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It was inevitable.  As this is written, at least 13 Marines and one Navy medic have been killed, and at least 15 service members injured in two suicide bombings at gates at Kabul’s airport.  At least 60 others—probably mostly Afghans–were killed, and 150 wounded.

The Administration and military officials are claiming it must have been “ISIS-K,”implying the Taliban would never do anything like that—they promised, and they’re acting in their interests! They’re kinder and gentler Islamist terrorists, not like those bad Islamists of ISIS! I wonder if they used some of the C-4 explosive and detonators Temporary President Biden so generously provided?  They may be 7th century, illiterate barbarians, but they could surely appreciate that irony.  To be fair, there is some indication ISIS—if we can believe that’s who’s taking credit—is taking credit.  Even so, ISIS is just a slightly different flavor of Islamist barbarism.

Why now?  The Taliban know Biden is a weakling.  They’re telling him, in bloody terms, we’d better be gone by Aug. 31, and of course, they’re humiliating him and America.  They know he’ll make threats of revenge, and do nothing.  After all, he was the guy who tried to cancel the Bin Laden raid.  Would he be more likely to authorize military action against terrorists who killed a mere—comparatively—handful of Americans?

Question: if the Taliban are acting in their interests, which Mr. Biden equates with our interests, how did two supposedly non-Taliban affiliated suicide bombers get through the Taliban blockade of the airport?

Defense Secretary Darth Snotshield is issuing condolences.  Somehow I don’t think the survivors of our service members will be impressed or comforted.

I suspect what’s really upsetting the Administration—apart from the humiliation and bad optics—is they know this is just the beginning; the optics are going to get worse, much worse.  This is proof even their media propaganda arm can’t ignore that evil exists, real, not manufactured evil, and it’s not Normal Americans, not America, not resistance to woke lunacy.  It’s the evil of Islamic terrorism, which has never gone away, but for the four years of the Trump Administration, was well suppressed.  It’s the evil not of hurt feelings, of being triggered, of having to use your birth gender’s bathrooms, of feeling “unsafe” because someone holds differing opinions or says forbidden words.  It’s the evil of atomized buildings and bodies and knee deep American blood, real, undeniable, satanic evil, and it’s going to, overnight, make manufactured evil look incredibly stupid by comparison.

Some are noting this is the deadliest day for the America military in Afghanistan since 08-06-11.  We do know these are the first American military deaths since February 8 of 2020.  How could that be?  The Taliban knew, in Donald Trump, they were dealing with a man who would happily wipe them out.  Martyrdom is for low-level, illiterate dimwits, not Islamist leaders.  Now they know they’re not; now they’re dealing with woke weakness.  For the first time, the Administration is admitting planes arriving and departing Kabul airport are taking fire.  Anyone who wasn’t sufficiently stupid to believe anything the Biden Administration said knew that all along.

Why would they be upset at the revelation of evil, evil they can’t hide?  It is an article of faith among D/S/Cs the only true evil is resistance to their policies and ideology, which are at once infinitely changeable, yet infallible.  Their contemporary ultimate evil is “white supremacy,” and “domestic terrorism” and “insurrectionists,” in other words, anyone who did not vote, repeatedly, even if dead, for Joe Biden.  Their evil is climate change and honest, transparent elections, the rule of law and equal opportunity, color blindness, and anyone who tries to stop their military arm—Antifa—from riot and arson, and anyone who won’t submit and say “black lives matter” when threatened in restaurants.  Perhaps they could put that to the test by sending BLM “activists” to Afghanistan to try that superior morality among the Islamists?

The Administration is upset, because those darned Taliban didn’t keep their word—if they ever gave it in the first place.  More likely, they’ve already taken billions in ransom—to say nothing of the billions in arms–and betrayed poor Gropin’ Joe.  Much, much worse is soon to come.  It’s all falling apart, and it’s going to become increasingly hard for the Administration and people like the execrable Liz Cheney to blame Donald Trump, normal Americans, and the Americans Biden stranded, and will soon abandon, behind enemy lines.  Perhaps they’ll blame the soldiers they’ve already evacuated, you know, the same soldiers they hastily rushed back to Kabul?  They’re upset because of the bad optics, optics they’re not going to be able to control or explain away or blame on others, though they will surely try, because as I recently noted in Utopia, D/S/C policies cannot possibly be wrong, and when they inevitably fail, they can’t have failed because reasons and Trump and shut up.

Yes, soldiers die in wars, but they should never die unnecessarily.  This was foreseeable, and foreseen, but ignored.  This didn’t have to happen.  What kind of idiot evacuates the military before civilians, and fails to remove or destroy all military equipment?  What kind of idiot abandons the only secure military base, with far superior aircraft handling facilities in favor of an insecure airport with a single runway?  What kind of idiot doesn’t plan for air cover to support evacuation operations?

This was the sole creation of Joe Biden and his dimwitted, self-imagined, credentialed elite.  And they’re going to compound it by importing thousands of unvetted Jihadists, and keeping our southern border wide open to welcome even more.  Islamists won’t have to hijack airliners next time; Biden gave them the gift of some of our best non-nuclear explosives and the drones necessary to deliver them.

Biden’s press conference–he was only 25 minutes late instead of four hours this time–was another disaster.  Biden began with a mumbled, disjointed anecdote about his deceased son Beau, who was the US Attorney in Kosovo.  There never has been any such position.  It didn’t get better.  The Taliban are acting in “their self-interest,” and Biden is going to abandon anyone left in Afghanistan after August 31, because nothing is more important than leaving by then.  His comments made that abandonment clear, and he said we’d keep working to get people out through our own efforts and the Taliban, who he said we can’t trust, though it’s very much in their interest to get Americans out.  It’s not you, gentle readers; Biden isn’t making sense.

Biden told us there are many Americans who don’t want to leave, “and others who are looking for…a time.”  God knows what that meant.  And of course, he boldly threatened to “get” the terrorists involved, which might be a bit difficult since we’re entirely pulling out and have to shoot “over the horizon.”   Here’s some of his tough talk:

We will not be deterred by terrorists. We will respond with force and precision at our time, at the place we choose and the moment of our choosing. These terrorists will not win. Our mission will go on. America will not be intimidated.

Except our mission ends on August 31, and then we’ll “run away; run away” without being intimidated.  Oh, and it’s not a mistake to put the safety of our people in the hands of the Taliban; that was the only rational thing to do.

Biden admitted he was given a list of reporters to call on, and their questions, while mostly pertinent—one said Biden’s earlier story about his son was “powerful”—were lapdog tame.  Biden, as usual, was often confused, many of his sentences, such as they were, nonsensical, and looked every day of his age.  Age spots dotted his forehead and deep, wrinkles bisected it.  Apparently his make up people didn’t have their usual access.

When asked if he rejected pleas to keep or retake Bagram Air Base, Biden blamed the military for abandoning it, saying the military told him “it didn’t add much value.”  He claimed:  “it was much wiser to focus on Kabul.”  If that’s true, we absolutely need to fire anyone who made that recommendation.  The blood is on their hands too, and those incompetent hands will become much, much bloodier.

I’m tempted to say his military advisors would never have said such a thing; Biden must be lying.  On the other hand, our current highest ranking officers would not be in those positions if they weren’t exquisitely woke, if they weren’t willing to support every D/S/C narrative, if they were real war fighters, so I suppose it’s possible.  Keep in mind the only honorable course for generals whose necessary, wise counsel is ignored, which results in disaster, is to resign.  We haven’t seen any high-level resignations, have we?

credit: Chris Muir, day by day cartoon

Oh, and let’s not forget when Biden abandoned Bagram overnight, without telling our allies, he also abandoned the largest prison in Afghanistan, the prison holding the worst of the worst of Islamist terrorists outside of Gitmo.  And the Taliban released them all—before we evacuated our people.  You don’t suppose any of them were involved in the suicide bombings?

It’s jaw-dropping, but not surprising, that there are reports we actually gave the Taliban lists of names of Americans and Afghans we want to get out.

‘Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,’ said one defense official, who like others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive topic. ‘It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.’

That’s the very definition of “understatement.” While US Central Command refused to comment on the reports, Biden didn’t deny it, rather he admitted it was possible.  Asked if he was planning to send in additional troops, he said the military said no, and were committed to fleeing by Aug. 31.  Would war fighters say that?  Unlikely.  Woke warriors?  Absolutely.

Biden boldly called on Peter Doocy of Fox News for the last of four or five questions, who asked if Biden bore responsibility for the deaths of the first Americans in Afghanistan since February of 2020.  “I bear responsibility for… fundamentally…all that’s happened…of late,” he muttered.  Then he blamed Trump, but oddly said Trump’s agreement was that no Americans would be attacked, and they weren’t(?!)  He apparently meant this to be a bad thing.  Doocy pushed, and Biden again praised himself for getting out of Afghanistan.  Few doubt that wisdom or necessity of doing that.  The issue remains, which Biden and his lackeys always dodge, Biden’s incompetence in withdrawing as he did, but he’s not taking “responsibility” for that.  He ended with “Ladies and gentlemen, it was time to end a 20 year war.”

Biden’s “taking responsibility” is patented D/S/C rhetorical responsibility without consequences, without honor.

At a post-speech press conference, Red Jen Psaki pounded the theme that our military on the ground in Afghanistan are targets, which is why we need to get them out by August 31.  When we deploy our military in harm’s way, they’re always targets.  If our military are targets—and they are because Biden has put them in that position—what about unarmed Americans abandoned behind enemy lines?

There are also reports of as many as three additional explosions near the airport:

Joe Biden indeed bears full responsibility, but he’ll never be held responsible in any meaningful way.  All of the calls for his resignation—he won’t—or his impeachment—that will never happen—are meaningless.

Should he resign or be impeached and convicted, Kamala Harris will be President, or if she resigns, Nancy Pelosi(?!)

Biden has caused already immeasurable damage to America in just seven months, with even more yet to come, some we can imagine, much we can’t.  What consequence to a mentally declining, frail old man could make that whole?