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credit: beforeitsnews.com

John Durham, widely lauded as a tough, no-nonsense federal prosecutor, has been laboring—perhaps—faithfully for more than two years now.  He has been laboring to ensure the many D/S/C miscreants that treated the Constitution as a rented mule are brought to justice, that the American people may, once again, begin to regain a modicum of trust in government of the people, by the people and for the people.

NOTE: From time to time, something pops into my head, and I can’t remove it without writing about it then and there.  This is one of those times, gentle readers.  Expect to see an education article here next Monday, as usual.

By “American people,” I mean of course those Americans who identify as such.  Who are not repelled and horrified by the mere sight of the American flag, and who gladly stand and try to sing the National Anthem.  No, it’s not impossible to sing, but doing it well does require some attention to detail and talent.  I speak of people who know all lives matter, who know we can’t survive with the rule of law and equal justice—not social justice; not equity—for all.  I speak of Americans who know the police are essential and criminals must be treated fairly but harshly.  I speak of Americans who are truly color blind, and who expect an honest day’s work out of their hired hands: all politicians.  I speak of Americans who know the Constitution says what it means and means what it says and have no tolerance for people who try to ignore or destroy it.  I speak of Americans with kind, truly tolerant hearts, who want to live in peace and security, but mostly, want to be left alone, just as they are willing to leave others alone.

You know—those Americans.

Sadly, those Americans have lost faith in Durham.  He’s produced a single prosecution of an FBI lawyer who lied to a federal judge to subvert the law, something lawyers in general, and particularly lawyers working for the FBI aren’t supposed to do.  He got a slap on the wrist and should, no later than August, once again be practicing corrupt law.  That sort of thing makes Americans think there is no rule of law, instead, there is a two-tiered system of justice, and they’re on the bottom tier, if not lower.

But what if John Durham really is working to prosecute all the people that have so divided our nation?

What if he has the goods on a great many self-important people, people whose prosecutions could do a great deal of damage to the self-imagined elite who think they’re running the country?  Would he have the courage to proceed?

What if, when he’s ready, he presents the evidence necessary not only to indict all of the worst traitors in our history (Yes, I know the legal definition; I’m referring more to betrayal of America and Americans), but to convict them beyond a reasonable doubt?

What if among them are a former president, vice president, cabinet officers and other high and self-imagined mighty and virtuous bureaucrats, to say nothing of business titans?

What if some, or all, of those miscreants actually conspired with our enemies?

What if a great many powerful and wealthy people stood to spend decades in prison?

What if the current Department of Justice, staffed by some of those same people, or their close associates, disappear all that evidence, and/or refuse to allow prosecutions?

What if Merrick Garland is as political and corrupt as he appears?

What options would a truly tough, no-nonsense federal prosecutor have?  (1) Having done all he can legally do, he could simply close up shop and go into hiding; his life wouldn’t be worth as much as someone who had evidence on the Clintons.  (2) He could go public in an attempt to put the evidence before the people and force the DOJ to do…something—and then go into hiding.

What if the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration’s—Joe Biden, Temporary President–actual collusion with big tech/social media companies was only partially about censorship of ideas they don’t want the public to know?

What if it was really about being sure nothing someone like Durham might try to disseminate to the public ever got to the public?

What if the people who want to destroy America really do think that far ahead?

What if the revelation D/S/Cs are working with phone companies to censor private text messages is part of that effort?

What if the Administration’s admissions it is actually using big tech to censor its political enemies is part of that effort?

What if the media is just as corrupt as we believe them to be and really is nothing more than the D/S/C propaganda arm?

What if the FBI’s attempts to turn families against each other is part of this battle space preparation?

What if the Woke tide is part of the battle space preparation, an attempt to make Americans too stupid and/or too intimidated to resist?

What if the very few media outlets attacked as “conservative” are sufficiently—and personally—threatened?  Would they be brave enough to go on the air with the truth?  Would that kind of corrupt government let them?

What if that kind of information leaked out anyway?

And what if Joe Biden, Temporary President and failing mouthpiece for whoever is really running the country, pardons everyone Durham tried to indict?

What then?