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Israel ablaze

In considering the current terrorist rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, we see the usual suspects suggesting false moral equivalence between genocidal terrorists and the State of Israel.  The implication is Israel has no legal or moral right to self-defense, because Israel is somehow complicit, an evil oppressor of innocents, so whatever those innocents do to Israelis is morally justified.

In response, rational, Normal Americans are suggesting if a terrorist enemy rocketed Washington DC, or any American city, our government would surely respond with far less restraint, and far more overwhelming force, than the Israelis are using.  It’s a reasonable analysis on its face, but would our current government?  Would it really?

Just what, gentle readers, do we deserve?  By “we,” I mean Normal Americans, people who are the backbone of the nation.  Normals are people who get up early every morning, leave work late, work on weekends as necessary, to provide for their families, but more, because they know personal industry and responsibility are necessary if our modern society is to function and survive.  Someone has to make the wages and pay the taxes, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and help others.

Normals are also people who identify as Americans, and who know America, for whatever problems it has, is the more honest, moral, free, decent and prosperous country in human history.  No country has done so much for so many.  No country has raised more people out of poverty.  No country has shed so much blood in the cause of human dignity and individual liberty, here and abroad.  No country has worked so hard, sacrificed so much to be color blind, to provide for equality of opportunity and equal justice under the law.

And that too is part of being a Normal American.  We know the Constitution is the greatest governing document in human history, the manifestation of centuries or progress toward individual liberty and limited government.  We know individual determination to uphold the Constitution, not collective political lip service, is essential if the Constitution is to survive and if it is to continue to establish the rule of law and equal justice for all.  If the ideals the Constitution embodies do not live in the hearts and minds of every American, our representative republic is doomed.

Being Normal is also recognizing evil exists.  Some people are evil.  Some ideas are evil.  Some actions are evil.  We believe perhaps the best metric for identifying and determining evil is when anyone or any organization seeks to deprive Americans of their fundamental, unalienable liberties, such as life, freedom of speech, freedom of religious belief and expression, and the mean by which to exercise self-defense.  In no instance in human history have the people that took away any of those, and other liberties, done it for good reasons.  In no instance were those people anything but evil.

So we live our lives trying to be of service to others, doing unto them as we would have them do unto us.  We judge others by the content of their character and the evidence of that character as manifested in their actions and treatment of others.  And we live so as not to infringe on the rights of others and expect the same courtesy.

Golly, aren’t we virtuous!  Sometimes.  All sin.  The best any of us can do is to be aware of our sinful nature and try to live as God would wish us to live, as He has provided in the Gospel.

So what do we deserve, sinners that we are?

I’ve served my country in the USAF.  I’ve served as a police officer and as a teacher.  I’ve gone to work early, stayed late, and spent countless hours on weekends and holidays at work.  I’ve done my best to treat others with sincerity and kindness, and usually, but not always succeeded.  Those failures haunt me, which is a good thing.  I have a conscience.  I often think it might be better were it not quite so active or persistent, but then I think again.  I have discriminated against none, nor have I oppressed any.  The point is Mrs. Manor and I have worked hard, more than paid our dues, which includes taxes, and in retirement, we live a quiet and comfortable life.  Do we, does any Normal, deserve a comfortable, quiet life?

This week, with the shut down of a major pipeline on the East Coast, we have seen just how fragile our way of life is.  As I write, at least seven states have declared states of emergency. Gas stations are empty, others are at the end of long lines of drivers waiting in the hope the pumps won’t be sucking air when their turn finally arrives.  Gas prices are continuing to dramatically rise.

credit: anything motor.com

It’s all very familiar.  I was a teenager during the Carter debacle of the 70s.  I remember the gas lines, the empty gas stations, the 55MPH speed limit, runaway inflation, you name it; I lived it.  The two-gallon tank on my modest motorcycle could be filled with $.50 cents, until inflation suddenly raised that to $2.00 dollars, a princely sum for me then.  I’ve no desire to return to the same, yet we’re obviously on that path.  But we need not worry.  The White House said there are no lines or shut down gas stations.  And Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm assured us:  

It’s not that we have a gasoline shortage, its that we have a supply crunch.

Oh hey, if it’s only a crunch, not a shortage, no problem!  Similarly, Temporary President Biden assured us the economy, which is careening into inflation, is just great.  He’s in charge, so no worries!  He has a plan!

2020 Texas power outage
credit: koco.com

Imagine, gentle readers—actually, we don’t have to imagine, we experienced it not long ago in Texas—what happens when we lose electrical service.  We’re used to that being rare and temporary, but what would happen if we lost electricity in a substantial portion of the country, with no idea when it would be restored—if ever?  Total collapse.

We wouldn’t have to worry about no gasoline, because there would be no electricity to pump it into tanker trucks, which would have nothing to deliver, and even if they could, there would be no means to pump it into vehicle gas tanks.  No heat, no cooling, no preservation of perishable foods, no water—we need pumps to get it to our homes—and no electricity to power the growing number of battery-powered tools upon which we rely.  You get the picture.

But back to my original question: do we deserve this level of material comfort, of prosperity, even leisure?  You’re damned right we do.  The relative comfort and wealth Normal Americans enjoy was not only earned by those that have achieved it today, but through the efforts of countless millions who have dreamed, worked, even died in defense of freedom, to better humanity, and no nation has done more for the rest of humanity than America.  We deserve to find water when we turn the handle, light when we flip the switch, a comfortable bed for our aching bones, nutritious and plentiful food, and all the benefits of the labor of all that came before us, and like us, worked to build the America we have inherited and seek to pass on to those that follow us.

America, our economic system, is not a zero sum game.  A dollar I earn is not denied others.  All can succeed, in fact we’d all be better off if everyone had the personal responsibility and drive to succeed.

We also deserve gas in our tanks.  If not, what of all the people who build cars, sell and repair them?  What of all the Americans who produce the raw materials that go into the components that make every part of a modern motor vehicle?  What of all those laboring in the energy industry and every industry that supplies and supports them, including restaurants and motels?  How do they live?  What do they deserve?

Unfortunately, some who live in America but scarcely consider themselves Americans, disagree.  They might not say it outright, but their policies and actions give them away.  To the degree they think of themselves as American, it’s a tentative, qualified identification, contingent on fundamentally transforming the country and all its people into something they think necessary and better.  That something, sadly, is the same evil that has killed hundreds of millions, and that continues to drag entire nations into the depths of poverty, corruption, brutality, and despair: socialism/communism.  Of course, these tentative Americans are so much more intelligent and moral, so enlightened, they’ll do it right this time.  They’ll succeed in utterly changing human nature where all before them have failed, and if some don’t want their nature changed, well, one has to break a few—or a few hundred million—eggs to make a socialist omelet.  They know we don’t deserve anything good.

Why not?  Because we’re racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, white supremacists, and every reflexive, hateful, racist thing they can think to say about us.  They hate us.  They believe America must be transformed or destroyed.  We deserve to be oppressed, just as we are currently oppressing innocents, if by no other means than refusing to loudly and publically wail about our personal, invisible evil in terms acceptable to them, terms which regularly change.  America—Americans, except them of course—is systemically racist.  Our Temporary President says so.  Why would any intelligent, virtuous Socialist/Communist possibly want such evil people, such a fundamentally evil country, to have anything good?  They don’t deserve it.

They demonstrate that by turning our cities—actually their cities, but they’re not terribly good at recognizing irony—into third world war zones.  They want to deny people police protection, the equal protection of the law.  They want to burn the businesses and homes they please, riot, assault, steal, even murder and suffer no penalties, and lo and behold, their self-imagined elite colleagues think the same, and refuse to prosecute them, and seek to turn violent criminals out of jail, to make them safer and more just, you see—the jails, not communities of Normals, who obviously deserve neither liberty nor safety.  I think Benjamin Franklin said something about that once.*

They promise millions of never to be realized green jobs while gleefully depriving Normals of their jobs and careers.  They promise a bright, socially just future by destroying the present, by making everyone equally poor, defeated and miserable.

They fund, laud and embrace our most vicious enemies and denigrate and hinder our allies.  They put America last, but blame America first.  They join the representatives of despots in slandering Americans in the UN and around the world.  They obviously hate Americans and America, which is why it is their self-appointed task to fundamentally transform it, and to build the ultimate socialist/communist utopia, which only they, being the self-imagined elite, are fit to run for the benefit of Normals unfit to recognize their evil, or to properly debase themselves to atone for it.

credit: abc.ca

You think me hyperbcolic?  Would you believe any man speaking of, and acting toward, his wife the way these people speak of and act toward America, loved her?

So ask yourself Normal American, if a foreign, terrorist enemy, or even a domestic terrorist enemy—I’m not talking about Normal Americans who don’t vote for D/S/Cs—rocketed an American city, or merely set off multiple explosions, looted every business or burned much of it down.  Would our self-imagined elite really defend us?  Why, by their lights, would they want to?  Why would they want to defend such a systemically racist, white supremacist, evil, deplorable, irredeemable people?  Wouldn’t that hinder the necessary fundamental transformation?

Haven’t they already demonstrated, on a somewhat smaller scale, how they would respond (Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.)?  They know just what we deserve—actually what we don’t—and they’re doing their best to give it to us—good and hard.

*”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”