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Welcome, gentle readers, to the 22nd edition of Too Stupid To Survive.  I suspect you’ll discover a level of stupid you’ve not seen in a long time.  We begin with an attempted revision of the book of Genesis:

Here’s how stupid this is: 

 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

I dunno.  God seems kind of specific to me.  And speaking of stupid, the American Medical Association has gone full woke.  Never go full woke.

How stupid is this?  The AMA’s influence is greatest in medical education.  That’s just what we all need, isn’t it?  Doctors educated in Critical Race Theory and racial hate rather than irrelevant things like anatomy, disease processes, chemistry, biology, you know, all that stuff that only matters because certain kinds of lives matter a lot more than others?

As I understand it, the Minneapolis City Council is up for the Nobel Peace Prize, or if not, surely they will be:

No doubt, the YWCA is also in the running, and yes, this is real, not a Babylon Bee satire:

Oh my, did we dodge a bullet keeping Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court:

Garland testified to Congress White Supremacists are the greatest danger to America.  He even compared them to the KKK, a D/S/C enterprise.  Let’s remember on January 6, 2021, the only person killed–Ashli Babbitt, a decorated veteran–was murdered by a government agent who bravely remains unidentified.  Yes, our Attorney General is that stupid.  The Biden Administration–apart from the DOJ–is in a class of stupid all by itself:

So let’s see: they’re going to appoint a committee to appoint a committee to hire staff to research potential dates and meeting sites to form a committee to consider talking about potentially talking about addressing the gas shortage–Ooops!  Sorry.  It’s not a gas shortage, it’s a “supply crunch!”  My mistake.  “Smart people.”  Heh, heh:

And in the world class stupid department:

Uh, aren’t CIA operatives supposed to be, you know, physically competent and mentally, emotionally stable?

The country is in the best possible hands.  Yeah, but the current border crisis that isn’t a crisis, honest, is totally Trump’s fault, which is what the current Border Czar is saying:

If you eat it, does it turn you gay or trans or something or other?

But mean tweets are–mean!

Thus spake his majesty, because SCIENCE:

Speaking of the Babylon Bee, it’s becoming almost impossible to do satire.  These satirical headlines actually came true!

This one came true in a single day!

Too Stupid To Survive…