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Well, gentle readers, I did it again.  I watched the entire Biden State Of The Union speech that wasn’t, which was a bit over an hour long, but felt like a week, so you wouldn’t have to.  You’ll never know the full depths of the debt you owe me.  You’re welcome.  Should you be particularly masochistic, the text of the speech, as sanitized by the White House, is here.  

The text of Sen. Tim Scott’s brief, but good, rebuttal is here.  For a quick look at just a few of Biden’s many lies, go here, and also go here.

As Biden entered the almost entirely empty chamber, he walked with short, halting, unsteady steps, and Fox News immediately went to a waist-up framing, perhaps merely for esthetic purposes, or to conceal his infirmity.  Masks were everywhere—Covid theater—sending the message masks and social distancing and lockdowns are eternal.  Only a single four-star general was present, masked, of course.  Everyone there was a real profile in timidity and fear.  Somehow, I don’t think the Chinese were impressed, or frightened, by American fortitude.  I did find myself thankful masks covered Kamala Harris’ and Nancy Pelosi’s stupid smirks as they struggled to stay awake behind Biden.

During the campaign, the skin on Biden’s face was stretched tight, mostly smooth, particularly on his forehead.  Tonight, he resembled the Portrait of Dorian Gray.  Every inch of exposed skin is flaccid and wrinkled.  My brother-in-law calls Biden “the Mummy.”  He certainly looked it tonight.

Obviously, he was carefully, medically prepared for the speech.  I wonder which drugs he’s using to maintain a semblance of alertness?  Within 12 minutes into the speech, his volume dropped off, he was noticeably weaker, took longer pauses, and often repeated himself as he struggled to keep his place on the teleprompter. At the 40-minute mark, he was often slurring—having trouble with consonants—and looked very tired. His only means of emphasis appears to be trying to look angry, and sort of shouting.

The primary themes of the speech were there is no such thing as too much big government, government is saving America as only government can, we’re going to tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend, which will create millions of “good-paying jobs,” and of course, Americans are going to get all kinds of free stuff, pretty much cradle to grave.  As a matter of fact, there is pretty much nothing that is not going to create millions of jobs, including spitting on the sidewalk and sneezing.  Joe Biden is single handedly saving America, which was absolutely going to hell under Trump.  America is back, and is “leading the world again.”

Biden tried a joke: “It’s good to be almost home; down the hall; ha, ha.”  This was apparently a reference to his undistinguished 40 or so years in the Senate.  If anyone laughed, it wasn’t noticeable.

Almost immediately, he termed the events of January 6, “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”  The speechwriters obviously believe most Americans don’t know much about history, or anything else for that matter.  It was a speech only the utterly uninformed would find persuasive.  Sadly, that is a large part of the country, and of course, D/S/Cs create their own history and reality and expect others to live in it.  WWI?  Pearl Harbor?  WWII?  The Cold War?  9-11? The assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and JFK?  Continuing Marxist attacks, within and without?  What Biden is doing, of course, is supporting the narrative of evil, racist, white insurrectionists that came within a millimeter of bringing down the government on January 6, 2021, which is the entire case for using the apparatus of government to suppress D/S/C political enemies–about half the country.

He later noted: “But the struggle is far from over. The question of whether our democracy will long endure is both ancient and urgent. Can our democracy overcome the lies, anger, hate and fears that have pulled us apart? America’s adversaries – the autocrats of the world – are betting it can’t. They believe we are too full of anger and division and rage.”

Hmm.  And just who is dividing the nation, Joe?  Who is making America look foolish and weak?

Still later, he added: “As we gather here tonight, the images of a violent mob assaulting this Capitol—desecrating our democracy—remain vivid in our minds.  Lives were put at risk. Lives were lost. Extraordinary courage was summoned. The insurrection was an existential crisis—a test of whether our democracy could survive.  It did.”

So violent and dangerous was the mob, the only person actually killed was an innocent female veteran murdered by some kind of still-unidentified Capital agent, and the “violent mob” left after a few hours of sightseeing.  So shaken by their near-obliteration were they, the Congress thereafter finished its daily business.

We also learned who our true enemies are:  “[We] won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.”  I’m sure Iran, North Korea, China and Russia are laughing their asses off.

Biden spent quite a bit of time telling us how he has saved America from Covid, but of course, we’re not really saved, and we all have to wear masks, stay apart, remain unemployed, etc. pretty much forever.  It was only Joe that got everyone vaccinated, but we all still have to get vaccinated.  Throughout the evening, he trotted out bizarre little stories about his touching encounters with the little people, like the one where he spoke with a nurse, supposedly in Arizona, and asked her what giving people vaccinations was like.  She replied: “It’s like every shot is giving a dose of hope.”  Riiiiiight.

Behind him, President in Waiting Kamala Harris resembled nothing so much as a masked bobblehead, constantly nodding in affirmation.  Early on, Biden stumbled over “logistical.”  To be fair, it is four syllables, and has that difficult “L” sound twice.

Particularly touching was Biden’s stories about Americans who told him their $1400 dollar checks saved their lives, kept them from being evicted, kept them from starvation, etc.  If anyone knows less about economics and reality than Joe Biden, it must be the D/S/Cs in Congress in general and the few in the chamber that evening.  A $1400 check might keep someone in an apartment for a month, but that’s about it.  It might fill the fridge for a few months, but by then, they’ll be evicted, and have to carry whatever food they have around in their car, if that hasn’t already been repossessed.  These are the things that happen when a POTUS destroys tens of thousands of jobs with executive orders, and does everything he can to keep the nation locked down forever.  Oh, and did you know “we’re on track to cut child poverty in half?”  Or did he mean children?

Massive, out of control spending is an “investment.”  Joe can thank his best buddy Barack for that euphemism.  Joe’s tongue stumbled over “build back better,” and we learned only government can build things.  But hallelujah!  Ruinous spending is going to create millions of “good paying jobs,” and Kamala Harris will “lead this effort.”  Joe knows she’s just the kind of “can do” person that will get it done.  We’re going to build a huge clean power grid, which will “help millions of people get back to their jobs, to their careers.”  The Climate Crisis is also going to create millions and millions of jobs, and spark trillions in economic growth.  We’re going to build windmill blades in Pittsburg instead of China, and we’re going to build Electric vehicles and their batteries in America too, apparently right after we build a power grid sufficient to recharge all those EVs.

The American Jobs Act—another multi-trillion dollar boondoggle—is “a blue collar blueprint to build America,” because “unions built the middle class,” so we have to “support the right to unionize,” and “raise the minimum wage to $15.00.”  Oh yes, we’re also going to cure cancer, which as we all know is just one disease that only needs something like a vaccine.

Biden is just desperate to speak with Republicans and hear their ideas, which is something of a surprise to the many congressional Republicans, like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, he has ignored.  He did brag about spending huge amounts of time with Chinese Communist President Xi, who he got really tough with—he really lectured him about human rights!–just like he got really tough with Putin.  Riiiiight.  Kind of hard to lecture other nations about human rights when you’ve told the world your own country is systemically racist and just full of white supremacist insurrectionists.

We also learned that 12 years of public education is not nearly enough.  We’re also going to get three free years of pre-school, and two free years of community college, the better to have citizens with 17 years of Critical Race Theory indoctrination.  We’re also going to massively subsidize child care, and did you know Obamacare has saved Americans huge amounts of money during the pandemic?  Neither did Americans.  Joe is going to lower drug prices for Medicare, which like everything else, won’t raise taxes, and will save billions.  Didn’t Trump do that sort of thing?  Why yes, he did.

Magically, we can pay for all this spending and more without raising taxes or increasing the deficit.  Joe isn’t going to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 dollars.  He’s going to make corporations and “the 1%” “pay their fair share.”  He blamed companies for taking the tax breaks Congress created, and said companies made “$40 billion in profits last year,” which he implied we’re going to claw back in raised taxes. Wow!  Forty billion!  To anyone that knows anything about economics, that’s a pittance.  Joe wants to hit the wealthy with a 39.6% tax, and he’s going to crack down on millionaires and trillionaires who are cheating on their taxes, which amount “is estimated to be billions of dollars.”  Oh yeah, a few billion more in taxes will really fix things.

In other words, Joe is going to eat the evil rich.  What he obviously doesn’t understand is the rich don’t have to hang around and pay ruinous taxes.  They can simply move, and take their businesses and jobs and tax revenues with them.

To best understand this “taxing the rich will fix everything” insanity, take this link to a classic Bill Whittle video.  The ultimate burden of any tax scheme always falls mostly on the middle class, because that’s where the money is.

Joe informed us “trickle-down economics have never worked,”—except when they did—and we have to “grow the economy from the bottom and middle out,” though Joe didn’t explain exactly how that sort of thing works.  Isn’t the bottom and middle where virtually all of our hard-working, wage-earning citizens are?  How do they “grow the economy from the bottom and middle out?”

We also learned “America is back”—well, it was until Biden was kind of elected–and we have to show we’re back to stay, which we will do by “leading with our allies,” which is apparently what John Kerry is doing by betraying them to our enemies.  Joe is a bit light on understanding irony.

We also learned “there’s no wall high enough to keep any virus out.”  Of course, when you don’t finish the Border Wall and let untold numbers of virus infected people into the country—there’s that failure to understand irony again.  Even worse, all Americans are created equal, and we “can’t walk away from that principle,” which is odd considering we’re all racist, systemically racist, and rather than equality, we must have equity, which is all about judging people by anything other than the content of their character and giving people who don’t work everything people that do work have.

Joe also delivered this gem when he noted he “said we’d follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell.”  This is odd in that it was Joe Biden that desperately tried to talk Obama out of authorizing the raid that killed Bin Laden.  Guess he thought we wouldn’t remember that one.

And of course, Biden had to continue the holy social justice martyrdom of George Floyd, by spinning a story about how Floyd’s little daughter told him “my daddy changed the world.”  This gave Joe the opportunity to once more unify America by reminding us the criminal justice system is systemically racist, and this gives us a “real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues America.”

We also learned “gun violence” is an epidemic in America.  Is there a vaccination for that?  Earlier, Joe said he wanted to establish a DARPA-like organization in our health bureaucracy, which of course means he’s going to declare “gun violence” a public health emergency, and vaccinate us by disarming us and depriving us of additional essential liberties.  We learned that 250 people were shot in a single week.  He didn’t mention they were almost entirely Black people shooting other Black people in red cities like Chicago, Minneapolis and Baltimore, because those Black lives, unlike George’s Floyd’s, don’t matter.

Joe also told us he beat the NRA with the Clinton gun ban, banning those evil “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines”—they hold 100 rounds!—which saved lives.  This is an extraordinarily stupid lie.  When that ten-year ban sunset, there was no evidence whatever it did anything for public safety.  It was so obvious, even D/S/Cs didn’t vote to renew the ban, and a great many of them were electorally slaughtered for their support of the ban in the first place, which even Bill Clinton admitted.

Joe told us gun owners and hunters support his gun banning schemes, and he enjoys “the overwhelming support of the American people” in this, which is a worn out gun banner lie.  Were this remotely true, the Second Amendment would have been repealed decades ago.  In fact, Gallup reports support for stricter gun laws is at its lowest level since 2016.

On immigration, Biden almost entirely ignored the border crisis, but said he wants to “reform” immigration, which will apparently be accomplished by open borders, establishing even more sanctuary cities and not enforcing any of our immigration laws.  He is also going to deal with it by addressing the “root causes,” which are violence, corruption, gangs, and of course, climate change, down south.  Kamala Harris is in charge of this too.  You see, the Obama plan was working, but Trump, who reduced illegal immigration by 90%, screwed up everything, so Joe has to fix it—er, Kamala will.  Oh, and Harris blames illegal immigration on “LGBT violence” too. How do you say: “the Salvadoran government was mean to me because I’m trans” in Spanish?

We are going to protect election integrity by passing H.B.1, the mandatory, national vote fraud act, which the country supports.  Of course.  Everyone knows Black people are too stupid to obtain any kind of photo ID.

Joe is going to get us out of Afghanistan, but sort of forgot to mention he’s sending 650 additional troops there right now.

Joe more or less ended by talking about “unity” and “union,” saying we’re “one people,” “one America.”  Yeah, except for all those white supremacists, and all the systemic racism, and all those evil Normal Americans who think dead people, illegal aliens and people that don’t exist shouldn’t vote and all.

Take the links at the top of the article, gentle readers, to get a better sense of some of his more specific and idiotic lies.  We have no idea just how much Biden understands.  Does he know how blatantly he’s lying, or is he barely capable of reading a teleprompter with sufficient medicinal support?  We can be sure he’s not actually running the country, and neither is Kamala Harris.  Biden has already, in 99 days, destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs, yet massive spending and taxation are going to create millions of “good paying jobs.” Everything Biden wants to do is going to create millions and millions of jobs.  Why not, if everything and everyone is also infrastructure?

I’m looking forward to all the free stuff I’m going to be getting, except I’m too old for free day care, and I already have a college degree and nearly a masters.  I wonder if I can get reimbursed?  Somehow I suspect for most Americans, particularly those that work and won’t get taxed at all—bwaaaahahahaha—the free stuff that arrives in our mailboxes is going to amount to fairy dust and unicorn farts.