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“No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the congress is in session.”

Mark Twain

Is there a dime’s worth of difference between D/S/Cs and Republicans?  Phil Klein at National Review doesn’t think so: 

Republicans have helped put President Biden several steps closer to passing his top legislative priority in voting multiple times to advance an unnecessary and costly infrastructure bill that will pave the way for Democrats to pass their multi-trillion dollar social agenda. This is a pathetic surrender that has been built on a mountain of lies.

Yes and yes.

Republicans who voted for this monstrosity claimed that the infrastructure bill they negotiated would be fully paid for. It isn’t. They claimed it would narrowly focus on traditional infrastructure such as fixing roads and bridges. It doesn’t. They claimed it would help convince moderate Democrats to abandon Biden’s larger bill. It won’t.

Republicans have voted for a bill that will add to the deficits at a time when debt as a share of the economy is on track to break the World War II record this year, according to Biden’s own budget. And at a time when inflation is on the rise.

When a party is in the minority, their primary job should be to block the majority party from enacting bad policies as they work on building their own agenda. Far from satisfying this basic requirement for a modern political party, Republicans have been complicit in helping grease the wheels for Democratic efforts to transform every aspect of American life — on health care, child care, college, the environment, and so much more.

Klein concluded with this:

If Republicans lose big time in 2022, they have nobody but themselves to blame.

This monstrosity is only the beginning, as Breitbart reports:  

Senate Democrats unveiled Monday their $3.5 trillion budget resolution, which will serve as the legislative vehicle for their partisan “infrastructure” bill.

Democrats unveiled the budget resolution, which could pass as quickly as this week. Democrats plan to use budgetary reconciliation to pass a radical transform of America’s child care, health care, and climate-change policies. Democrats only need a simple majority to pass the bill through the Senate.

Here are some of the non-infrastructure goodies included in this one:

*A civilian climate corps

*Debt relief

Oh yeah, I’m sure they’ll pay down the debt.

*Environmental justice investments in clean water affordability and access, healthy ports, and climate equity

*Investments in clean vehicles

Here’s the SMM electric vehicle archive.  Visit to see how “clean vehicles” will actually (fail to) work.  Oh, and “investment,”translates as “throwing money directly into the D/S/C boondoggle and pay to play toilet and flushing repeatedly.”

*Paid Family and Medical Leave

*ACA expansion extension and filling the Medicaid Coverage Gap

*Health equity (maternal, behavioral, and racial justice health investments)

*State and local tax (SALT) tax deduction relief which primarily benefits wealthy, blue states

*Tax “fairness” for high-income individuals, or those who are making more than $400,000 per year

*Universal Pre-K for 3 and 4-year olds

*Electrifying the federal vehicle fleet (USPS and Non-USPS)

*Lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants, or amnesty for illegal aliens

Wow.  It’s $3.5 Trillion?  Not quite:

 The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found that the Democrat reconciliation bill would likely cost closer to $5.4 trillion rather than $3.5 trillion.

Dictionaries will have to revise their definition for “boondoggle” significantly upward if D/S/Cs, with the able help of 19 particularly dimwitted faux Republicans, manage to pass this giant step toward Communism.  And of course, when you’re dutifully building utopia, the labor–and the sacrifices the little people will be required to make—is never ending.  The Socialist/Communist appetite is insatiable, the revolution ever-lasting, as The New York Post reports:  

Democrats on Capitol Hill are proving their socialist stripes: They’ve reportedly considered raiding the ‘super-sized retirement savings accounts’ of the wealthy to pay for their $3.5 trillion progressive spending fiasco.

On Tuesday, Politico reported that congressional Democrats are “aghast that hundreds of Americans have IRAs worth more than $25 million, and nearly 30,000 have accounts with balances topping $5 million.’ (The nerve of them, no?)

On the other hand, they observe, some folks “have little to no retirement savings” — also surely the fault of those who work hard and save their money over the course of their lives.

Meanwhile, Democrats are desperate to figure out how to pay for all those left-wing agenda goodies — free college tuition, climate-change schemes, universal pre-K — that they’re aiming to stuff into their $3.5 trillion spend-a-palooza. Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) vows to find a way, even if it takes all summer. And what better way than to skim from the savings of ‘evil’ rich folk, those who have been wise stewards of their money, that is?

No matter how much of American’s money, property and liberty D/S/Cs take, it will never, ever, be enough—everything we have belongs to them, including our lives–and Republicans are helping them.

Perhaps the greatest, continuing tragedy of American life is we are limited, in choosing politicians, to the human race.

I’ve said this before—often in fact—but please, gentle readers, allow me one more clarification: I fundamentally distrust all politicians.  My default position is getting a little power, and being human, they will inevitably go power mad.  Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.  They’re liars and cheats, one and all, and they do not, for a moment, believe they’re public employees.  Rather, they think they’re the masters of the peasants.  That said, I have been, upon occasion, pleasantly surprised.

Knowing I believe this, can anyone imagine I could possibly engage in politician worship, that I could possibly see any of them as a savior or moral model?  That’s a genetic failing restricted to D/S/Cs.

Now, as to the central issue of this article: is there a dime’s worth of difference between D/S/Cs and Republicans?  It’s tempting indeed to say there isn’t, and articles like Klein’s is actually pretty good evidence to support that belief.  What damned good are they if they do anything to help the socialist/communist Democrat Party destroy our economy, trash our national sovereignty, spread disease through open borders, obliterate the Constitution and generally greatly diminish liberty?  It’s not too much of a stretch to argue Republicans, more and more, offer only a weak alternative to outright totalitarianism, a choice more of degree than substance.

One of 31…

On the other hand, keep in mind some 31 Republican Senators are not, at least not overtly, helping D/S/Cs turn America into a third world, socialist hell hole.  At least not at the moment—that we know of.  In fact, Republicans kind of sort of forced D/S/Cs to make some uncomfortable, on-the-record votes as they passed their $3.5 trillion—actually $5.4+–spending super boondoggle.  National Review’s headline pretty much tells the story:  

Senate Passes $3.5 Trillion Partisan Budget Plan, Clearing Way for Sweeping Government Expansion

D/S/Cs are beating Republicans at every turn like a rented mule, and virtually always, some Republicans remain bent over and whine with pleasure: “please Sir, may I have another?”  The $1.5 trillion boondoggle was more than 2700 pages.  Not a single Republican—or D/S/C for that matter—read it before they supported it.  Republicans are actually, despite long years of being the abused spouses of politics, actually trusted D/S/Cs to tell them what was in it.  They’re going to roll over for the $5.4+ trillion abomination, exposing their soft, pink bellies and crying: “please don’t hurt me too much.”

Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Swallwell and all the rest of the anti-American commissariat are laughing their ever-widening asses off.

Do we throw all the bums out?  Sadly, unless we could count on honest elections, and unless there were candidates willing to put America first, and actually fight the D/S/Cs doing their best to destroy America standing by to replace each and every current politician, there would be little advantage in so doing.  Surely, if the 19 could be primaried—hint: Lindsay Graham–by solid Republicans willing to fight for American interests, that would be a good thing, but even that would be difficult, and in 2022, could ensure D/S/Cs keep control of at least one of the houses of Congress, which is not a good thing.

Former Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming recently and unexpectedly died.  Well respected for a politician, even in Wyoming, he adopted the Reaganite 80% philosophy, which holds if one can get 80% of what they want, it’s smart to take it, rather than holding out for everything.  That’s not a terrible philosophy, but it works only if one’s opponents are honorable, only if they can be trusted, only if they have America’s best interests at the forefront of their agenda, and only if they are willing to accept the limits of the Constitution and simple honesty and decency.

For the moment, we’re more or less stuck with most of these less than trustworthy Republicans.  There are some positive indications that some of them, Like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, may be replaced by real Republicans in 2022.  Normal Americans need, above all else, (1) to fight to ensure honest elections and to utterly destroy Marxist Critical Race Theory in all it’s evil, insidious forms.  We also have to absolutely (2) ensure Republicans retake the House and Senate in 2022.  And if they do, we also have to demand (3) they treat D/S/Cs with even more of the contempt they reserved for them.  No more being nice to dishonest, dishonorable people working to destroy our representative republic.  Comity is for suckers and loser, and D/S/Cs have made it so.  The best part is it can be done fully within the rules of the Congress and within the law.  Republicans simply need no longer be nice—at all—to “colleagues” that hate them, Normal Americans and America.  Why do favors for people who will try to steal your teeth if you leave your mouth open within reach?

Oh, and we absolutely cannot throw up our arms in exasperation and refuse to vote.  That only benefits D/S/Cs, who are working hard enough to ensure vote fraud already without help from Normal Americans.  Failing to vote only allows illegal aliens, people who don’t exist and the dead to vote early and often.

So yes, there is a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and D/S/Cs, actually more than a dime.  It would be so much better were it a dollar, or perhaps, $5.4 trillion?  Were there no difference, we’d have precisely no rights.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Republicans, rather than merely slightly slowing the destruction of liberty, actually did whatever was necessary to preserve it?

When we have the chance to turn a RINO out of office, we must seize it if the replacement would be an improvement, but for now, we must never forget who the RINOs are, and keep our eyes on the three issues I’ve mentioned.  D/S/Cs, above all else, want ultimate power over American lives.  We must, first and foremost, ensure they never get it, using imperfect, human vehicles.  That’s our eternal tragedy.