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Did you hear the sound, gentle readers?  On Independence Day?  No, I’m not talking about treasonous and ungrateful congress critters screaming America–and all white Americans–is racist.  I’m talking about hundreds of millions of Americans praising the economic genius that is Joe Biden as they grilled burgers and dogs:

A tone deaf tweet from the official White House account actually brags about saving the American people an average of 16 cents ($0.16) on their Fourth of July party supplies over prices last year.

According to the tweet, disseminated Thursday afternoon, prices are down on basic July 4th cuisine ranging from ice cream to pork chops, adding up to a whopping 16 cents in savings for Americans.

The tweet claimed the 16 cents is evidence ‘the Biden economic plan is working.’

This is the same gropin’, sniffin’ Joe Biden who told us if we were very good and took our medicine, he might allow us to have a very few people over for an outdoor–no indoor you naughty ingrates!–July 4th cookout, possibly even without masks!  Americans responded by telling Joe where he might put his hot dogs.  Joe responded by having lavish fireworks at the White House and denying them to Americans at Mt. Rushmore.  So there.  Americans responded with this:


And this:

Poor Joe—or whichever dimwitted intern posted that happy announcement—obviously didn’t bother to check with the—ahem—government first:

However, the White House should have checked with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) before running with those numbers. Just last week they cited the consumer price index for grocery stores and supermarket food purchases which is up 0.7 percent over May of last year. They also indicated that prices will go up between two and three percent this year. Other economic experts fear it will be much more than that.

In another economic reality check for the Biden administration, the Labor Department reported that its Consumer Price Index indicated that inflation had risen five percent since May 2020. That’s the largest 12-month increase since August 2008.

Barbecue items such as hotdogs, ground beef, white bread, potatoes, bacon, pork chops, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages have risen approximately 77 percent in the last 20 years. Hamburger has risen in price the most. Since 2000, the cost of beef is reportedly up a staggering 135%.

A few minutes on the Internet would have also turned up this useful graphic:

Tragically, as is always the case, women and minorities—particularly minority women—were hardest hit:

Let’s catch our collective breath and think about this one for a minute.  As anyone who actually has to—you know—shop for food knows, the prices of the kind of goods the geniuses at the White House are crowing over actually have a wide spread depending on such things as where one shops, the brands one prefers, and the quantity purchased, and I’m speaking of shopping in pretty much any town with three or four grocery stores.  One can easily save far more than .16 cents on any of the items commonly found at a cook out with a bit of shopping no more careful than merely comparing the prices on the packages of two different brands.  Buying slightly less lean hamburger normally saves quite a bit. Differences in price from one town to another in a given state, to say nothing of regional differences, can be substantial.

Let’s say it as simply as possible: unless one hasn’t shopped for food in decades, is profoundly stupid, or both, sixteen cents is a rounding error between one brand of hot dog or another, one package of hamburger buns or another—you get it.  It’s definitely not evidence of any successful, national economic policy.  Anyone that thinks it is is, well, not fit to be President.

Beyond any doubt, Joe Biden is falling deeper and deeper by the day into the dementia well from which one never dries out, so obviously, this is not his orphan brainchild.  If the Chinese, Iranians and Russians had an iota of doubt about the spectacular stupidity of those running the country—they know Biden isn’t in charge–this tweet must have dispelled it.  To put it, again, simply, this is not a good thing.

What could have possessed whoever is actually running the country into the ground from the White House to do something this plainly idiotic?  Here are a few possibilities:

*They’re actually paying attention to the polls, and even to what the saner members of the D/S/C club are saying, and it’s scaring them to death.  Some of the people in the White House aren’t stupid, but they are leftist zealots and consumed with hatred for most Americans and for America.  Even so, they want to keep the power they have and make it absolute.

Sadly, their policies are destroying the economy, as well as everything else, and they’ve had no real luck seizing absolute, permanent political power—yet.  They might not be able to cheat on the scale they did in 2020 in 2022, and if Republicans take the Congress, they’ll slow the inevitable triumph of communism for another few years.  They’re not worried about Republicans actually rolling their gains back to any real degree.  They’re the Stupid Party, after all.

There might be enough of them able to ignore the narrative and be at least temporarily, marginally rational to experience actual fear and desperation.  The 16 cents tweet is the panicky result.

*Perhaps they’re merely stupid.  Or perhaps their hatred for Normal Americans is so intense and all-consuming it entangles every neuron they have—or both.  Perhaps they’ve lived so long in the America as it ought to be they’ve created in their intellectually and morally superior imaginations they have no ability whatsoever to understand the actual reality lived by Normal Americans who find living in actual reality more or less a necessity.  Perhaps they really did think Americans would not only believe them, but be fawningly, drooling, dumbstruck grateful for a non-existent savings of 16 cents, so grateful Americans will forevermore vote early and often, for nothing but Democrats/Socialists/Communists!  They might be so grateful they’ll do it from the grave, for many, many years.

*Perhaps they’re so removed from reality, so self-assured, so caught up in their self-imagined elitism, their intellectual and moral superiority, they’re incurably arrogant?  Could this be their “let them eat cake” moment, but with hot dogs and burgers?  As I recall, the last person who wallowed in that kind of arrogance wasn’t around very long to have their cake and eat it too.  Could they have actually believed Americans would, recognizing their inherent superiority, praise them for their mastery of economics and their incredible, never before experienced, kindness toward lower beings?

Or perhaps, gentle readers, it’s some combination of all of this, even more.  As always, The Babylon Bee had much deserved fun with them:

This is surely a special kind of stupid.  The horror of it is the whole world is watching, and much of it does not wish us well.  That’s something no sane American can relish.