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The United States Military is one of the few federal government organizations that still largely enjoys the respect and trust of the American people.  This is so because until recently, it has always been non-political.  Civilian control of the military has not only been the law, it has been the one true faith of our military, and failing to live and breath that faith has been perhaps the surest and fastest way to end a military career—at any rank.  No longer.

Americans trust our military because it was among the very first organizations to welcome qualified men and women of all races.  The “systemic racism” the malignant racists pulling Joe Biden’s strings claim infests our military is among their worst and most potentially damaging lies.  Our military members know their lives, and the existence of our republic, depends upon all of them, regardless of race or gender.  Actual racists don’t do well or last long in our military.

We also trust our military because it has, until recently, operated on merit.  To be sure, some idiots have been promoted—we have to recruit from the human race—but for the most part, the necessity of merit has driven all our military does.  Tragically, and in an extraordinarily short span of time, merit is being driven from the force that stands between us and national, civilizational, destruction (see this from Tucker Carlson).

We are in a to-the-death battle between two internal forces.  One believes in equality of opportunity, as does the military.  It recognizes reality, and therefore exalts merit, for only the very best and most effective military possible can preserve liberty.  The other believes in equality of outcome, but not really.  In that socialist/communist system, there is always a small group of self-appointed, self-imagined elite, and the rest, who are equal only in deprivation, degredation and misery.  Merit must be ruthlessly extinguished, because in a merit-based world, most of the self-imagined elite must fail, for they are truly good for little or nothing, particularly where courage, self-sacrifice and initiative are required (also see this from Andrea Widberg).

This leads us to the Temporary Biden Administration and its joyous embrace of Critical Race Theory, and the manufactured, false reality of the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party.  As I noted in SecDef Austin: Purge, Biden has appointed a CRT Warrior, former General Lloyd Austin, to stamp out merit in our military, and to purge it of patriots and war fighters, warriors whose loyalty is to the Constitution and the people.  And now, Austin is dutifully spreading the infection.

The Special Operations Command—SOCOM—is the organizational umbrella for our military’s special forces.  These are the elite of our military, our shadow warriors. Most of their missions are never made known to the public.  If they die in combat, the actual facts of their deaths are never known.  Usually, their coffins are closed, weighted down with sandbags.  Often, there are no coffins.  These are the warriors Hollywood tries to make movies about, usually badly.  Now, Biden—actually his D/S/C handlers; it’s unlikely he has a clue–and SecDef Austin, have betrayed them, as Breitbart.com reports:

United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has hired as its first ‘chief of diversity and inclusion’ a person who posted anti-Trump memes on his Facebook page, including one that compared the former president to Adolf Hitler.

SOCOM posted about Richard Torres-Estrada’s hire on Thursday:

Hmm.  Why hasn’t SOCOM had a “chief of diversity and inclusion” before?”  Because diversity and inclusion has no place in an organization dedicated to one mission: destroying the enemies of the United States as brutally and completely as possible.  Racist bureaucrats like Torres-Estrada are the epitome of anti-merit.  Their priorities are enforcing racial and gender quotas, which in the military in general, and special operations in particular, is deadly—to our military, not to our enemies.  Despite having no rank and no experience or ability, Torres-Estrada will, in effect, have command of SOCOM.

We can be certain Torres-Estrada, and what is sure to be a rapidly increasing bureaucracy of diversity/inclusion toady underlings, will discover, among other things, there are far too many white guys in the ranks, they are too too macho and aggressive and show a horrifying lack of proper intersectional attitude.  And all those nasty guns!  Eeuuuuw!  They’ll discover there is an intolerable lack of trans operators, not nearly enough cross dressers, and not nearly enough disabled lesbian female operators of color, and standards will have to be adjusted to remedy these grievous, non-intersectional faults.  There will surely be innumerable “stand downs,” displacing training and preparation for actual war fighting, to deal with diversity and inclusion imperatives.

Unsurprisingly, Torres-Estrada has a social media presence, and it’s not conducive to military order or discipline:

This one is more recent:

So what’s wrong with that?  Can’t Americans express their political beliefs?  No.  Not if they’re in the military, and not if they’re civilians with leadership roles over the military.  The Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibits it, as does tradition extending to George Washington.  Military members are not allowed to express opinions on civilian leaders, nor do they attack civilian commentators, as they recently did Tucker Carlson (the Pentagon lost–badly).  To do otherwise destroys citizen trust in our non-political military.  It betrays one of the foundations on which our Republic rests.  It convinces the public our military cannot be trusted.  Putting people so obviously biased against our nation and military discipline in charge of our military is abominable, a gross insult to every patriot in the military, and detrimental to national security.

Another significant issue is D/S/Cs cannot separate their personal political beliefs from, well, anything.  When they take an oath to uphold the Constitution, they’re lying.  They hate the Constitution and everything it represents.  Not so for virtually every woman and man in our military.  They may vote D/S/C, or for Republicans, but they honor their oaths, and don’t allow any personal belief to keep them from doing their job to the best of their ability.  They don’t care what Airman Smith or Sgt. Jones thinks, as long as they do their jobs properly, and they expect the same courtesy.  D/S/Cs are incapable of such separation, so they project their own weakness, their own lack of character, on everyone else, and demand they do no wrong think.

Surrounding our Capital with National Guardsmen doesn’t help either, even if our self-imagined elite won’t let them have ammunition.  That, and the way they’ve been mistreated, convinces them, and us, our political elite hate the military and the Normal Americans from which they come.

But Torres-Estrada isn’t military!  Quite so, nor is he a veteran, nor does he appear to have had any connection to the military whatsoever.  However, as one in a position of authority over our military, he is expected to adhere to the same standards.  It breaks faith with the American people to appoint someone like him to any position of authority in our military leadership.

Breitbart News reached out to a spokesman for SOCOM on Friday afternoon, asking, ‘Does SOCOM have a statement on why he was hired at SOCOM to be the diversity and inclusion chief when his posts could be seen as partisan, and concerning for members of the military and SOCOM community who supported Trump?’

The spokesman responded, ‘We are aware of the allegations and are looking into them now.’

I’m sure they’ll take this very seriously.  Fortunately, there are people that are taking this seriously indeed:

Joe Kent, retired U.S. Army Special Forces chief warrant officer 3, who spent more than 20 years in special operations and completed 11 combat deployments, criticized Torres-Estrada’s posts.

Kent makes several equally important points in this post:

Others are weighing in:

As I’ve been writing for some time, the purge of actual war fighters from our military began under Barack Obama.  They were replaced, at the highest levels, with social justice warriors, people whose allegiance was not to the Constitution, but to their careers and advancement, and to the D/S/C anti-American, anti-liberty sycophants controlling their careers.  That process has been dramatically accelerated with the appointment of Lloyd Austin, and with the appointment of Torres-Estrada at SOCOM.  SOCOM needs a chief of diversity and inclusion as much as it needs a chief of lingerie and kicky high heels, though I’m sure those will be soon in coming.

Our military exists to utterly destroy our enemies, not as a social experimentation laboratory.  During my time in the USAF, everyone knew anyone not a pilot was there to ensure pilots could put ordinance on target on command.  Anything, and anyone, that does not directly contribute to that goal of lethality degrades our military effectiveness and damages our national security.  Our self-imagined elite political masters are smart enough to know that, which is why we have Lloyd Austins, and Torres-Estradas.  They’re there because merit has to go, replaced by diversity and inclusion, and fawning loyalty to Critical Race Theory and the racist thugs depraved and stupid enough to believe it.  It won’t take long, and the best and most capable will want to have nothing to do with our military.  What, if anything, remains, won’t last an hour in combat against enemies that aren’t more concerned about gender reassignment surgery than surgical removal of enemy combatants.

It won’t take long, and the military forces of our enemies will no longer fear us.  And when that happens—the process is already well under way—America is over, and so is western civilization.  But hey, whatever rubble remains will be diverse, inclusive, and devoid of systemic racism—and millions of Americans.