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Barack Obama was infamous for being the laziest president of the modern era.  His relaxed schedule made even the horndog-in chief—Bill Clinton’s–look like the schedule of a workaholic.  It’s a topic I addressed in June of 2014 in Barack Obama: The Hardest Working Man In Politics:

Week 1:

Monday, January 2, 2012

No official Schedule

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

7:15 am  The First Family arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

7:30 am    The First Family arrives at the White House

11:30 am  The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

12:00 pm  The President meets with senior advisors

12:30 pm  The President and the Vice President meet for lunch [a four hour lunch; they must have been famished]

4:30 pm    The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of Defense Panetta

8:15 pm    The President participates in a video teleconference with Iowa Caucus attendees

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

9:30 am     The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

10:05 am   The President departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews

10:20 am   The President departs Joint Base Andrews en route Cleveland, OH

11:35 am   The President arrives Cleveland, OH

12:05 pm   The President participates in a discussion with a family at a private residence

1:15 pm    The President delivers remarks on the economy

2:35 pm    The President departs Cleveland, OH en route Joint Base Andrews

3:50 pm    The President arrives Joint Base Andrews

4:05 pm    The President arrives the White House

Thursday, January 5, 2012

10:00 am   The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

10:50 am   The President delivers remarks on the Defense Strategic Review [apparently another long lunch]

3:30 pm     The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary Geithner

Friday, January 6, 2012

9:50 am    The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

11:40 am   The President visits staff and delivers brief remarks at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

12:15 pm   The President has lunch with winners of a campaign contest

I commented on that schedule:

Notice that on the four days of that week when he apparently did some small amount of work—as in actually having something to do from time to time on his official schedule–nothing began earlier than 0930.  Notice too that he appears to knock off for the day at around 1600, and on Friday, apparently right after lunch [one can only hope he can work while chewing; he doesn’t appear to do it at any other time].

But this is only one example from one source—OK, the source is actually the White House, but still—so perhaps I’m not being fair.

After all in April, 2012, Mr. Obama said:

“When we travel, we’ve got to travel through Secret Service and Air Force One, that’s not my choice,’ the president added. ‘I think most folks understand how hard I work and how hard this administration is working on behalf of the American people.’”

Obviously, Mr. Obama thinks he’s working hard, and he thinks most folks think he’s working hard on their behalf (or he’s just lying and doesn’t care what we think).  Just to be fair, let’s examine another source: Citizen 5408. 

“According to the White House, the President doesn’t work all that much.  During the month of May, which included 21 working days, President Obama claims he worked about 92 hours (91.95 to be exact).  That’s according to the White House schedule, posted on the whitehouse.gov Website.   That equates to an exhausting 4.4 hours per day.  Excluding his grueling G8 summit travels during the week of May 23 (when he was forced to endure eight hour work days!), Mr. Obama worked an average of 3.25 hours per day when at the White House in May.

Indeed, the President’s schedule is so thin, the White House Communications team sees it necessary to include the Vice President’s meetings, when he subs for the President for padding.  For example, on May 3rd and May 17th, Vice President Biden held working breakfast meetings at 7:45 am with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the President’s stead…

So desperate are they for something to count, the Communications team also list Press Secretary Jay Carney’s daily briefings as if they were among the President’s activities.”

If you take the link to the quoted article, you’ll see that, once again, I’ve taken the word of an unreliable, highly partisan source for Mr. Obama’s schedule: The White House.

Still, in comparison with Gropin’ Joe Biden, we were fortunate to have such a selfless, hard working man as POTUS.  Here’s Joe Biden’s current schedule:

 Sharp eyed readers—surely, all of you—will note Thursday’s schedule is missing.  That’s because Biden had nothing scheduled that Thursday.

We have, gentle readers, a man who is not only mentally declining, but one who isn’t capable of the work schedule of a part time McDonald’s burger flipper.  Lest one think I exaggerate, take this link for another source of Mr. Biden’s schedule.  

Our enemies are taking notice.  Were I Taiwan, Eastern Europe, South Korea or Israel, I’d be on a state of constant, high military alert.