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I am not a racist.  I know: saying that is the surest evidence I am a racist, because if I weren’t a racist, why would I feel the need to say I’m not a racist unless I really am a racist and want to distract anti-racists from recognizing and exposing my racism?  Even remaining silent about racism in an attempt not to attract the wrath of actual racists is absolute evidence of racism, because “silence is violence.”  It’s also not enough not to be racist, which is impossible of course, because all white people are racist, but one must be “anti-racist,” which by its required acts of debasement and simpering atonement is an admission of racism in and of itself.  We racists/non-racists just can’t win.

Do not, gentle readers, spend any time trying to make sense of that sort of “logic.”  It’s circular reasoning of the type so common these days.  To deny one’s racism is to affirm one’s racism.  Black is white, white is bad, up is down, day is night and inside out is outside in.  A new wrinkle in that sort of non-thinking is everyone and everything is racist, and everyone and everything is infrastructure, which is also racist, according to our Transportation Secretary:

When the very language no longer makes sense, when it means whatever Democrat/Socialist/Communist politicians say it means—today, tomorrow it will mean something else—it’s hard to be sure of anything, with the possible exception of our current, two-tiered system of justice.  Hard evidence of that is nearly everywhere, though to be completely fair, it’s mostly confined to the Federal courts, and blue cities and states.  A good example of this is comparison of the Ashli Babbitt and Kim Potter cases.

Ashli Babbitt, patriot

Ashli Babbitt:  Babbitt was a USAF veteran, a five foot nothing, 100 nothing pound woman, part of the crowd that was allowed into the Capital building on January 6.  Her eternal claim to fame is her murder by a Capital police officer.  Babbitt remains the only person killed that day—which is not at all what the D/S/C narrative would have us believe—by criminal violence. Four other people, as I noted in Capital Coverup 3: Unlimited Hatred also died that day.  Two of natural causes due to cardiovascular disease, one of a meth overdose, and one, Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick, of multiple strokes on January 7th.  In Capital Coverup 3, I provided links to the two previous articles in that series, all of which explain in detail the necessary criteria for the use of deadly force.  I also analyzed, in the depth available to us with the information publically released, the shooting of Babbitt.

What we know is at the moment she was shot, Babbit was precariously balancing on an inches wide window edge of a door—one in an order of doors–leading into a hallway outside the House chamber.  The glass in that door had been broken out by the crowd.  The Chamber was securely barricaded and guarded by multiple armed agents, yet the shooter, who was inside the chamber, felt the need to breach that barricade, enter the hallway and shoot and kill Babbitt.

At the moment he advanced toward her and shot her, her hands were fully occupied holding on to the doorframe.  There were multiple armed officers, many in SWAT gear, wielding long guns, right behind Babbitt.  Any one of them could have easily taken a step or two forward and prevented her from climbing up on the door or pulled her back down.  The crowd on Babbitt’s side of the row of locked doors was not, when she was shot, trying to break through.  Only Babbitt was making any attempt to get through the doors, and even if others were actively trying to breach those locked doors, remember the multiple, heavily armed agents actually standing among them.

Babbitt was clearly unarmed.  She was no threat to the officer that shot her or anyone else.  It’s a virtual certainty she was unaware of the officer’s presence; she never saw or heard him, and multiple witnesses say he never said a word to her. Even if she managed to jump to the floor, there were multiple armed officers that could easily have restrained such a tiny woman.  For her to have presented any threat to Congressmen or their staffs, she would have had to have overpowered every armed officer present, breached the barricaded doors of the House Chamber, and then tried to threaten those within.  Except all the Congressmen and staff had already been evacuated.  There was no one there for her to threaten.

As always, I’m limited in my analysis by the fact I do not have all available information.  I’m working only from media accounts, photos and video and my police experience.  Even so, nothing that has yet been publically revealed in any way contradicts my analysis.  Ashli Babbit was shot, without cause, by a panicky cop who displayed abominable gun handling skills.  She was murdered.

Chief Tim Gannon (L), Kim Potter (R)

Kim Potter:  April 11, 2021.  Brooklyn Center, MN police make a routine traffic stop of a vehicle with expired plates.  They run the personal information of the driver, one Daunte Wright, and discovered the 20 year-old Wright was wanted on a felony warrant for armed robbery.  The rest was recorded by the officer’s body cameras.

A tall, Black officer, apparently a trainee, tried to handcuff Wright, but was so inept he couldn’t do it.  Wright violently resisted and managed to slip back behind the wheel of the car.  Officer Potter, a 26-year veteran, was behind the Black officer, who continued to ineffectually struggle with Wright.

Potter, believing she had drawn her Taser, repeatedly told Wright she would Tase him, but tragically, she was holding her Glock, and fired a single round.  Almost immediately Wright drove off, crashing and dying a short time later, as Potter exclaimed in surprise and horror: “Holy shit! I shot him!”

In the Babbitt case, Babbitt was white, and the officer that shot her was Black.  We still do not know his name, and his attorney has identified him only as “Lieutenant.”  We do not know if that was a slip, or an attempt at misdirection, though considering the officer’s horrible gun handling skills and obvious panic, it is certainly possible he was a higher-ranking administrator, someone long divorced from the realities of day to day policing, a chair bourn, administrative warrior.  Were this a Republican Administration, we can be certain his name would have been leaked long ago.

In the Potter case, Kim Potter was white, and the young felon she accidentally shot was Black.  We know exactly what happened in that case and who was involved.  In a world where equal justice truly existed, the races of those involved would matter not at all, but that’s not the world we currently live in, and if D/S/Cs have their way, things will become even worse.

The Babbitt Aftermath:  As I noted in Capital Coverup 3, the Federal Government announced the officer, who they refuse to identify, will not be charged with any crime.   Considering this is one of the most obvious instances of police misconduct I’ve ever seen, considering the officer did, in fact, shoot an innocent woman, completely without cause, what the hell is going on?  Could the fact the victim is white and the shooter Black have any bearing on the decision?  Certainly.  The current government is based on the lie America is a systemically racist nation.  To maintain that fiction, Black people are eternal victims.  Not only are they incapable of racism, it is essential they be protected from any consequence of their criminal actions because of America’s history of slavery, which supposedly affects every Black American even today.  To prosecute a man who, without doubt, committed murder under color of authority, would be a betrayal of the Harris Administration’s—Gropin’ Joe Biden, Temporary President—reason for being, and the bond of semi-race shared by President-In-Waiting Harris and the Black killer.

To be absolutely fair, the other, intimately related, reason the officer cannot be identified or prosecuted is the necessity of maintaining the D/S/C Narrative of white supremacist insurrection–and the horrific, continuing terrorist threat of white Americans–on January 6.  According to that narrative, the government came within a hairsbreadth of being overthrown by violent, murderous, white supremacist, Trump-supporting and directed insurrectionists who stormed the Capital and intended to murder every congress critter within.  Failing that, they wantonly murdered five people, including Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher.  A number of Congress Critter idiots praised the anonymous shooter as a hero akin to Audie Murphy, a man who singlehandedly saved untold Congressional lives that day, a real hero of The People.

The Narrative has fallen completely apart, though Federal authorities remain desperate to prop it up in any way possible, lest their communist crusade against white, non-D/S/C Americans have no justification.   Officer Sicknick died of multiple strokes.  He was never struck with a fire extinguisher or anything else.  Many, perhaps most, of those entering the Capital that day were allowed in by Capital Police who opened doors for them and accompanied them, chatting amiably, as they politely stayed within velvet roped boundaries, taking in the sights and taking selfies.  No one was armed, and while a few of those in the building made asses of themselves by throwing papers about, making a little mess and engaging in a little theft and destruction of property, everyone left the building within a few hours and Congress reconvened and finished its business that day.  Thus ended an “insurrection” that came oh so close to violently bringing down the government.

Temporary President Biden, in his April 28th State Of The Union Speech that wasn’t a State Of The Union Speech, called January 6th “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”  With that kind of continuing stupidity at the highest levels of government, can any intelligent American imagine a Black man murdering a white woman in the Capital that day could possibly be prosecuted for thereby saving the Republic?  Yes, he’s apparently a cop (he could be something else).  Yes, D/S/Cs vilify the police with a particularly vicious, white-hot hatred, but he’s Black, she’s white, and there is too much at stake–fundamental transformation of America–for the Narrative to fail.

The Potter Aftermath:  In any normal police involved shooting, the officer is placed on administrative leave and their employment status does not change until a complete investigation has been done.  No charges, if any are to be made, are made until that investigation is completed, which is the opposite of what happened in this case.

Keep in mind, gentle readers, this accidental shooting happened while the trial of former Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin was underway in Minneapolis, only about ten miles from Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis suburb.  Not only had Floyd’s death sparked billions in damage across the nation, but riot, arson, even murder.  The Chauvin trial was proclaimed, and remains, a symbol of white supremacy and systemic racism.

The Black City Manager of Brooklyn Center made the mistake of saying Kim Potter deserved due process.  For that he was promptly fired by the Black Mayor.  The Mayor immediately assumed authority over the police department.  The Police Chief immediately resigned, as did Officer Potter.  Both knew they would be fired if they did not, and Officer Potter was, long before any investigation could possibly be completed, arrested and charged.  The Mayor asked racist Attorney General Keith Ellison to prosecute Potter.

Wright’s accidental death was a convenient excuse for more rioting and looting, and added to the social justice rage that resulted in the conviction of Derek Chauvin.  Potter and her family have been forced to flee their home and go into hiding, and police guard that home 24/7 lest it be burned to the ground.  If jailed, Potter will almost surely be killed in prison.  Prison is virtually always a death sentence for police officers.  Her quarter century of honorable service will mean nothing when the standard is not equal justice, but social justice.

Final Thoughts:  What are we to make of these two cases?  In a nation of equal justice, race–and politics–wouldn’t matter at all.  The officer that shot and killed Ashli Babbitt would be charged and prosecuted.  But he’s Black, and there is a narrative to be upheld regardless of reality, regardless of equal justice.  In this case, unreality mandates the murder of an innocent white woman be ignored that a false, divisive narrative might be sustained.

In the Duante Wright case, Wright was far from innocent.  Even at his young age, he had already committed multiple felonies, and committed more in resisting arrest and fleeing from the officers making a lawful arrest.  Had he simply obeyed the officers, he would be alive today and Kim Potter’s life would not be in shambles.  His death is a tragedy, but it was clearly an accident, an accident he provoked.  Kim Potter did not, for a second, intend to shoot him.  She was trying to help arrest a wanted felon.  Whether one thinks she should not be charged for that reason, or Wright’s death demands some kind of charge, all should be united in the belief race should have no bearing on this, or any other, case.  But it does.  Our Temporary President, and the entire BLM/Antifa/D/S/C/Social Justice cabal, forces that upon us all.

Race baiting attorney Ben Crump was on the scene, representing Wright’s family virtually before his body assumed room temperature.  He, and they, will be given a massive taxpayer payout by an all too willing City of Brooklyn Center, a decision surely largely informed by race.  Race played no role in this case.  There is no evidence of racism, but once again, a Black felon has become a holy social justice martyr, a faux symbol of America’s systemic racism.

Does all of this reveal a two-tiered system of justice?  Can any white American, should they have the misfortune to have to lawfully shoot a Black criminal, believe a charging decision will be based solely on the evidence and the law, that race and politics will play no part.  If charged, can they believe they will receive due process and a fair trial?  If convicted, can they believe they’ll receive the same consideration for mitigation of sentence most criminals receive?  Can any police officer, white or Black, believe the same?  If they cannot, can America be said to have a single, equal system of justice?

Your thoughts, gentle readers?