons I taught my police trainees.

Among my many assignments was that of a FTO, a field training officer.  It was my job to ride with new officers, fresh out of the state academy, evaluate them and teach them the daily nuts and bolts of how to be a police officer.  One of the lessons I taught  is to always treat people as they would like others to treat them, because people tend not to see police officers as individuals—they see anonymous people, people with enormous power, in blue suits.  A citizen mistreated will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, who will tell their friends.

People are smart.  They know when their dopey pal Steve complains about being “stopped for no reason, man” he was probably doing 100 MPH in a 20 MPH zone or something else stupid. They can tell the difference between the normal static in the system and something wrong.  Unless the police police their own, the best, most professional officer on the planet might one day end up getting shot because a few idiots in blue suits mistreated people.  Or because an entitled, racist, self-imagined elite political class convinces people killing police officers is a matter of self-defense, racial/social justice, a justified, noble act.  Bad will is cumulative.

Americans are mad.  They’re mad at what’s happening to their country—that’s bad enough—but they’re becoming mad at what’s happening to their family and friends.  The horror of it all is the things that are making them mad are unnecessary, and in most cases, immoral, illegal or both.

It’s unnecessary because Normal Americans want little more than to be left alone.  Oh, they also want to live under the rule of law, which, if implemented, means they’ll pretty much be left alone.  They won’t abide a two-tiered system of justice, not for long anyway.  They expect the Constitution to be honored, particularly the Bill of Rights.  They expect unquestionably fair elections, and they expect politicians to remember they’re the people’s employees, not their masters.  They expect their children to be taught, not indoctrinated.  They absolutely oppose racism—actual racism—under any guise.  They expect to have equal opportunity, but not equal results.  They expect not to have to worry about male perverts invading the bathrooms and showers designated for their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, biological females all.  All of these pretty much fall under the heading of the rule of law, to say nothing of common sense.

But something under a half of Americans—for the purposes of this essay, we’ll refer to them as Democrats/Socialists/Communists or D/S/Cs which accurately describes the contemporary Democrat Party—aren’t willing to leave Normal Americans alone.  They’re determined to “fundamentally transform” America into something very unlike America, something akin to every failed communist dictatorship in history.  In such a transformation, they absolutely will not leave Normal Americans alone, because Normal Americans are systemically racist.  They’re white supremacists, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists, they’re Nazis—no, they’re worse than Nazis.

‘Nothing so needs reforming as the habits of others.’       Mark Twain

And because Normal Americans are all of those bad things and worse, they have to be reformed, forcibly if necessary, for their own good, for the good of whatever country noble D/S/Cs end up creating over their bodies, for the good of the planet.  And they’re making Americans mad.

The great irony is our current level of advancement, commonly known as western civilization, is the pinnacle of human social evolution.  We live in the most free, prosperous, technologically advanced nation in history.  Even our poor have cell phones, large screen TVs, cars, and easy access to food, medicine, entertainment such that would constitute a middle class life or better in many other nations of the world.  We have achieved this level of relative ease by clawing our way, century by century, out of the ravages of tribalism.

Tribalism is insular, paranoid, uneducated, ignorant and angry.  It is absolutely racist, intolerant and jealous of its possessions and privileges.  It turns slights, imagined or real, into generational blood feuds, and its members die generations after anyone can recall what caused the original feud.  There are no recognized human rights, only privileges afforded by the tribe’s strong man.  Women are treated as cattle, as property, and life is, as Thomas Hobbes said in Leviathan in 1651, “…nasty, brutish and short.”

With the help and guidance of faith, the Judeo-Christian tradition, which far too many D/S/Cs reject—we put aside those horrors, and in Anno Domini 2021, we, having established the most perfect governing document ever written, having established the rule of law, having built all that we have and are on the bloody bodies of untold millions, are on the verge of throwing it all away.  What’s that you say?   The Constitution isn’t perfect?  Consider this:

The point is our Constitution, which established not a Democracy, but a representative Republic, deriving its powers solely from the consent of the governed, is the best form of government mankind has ever invented.  It works, but only if Americans, a strong majority, keep the Constitution, in intention and text, alive and vibrant in their hearts and minds.

What’s the irony?  A significant portion of our population, currently assisted by our federal and many state governments, seeks to reduce us, once again, to tribalism.  They seek to divide us along racial, national, even gender lines.  They seek to ignore or dismantle the Constitution, the rule of law.  They seek to preach suspicion and racial hate to our young, to “redistribute wealth”—to steal from those who worked for what they have to give to those who did not—and to empower one tribe over another.  They seek to destroy the rule of law by hamstringing and dismantling the police, by prosecuting political enemies and refusing to prosecute or incarcerate criminals, and by ignoring immigration and other essential laws.  They seek a one-party state, and the more fervently they seek to do all of this and more, the more successful they are in returning us to tribalism, the more they ensure the destruction of all we’ve built, and their doom.

Before I proceed, understand clearly gentle readers, I do not preach discord or violence.  I recently taught a class on the use of force to the security volunteers of my church, and the first and last lesson was to always do things in such a way that it is never necessary to use force of any kind.  Unfortunately, not everyone will allow that.  Some people are looking for trouble.  So the warnings I provide for those with ears to hear are a plea to step back from the precipice, to embrace the glory that is America and Americans, who are not racists, but a kind, proud, generous and mighty people.

They are a people who are slow to anger, but once pushed beyond endurance, their wrath is terrible, as many of America’s enemies have discovered to their eternal regret.  But what about Afghanistan?

Our enemies would be wise to realize what Temporary President Biden’s handlers have wrought is a sign of their weakness, not a sign of the weakness of an aroused America, of Normal Americans pushed beyond endurance and out to obliterate their enemies.  Why “Normal Americans?”  Will D/S/Cs who hate America and Americans fight for such a despicable country and people?  For an evil nation, a nation that must be fundamentally transformed, a nation populated by racists, white supremacists, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists?  They’ll reap the benefits of the sacrifice of better men and women while all the time insulting them and trying to destroy what they’ve built.

The danger is more and more Americans are being pushed beyond endurance on a personal level, like this mother:

Understand that her rage, her righteous hatred is spreading, not just to her family and friends, but to every American who loves this country and hurts when it is hurt, when Americans are abandoned, unnecessarily and shamelessly, to a merciless foreign enemy.  That a president of the United States chose to leave Americans behind, supported by innumerable minions, when they could have been rescued, is unforgivable to Normal Americans.  For the families and friends of those stranded, it is an arrogant and mocking push beyond endurance.  For them, it is no longer a matter of policy debate or polite social intercourse.  A line has been crossed, a line no sane, moral man crosses.

When Americans are disappeared, tortured and murdered by Islamist madmen—I’m sure many have been already—and when it is discovered, as it inevitably will be, the White House, our political establishment and the D/S/C propaganda arm—the media—will surely try to cover up such atrocities. When they do, the numbers of Americans pushed beyond endurance, and their righteous rage, will grow.  When Islamist terrorists begin to attack Americans on American soil, with the weapons those who hate America have so thoughtfully supplied them at no charge, when we learn they walked across a wide-open Southern border, or we flew them to America, unvetted, and turned them loose on American communities, well… I don’t really have to say it, do I?

Now, add in all of the illegal slights, the two-tiered justice system, D/S/C attacks on their political enemies, the depredations of big tech on behalf of the D/S/C Party, the abuses of the IRS, FBI and innumerable other federal agencies, Marxist inspired attempts to rewrite history, and consider what will happen if the mid-term elections are not absolutely, transparently honest.  What will happen when Normal Americans come to believe their votes no longer matter?

D/S/Cs know what will happen, which is why they’re desperate to federalize all elections.   That’s why they’re trying to turn our military woke–so it can be reliably used against Normal Americans rather than our real and resolute enemies.  That’s why they’re desperate to disarm Normal Americans.  That’s why they’re trying to abolish Normal Americans who refuse to vote the right—left—way, and replace them with illegal immigrants beholden to voracious government.  That’s why they’re trying to seize control over American’s health care, to deny them medical treatment unless they submit.

It will begin when individual Americans are pushed beyond endurance.  I’m amazed it hasn’t already happened, but as I said, Americans are slow to anger, slower to take up arms because they believe in the rule of law and its benefits, but take that away—and it has been taken away in many blue states and cities—and they will strike back at those that torment them.  They’ll take it personally, because their tormentors, the self-imagined elite, are making it personal, like the idiotic, despotic judge to revoked a mother’s parental rights because she was not vaccinated.  And they’ll become just what D/S/Cs are trying to create–some purposely, some unwittingly–but are too arrogant and stupid to fear: they’ll go tribal.

The people who are doing their best to cause this kind of chaos are sure of nothing so much as their superior intelligence and morality.  They are positive they cannot be wrong, and those below them—they drive pickup trucks, the idiots!—must be reformed or destroyed, for the good of “the people,” their kind of people.  They turn their Antifa and BLM thugs loose on those who will not strike back because they believe–hope–the rule of law will protect them.  They have no appreciation for the destruction well trained and determined individuals and small groups can cause, and I fervently hope they wake up and back off before the harm they have caused and work to cause is visited on them many fold.

I fear they will not and cannot, for to do that, they would have to admit they were wrong, and accept responsibility for the damage and suffering they have already wrought.  How can perfect beings possibly do that?  In their hubris, they are building  a mountain of bad will higher than Everest, an infernal pit deeper than the Mariana Trench.

One of the most important insights of all time has been attributed to George Santayana:

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The elements of a second civil war, a revolution to restore the Constitution to its rightful place, to reestablish the rule of law and limited government, are falling into place.  All that is necessary to avoid it, is for those that hate America and Americans, that seek to return us to tribalism, to learn the lessons of actual history, and develop enough humility to appreciate the sacrifices of past generations that have given us such plenty.

I am not optimistic.  The time between now and November, 2022, may determine the future of this nation, and the world.  God—who such people do not recognize or fear—give us the wisdom to avoid such a conflagration, and if it comes, the determination and strength to preserve liberty at any cost.