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With the murders of ten people at a market in Boulder, CO, the aftermath was predictable.  Rational people of good will—Normal Americans—prayed for the souls of the dead and for the comfort of their survivors.  They prayed for the salvation of our Republic, that mankind’s last, best hope should not perish.

Democrats/Socialists/Communists were also predictable.  They have reflexively tried to use a heinous crime and an unimaginable tragedy for hundreds for political advantage,  to deprive Americans of essential liberty.  Surrounded by a fence, barbed wire and thousands of soldiers, to say nothing of one of the largest police forces in America and innumerable personal bodyguards, they seek to deprive the law-abiding of the ability to protect themselves and their families, even as they seek to abolish the police and all but abolish punishment for criminals.  Mostly, and most importantly to them, they want to disarm the public so they cannot act as the Founders intended in writing the Second Amendment: to rise up and overthrow a despotic government, which they are in the process of establishing.

Temporary President Biden, or more particularly, his handlers, immediately began a renewed push for “common sense” obliteration of express, unalienable rights, as Breitbart.com reports:

He also called for an ‘assault weapons’ ban.

Biden admitted he was making his comments before information on the gunman was fully known, saying, ‘While we’re still waiting for more information, I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common-sense steps that will save lives in the future, and to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act. We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again.’

‘I got that done when I was a senator. It passed. It was the law for the longest time. And it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again,’ Biden remarked.

Once again, there is reason to be concerned for Biden’s memory and rationality.  The Clinton gun ban was in effect for ten years, and when it sunset, even the most rabidly anti-liberty/gun Democrats dared not seriously try to revive it.  They dared not because their votes for the ban caused an electoral Democrat blood bath in two elections.  Biden is also wrong—who knows if he realizes he’s lying?—in stating the law had any positive effect on crime:

Ironically, the Department of Justice’s Institute of Justice (NIJ) released a report following the 1994-2004 ‘assault weapons’ ban and noted that no real reduction in crime could be credited to the ban. The Washington Times quoted University of Pennsylvania professor Christopher Koper, author of the NIJ report, saying, ‘We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence.’

I’ll not go into great detail on the issues revolving around this attack.  Those details will emerge in the next few days and weeks.  The exact type of weapon used by the shooter, who was injured, though captured, remains unconfirmed, but it’s an article of faith it must have been an AR-15, which is the gun used in all such crimes, except that it’s mostly not.  I’ll not mention the shooter’s name, which is a long-standing policy here at SMM.  I’ll note Biden is threatening to obtain via executive order what he can’t get by law to enact D/S/C anti-liberty/gun schemes.  As he has no idea what he’s actually signing, it’s possible he has already signed such orders, which are waiting for the right time to be released.


Before anyone knew anything about the attack other than that one occurred, the usual suspects, including the D/S/C media propaganda arm, were authoritatively proclaiming the pre-written, universal narrative, as noted in the header photo: the shooter must be a white male, hence a white supremacist, which all right—left—thinking people know is the greatest existential threat to America, right behind climate change which will surely doom the world in 11 or so years even when it doesn’t.

Meena Harris is President-in-Waiting Kamala’s Harris’ niece.  She’s obviously down with the narrative.  Amy Siskind is a well-known D/S/C figure on the Internet.  Like virtually every other D/S/C who immediately ran with the evil white guy narrative, she was forced to hastily, and in many instances comically/pathetically, erase, alter, or otherwise “fix” her earlier comment:

We learned rather quickly the shooter is a 21-year old Muslim, who has serious mental issues, a criminal record, and who was “known to the FBI” though his association with someone else.  Translation: his name likely came up in an anti-terror investigation.  We’ve also learned he is not only an ISIS supporting Muslim, but very much a creature of the American Left.  This caused widespread use of irony and other mockery among Normal American Internet commentators:Wretchardthecat is referring to D/S/C-media cognitive dissonance, such as that experienced in the Trayvon Martin case.  In that case, as in the Boulder case, the media was absolutely certain George Zimmerman must be an evil white guy, because who else would chase down and brutally murder an innocent, budding pilot and scholar who was only trying to bring his little brother tea and Skittles?  At that point, they hadn’t yet latched onto “White Supremacy,” though “racism” and “racial profiling” were in common, hysterical, hyperbolic use.  Unfortunately, it was soon discovered Zimmerman was Hispanic and actually part Black, so an entirely new racial class had to be conjured, and Zimmerman was dubbed a “white Hispanic.”

In the Boulder case, the cognitive dissonance is monumental, and as this is being written, a new formulation has yet to be announced.  Muslims are a D/S/C favored victim group who, for maximum political advantage, are not allowed to be thought of as “white”–not all Muslims are Arab, but it’s the narrative that matters–and this particular murderer could easily pass for white.  Worse, not all Muslims are terrorists, but virtually all contemporary, actual terrorists are Muslim, so what to do?  How can this shooting be blamed on white supremacists—it will surely be blamed on Trump, the NRA and every Normal American, law-abiding gun owner, including the hundreds of thousands of non-white gun owners created in the last several years by D/S/C policies—if the shooter can’t be labeled a white guy, hence there can be no hint of white supremacy?  For now, they’re falling back on the old reliable:

I have no idea why learning the correct term for “AR” would change anyone’s mind regarding policy, but we’re not dealing with rational people.  I suppose this, from the indispensable Babylon Bee, is next:

So we’re left where we always are when such horrific crimes occur.  D/S/Cs demand the usual gun control schemes despite knowing none of them would have in any way prevented the attacks they cynically use to manipulate public opinion and deprive Americans of liberty, which would inevitably result in greater governmental power.  With a brief period of contemplation, the public realizes this, and political discourse settles down to the usual anti-liberty, background grumbling.

I’ll leave this with one final bit of insight, which is not new; I’ve often covered this before.  Considering very few crimes are committed with rifles of any kind  (from 2015- 2019, about 2.6% of total firearms of all types) considering knives are used in far more crimes (2015-2019: 1533 compared with 215), and considering AR-15 type rifles are used in only a tiny portion of the crimes committed with the use of long guns (the UCR doesn’t provide this specific breakdown, but past statistics have indicated something the area of 2% of 215, so a bit over four in five years), why are D/S/Cs so desperate to ban AR-15 like firearms?  Considering magazine capacity is essentially irrelevant—magazines can be changed easily within 1-4 seconds even by non-professionals—why are they so desperate to ban them?

For decades, anti-liberty/gun cracktivists have tried to trick Americans into thinking any gun that resembles a machinegun—a select fire, fully automatic weapon—must be a machinegun.  ARs outwardly resemble their military counterparts but are not machineguns, however, their superficial resemblance is thought helpful to D/S/C banning efforts, which is why they have latched onto ARs.  Even though far more crimes are committed with the use of handguns, there are many millions more of them in private hands than ARs, and they were expressly mentioned in Heller as constitutionally protected firearms in common and usual use.

Anti-liberty/gun cracktivists believe if they can ban any individual category of firearm, or a specific, highly popular accessory—so-called “high capacity magazines” which are actually standard magazines—the door will be open to bans of further classes of firearms and accessories.  If they can ban “assault weapons”—a class that can only be defined as “whatever gun D/S/Cs are trying to ban today”—how much better will be their argument for banning handguns, which after all, are involved in the deaths of far more than assault weapons?  “High capacity magazine” bans are equally cynical as a first step to paring capacity down by steps until nothing is left.  If 17 is too much today, 10 will surely be too much tomorrow, and so on; it’s for public safety, you know.

Oh yes: law-abidng Americans continue, year in and year out, to use firearms to stop criminals and save lives, from a million to two million times, usually without firing a shot.  Of course, this isn’t the narrative, so shut up, you racist, white supremacists.

Let us also keep firmly in mind criminals don’t obey the law–any law–which is why they’re called criminals.  It’s lunacy to imagine anyone contemplating mass murder would be in any way deterred by any gun law.  Unfortunately criminals are a key D/S/C constituency, so all “gun control” efforts must be directed at the law-abiding who threaten no one.

By the way, should you wish to see if America is truly a uniquely violent country, awash in “gun violence,” take this link to a classic Bill Whittle video which reveals the inconvenient truth.  Also take this link to discover actual mass shootings are vanishingly rare, not at all what D/S/C media propaganda would have us believe.  Mark Twain said :

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

His point was one can make statistics say whatever they please as long as they can dictate the terms and the parameters of the calculations.  Primarily in gun control and climate change are such “results” commonly dishonestly derived.

With the very real threat of court packing hanging over the Supreme Court, D/S/Cs are counting on that threat, as well as the passage of the rest of their anti-liberty agenda, to ensure their establishment as an eternal one-party state.  There is reason to believe the Court has received their message loud and clear.  Even though AR-type rifles are the most common sporting rifle in America, this is how D/S/Cs plan to get around the ‘common and usual” standard of Heller.  The Supreme Court cannot rule unconstitutional a law they never consider, and if they did, D/S/Cs would simply pack the court to overturn a ruling they didn’t like, or ignore its rulings.

One can be certain a packed Court would grant cert on a number of Second Amendment cases sufficient to rule as the dissenters in Heller did: the Second Amendment would continue to exist in fading ink on yellowing paper, but “shall not be infringed” would be interpreted to mean: “shall be infringed in any way government pleases.”  It would simply have no meaning or application in the lives of individual Americans.  Should this come to pass, we can be certain the rest of the Constitution would be identically interpreted.

I’ve previously noted, particularly in the Second Civil War series, bans of this type would be very likely to provoke Civil War.  Most Americans would not comply with such obviously unconstitutional and despotic actions, and should D/S/Cs be sufficiently stupid to try to seize American’s arms, there would be millions of shots heard ‘round the world.  They think themselves powerful, morally and intellectually superior, but they stand on the brink of making a historic mistake, as the Japanese did in attacking Pearl Harbor.  Thereafter, Admiral Yamamoto said:

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

Contemporary D/S/Cs have the advantage of being able to learn from history.  Let us all pray for those directly affected by the actions of an insane criminal in Boulder, and let us further pray D/S/Cs are not as foolish and stupid as they are, every day, revealing themselves to be.  Let us pray they can learn from history.