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As prelude, let us think, gentle readers, about history.  I’m speaking of actual history, of reality, not the altered version so beloved of Leftist dictators throughout history.  Not the kind that is constantly revised for transitory, contemporary political needs, but the kind that reflects human nature rather than trying to rewrite both history and human nature.

I used to tell my students: “times change but people don’t.”  We’re just like the people of the Bible.  We have the same fears, motivations and joys.  Despite not having modern weapons of war, the people of ages past managed to kill thousands, even tens of thousands, in single battles, single days. And that’s the point.  War, not peace, is the normal state of mankind.

Any mildly serious student of history studies military history because there are the people and events that truly changed nations and peoples.  War has been a constant, peace, the occasional happy, temporary anomaly, and so it is today.

Note the number of viewers for the speech

Joe Biden received the greatest number of votes for President ever while hiding in a basement, unable to attract anything other than a handful of manufactured “supporters.”  As Afghanistan fell with stunning speed, he remained in hiding at Camp David, and eventually surfaced for a 19-minute teleprompter reading.  As soon as it was over, he fled, taking no questions, and a “lid” was called for the rest of the day.

When you’ve lost CNN…

Some media outlets reflexively praised it, calling it a triumph of masterful leadership and diplomacy.  In real reality, it was so inadequate, so full of lies and false choices, so feckless, many in the media who previously could not sufficiently praise Biden began, tentatively, telling the truth.

I’ll point out some of Biden’s lies and false choices.  The entire teleprompter reading may be found here.  Surely for the first time, some in the media are seeing—actually, admitting–what our allies and enemies, and Normal Americans have known even before Biden was “elected”: he’s absolutely incapable of the office, mentally declining at increasing speed, and putting not only America, but western civilization, in imminent danger.  They are also seeing, though they’re not quite willing to admit it yet, he’s not in charge; we have no real idea who is, but if whoever is in charge were actively trying to destroy us, and all western civilization has built, what would they be doing differently?

Andrew Neil at The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reflects our allies’ views:  

It was the most contemptible speech by a U.S. president in modern times — a speech that shames America and leaves its global reputation in the dirt.

He concluded:

Welcome to the Biden Legacy, our new Orwellian nightmare.

We begin here:

My National Security Team and I have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every contingency, including the rapid collapse we’re seeing now.

This is a classic: “who you gonna believe: me or your own lyin’ eyes?” evasion.  Clearly, Biden and his “National Security Team” planned nothing.  If they had, we might not be in this mess.  There are reports the helplessly woke General Milley, Secretary of Defense Austin, even the dimwitted and hapless Secretary of State Anthony Blinken tried to talk sense to Biden, who wouldn’t listen.  Sadly, it’s increasingly hard to believe these woke swamp creatures are capable of sane counsel in America’s interest.  It’s also hard to believe Biden is remotely in charge, so believe as much of that as pleases.  Now that the brilliantly planned “contingency” has stranded tens of thousands of Americans and allied nationals behind enemy lines, there unexpectedly appears to be no contingency for getting them out other than begging, pretty please, Islamist savages not to torture, rape and slaughter them, and pretty please with a cherry on top not to take them hostage.  If this is what having plans in place for every contingency looks like, I was going to say I shudder to imagine the opposite, but of course, no one need imagine anything.  We’re watching it in near-real time.

We conduct effective counter-terrorism missions against terrorist groups in multiple countries where we don’t have permanent military presence. If necessary, we’ll do the same in Afghanistan. We’ve developed counter-terrorism Over The Horizon capability that will allow us to keep our eyes firmly fixed on the direct threats to the United States in the region, and act quickly and decisively if needed.

I’ve never agreed with Obama on much, but…

Biden really does think we’re stupid, or perhaps it’s just because he is.  To be fair, all Democreats/Socialists/Communists think Normal Americans stupid.  It’s the essential psychological entrance pass to the self-imagined elite club.  It is (Clinton and Obama/Biden) a long-established D/S/C tactic to send million dollar cruise missiles “over the horizon” to blow up the occasional $5 dollar tent, or indigenous livestock, which are the kinds of results you get when you have no intelligence assets—reliable or otherwise—in theater.  Biden is boldly sending the occasional F/A-18 over Kabul—“overwatch flights”– though they are doing no low passes.  Think of these as  particularly ineffective, closer range, “over the horizon” gestures.  Flying at altitude at jet fighter speeds, pilots can’t see or do anything to assist anyone on the ground, nor without on the ground guidance, can they do any effective damage.  And now that we’ve abandoned our Afghan allies, who in that country is going to trust us?  Who is going to face being tortured to death for Joe Biden?

When I came into office, I inherited a deal that President Trump negotiated with the Taliban. Under his agreement, US forces would be out of Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, just a little over three months after I took office. US forces had already drawn down during the Trump administration from roughly 15,500 American forces to 2,500 troops in country. And the Taliban was at its strongest militarily since 2001. The choice I had to make, as your President, was either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the Taliban in the middle of the spring fighting season.

This is a classic false choice.  Option “A” or war; there are no other choices.  Nonsense.  The worst lie here is the assertion Biden was bound by anything President Trump did.  Biden certainly has not honored what Trump accomplished.  From his first day in office, Biden methodically undid Trump policies and accomplishments.  He destroyed the Keystone Pipeline, while giving Russia their pipeline, further undercutting American energy independence.  He stopped construction on the border wall and threw open our southern border.  He has systematically tried to wipe away all of Trump’s accomplishments, including his deal with the Taliban, which was not a Senate ratified treaty. Not that D/S/Cs are concerned about such trivial legalities.  Obama/Biden never submitted the Iran nuclear deal to the Senate, and Biden is desperate to reenter that abomination regardless of the cost to America or Israel.  There was no reason why Biden, who destroyed almost every other Trump accomplishment, had to adhere to the agreement with the Taliban.  There is no question America was going to get out of Afghanistan, but Trump would never have done things as Biden did.  The issue is not whether we would leave.  The issue is the horribly incompetent way Biden is doing it.

We were clear-eyed about the risks, we planned for every contingency. But, I always promised the American people that I will be straight with you. The truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated.

Biden’s contingency to pull our remaining troops out was a masterstroke, cleverly confusing the Afghans by not telling them we were leaving on July 5th, cleverly confusing the Taliban by giving them the entire country, only to have to immediately, hastily send back more than twice as many troops as were pulled out, cleverly confusing Normal, sane Americans and our allies.  Particularly brilliant was leaving billions upon billions of dollars of advanced military hardware behind.  Even the aircraft the Taliban won’t be able to exploit, the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and other malefactors will.  I’d be surprised if Blackhawk helicopters and other military hardware weren’t already on their way to Russia or China for dissection and reverse engineering.  That’s the kind of planning for every contingency, the kind of strategic brilliance, that leaves one’s enemies stunned—momentarily—because they can’t believe Biden’s stupidity, and their good fortune.  Even Biden’s last sentence, a supposed “truth” is a lie.  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together could have foreseen how fast things would fall apart when we fled like thieves in the night.

And our true strategic competitors, China and Russia, would love nothing more than the United States to continue to funnel billions of dollars in resources and attention into stabilizing Afghanistan indefinitely.

Not quite.  They’re loving the opportunities, economic, strategic and military, Biden has handed them on a silver platter.  They know Biden is destroying America’s economy.  Their goals are rather different, and Biden has, in ways that surely amaze them, helped them along.  Terrorists are certaintly loving the opportunity to establish another Islamic caliphate.

So now we’re focused on what is possible. We will continue to support the Afghan people. We will lead with our diplomacy, our international influence and our humanitarian aid. We’ll continue to for regional diplomacy and engagement to prevent violence and instability. We’ll continue to speak out for the basic rights of the Afghan people, of women and girls, just as we speak out all over the world.

Oh great.  Diplomacy.  It’s necessary and useful when backed by the credible threat of force, but without that credible threat it’s a waste of oxygen.  And what remaining “international influence” might that be, now that Biden has thrown most of it away, convincing our enemies we’re weak and our allies we’re untrustworthy?  And what, exactly, does “We’ll continue to for regional diplomacy and engagement to prevent violence and instability” mean?  We’re going to speak out for the rights of women and girls to 7th century Islamist savages?  To subhuman Illiterates who believe it’s their religious duty to beat, rape, even murder women and girls, and who regularly rape boys and animals?

I’ve been clear that human rights must be the center of our foreign policy, not the periphery. But the way to do it is not through endless military deployments. It’s with our diplomacy, our economic tools and rallying the world to join us.

Sadly, our powerful diversity training programs, our majestic rainbow LGBTQWERTY flags and our morally unstoppable gender studies majors didn’t seem to impress the Taliban.  President Trump’s believable threat of being blown to atoms did, but of course, that must give way to “economic tools and rallying the world to join us.”  Having spent more than a trillion in Afghanistan, one wonders what more we can do economically?  One also wonders which parts of the world are going to be anxious to “join” Biden?

I was asked to authorize, and I did, 6,000 US troops to deploy to Afghanistan for the purpose of assisting in the departure of US and allied civilian personnel from Afghanistan, and to evacuate our Afghan allies and vulnerable Afghans to safety outside of Afghanistan.

He looks afraid–of a CNN reporter…

Who, exactly, “asked” Biden for this?  He can’t do that without being asked?  And let’s remember the only reason we’re hastily sending troops right back in to “rescue” people, is Biden left them all behind without hope of rescue in the first place.  Only this time, our troops have no secure base, no infrastructure, having abandoned Bagram Air Base.  Their logistic and security situation is tenuous.  We can’t even get Americans to Kabul Airport, let alone get them out of the country.  Biden is begging the Taliban—the Taliban–to be nice and let Americans, allies and Afghans leave.  Biden has also made clear Americans aren’t going to get any special consideration in evacuation.

I will not pass this responsibility on to a fifth president. I will not mislead the American people by claiming that just a little more time in Afghanistan will make all the difference. Nor will I shrink from my share of responsibility for where we are today and how we must move forward from here. I am President of the United States of America, and the buck stops with me.

More false choices.  Various dimwitted talking heads and pundits have praised Biden for “taking responsibility,” but it’s patented, faux D/S/C responsibility, the responsibility of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for Benghazi, or the responsibility Hillary took for her illegal server. It’s responsibility that blames everyone and everything else.  It’s responsibility without consequences.

When you’ve lost Jake Tapper…

Biden implies his way was the only way, the only right choice, and in his interview with ABC, would not admit the slightest error.  The idea we had to, in such an incredibly incompetent way, abandon Afghanistan is yet another ahistoric lie.  We have been in South Korea, Germany and many other nations for far longer than we were in Afghanistan.  We maintain military and diplomatic presence throughout the world.  Failing to prepare for war, failing to project strength is the surest way to provoke war.  We must surely avoid war and pursue peace, but always in our national interest, that is, if our government puts our national interests first.  When it does not, we find ourselves in our current mess.

Final Thoughts: We are reliably informed Biden hasn’t been speaking with foreign leaders, with perhaps one or two very recent exceptions. Rather than remaining in the White House, Biden is, as this is written, home in Delaware.  Hiding in the basement may be a useful campaign strategy, but it’s hardly a winning governing strategy.

We now know the photo released by the White House, the photo that would reassure the world Biden was engaged and in charge, indicates the opposite, and was likely taken months earlier.  Rather than projecting strength and resolve, it showed the world a feeble old man, alone, isolated and confused.

I was going to rhetorically ask: “what could Biden have been thinking?”  He’s not.  The more pertinent question is: “what is Biden capable of thinking, of remembering?”  The interview with George Stephanopoulos is now widely acknowledged as a disaster.  Even with the friendliest of interviewers, a D/S/C operative with a byline, Biden was prickly, hostile, outraged by even the gentlest questions.  That despite we’ve only seen the carefully edited, less horrifying, portions of the entire interview, which ABC, brave guardians of journalistic integrity that they are, refused to release in its entirety. They’ve released a transcript, but who can believe it’s complete and unedited, not sanitized for Biden’s benefit?  Biden is not talking with foreign leaders because he’s not capable of coherent, consistent thought.  He’s not in the White House for the same reason.  One almost feels sorry for his handlers, sometimes able to control him, sometimes not.  Feel sorry, instead, for America and the world, for the old saw that then America sneezes, the world catches pneumonia, remains, for now, true.

We were told Biden would restore normalcy.  He would bring back Washington’s customary way of functioning, restore it’s comfortable, usual status quo.  It would appear, to the horror of Americans that love liberty, he has done just that.

This is what Bidenesque unity looks like in times of international crisis…

Biden’s handlers sent him out for—or he insisted on–a rambling, bizarre speech—he took no questions, as usual—where he said nothing about Afghanistan, but threatened nursing homes, and governors that dared to allow parents to decide whether to mask their children.  What could they have been thinking?  Did they imagine this would distract Americans from the continuing disintegration of American credibility over Afghanistan?

Some D/S/Cs are predicting after a short time, Afghanistan will be forgotten, and we’ll be back to fussing about Covid, masking, raising the national debt to ruinous levels, and the evils of Republicans, Normal Americans and individual liberty.  They’re predicting Americans will once again embrace Joe Biden.  They know better.  They know Biden can’t be allowed in public.  They know he can’t be allowed to speak without a script, but they’re stuck.  They have a figurehead incapable of that role, and they know Kamala Harris would be, in her own abrasive, cackling, Clintonesque unlikability and incompetence, just as bad.  They’re destroying not only the country, but their political brand, and they have no idea how to deal with it.  Get rid of Biden and face public outrage at the admission they put him in the White House knowing of his dementia, or hang on and hope for the best while delivering the worst?

We are about to be smacked, once again, in the face with real reality: Islam cannot be “reformed” as Christianity has reformed.  In Islam, church and state are inseparable, and church always has the upper, defining hand.  Islam exists to conquer, by the sword, the entire world, and its scriptures explain, in detail, exactly how that is to be done and what is to be done with infidels.  In Islam, there is no diversity, no tolerance, no acceptance of other ideas, no peaceful coexistence.  The only color Islam will add to a LBGTQWERTY flag is blood red.

Muslims who are not bloodthirsty, who are not on the path of Jihad and have no desire to take that path, are not following the letter and intent of their faith.  They are to be encouraged, to be sure, but no one should mistake them for the true face of Islam, which is the “religion of peace,” only as in the peace of the grave.

We are about to see a massive resurgence of Islamist terrorist violence.  Should Biden, or God help us, Kamala Harris, allow Iran or other terrorists to have nuclear weapons, they will use them, on Israel and on us, and our intelligence agencies are, to put it mildly, less than trustworthy.  Can we expect them to monitor the rest of the world when they’re busy watching Normal Americans, people who didn’t vote for Joe Biden and won’t vote for D/S/Cs? Even if they produce timely, accurate foreign intelligence, can we expect any D/S/C administration to listen to them or act in America’s interests?  We will, ultimately, coexist with Islamists by exterminating them before they exterminate us.

The only question is how much exterminating of us will the self-imagined elite force us to endure before we restore reason, and, if possible, save western civilization?