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We are, gentle readers, in the early stages of conflict.  It’s difficult to say whether this conflict will escalate to full-blown civil war, which is why I’ve initiated this series: to thoughtfully consider developments, lay out potential dangers, and perhaps even plot strategy.  For this edition of the series, I’ll address some thoughts on the race war being waged against America, and tell a story from the past, a story that will remind us of the horrors of Marxism.  This is necessary because it is a Marxist derived script the enemies of the Republic, both domestic and foreign, are waging against America and Americans.

Marxism is ever a true existential threat to human liberty and life.  It sees everything as class struggle, and to control people, divides them into defined groups.  It cannot abide individual rights, and accords mere privileges to groups, which may be bestowed or revoked at will.  The more they can keep groups at each other’s throats, the happier Marxist governments are.  That way, mired in hopelessness and misery, people are unable to effectively resist the government.

Marxism promises perfect equality—“equity” today—by holding up equality of outcome.  All will live in perfect harmony and justice, and have the same things.  History teaches us that approach unfailingly means everyone but the ruling elite will live in abject poverty and degredation.  Their lives have no value.  They exist to serve the ruling elite, which determines the needs of the State.

In order to establish Marxism it’s necessary to convince a people to hate their nation, to hate themselves, to believe their nation illegitimate and not worth defending or preserving.  Only then can perfect Marxist peace, equity and justice reign.  In establishing that peace, equity and justice, Marxism always crushes souls, lives and minds.  It destroys liberty, nations and murders millions.

Does this sound familiar gentle readers?  CRT? BLM? Antifa? American education?  California, Illinois, Portland, Seattle, New York City?  Joe Biden?

Such was the case with the former Soviet Union, circa September 6, 1976.  On that day, Lt. Victor Belenko landed his MiG-25, then the hottest jet interceptor in the Soviet Union, in Japan.  He defected to the West, bringing an unimaginable intelligence prize.

Belenko was once the pride of the Soviet Union.  As a pilot of its most advanced and secret interceptor—a very small, technologically advanced class–he had privileges denied most Russian citizens: the best apartments, sort of decent food and clothing, the things even the poorest American takes for granted.  In reality, he lived at a level far worse than the poorest Americans, and he, most of his life, bought the propaganda about the horrible, evil, racist, unjust United States.  He actually thought Russians lived better and enjoyed more freedoms than Americans. He had no means of comparison, and he lived better than most Russians, so he accepted what he was told and given.

But he became disaffected.  He had doubts, and he acted on them, and eventually found himself being driven through suburban Washington with his CIA handlers.  Consider this excerpt from MiG Pilot, by John Barron:  

The countryside of Northern Virginia, wooded, rolling and with the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains visible from far away on a clear day is beautiful in all seasons.  But it was the man-made order of the farmlands they passed that most struck Belenko: the symmetry of the fields; the perfection of their cultivation; the well-maintained fences; the fatness of the cattle grazing in the lush meadows; the painted barns; the white farmhouses that to him seemed huge; the cars, trucks, and machinery parked nearby; the apparent paucity of people working the farms:

‘Where are the outhouses?’ he asked.

The Americans laughed, and Peter explained how septic tanks and automatic water pumps made possible indoor plumbing in virtually all American farmhouses.  ‘Probably there still are outhouses in some rural or mountainous regions.  I just don’t know where.’

They stopped at a shopping center on the outskirts of a small Virginia town and headed toward a clothing store, but Belenko insisted on inspecting a supermarket on the way. He noticed first the smell or rather the absence of smell; then he explored and stared in ever-widening wonder.  Mountains of fruit and fresh vegetables; a long bin of sausages, frankfurters, wursts, salami, bologna, cold cuts; an equally long shelf of cheeses, thirty of forty different varieties; milk, butter, eggs, more than he had ever seen in any one place; the meat counter, at least twenty meters long, with virtually every kind of meat in the world—wrapped so you could take it in your hand, examine and choose or not; labeled and graded as to quality.  A date stamped on the package to warn when it would begin to spoil!  And hams and chickens and turkeys!  Cans and packages of almost everything edible with pictures showing their contents and labels reciting their contents.  Long aisles of frozen foods, again with pictures on the packages.  And juices, every kind of juice.  Soaps and paper products and toiletries and much else that he did not recognize.  Beer!  American, German, Dutch, Danish, Australian, Mexican, Canadian  beer; all cold. (How many times had he thought and even urged people during seminars with the political officers that people be offered low-alcohol beer instead of Vodka?)  Nobody doled any of this out.  You picked it out for yourself and put it in fancy, clear little bags and then in a big, expensive cart.  It was all just there for anybody to take. [emphasis mine]

Remember, gentle readers, Belenko was a privileged citizen in a perfect, equitable Marxist society.  Yet, he had never seen, never imagined anything like what he saw in an unremarkable little supermarket in an unremarkable American town.  He had been told the war-like Americans lived in squalor and poverty and injustice—the wages of capitalism.  And he had been told about the horrible racism of America:

Turning into an aisle lined on one side with candies, confections, and nuts and down the other with cookies, crackers and cakes, he saw another ‘nigger,’ who cheerfully bade him ‘good morning.’ (there was no gainsaying it; the ‘nigger’ was a handsome fellow except for his color, he did not look like a slave, and he was dressed in the same clean, light-blue uniforms the other store workers wore.)’

Belenko was absolutely stunned.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  He was convinced his handlers constructed a Potemkin Village.  They rigged all of this unimaginable wonder for his benefit!  Surely Americans could not possibly have such plenty?  It was the opposite of everything he had ever been told, everything he believed.  He rushed, in increasing astonishment, even panic, from store to store in that unremarkable little strip mall, utterly dumbstruck at rows upon rows of clothing of all kinds in a men’s store, at the inexpensive color TVs and other electronics, at all the things Americans could easily afford, yet take for granted.

Consider this from an article in The Aviationist:  

According to Belenko, things were bad in the Soviet Union. In the 1980 chronicle of Belenko’s defection, ‘MiG Pilot: The Final Escape of Lieutenant Belenko’, author John Baron wrote of rampant alcoholism within the ranks of the Soviet air force. Living facilities at bases in the eastern Soviet Union were poor since some of the bases the MiG-25 operated from had not yet been upgraded to accommodate the larger ground crews needed to maintain the aircraft. Food quality for enlisted maintenance crews was so bad the men refused to eat. While food for officer/pilots like Belenko was much better, when Belenko reached the United States after his defection he mistakenly ate a can of cat food and later remarked that, ‘It was delicious. Better than canned food in the Soviet Union today!’  [Belenko thought it a kind of pate, and put it on crackers.]

There is a lesson here, gentle readers.  The horrors of Marxism are never far away, as in Venezuela, where they no longer have zoos because people have been forced to eat all the animals.  Belenko eventually understood everything about Socialism/Marxism was a lie.  Finally able to see for himself the reality of capitalism, of a representative republic, he embraced his new country where he continues to live, a free man; an American.

And now Marxism would divide and destroy us through the tactic of racism. Marxist/racists in American skin would have us believe their false, malicious narratives of history, that America has always been and always will be a horrible, oppressive, racist state dedicated to preserving “white privilege” above all else.  They want us at each other’s throats so they can build their perfect socialist utopia, which they alone, being far more moral and intelligent than all socialists before them, can and will do.  They will succeed, building on the corpses of more than 100 million, where all before them failed.

This is why they are determined to indoctrinate the young, even before they enter K-12 schools.  Get them when they’re young and you have them for a lifetime.  Get them while they’re young, and they’ll inform on their friends, neighbors, teachers, even their parents.  Get them while they’re young and they’ll kill for you, convinced they’re on the right—left–side of history.

Convince them the Founding Fathers were racists.  Convince them the Constitution and the American creed of equal rights and justice for all were not the foundation for the equality and prosperity we now enjoy, but instruments of eternal oppression.  Convince them the Civil Rights movement and its necessary legislation, none of which would have happened if the Democrat Party had its way, was a hoax.  Convince them the support and good will of most white Americans was a lie, all just another instrument of oppression.

Convince them to disdain evidence and fact.  Convince them nothing is more meaningful than “lived experience,” and “alternate ways of knowing,” and then tell them what those lived experiences and alternate ways of knowing are.  Convince them reliance on evidence and fact, independent thinking, is racist.

A few final thoughts about racism: the only reason accusations of racism have any effect—an effect rapidly diminishing due to indiscriminate overuse—is normal, white Americans think racism and racists stupid, malicious and evil.  The Civil Rights Movement, fully supported by the good will of white Americans, won.  It achieved its goals.  Actual discrimination—racism–is against the law of the land, and all Americans of good will are glad for it.  Racism was always the policy of the Democrat Party, and segregation, racial hatred, hatred of America, crime and social/cultural division are the policy of the D/S/C Party today.

It was white America, standing and marching with Black Americans in actually peaceful demonstrations, that won the battle for civil rights, for equal justice for all.  Yet circa 2021, D/S/Cs have returned to their racist roots, and they want to drag us back into the Soviet world of Victor Belenko before he took his last flight in a MiG-25.  They see destroying America as their path to ultimate power.  They mean to rule in Hell rather than to serve in Heaven.

Americans won’t stand for it.