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A new, on target, quote for our times…

The Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration, Joe Biden, Temporary President, is conducting the most blatantly arrogant “who you gonna believe, us or your own lyin’ eyes?” scam in history.  First, the Administration had no warning, no idea the Afghan debacle would or could possibly happen.  Then Gropin’ Joe defiantly said he knew all along this was the only way things could have happened—it was always going to be this way and no one could possibly have done better.

Various Administration dimwits admit thousands of Americans are stranded behind enemy lines, and Red Jen Psaki angrily denies it, calling the mere suggestion “irresponsible.”  Some aren’t even sure the Taliban are our enemies:

At least he’s not one of ours, not that one could easily tell the difference these days.  The press, unaccustomed to such things, asks Biden or his lackeys about his train wreck of a withdrawal, and they all ignore that question, responding instead about how brilliant they were for leaving Afghanistan.  The Administration, despite having no idea this could happen, planned for every contingency, even though Secretary of State Anthony Blinken admits they’re begging the Taliban for permission to rescue Americans(?!).  And while the British, French and maybe Australians are rescuing their nationals, and the occasional American they run across, our troops aren’t allowed to leave the Airport.

Americans are told all they have to do is get to the airport, then they’re told not to go to the airport because it’s too dangerous.  The Taliban tell us we all have to be gone by August 31, so Joe bravely surrendered to the Taliban, but blamed the Pentagon: 

Any Americans stuck in Afghanistan after 08-31 are dead—or worse—but who you gonna believe, us or your own lyin’ eyes?  Consider this from Conrad Black at American Greatness:  

Biden, in his address last Monday, in his midweek interview with George Stephanopoulos, and in his address on Friday, uttered a series of egregious falsehoods that were quickly exposed. He said there was no expression of discontent from America’s allies. For the first time in history, references to an American president in the British Parliament were met with shouts of ‘shame.’ When Thomas Tugendhat, the chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Relations Committee and a retired colonel who served with distinction in Afghanistan and was decorated by the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division for combat bravery, said that it was shameful for a commander-in-chief who has not served under his own colors to mock the sacrifice of men who have, all parties in the British House agreed. No American president has been so severely or—unfortunately—deservedly insulted.

No American, consuming only mainstream media narratives, would realize that there were three times as many allied forces from assorted NATO countries in Afghanistan as there were Americans, or that they were not consulted before the Americans abruptly departed and brought the roof down on all of them. The Western alliance, as former President Trump emphasized, has its problems. Most of the members were not pulling their weight. Germany, the strongest NATO country after the United States, has almost disarmed and has effectively made itself a Russian energy satellite through the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline. But they did not deserve this.

After this horrifying fiasco, where the Americans scuttled and turned tail and left their European allies and Canada to fend for themselves, the NATO members have already indicated that they are in no mood to follow this administration anywhere. No one can blame them.

Wait: Biden said our allies were all on board and none of them were criticizing him.  I guess the Taliban—mercilessly mocking Biden–didn’t get the memo:

No wonder Biden, questioned by friendly reporters, didn’t want to talk about it, according to The New York Times, via Powerline:  

‘I want to talk about happy things, man!’  Joe Biden

At least Kamala Harris is boldly restoring American’s confidence—by leaving the country:

In Singapore Harris said the “successful drawdown of the embassy” is the administration’s greatest accomplishment thus far.  According to, of all sources, NBC, Diplomats at that embassy don’t exactly agree:

Local staff members at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul are “deeply disheartened” by U.S. evacuation efforts and have expressed a sense of betrayal and distrust in the U.S. government, according to a State Department diplomatic cable obtained by NBC News.

The cable, which was sent Saturday, said memos were sent Wednesday inviting Afghan staff members at the embassy to head to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. It told them to take food and to prepare for difficult conditions.

‘However, no one anticipated the brutal experience that occurred,’ the cable said.

Staffers reported being jostled, hit, spat on and cursed at by Taliban fighters at checkpoints near the airport, it said, adding that criminals were taking advantage of the chaos while the U.S. military tried to maintain order ‘in an extremely physical situation.’

Oh yeah; it was completely unpredictable.

It has long been D/S/C policy never to acknowledge their own disasters.  Instead, the headline is “Republicans Pounce” on D/S/C disasters.  Red Jen Psaki, Biden spokesliar, has added a new wrinkle.  Instead of saying “Republicans Pounce,” now she’s “calling you out” for daring to speak the truth and ask her about it:

Apparently, the left hand continues to be clueless about what the right hand is saying:

The Pentagon appeared to backtrack on President Biden’s implication that al Qaeda was ‘gone’ from Afghanistan and admitted the terror group still has a ‘presence’ in the region.

Appeared?!”  They said it outright.  And when Biden claimed we had no reports of Americans having any difficulty getting to Kabul Airport:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin contradicted President Biden on Friday, telling House lawmakers on a phone call that multiple Americans trying to reach the Kabul airport have been beaten by Taliban fighters, two lawmakers told Fox News.

Austin called the beatings ‘unacceptable,’ a person on the phone call told Fox News. Austin’s remarks starkly contrasted with what Biden told reporters after his speech on Friday.

Well, at least our extremely woke Secretary of Defense thinks Americans being beaten by 7th century Islamist savages is unacceptable.  It could easily have gone the other way, because Americans are all racist, white supremacists, you know.  And I’m sure we’re all comforted to learn that when 23 diplomats, very much at the risk of their careers, warned the Administration, in mid-July, that what has happened would happen…

“Antony Blinken Admits Diplomats Sent Cable Warning of Potential Swift Taliban Takeover … He Ignored It”

To be fair, Temporary President Biden did say they get a lot of cables.  And I’m sure this was just a momentary slip of the tongue:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday on CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ that he was discussing the current Taliban takeover of Afghanistan a week ago with the president who he identified as ‘Karzai.’

Afghanistan’s President is Ashraf Ghani, Hamid Karzai served as president from December 2001 to September 2014.

We’re in the very best of hands, truly the best and brightest.  CBS News is still doing its best to prop up the narrative:

CBS News raised eyebrows on Friday for a report that claimed climate change had helped strengthen the Taliban, which has now taken over Afghanistan and trapped thousands of Americans behind enemy lines.

In the report titled ‘How climate change helped strengthen the Taliban,’ CBS News’ climate and energy reporter Cara Korte highlighted that ‘rural Afghanistan’ has been ‘rocked by climate change,’ and said the Taliban has ‘taken advantage’ of those who have suffered from floods and droughts that have destroyed their crops and left them hungry.

It’s now official: not only are the media the lying propaganda arm of the D/S/C Party, they’re completely insane.  OK, so it’s all bad news thus far.  Is anybody getting out of Afghanistan?  Here’s how the Administration is helping:

Event:  Because of potential security threats outside the gates at the Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S. government representative to do so.

U.S. citizens requesting assistance in departing the country who have not yet to completed the Repatriation Assistance Request for each traveler in their group should do so as soon as possible.  Spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan who are awaiting immigrant visas should also complete this form if they wish to depart.  Do not call the U.S. Embassy in Kabul for details or updates about the flight. This form is the only way to communicate interest in flight options.  

We will contact registered U.S. citizens as the security situation changes to provide further instructions.

Actions to take:

*Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in large crowds.

*Follow the instructions of local authorities including movement restrictions related to curfews.

*Have a contingency plan for emergencies and review the Traveler’s Checklist.

*Monitor local media for breaking events and adjust your plans based on new information.

*Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program(STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.

*Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter.

‘…we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and avoid the airport gates at this time…’

In other words, don’t go anywhere or do anything or you’re dead.  Beginning 09-01, we can expect the Taliban to begin taking hostages for real, as in capturing, torturing, raping and killing Americans for international video distribution, and of course for extorting billions from Biden, er, taxpayers.  They’ll also sell hostages to Iran and other terrorist groups and states so they can get on the gravy train.  They’ll seed hostages around their installations and leadership residences as human shields.  But don’t worry, because D/S/Cs are already printing trillions to spend on infrastructure that isn’t actually, you know, infrastructure.  The Taliban will also take Kabul Airport under mortar, artillery and rocket fire, courtesy of all the military hardware Biden left for them.

Oh, and I wonder how many man portable, shoulder fired Stinger anti-aircraft missiles Biden gave the Taliban?  Have you seen video of allied aircraft leaving Kabul firing flares on take off?  They’re wondering too.  I’m sure the operators of civilian airliners, which don’t have flare projectors or other countermeasures, are wondering.  I’m absolutely sure the Chinese, Russians and Iranians will be contributing to the Taliban’s anti-air arsenal as well.  OK, but how many are getting out?

President Joe Biden’s administration has already started increasing the number of Afghans that will be resettled across the United States before all American citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

On Monday, during a press briefing, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said about 25,000 Afghans applying for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) are likely to be resettled in the U.S. along with thousands more of their family members.

That’s 25,000 Afghans, not Americans.  I wonder why?

A significant proportion of these Afghans are not civilized people, and more than a majority want Sharia.  They are being “vetted” at least as well as the millions pouring over our wide-open southern border are being vetted, except most of those Hispanic folks don’t have self-completed visas.  Keep in mind, gentle readers, Islam is absolutely incompatible with a constitutional republic.  Thousands of these people are going to be common criminals, and others are going to beat their wives and daughters and engage in honor killings.  There are going to be large numbers of active terrorists, and we’re flying them into the country and we’re going to be letting them walk over our southern border.  Not exactly “American First,” is it?  But hey, Joe’s confident about things:

STEPHANOPOULOS: What happens now in Afghanistan? Do you believe the Taliban have changed?

BIDEN: No. I think– let me put it this way. I think they’re going through sort of an existential crisis about do they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government. I’m not sure they do. But look, they have–

STEPHANOPOULOS: They care about their beliefs more?

BIDEN: Well, they do. But they also care about whether they have food to eat, whether they have an income that they can provide for their f– that they can make any money and run an economy. They care about whether or not they can hold together the society that they in fact say they care so much about.

I’m not counting on any of that. I’m not cou– but that is part of what I think is going on right now in terms of I– I’m not sure I would’ve predicted, George, nor would you or anyone else, that when we decided to leave, that they’d provide safe passage for Americans to get out.

No, he’s not making any sense.  And how is that workin’ out for us?

OSLO, Aug 19 (Reuters) – The Taliban have begun rounding up Afghans on a blacklist of people they believe have worked in key roles with the previous Afghan administration or with U.S.-led forces that supported it, according to a report by a Norwegian intelligence group.

The report, compiled by the RHIPTO Norwegian Center for Global Analyses and seen by Reuters, said the Taliban were hunting individuals linked to the previous administration, which fell on Sunday when the Islamist militant movement took Kabul.

‘Taliban are intensifying the hunt-down of all individuals and collaborators with the former regime, and if unsuccessful, target and arrest the families and punish them according to their own interpretation of Sharia law,’ said the report, dated Wednesday.

‘Particularly at risk are individuals in central positions in military, police and investigative units.’

Well, that’s expected, of course, or maybe not, but what about Americans?

In the latest blow to those running up against the clock, Afghan-Americans on Thursday said that Taliban fighters are now attempting to take their U.S. passports and identification orders in an attempt to stop them from leaving the country.

‘I got to the gates and was about to show my passport, but the Taliban got it, and he said you are not allowed to go through and wouldn’t give it back,’ one Afghan-American, who served for several years as an interpreter during the war and has his home in the U.S but requested anonymity for safety reasons, said. ‘I was lucky a U.S. marine was right there and forced him to give it back.’

Lucky indeed.  We shouldn’t be surprised.  D/S/Cs have had lots of practice, what with sending out ballots to everyone in sight.  Of course, you can never believe such documents are legitimate, but thinking such thoughts is racist.  Also very lucky were at least two Americans, no thanks to the Biden Administration:

The Colorado mother and daughter who were stranded in Afghanistan while visiting family have safely landed in Qatar after days of hiding from the Taliban, Fox News can report.

Salma Kazemi, 24, and her mother, who are from Colorado Springs, were able to evacuate Afghanistan and made it safely to Qatar, a family spokesperson told Fox News on Friday morning. Kazemi and her mother traveled earlier this month to visit family in Afghanistan but became stranded after the Taliban began regaining control, according to Colorado-based news station KRDO.

Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn, a Republican representing Colorado Springs, contacted the U.S. State Department on their behalf, according to the report.

Why are individual, Republican, Congressmen having to get people out? And why aren’t the Taliban afraid of us?  Oh…

Is this surprising?

A female Afghan refugee using the name ‘Muskan’ told India’s News18 on Saturday that Taliban fighters are raping both live women and the dead bodies of their victims.

News18’s account described Muskan as a ‘girl’ who left her job in Afghanistan and fled to New Delhi after ‘her life was threatened by a Jihadist group.’ The article did not say exactly when she left Afghanistan. [skip]

‘They rape dead bodies too. They don’t care whether the person is dead or alive. Can you imagine this?’ she added.

Well, they regularly rape little boys and farm animals, so yeah, I can imagine it, though I’d rather not.

Final Thoughts:

D/S/Cs have taken to responding to criticism of Biden’s disastrous decisions by asking “do you want Biden to fail?”  This is the kind of distraction they always accuse Normal Americans of making when they expose their lunatic, destructive policies.  No sane person wants an American president to fail.  The consequences for America and the world are…well, we’re seeing them now.  But we’re a representative republic.  The president, every other elected official and all governmental employees work for us, the people.  We have not only the right, but the responsibility to criticize them when they’re purposely stranding Americans behind enemy line, putting their lives at risk, blindsiding our NATO allies, damaging America’s credibility, and in general, screwing up on an epic scale.  We’re their employers, not their subjects.  We criticize not just to flap our jaws, not just to make political points—that’s their status quo–but in the hope that public pressure will cause immediate, positive change, as it should in a representative republic where the elected and appointed know who their bosses are, and reasonably fear them.  When Presidents screw up too badly, when they’re manifestly not mentally/physically fit for the office, there are constitutional remedies—as long as the Constitution and rule of law prevail.

As always, Ronald Reagan was right:

Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.

This is how things should—must—be if the world is to have any peace, and if western civilization is to survive:

We could rescue every American in Afghanistan.  We could obliterate the Taliban as our military under Donald Trump obliterated ISIS, but we’re not going to do any of that.  Our “leaders” don’t have the courage, the will, the intellect.  Biden is showing nothing but weakness, so much so, the Taliban is mocking us, using equipment Biden thoughtfully provided:

I’m sure the Taliban will make good use of those current generation night vision devices, provided free of charge by the American taxpayer.  Biden isn’t remotely competent, or remotely mentally capable, and the Taliban—all our enemies—know it:

And who’s this idiot?  An “influencer” recently invited to the White House, obviously as part of their woke offensive.  Don’t, for a moment, gentle readers, think our enemies aren’t seeing this sort of thing, and sadly, drawing the right conclusions about the Administration, conclusions that could plunge us in to a war war.

I apologize, gentle readers, for so much Afghan coverage, but events are changing so fast, I thought it necessary to keep you updated.  I don’t anticipate things getting better anytime soon, quite the opposite, but tomorrow, I’ll be posting on a different topic, and I’ll do my best to get back into the normal tempo of things, keeping in mind, we’re actually seeing history made every day, and it’s not the kind of history any sane person would want to see.  The Biden Administration and their media propaganda arm are working hard to try to distract us, to pretend everything is normal.  I won’t let them, in my small way, get away with it.  As always, I appreciate you more than I can say, gentle readers, and hope you’ll be back tomorrow and every day.

We won’t forget.