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Gentle readers, I have an odd one for you today, and I’ll need your input.  Odd not only because I’m posting this, Saturday’s article, a day early due to some other obligations I must discharge, but because even by the standards of the faux Biden Administration, this is odd indeed.

There can be no doubt Joe Biden is not actually running the country.  He’s not physically and mentally up to it, and is less so every day.  He’s certainly not writing the speeches he reads, increasingly badly, via teleprompter, and even on his first day in office, while signing executive orders, he was heard, on an open mic, to say in confusion: “I don’t know what I’m signing.”  A lackey gestured for him to sign, and he obediently did.  Recently, after a brief outdoor speech, Biden actually panicked when he couldn’t find the mask he’d put in his pocket only minutes earlier.  “I can’t find my mask!” he said in confusion, twice to Georgia Senators John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, who were onstage with him, prompting Jill Biden to rush forward to help.  He leaned into the microphones and said “Lookin’ for my mask—I’m in trouble.”

His gait is the unsteady, shuffling, halting gait of the very elderly and infirm, his eyes appear, much of the time, vacant and hooded.  He usually has difficulty with consonants and his speech is increasingly slurred.  He’s a puppet, and a failing puppet at that.  Kamala Harris is absolutely not qualified to assume the presidency, so who, exactly, is running the United States of America?  We know it’s not the man supposedly elected, so who can it be?  Barack Obama?  His many cronies now in the Administration?  George Soros?  China?  Some combination of these?  Others?  We don’t know, but we know this “administration” is the greatest bait and switch scam in history, and/or the most traitorous takeover of America imaginable, and we’re all waiting for things to fall apart.

See what I mean about odd?  But it doesn’t stop there.  Even Barack Obama, as I noted in Barack Obama: The Hardest Working Man In Politics back in June of 2014, appeared to squeeze in a little work from time to time, when he wasn’t vacationing around the country and world at exorbitant expense or hitting the links.  I encourage you to take the link to see what I mean, but here’s an excerpt:

credit: dailysignal.com

Notice that on the four days of that week when he apparently did some small amount of work—as in actually having something to do from time to time on his official schedule–nothing began earlier than 0930.  Notice too that he appears to knock off for the day at around 1600, and on Friday, apparently right after lunch [one can only hope he can work while chewing; he doesn’t appear to do it at any other time].

But this is only one example from one source—OK, the source is actually the White House, but still—so perhaps I’m not being fair.

The best information we have at the moment suggests Joe Biden is barely capable of a single daily appointment each week.  When he is shuttled back to his Delaware home on weekends, he apparently does nothing.  We know his handlers have already had Harris taking calls from foreign leaders.  When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived at the White House for a scheduled meeting, the first of our ally’s leaders during Biden’s time in office to meet with him, despite this tweet:

Biden wasn’t there to meet him.  No one was there to meet him:

Vice President Harris was hastily produced, and she did terribly.

Take the link to see.  She was clearly unprepared.  A Japanese PM, representing a people very attuned to proper protocol and loss of face, could not have helped to have been insulted, and rightfully so.  It’s not hard to imagine what our allies, and our enemies, are calculating.  This stood in stark contrast to how President Trump greeted the PM, and all his high-ranking guests:

I could, as I’m sure you’re aware, go on and on, but let’s get to the point of this article: this photo taken of Joe and Jill Biden, apparently in the home of Jimmy and Rosallyn Carter:

What is going on here?  How have the Bidens assumed such brobdingnagian proportions?  Plenty of folks have been having fun with the photo:

This is, however, very odd.  Some commentators have belabored the fact none of them are wearing masks, which Biden seemingly constantly does, particularly outside.  Frankly, who cares?  We know the entire whoever Administration are all hypocrites and dimwits on this and other issues, so what does it matter?  Perhaps Joe lost his mask again.

Sources indicate Joe Biden is 6’ tall, Jill is 5’6” tall, Jimmy is 5’9” and Rosallyn, 5’4”.  Let’s cut two inches off of each of them for age, and of course, the Carters are in their 90s, and loss of weight and other shrinkage is expected, but Joe Biden is 78 and Jill is 69, yet Joe looks to be at least twice as tall as Rosallyn were they standing, and at least four times as heavy.  Can Rosallyn possibly be only 3 feet tall and weigh only about 40 pounds?  The difference is less apparent between Jill and Jimmy, but she would obviously stand far taller than he—we’d expect her to be at least three inches shorter, and to weigh half again his apparent weight.

I’ve been a photographer since my early 20s.  I’ve worked with film and digital formats, and done my own developing.  I’ve worked with Photoshop for years, yet I certainly don’t call myself an expert on photo analysis, regardless I have these observations:

*Objects in the foreground of photos tend to appear larger than those in the background.  Joe is obviously in a plane in front of Rosallyn, which could account for some of his outlandish size, but Jill and Jimmy are in essentially the same plane, yet she is still far out of proportion to him.

*Some have suggested the Carters seem smaller because they have “sunk into their chairs.”  I’m not seeing that as a factor here.  One can easily visually compensate for that sort of thing.

*A wide-angle lens can produce distorting effects around the edges of an image.  If we look at the line of the wall to Jill’s right it’s possible that is a mild artifact of that kind of distortion, but we see no such obvious distortion of the lines of furniture, or of the wood grain, to Joe’s left.  Obviously, this has been cropped; we don’t see the fully framed photo, which might reveal the characteristic spherical edge distortion of a wide-angle lens.  A photographer might want to use a wider angled lens in taking an indoor shot in close quarters where a 50mm or so lens wouldn’t allow everyone to be in the frame, but if so, the distortion should be tighter and more obvious—affecting Jill and Joe and obviously warping their clothing on the outside edges of the frame–and more uniform.  I don’t believe that’s what we’re seeing here, but again, we don’t have the fully framed photo.

I don’t know the image has been manipulated.  I don’t have the original, nor do I have the software necessary to make that judgment.  It’s just odd.

Surely Biden’s handlers would have seen this before it was widely published?  Did they want Biden to appear, by comparison with the obviously shrunken and frail Carters, young and vigorous?  Was the photo purposely taken in such a way as to make that contrast so stark, or somehow altered thereafter to do the same?

Whether this is merely a strange artifact of a single image, or purposely manipulated, it’s just one more episode in what is going to be remembered as the most deceptive and bizarre presidential administration in history—if we’re allowed to write that kind of history in the future.

Your observations, gentle readers?