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On Mondays, I normally post an education article.  There is certainly a great deal going on in that realm, but I’m compelled, somewhat against my will, to offer a bit of potential education in a slightly different way.

As you’ll notice, gentle readers, from the header of this scruffy little blog, I have a wide range of interests, and the header covers only a portion.  I all too often find myself writing about political issues.  That’s why I try to do an education article and a firearm related article each week, as well as others, but the education and firearm articles often end up discussing politics.  Sigh. That’s the fault of people trying to restrict liberty, so…non mea culpa.  I try to stick to topics of interest to my readers, but only if I think I can add original reporting or perspective they can’t find elsewhere.  I am often gratified, and a little frustrated, to find myself posting articles that are taken up days, or weeks later, by more mainstream sites.  Some share similar perspectives, others not, but do I get any credit?  As John Belushi use to say: “but nooooooooo!”

Sometimes, as in this last week, a story of importance, more than usual, virtually requires lengthy coverage.  Unfortunately, those stories usually fall into the realm of politics in one way or another, and so it is with this one, political as it is.  I expect to return next Monday with an education article, so those seeking that kind of coverage, please stay tuned.

We begin with this tweet from the entertaining and insightful Kurt Schlichter.  I’ll have another book review of his Kelly Turnbull series in the near future.  Actually, several of the most recent in his—to date—six book series:

I addressed Schlichter’s prediction in Afghanistan: It’s Only Just Begun, thus:

Not coming up; already in progress.  The Bidenites are begging the Taliban to let Americans go, and the Taliban is promising they will, but they’re beating and killing anyone trying to get past their checkpoints into Kabul’s airport.  Islamists are supposed to lie to infidels; it’s an essential religious duty.  Biden is going to pay billions upon billions to the Taliban to get Americans out in dribs and drabs, but unlike Barack Obama and Iran, he won’t be sending planes with pallets of cash, probably.  The Taliban might allow him to do it quietly—as long as he pays.  They’ve got up to 40 thousand Americans to sell and all the time in the world, or until a real adult once again occupies the White House, if such a thing is any longer possible.

Could Biden and his handlers be stupid enough to believe Islamist madmen would let something as valuable as American hostages slip through their fingers for free just because they’re nice and want to be members in good standing of the International Community?  Right.  Never mind.

If Biden and his handlers were actually trying to destroy America and western civilization, what would they be doing differently?

Watching events thereafter, I now know I was naïve and too optimistic.  We may never know the specific details.  We may never see documents, hear recordings, etc., but this hostage crisis may have begun months ago.  Let’s work through the logic and possibilities.

Unlike the Iranians, the Taliban do not need to round up every American in Afghanistan.  The Iranians held only 52 hostages at the American Embassy in Tehran for 444 days, 11-4-1979 to 01-20-1981.  We all know about the abortive attempt to rescue the hostages, and even that attempt was terribly difficult, despite all hostages being held in a central location, which layout was known to the potential rescuers.  That situation was somewhat simplified, by comparison with the current situation, in that there were no child hostages to tug at American heartstrings.  As we all know, that crisis demonstrated the utter weakness and ineptitude of yet another Democrat/Socialist/Communist president, Jimmy Carter, who until now, has held the dubious title of the worst president in history (I know: arguable, but he’s certainly in the running for the top two or three).  With Biden, we’re only waiting in that judgment to see if a hostage crisis develops—too late for that—and how long it endures and how bad it is.

Afghanistan itself is a very effective prison, guarded by tens of thousands of illiterate, unintelligent, but religiously devout Taliban, who are all too willing, without direction from above—and the Taliban’s chain of command is, in most of the country, kindly described as chaotic and uncertain—to kidnap, rape, torture and murder any infidel, or anyone slightly suspected of  being an infidel.  Many will do it just for the hell of it—actually for the Hell of it.

In fact, it’s almost a perfect set up for the Taliban.  Americans, actually, citizens of allied nations, dare not show their faces in public.  At the very least, they risk captivity, with all that entails, and there are children involved. 

He looks afraid–of a CNN reporter…

We have no idea how many Americans are behind enemy lines, but numbers as high as 40,000 Americans are being suggested.  How many allied citizens are there?  No one seems to be willing to make a guess, though the British, French and Australians are sending their Special Forces out to retrieve their nationals.  We, under the enlightened command of Gropin’ Joe Biden, are not.  Why not?  Be patient.

As long as Americans have little opportunity for escape, the Taliban don’t have to bother trying to round them up.  The only real escape is by air, and they control the only airport.  They’re going to get a token number—probably much more than that–when people run out of food and water and are forced to throw themselves on the mercy of savages without mercy.  Those are the Americans we’ll eventually see in videos, forced to make propaganda statements, or raped, tortured and murdered as barbarically as possible for international distribution.  But for now, for most, the Taliban have a free ride.  They don’t have to organize prisons, feed or otherwise see to the needs of thousands of hostages.  They don’t need thousands of hostages, but they’ve got them for no effort on their part, an incredible windfall no sane national leader would willingly give Islamist barbarians.

Notice I’m not talking about the plight of Afghans under the Taliban.  Human decency requires such concern, and I have it, but the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration, Joe Biden, Temporary President,  has publically announced Americans are not by any means first.  If they won’t put our fellow Americans first, I will, and I trust that you, gentle readers, share that sentiment.  If our government won’t put the safety of Americans above all else, what good are they?

And on the “can’t get too much good news” front, there are a growing number of bloodthirsty Islamist factions other than the Taliban already operating in Afghanistan, and surely hustling to get there, factions that have a long history of kidnapping.  Even if the Taliban were sincere in their agreements to protect Americans–and only D/S/Cs could believe that–the other Islamist thugs won’t obey them.

To summarize, the Taliban hold all the cards.  They don’t need to actually hold any hostages, as in keeping them bound and/or locked up in a central location under constant guard. They’re smart enough—and they’re getting military advice; more about that shortly—not to hold every hostage they have in a single, easily assaulted location.  Yet they control the country, they control all access to Kabul Airport, and without having to distribute a single video of hostages with knives to their throats or guns to their heads, threaten them all.  Do not, gentle readers, doubt for a second they are doing just that, making explicit demands, and Joe Biden and his entire useless Administration are shaking in their boots.  Our military could do to the Taliban what they did to ISIS, but then there are the hostages Joe Biden stranded in Afghanistan…

That’s the inescapable reality of the situation as I write these words.  We now move into the realm of possibility, even probability, but for the moment, speculation.

Let us suppose the Taliban, knowing Biden planned to do a Monty Python and bravely “run away; run away!” took advantage of the situation.  The Bidenites are claiming they had no idea this might happen, yet they planned for every contingency(?!).  We know those are lies, and are learning about more of their lies daily.  We know they were actually warned about exactly what has happened in mid-July, but ignored those warnings.  Might the Taliban not have made demands, such as leaving most of our military equipment for their use, withdrawing our troops, but leaving our citizens behind?  Might they not have demanded the abandonment of Bagram Air Base and the American Embassy?  We now know they were able to get lists, including bank and pay records of what appear to be every Afghan who ever assisted America, and they’re going door to door, murdering them and their families.

How did they do that?  Simple: they have had up to 40,000 American hostages all along.  They knew where most of them lived, yet all they really needed to know was where some lived.  All they had to do was threaten to begin slaughtering Americans, and provide video to the American media, who would be all too happy to air it, of rape, torture and the hideous murder of men, women and children, if their demands weren’t met.  They may have accompanied their demands with video of just that kind of barbarism, or if they were feeling warm and fuzzy, knives to the throat and that kind of thing.  We have no idea how many Americans are there or who they are.  If a few get slaughtered, would feckless politicians admit it?  Try to identify them?  Notify their relatives?  There is a mid term election to win, absolute power to consolidate forever.

Would Biden’s handlers, the people who had already rigged an election to put a man suffering from progressive dementia in the White House and covered for him since be in any position to turn down such demands, or make them known?  Or would they do all they could to keep that as quiet as possible for as long as possible?  Would they give in and give the Taliban billions in advanced military equipment, and a treasure trove of intelligence?  These are, after all, the people who hate America, who are trying to indoctrinate upcoming generations to believe America is full of racists and domestic terrorists, a country so evil it cannot be reformed, but must be utterly destroyed and rebuilt in their self-imagined elite, socialist/communist image.  These are the people whose first—any—concern would be for America and Americans?  How do their feelings about and intentions toward America materially differ from those of America’s foreign enemies?

The alternative is Biden and his entire Administration really are as incompetent and stupid as they seem.  How smart does one have to be, after all, to know you get the civilians—hostages—out before you evacuate the military?  Of course, it’s possible demands were made and they really are that stupid as well, but again, we’re speculating.

We also know the Chinese are already in Afghanistan and publically, at least, are announcing cordial and mutually profitable relationships with the Taliban.  We’d be as stupid as the Bidenites to imagine they haven’t been there for years, working against our interests.  We’d be stupid to imagine they don’t have spies in our State Department and every other federal agency.  We know they’ve compromised Hunter Biden and through him, Joe Biden.  Anyone visiting China is closely observed, which includes recordings of every minute they spend doing whatever with whomever in a hotel room.  God only knows, by Hunter’s own descriptions of his life, what they have on video, though it’s not terribly hard—if disgusting—to imagine.

We know they’ve compromised American Representatives, like the idiotically arrogant Eric Swallwell, who D/S/Cs have kept on, of all things, the House Intelligence Committee.  Coincidence?  The Chinese have infiltrated innumerable American colleges and even our scientific, national security establishment.  They have surely compromised more about which the public knows nothing, but our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, have at least an inkling. They’re corrupt and politicized, but not entirely incompetent—we hope.

The Chinese have always taken the long view.  They plan for centuries.  It’s likely they have been manipulating things behind the scenes for a long time.  How long?  Who knows?  They’re better at this sort of thing than we are, much better.

Perhaps they’ve been advising/manipulating the Taliban for years, or at least as long as we announced we were pulling out.  Would they really not take advantage of an opportunity like that?  The Taliban may not be that smart, but the Chinese are.  At the very least, it would give them the opportunity to seize and reverse engineer up to date military equipment, saving them the trouble of stealing it through domestic espionage in America.  I’d be dumbstruck if that kind of material isn’t already on the way to Beijing or Moscow.  But oh, if they could blackmail America, through the hostages, to allow the seizure of Taiwan, our withdrawal from the Pacific, you name it, would they shrink from that opportunity?  Would the Communist Chinese, who have for many years, been building an enormous, if not terribly advanced, military machine, let that go to waste when they have an opportunity to really stick it to America?

It’s amazing, and unsettling, Biden is above water in any state…

Oh, the Chinese understand the necessity of saving face.  They may allow some non-captured hostages to leave.  They may allow a token military response to their seizure of Taiwan.  That would mean thousands of dead Americans, but hey, when the alternative is the death of “democracy,” as D/S/Cs are telling us will happen should Republicans ever regain control of government…  Or they may really stick it to us in every way possible, using the Taliban for cover.  After all, D/S/Cs wouldn’t hesitate to let China seize Taiwan anyway, would they?  Aren’t the Taiwanese just as racist and deplorable, in their own way, as Americans?

The Russians and Chinese are awfully cozy as well these days (Yes, I know Pakistan sponsors the Taliban, but that’s another article for another day)…

As I said, gentle readers, I’m speculating, but is anything I’ve suggested outside the realm of possibility, even probability?  It would certainly explain quite a few things, wouldn’t it?