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The “summer of love” mayor is changing her tune:

The mayor of Seattle is calling on the city to rebuild its depleted police force after six separate shootings rocked Washington state’s largest metropolitan area over the weekend.

‘As a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers,’ Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said during a Monday press conference. ‘Over the past 17 months, the Seattle Police Department has lost 250 police officers which is the equivalent of over 300,000 service hours. We’re on path to losing 300 police officers.’

Durkan added that the weekend violence is a ‘reminder’ that there are certain emergency situations that require sworn police officers.

Riiiiight.  Keep in mind, gentle readers, in order to keep one patrolman on the street, 24/7/365, a police agency must hire about four people.  That’s three for three eight-hour shifts, and one-ish to cover for vacations, illness, training, court time, and a variety of similar issues.  Let’s see just how serious/honest Durkan and the rest of the scruffy lot of Washington State politicians are, shall we?

Imagine you are a highly experienced detective, and one night you see two guys hanging out on a corner.  Over a short time, they pace back and forth along the same path stopping to stare into a business no less than 20 times.  Each time they wind up back at the corner, they huddle and talk, and once, a third guy joins them for their little conference.

Because you are experienced, you know these guys are up to no good, and you reasonably suspect they’re about to commit a robbery of the business they’ve been casing.  So you follow them, and a couple of blocks away, stop them, and pat them down, finding concealed handguns in the coats of two of them, guns they are carrying illegally.

You were right to be suspicious, and you stopped an armed robbery, a robbery that could have resulted in murder.  You took three dangerous felons off the street.  That’s a good thing, right?  Well, it used to be.  Now in Washington State, it’s not.

The issue is “stop and frisk,” something enlightened blue cities and states have been progressively—there is a little pun there—doing away with.  The case is Terry v. Ohio (1968), in which the Supreme Court ruled that when an officer has reasonable suspicion, based on his training and experience, that a crime was being committed or was about to be committed, he could briefly—perhaps 15 minutes—detain suspects, such detention including handcuffing if necessary for the safety of all involved.  Officers could also obtain identification, check for warrants and “pat down” suspects, which search would be limited to their outer clothing.  If, during that pat down search, which was allowed, again, for everyone’s safety, an officer could identify by feel objects such as weapons, drugs, etc., they could be seized and used as evidence against the suspect.  If the stop and frisk didn’t turn up any evidence of a crime, the suspect was released, no arrest was made, and they were inconvenienced for only 10 or 15 minutes, which the Court reasonably felt a minimal intrusion in exchange for public safety.

Reasonable suspicion is different than probable cause.  It’s a lower standard.  Both are governed by the 4th Amendment.  With reasonable suspicion, an officer can briefly detain someone to determine if they are committing a crime.  Reasonable suspicion is not grounds for arrest, merely for a brief investigatory stop.  Probable cause—PC—is facts and observations that would convince a reasonable police officer—they have training and experience that allow them to see and understand things most people don’t—a crime has been committed and a specific person has committed it.  PC is grounds for arrest, but only that.  A higher standard—proof beyond a reasonable doubt—is required for conviction.

Stop and frisk is one of the most valuable and completely constitutional tools available to the police.  Particularly in blue cities, it greatly suppresses the unlawful carrying of weapons by criminals, because they know the police can stop and frisk them, and finding their weapons, arrest and disarm them.  In those cities–most—where stop and frisk has been eliminated, the rate of all manner of violent crimes, including drive by shootings and murder, have dramatically increased to deadly effect.

Why have these cities done this?  Because too many black criminals have been arrested, and when resisting arrest, injured or killed.  If Blacks make up only 30% of the population of a city, but are being arrested for 85% of armed robberies, for example, the only reason for that statistical disparity must be the police are systemically racist. It could not possibly be that black people are actually committing 85% of all armed robberies.  Of course, that’s exactly what’s happening, as the invaluable Heather MacDonald explains, here. 

 But because the police must be systemically racist, the statistics—not the actual crime rate—must be altered, so the police are prevented from making Terry stops, and far fewer black predators are arrested, but there are far, far more victims of violent crimes and coincidentally, most are black.

Washington State, you see, has passed a number of “police reform” measures that have made it impossible for the police to do their jobs:

Further sounding the alarm in a statement released by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), the department details the discomforting provisions which ultimately eliminates all police pursuits in the state of Washington.

‘The largest impact for our residents will be the changes to our ability to pursue after a suspect who is fleeing in a vehicle. Law enforcement officers will only be able to engage in a pursuit if there is ‘probable cause’ to arrest a person in the vehicle for committing a specified violent crime or sex offense such as murder, kidnapping, drive-by shootings, or rape.”

Law enforcement officers are no longer allowed to pursue suspects that have committed property crimes, which includes residential burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, theft. They can also no longer pursue domestic violence incidents which includes domestic violence simple assault, violation of a no contact or protection order, and stalking, the statement details.

An example of the above changes provided by PCSO states, ‘Dispatchers receive a 911 call from a person who reports hearing screaming and loud noises from an apartment next door.  The caller reports that it sounds like the woman next door is being assaulted by her boyfriend, but is only able to provide a vague description of what the boyfriend looks like and does not know his name. As the first responding officer approaches the apartment, he sees a man running through the parking lot wearing clothing that is similar to the description provided in the 911 call.’

Under the new law, ‘officers must let the man walk away from the scene until they can interview the victim and/or witnesses to determine with a high level of certainty that a crime has occurred and the person is a suspect in that crime.’

Do you now understand the distinction between reasonable suspicion and PC, gentle readers?  Merely seeing someone fleeing the scene of a crime, even if they match a description of a suspect, the police have only reasonable suspicion, which is no longer grounds for a Terry stop to develop PC in the state of Washington.  They have to let the criminal get away.  If they can’t later develop PC, if they can’t, for example, positively identify the suspect, the crime will never be solved.  The criminal gets away with it, and knowing they can’t be stopped, will do it again, and again, and again…  Oh, but the brilliant legislators in the D/S/C ruled Washington Legislature didn’t stop there:

Law enforcement officers can no longer pursue vehicles for traffic offenses other than the exception of vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, and driving under the influence (DUI). Officers are no longer allowed to force an individual to exit the vehicle and are unable to pat down suspects for weapons without their consent. Unless there is probable cause, officers cannot place suspects in handcuffs.

In Washington State, all you need to do to avoid ever getting a traffic ticket is simply refuse to stop.  Better yet, you can flee the police at high speed!  All the laws prohibiting fleeing from the police, failing to stop, speeding, even arguably reckless driving have been revoked!  But the police can get your license plate number!  Meaningless, because vehicles aren’t cited, the people driving them are.  If the officer can’t prove a specific person committed a specific crime—that’s PC again—they can’t make an arrest, and a traffic ticket is actually an arrest, just one for which the violator isn’t taken into physical custody.  It’s the power of reasonable suspicion that gives an officer the ability to make a stop to identify the driver.  If they can’t stop a vehicle, they can’t identify the driver.  No PC; no arrest.  No arrests, crime rates skyrocket.

There are a number of Supreme Court cases that have confirmed it is entirely constitutional for officers to require people to exit a vehicle, for officers to pat them down, even for them to search the interiors of vehicles where a suspect could have reached weapons or contraband while seated.  It would be insane to expect the police to try to conduct such searches while people were still seated in their vehicles, and the Supreme Court has recognized the dangers involved.  The Court has also ruled officers can handcuff people in these circumstances, again, under the general limitations of a Terry stop.

The reality of the situation is only a small portion of all traffic stops require officers to remove people from vehicles, search the vehicles, handcuff people, pat them down, etc.  But in Washington State, criminals now know they don’t have to stop for the police, and they and their vehicles can’t be searched.

Keep in mind, gentle readers, criminals use their vehicles to go to and from their crimes.  For drug dealers, they’re rolling drug and gun vaults.  Legitimate traffic stops often result in officers using their constitutional powers under the 4th Amendment to detect crimes and criminals, and to protect the public.  Not in Washington State; not anymore:

Another scenario issued by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department states, ‘Your family returns from a vacation to find a truck parked in the driveway of your home, and a person you do not know is loading stolen items from your house into the vehicle.  You call 911 and provide the dispatcher with a description of the suspect’s truck as it drives out of your neighborhood with your belongings inside.  A police officer responding to your call for help sees a truck resembling the description speeding out of your neighborhood.’

Under the new law, ‘the officer can still attempt to stop the vehicle, but cannot pursue after the fleeing vehicle for any law enforcement purposes/actions if the driver does not stop.’

How has that worked out for Washington State even before the new criminal support laws were passed?  Not so well:

The popular democratic “Defund The Police” wrecked the morale of police officers statewide, resulting in Washington state currently ranking last in the nation for the number of police officers per capita at 1.19 sworn officers per 1000 residents. A drastic decrease from the nationwide rate of sworn officers which is 2.4 per 1000 residents.

Washington state also set a murder record last year as a direct result of defunded police departments. In 2020 there were 302 murders compared to 206 in 2019, an increase of 46.6 percent, according to recent data released by Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

It takes little imagination to know how bad things are going to get from now on.  Washington has also made it easier, much easier, to sue, punish, prosecute and jail police officers for trying to do their jobs.  The exodus of competent officers from Washington State is going to become a stampede. The D/S/C dominated state legislature has ensured officers will have to take care of themselves, first and foremost.  They’ve also really taken care of one of their most valued constituencies: criminals.  The losers in Washington State will be honest, law-abiding citizens.

By all means, take the link and read the whole thing, and also visit Fox News, where we learn the Pierce Country Sheriff’s Department—near Seattle–did not use its K9 assets to find a murderer, because they didn’t have PC, so even if the dog found a suspect–which would be necessary to develop PC–they couldn’t detain them or use force against them.

Insane?  Societal suicide?  Of course.  It’s what D/S/Cs want for all of America.  Coming to a state or nation near you?