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You knew this was coming back, didn’t you gentle readers?  I refer to race-based school discipline, or more specifically, race-based school non-discipline.  Under Barack Obama, federal education policy prevented schools from disciplining minority—mostly Black male—students.  It’s a topic I’ve been covering since 2013.  Here are most of my previous mentions:

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Why would anyone think not disciplining Black male students, specifically, a good idea? Because of statistical disparity.  Black male students commit disciplinary infractions, and crimes, in school at rates far, far exceeding their numbers in the public schools and population.  It just so happens they also commit repeat offenses at rates far in excess of their numbers.  Therefore under statistical disparity theory, if Blacks make up 12% of a given student body, yet commit 62% of all disciplinary infractions, the only possible explanation is racism, circa 2021, systemic racism.  Who, by the way, commits the least disciplinary infractions and crimes?  Asian kids.

But Black males are committing the infractions!  They’re committing the crimes!  What does it matter what color they are?  As we now know, skin color is everything, and because of systemic racism, the number of crimes and misbehaviors they commit is irrelevant; they’re victims of the evil, oppressive United States, it’s horrible racist, slavery history, and currently, they’re victims of white supremacy.  We know that because Critical Race Theory and shut up you systemically racist, privileged white supremacist!

To better understand the coming lunacy and destruction the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President and Permanent Groper—is going to visit on our schools—apart from CRT, of course—let’s visit Freep,com, where Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel explains it to us racists:

Dana Nessel
credit: conservativeintel.com

Students across the country continue to be suspended and expelled from school at astronomical rates despite the known, devastating effects of excluding students from the classroom. Overly harsh discipline policies fail the very children we have promised to teach with compassion, nurturing a love of learning and meeting childhood mistakes with proven approaches that help kids grow.

This is an example of a D/S/C asserting a wildly false or misleading premise.  I’ve often written Normal Americans cannot allow D/S/Cs to define the terms of any debate, and certainly not by tacitly accepting, or failing to challenge, a false premise.  Of course kids should be in school every hour possible, but when a student misbehaves such that they are disrupting any class, their presence denies every other student their right to an education.  Any absence involved is their choice and their fault alone.  Skin color must have nothing to do with it.  There is no compassion in refusing to maintain a calm, quiet, appropriate, terror-free learning environment.

In the 2015-16 school year, Black students were denied 103 days of school instruction due to out-of-school suspensions per 100 students enrolled, while their white peers were denied 21 days of school instruction per 100 students. These statistics represent decades of policies that have determined student outcomes based on race, sex, disability, and—according to more recent data—sexual orientation and gender identity.  These barriers to equal education and the excessive use of exclusionary discipline are known as the ‘school-to-prison pipeline,’ putting our young people on a path that leads to incarceration.

There’s the statistical disparity I mentioned, gentle readers.  Are these Black students being unfairly disciplined, or when they commit infractions, disciplined more severely than others?  Are our schools really, falsely punishing kids in some bizarre system that aims them at prison from their first day in Kindergarten, or are some kids simply so damaged they’re criminals from very young ages?  Why do we have prisons?  Merely to oppress minorities, or to protect honest society from them, and them from honest society?  Despite being a state AG, someone supposedly responsible for upholding justice, which includes annoying elements such as a complete, competent investigations, due process, and punishment based on the severity of the offense and how frequently the offender misbehaves, Nessel has no idea, and she could not care less.  This is a matter of statistical/racial disparity.  Black student: victim.  Black student: incapable of misbehaving or committing crimes due to their victimhood and systemic oppression.  Here it comes:

Earlier this week, I, along with 23 attorneys general, sent a letter to the Biden Administration urging it to take immediate action to address these disparities. The letter asks the administration to reissue federal guidance from 2014 that targeted racial disparities in school discipline, and to expand this guidance to address discrimination based on sex, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

And the evidence of such “discrimination” on a case-by-case basis, which is the only rational and just way to analyze such things is?  Notice the racist, CRT, D/S/C buzzwords throughout Nessel’s screed:

‘school-to-prison pipeline’

‘disparate outcomes’

‘excessive exclusionary discipline’

‘restorative justice’

‘positive behavioral practices’

And what does Nessel envison?

As students return to the school buildings for in-person instruction, schools must be encouraged to explore proven alternatives to antiquated practices such as suspensions or expulsions.

For those unaware of exactly who Dana Nessel is, this Breitbart article will explain.  Nessel is a virtual clone of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer: arrogant, vicious, cruel and power mad.  The article speaks of newly discovered evidence that Nessel, learning a Michigan restaurant owner, a Polish immigrant, was going to appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight to expose Nessel’s tyrannical treatment of her and other restaurant owners, tried to get law enforcement to immediately arrest her for contempt to prevent her TV appearance.  This is the kind of oppression one sees in Communist police states.

When, not if, Nessel gets her way and principals are prevented from disciplining or removing the most disruptive and criminal students, what will happen to our schools?  The aforementioned linked articles make that more than clear.  The kind of “restorative justice” Nessel demands was practiced in Minnesota for years, and in many schools, still is.  It’s a nightmare.

Keep in mind, please, the law requires reasonable disciplinary policies, and every school has a published disciplinary policy, which lists the consequences of disciplinary infractions.  A student refusing to stop talking might find themselves in lunch detention or after school detention for a day or two.  A student who disrupts a class to the point it can’t continue will normally be removed for that period, and will face more time in detention.  A student who is a constant disruption may find themselves in in-school suspension for days or weeks, depending on the severity of the offense and their past disciplinary record.  Kids caught fighting, assaulting others or dealing/using drugs are generally suspended for some period.  And in rational schools, kids attacking teachers are not only prosecuted, but suspended from school for a year.

All of this is not only realistic, and non-race based, but absolutely necessary.  Before any student is expelled, there will, by law and of necessity, be a long string of previously, serious disciplinary offenses, and normally, offenses that make clear that student is a clear and present danger to the school.  If a teacher can’t demand kids at least be quiet and pretend to pay attention, no learning can take place.  If they have to worry about being attacked, school is nothing more than a juvenile prison where the inmates are in control and can come and go at will—and they are and do.

In Minnesota–and elsewhere–under the kinds of enlightened policies Nessel demands, schools became cesspools of violence and drug abuse.  It was impossible for teachers to teach and kids to learn.  No kid was safe; no one was safe.  Drugs were dealt in the hallways and classrooms, and gang violence was out of control.  Teachers were attacked and many, seriously injured, as were students.

credit: kfoxtv.com

But when, not if, Nessel succeeds, things will be even worse than they were under Obama.  As I noted in Defunding School Police: Feeling Safe From Reality, one of the disastrous effects of the “defund the police” lunacy is many schools have kicked law enforcement—school resource officers—entirely out of their schools.  Imagine a school like I’ve just described.  Now imagine the juvenile criminals in charge knowing there is no police presence on campus, and absent committing a murder—maybe not even then—the police aren’t going to be called.  Will they exercise self-restraint?  Will they adopt a code of civilized behavior, or will they do what kids tend to do when they have no limits, when no adults are in charge, and they know there are going to be no consequences no matter what they do?  We don’t have to imagine; Minnesota schools showed us exactly what happens.

credit: usnews.com

But now that many schools have bought entirely into Critical Race Theory, we can expect they’ll do everything possible to keep law enforcement in the dark.  After all, if they’re CRT/Social Justice warriors atoning for their white privilege and systemic racism, they can hardly call the police on Black criminals, can they?  They’ll have every incentive to hide the rampant crime and their unwillingness to maintain a proper educational environment.  If that kind of thing became public knowledge, how could they explain it?  They’d look like incompetents and idiots, and worse, they’d open themselves to massive lawsuits.  They’re going to do that anyway, but why make it easy for racist, non-woke parents to sue them for the brutalization of their white, privileged, racist children?  Whatever they get is surely less than they deserve for the sins of their ancestors and country.

They’ll never call the police for misdemeanors, and likely not for felonies other than murder or assault so brutal and bloody they have no choice.  When kids are injured by juvenile thugs, they’ll avoid calling ambulances, either driving badly injured children to doctors in private vehicles, only involving a school nurse, or leaving them to fend for themselves.  There is much atonement required, and as CRT teaches us, white people can never sufficiently atone, nor will any payment ever suffice.

Think I’m exaggerating, gentle readers?  All of this, and more, has already happened in schools where the kind on anti-discipline Nessel demands was institutionalized.  Under the Trump Administration, this kind of dangerous lunacy was rescinded.  Nessel wants it back.

It’s this kind of insanity that is not only destructive, but actively evil.  It enables the worst impulses of the worst among the young, and deprives teachers and innocent children of their fundamental rights and any semblance of safety.  One would think an Attorney General might feel an obligation to such as they, but obviously, not in Michigan, and if she gets her way, not anywhere.