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D/S/Cs always want to “have a national conversation,” so let’s have a conversation.  I’ll start, but unlike you, I won’t reflexively scream: “shut up you racists!”

For the sake of this conversation, let’s assume you are the Democrats/Socialsts/Communists in Congress, state legislatures, governors of blue state, mayors of blue cities, the city councils of Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, Minneapolis, you’re in tech and/or Hollywood and all of the virtue signaling, self-imagined elite who only feel important and virtuous if you’re making innocents miserable, locking them in their homes, making them wear masks, refusing to allow them to be with dying family, punishing them for trying to worship, you know who I mean: evil would be despots.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh.  Let’s circle back with that, walk it back, whatever you’re using for obfuscation and lies today, only let’s agree on one ground rule: I’ll tell the absolute truth.  I don’t expect you to ever do that, which gives us the advantage, but more about that later.  What’s that you’re asking?  Who is “us?”

“Us” are Normal Americans.  People who actually work, believe in God, love and care for our families, our communities and our states.  We don’t expect government to take care of us, quite the opposite.  We/us are, in a word, Americans, and Americans honor the Constitution.  We know it makes us different than any nation in history.  We also know its just fading ink on yellowing paper, words that have no meaning if they doesn’t live in the hearts of Americans whose values it reflects and who are willing to fight to uphold them.  We know America is a good country filled with decent, honorable people.  No other country has done more to eliminate inequality and racism, and no, we are not a racist country, though we have more than our share of racists trying to call normal, decent people racists.  We call that “projection.”  You do a lot of that.  We serve in the military, we produce and build things everyone needs.  We feed the country and the world.  We think we ought to keep what we honestly earn; you think our money belongs to you and to whomever you want to redistribute it.  We are makers, you are takers, and you hate us for it.

There’s more, so much more, but let’s have that conversation.  We want to be left alone.  We want America to prosper and be at peace.  We’re willing to leave you alone, and if you want to destroy your cities and states, fine.  Have fun.  We’re not going to bail you out.  We’ll still produce the fuel, food, electricity and consumer goods you need, and we won’t price gouge you for them.  We don’t ask much in return.

If you really want peace and equality, you’ll need to recognize the Constitution and its limits on government.  It’s all about equality, not equity, which is a racist lie.  It’s also about equality of opportunity, but of course, one has to actually work to seize those opportunities, the whole “show up on time and do the work well” thing.  We’ll recognize you as equals, but you’ll have to do the same.  The truth is we really don’t think much about you—we’re busy with our lives, which are full of meaning—unless you do stupid, evil things that force us to.  We’re a Republic, not a Democracy.  That’s in the Constitution too.  It means, among other things, no tyranny of the majority, you know, the one you’re trying to impose now.

The Constitution, especially that Bill of Rights part, is all about individual liberty.  It’s what makes America, America.  It’s not just for you, it’s for us too.  Really important are the First and Second Amendments.  You particularly need to leave those alone.  You can say all the nasty, cruel and dumb things about us you like—that’s definition of character and we expect you to do that; you’re sooooo much more intelligent and moral than us—but you don’t get to try to destroy the Constitution to act on them.

You’ll also have to agree to observing the rule of law, which means no abolishing the police, no two-tiered, race-based system of criminal law, no insane leftist prosecutors refusing to enforce the law, no “sanctuary cities,” and absolutely no racial preferences.  Equality, not equity, remember?  Of course, all of this is merely part of honoring the Constitution.

And of course, no “Critical Race Theory,” which is racism by another name.  We expect you to live by your own rules, as Martin Luther King said, to judge others by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  That’s the Constitution again, and federal civil rights/anti-discrimination law—that “rule of law” thing again—which actual history tells us was violently opposed not by Republicans, but Democrats.  That one is definitely on you.

What’s that you say?  You’ll bypass the Constitution by getting leftist corporations to do your dirty work for you?  They’re already shredding the First Amendment?  Yeah, no.  That’s part of honoring the Constitution.  You don’t get to use cutouts.  You don’t get to use like-minded leftists in business to violate the Constitution on your behalf while claiming they’re exempt because they’re not government.  When they do that, they’re agents of government.  Yes, we’re more than smart enough to know you’re doing that.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re not going to listen to us.  You think you’re on the verge of becoming all-powerful, of establishing a permanent one-party state.  We’re stupid hicks leading meaningless, insignificant, unenlightened little lives in Flyover Country.  Why, we actually drive pickup trucks and cling to God and guns!  For all practical intents and purposes, we’re half of the country, but that won’t matter, because you’re going to establish a Democracy—50.1111111% absolutely rules—and all that constitutional, Republic nonsense will be swept away, and then you can really make people like us pay.

For your own good, for the good of the nation and the world, try to listen just a bit more.  We don’t want war.  We don’t want to secede.  We don’t want the kind of armed conflict you seem to think can be dialed up and down like the potentiometers on musical instrument amplifiers.  We just want to live under the Constitution, the greatest instrument for self-government ever invented.

I’ve seen articles of late suggesting no Civil War, no succession movement, would be successful without a charismatic leader.  Nonsense.  You worship politicians.  You call them “the one,” and Photoshop halos around their heads even as you reject Christianity.  We don’t. We see politicians, fallible as any of us, as our hired hands, and we expect them to go native, to be corrupted by power.  We think that a bad thing.

If you continue down the path you’re on, it’s not going to go as you expect.  Americans are polite, genuinely tolerant people.  They’ll put up with a lot, but their patience is not infinite.  They won’t dial their aggression up and down.  One by one, when their limit is exceeded, they’ll dial it up to 11, where it will stay, and you won’t like the result.  As Hemingway said about bankruptcy, it will happen gradually, then suddenly.

It will begin all across the nation, little by little.  A bureaucrat will deny a woman the medical care she needs to survive, and her family will take that personally.  Skilled workers in the energy industry will be thrown out of work, their families impoverished, and they’ll take that personally.  Honest, law-abiding Americans will be persecuted for employing lawful self-defense, and they and their neighbors will take that personally, because they’ll understand they’re next.  Judges will let murderous psychopaths out of jail, politicians will praise them for it, and write laws making it mandatory, and their victims, and the new victims they will create will take it personally.  Children will be denied in-class education, but not illegal aliens, and their parents will take that personally.  Are you seeing a trend?

These are honest Americans, people who just want to be left alone, people who expect government to honor the contracts between the people and the representatives they elect.  They don’t want to fight.  They don’t want a Second Civil War, because they know civil wars are even more bloody and brutal than other conflicts.  It’s the betrayal—on every level—you see.

Normal Americans will see politicians seizing power, writing laws that steal their liberties, that offend them on the deepest levels, that impoverish their families, that shred their dignity, that brutalize their bodies and souls.  They see politicians and fellow travelers like Google, Facebook and Twitter, trying to force them to allow confused, even dangerous, perverse men in the bathrooms, showers and locker rooms of their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, and that dials them up to 9.  When any of those perverts harm those girls and women, it’s an automatic 11.

Oh, and when you so blatantly seek to disarm the law-abiding, while abolishing bail, emptying the prisons, excusing all manner of vile crimes, decriminalizing crime in general, excusing riot and arson, throwing open the borders to allow the diseased, gang members, terrorists, and other degenerates free access to our country—9.  When those miscreants rape and murder—11.

Do you begin to get the point?  You assume Normal Americans will just sit back and take it.  Do you really think the polite response of Normal Americans to the Coronavirus hoax and oppression mean you can do whatever you want to them?  Do you think because people were sort of willing to sacrifice for public safety, that means they’ll sit still for absolute tyranny?  Have you noticed Normal Americans, and entire states, having learned how untrustworthy our so-called public health authorities are, and having lost most of their trust in every arm of the Federal Government, and not a few state governments, aren’t wearing masks anymore?  They’re not going to stay locked down, and they’re not going to let you destroy the economy?  Know this: it’s one thing to cooperate when people have reason to believe the government is honestly looking out for their health.  It’s another thing when they’ve learned it was mostly a lie and a tyrannical power grab.  Don’t make the deadly mistake of thinking Americans will go along with whatever you try to do.

Half the electorate reasonably believes you tried to steal the 2020 election.  More than half know beyond any doubt you’re trying to steal every future election.  If you pass that kind of legislation, it’s absolutely not going to work out as you think it is.  Absolutely convince Americans their votes don’t matter, and what do they have left to lose?

If you continue your attempt to seize ultimate power, no charismatic leader will be necessary.  Individual Americans, provoked to 11 and beyond, will, without collaborating with others, go after their tormentors, in their communities, their states, and nationally.  They will not just mutter angrily about the government, they’ll go after the people that are the government, a government they consider illegitimate and destructive to liberty.  This will include the owners and employees of social media companies that stupidly think themselves powerful.  They’ll take the law into their own hands because the law will no longer protect them.

What’s that?  You’ve got federal law enforcement!  You’ve got the police!  You’ve got the military!  You have modern weapons systems!

It won’t be enough.  Oh sure, some of the military will go along with you.  They’ll oppress, even kill, fellow Americans.  But most won’t. They know you hate them, and they hate you back. The same is true for federal agents and state and local police.  Some—mostly upper level types who know only how to fight bureaucratic battles—will become oppressors, but most won’t.  They have to live in their communities, and everyone knows who they are and where they live.  Most importantly, they’re not like you.  They’re Americans.

And those modern weapons systems, the attack helicopters and fighter jets and bombers?  Oh, they can do some damage, to be sure, but the people that fly and maintain them have to live and work in specific, easily identified places, and they’re as mortal as anyone.  Take them out and their machines sit and rust.

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Understand this: even if every military member and cop—you know, the people you hate, insult and mistreat at every step, the National Guardsmen surrounding the Capital you won’t allow to have ammunition—was willing to murder their fellow Americans on your behalf, they’d still be grossly outnumbered by Americans who not only have the guns and ammunition necessary to win, but the tactical knowledge to make it stick.

When it comes to this kind of fight, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you think you know everything.

Everything you need to survive: power, heat, air conditioning, food, fuel, clothing, toilet paper, you name it, is either produced in Flyover Country, or has to pass through Flyover Country to get to you.  If Normal Americans decide to shut down that commerce, your coastal states and cities will become uninhabitable within days.  Since you’re turned them over to barbarians, they’re more than halfway there already.

Eventually, Normal Americans will band together.  They’ll stop by local federal offices and explain federal enployees are no longer welcome in that town or state.  They can get constitutional or leave—one way or the other.  Mostly, they’ll be nice about it—at first—but that kind of niceness, by then, will be millimeter deep.  That step will come when despots try to send their remaining agents out to seize guns, make political arrests.  It won’t take long for people to organize and stop them, with warnings, or force.

When state legislatures understand the people’s intentions, states will start to band together.  They may not secede right away—there are plenty of ways to cooperate that will starve a tyrannical government—but that will always be the next step.  And what would cause them to take that next step?  A tyrannical government lashing out, killing people, making examples, trying to show the Deplorables who’s boss. If you don’t understand the states aren’t already thinking about those kinds of contingencies—well, not all surprises are nice.

You don’t understand.  You’re not the power.  All power comes from the American people.  It’s on loan to you on condition of good and constitutional behavior, and you’re not behaving.  Small bands of criminal dimwits like Antifa and BLM aren’t powerful; Normal Americans just haven’t decided to deal with them yet.  Remember: Normal Americans don’t have infinite patience. 

If you provoke a second civil war, you’re going to lose.  There is no way you can win, and there will be so much blood, so much betrayal, the Normal Americans that inevitably win will not be kindly disposed toward those of you that survive.  Whoever is in the position of leader won’t be as nice as Abraham Lincoln.  Normal Americans won’t tend to be forgiving because of what you forced them to do.  The Constitution will not only survive, it will be strengthened to ensure people like you can never provoke a third civil war.  Perhaps you ought to take this link.  It’s about Kurt Schlichter’s novels, set in the near future, about an America split into red and blue countries.  It’s prophetic and sobering, and maybe, just maybe, reading them might help you see where you’re going, and that no sane person wants to go there.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  If you’re willing to listen, all you have to do is honor the Constitution, and leave Americans alone.  At least now, if you’re too dumb to take good advice, if wielding power over others, if feeling virtuous by harming them is all you can understand, you know the consequences, and the certain outcome.

Maybe there are advantages to being American.  Maybe America isn’t all the false, evil things you’ve said about it.  Seeing reality is up to you.  For the good of us all, we pray you make the right choices.