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ABC used the same video…

I was going to post an article about the Ashli Babbit and Brian Sicknick coverup at the Capital today, but this is, I suspect, of a bit greater importance.  I’ll post that article on Monday–we do know more.

Gropin’ Joe Biden, the temporary president, campaigned in Sun Tzu style: he campaigned without campaigning.  Covid, as his Mao-loving advisor Anita Dunn said, was the best thing that ever happened to him.  Best, because it gave him an excuse to hide his precipitous mental and physical decline.  He could appear at a very few events, at times best for him, with very few in attendance and at a great distance—sometimes in cars!—on those days when he was sort of lucid.  And pumped full of drugs, he could more or less manage a few debates.

But since then, his mental decline has become more obvious.  His movements are more shaky and, well, elderly, and his voice a wooden monotone.  There is little life in his increasingly slitted eyes, and even the drugs are barely able to get him through a 20 minute TelePrompTer reading.  Keep in mind when I say “elderly,” I understand there is a substantial difference between elderly Americans, a group in which I now claim membership.  Some of us remain mentally sharp, even as we are physically slowing down a bit, no longer quite so full of energy.  Then there are those who are not only mentally declining, but whose decline is visible in their halting gait, as though they have to think very hard to remain upright.  Biden is in the latter group.

If you’re among Biden’s handlers, the people secretly running the country, and you need, for the time being, the illusion of Biden as POTUS, what can you do?  He’s failing fast, in bed at 1900 and increasingly hard to wake in any semblance of lucidity.  You can’t put him in front of a mic without a TelePrompTer, because you have no idea what, if anything, is going to come out of his mouth.  The drugs you’ve previously used to animate him aren’t having the same effect and are starting to have nasty side effects.  State of the Union Speech?  You’ve got to be kidding!  Press conference?  He’s just too busy for that sort of thing.  Even though you’ve promised one in a few weeks, you’re afraid he will have deteriorated so far by then even tame reporters asking him about his milk shake flavor won’t pull it off.

So what do you do?  My pal Bookworm—Andrea Widburg–at The American Thinker explains:

Almost two months into the Biden administration, it’s an open secret that Joe Biden won’t take spontaneous questions from the press. That’s why it was peculiar on Wednesday for a clip suddenly to appear purportedly showing Joe answering questions from random reporters somewhere in America. What was even more peculiar was that Joe’s hands magically passed through the microphones. In other words, the weird hand illusion (combined with other oddities) in the video suggests that the White House is disseminating fake videos to make it look as if Joe is talking spontaneously to the media.

That’s right.  You fake it.  You use computer movie making technology to make it appear Biden is spontaneously taking questions.  Take the link to view the video from which these screenshots are taken in normal and ¼ speed.

Notice in this screenshot, the top of Biden’s head has disappeared.  No, it’s not just that his hair is white and the sky/background is white.  There are, in such situations, always shadow and gradations of gray, and as you’ll see when he walks, rather than seeing those gradations, the top of his head remains invisible.  Normally, shifting perspective and light would not produce that effect.

The fakery is most obvious, however, in this screenshot.  Not only is the grayish windscreen on the mic near his right hand completely out of proportion to his hand and body, it tries to occupy the same physical space as his hand–the layering is skewed.  Notice too the blurring around the windscreen and Biden’s hand; the two layers—Biden and his surroundings—aren’t properly integrated.  Notice also the top of his head is still missing even though the colors of the sky/background and his hair are distinctly different.  The missing portion of his head seem delineated by a straight line.

Is this a fake video, cobbled together poorly as an obvious prank?  It’s possible, but apparently not, as this is a Bloomberg video, and The Hill, and apparently ABC News  have also used it.  We don’t know where they got it, probably from the White House, and as this is written, the White House is not commenting on it, either to support or deny its authenticity.  Bookworm continues:

The fact is that we are in an age of increasingly successful fake videos. A recent deep fake of Tom Cruise went viral because it was so eerily good. Flipboard, a technology outlet, has an entire section dedicated to articles about the spread of deep fakes and the difficulty attendant upon determining the truth. It’s apparently possible to tell a good deep fake by analyzing reflections in the corneas, but that’s not going to help with the type of video purportedly (or really) showing Biden talking to reporters.

It’s reasonable to apply Occam’s Razor in this case: the simplest explanation is the correct one.  Biden’s handlers have a desperate need to make their puppet appear to be lucid and in control of himself and the country.  He’s not lucid or in control, so they tried to use technology to fake it, and they failed.

Perhaps this video will be revealed as a prank, or a legitimate video somehow nefariously altered to make Joe Biden appear to be what he is, but why would they call attention to his decline?  Unaltered video of his many instances of mental failure would more than suffice.  I will, of course, correct as necessary, but for now, Americans should be not only outraged they’re being scammed like this, but very, very worried such a cabal of incompetent leftists is pulling off this scam, apparently with the help of not only the media, but every organ of government, including the highest levels of our military.

“Now when President Harris and I…”

Oh, and speaking about worry: President-in-waiting Kamala Harris.  Temporary President Biden called her “President Elect Harris” in December of 2020, and yesterday, he did it again.  Freudian slip and/or merely part of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people?

UPDATE, 03-18-21, 1750 MT: I’ve often, in less than two months, warned our enemies are closely watching Temporary President Biden and planning accordingly.  The Washington Times reports on just how closely:  

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has a solution to the current U.S.-Russia friction — a public debate with President Biden.

Mr. Putin made the proposal as part of the Kremlin’s response to Mr. Biden’s denunciations of him — a reaction that also included Moscow pulling its ambassador.

The longtime Russian strongman told a state TV reporter Thursday, in reaction to Mr. Biden’s having called him a ‘killer,’ that he ‘just thought [now]’ of a response.

‘I want to propose to President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it basically live, as it’s called, without any delays and directly in an open, direct discussion,’ Mr. Putin said.

The Kremlin chief said ‘it seems to me that would be interesting for the people of Russia and for the people of the United States.’

Mark this date, gentle readers.  Russia’s dictator just called America’s bluff.  Do you imagine he fears Kamala Harris more?  Putin’s comments have surely sent a chill through Eastern Europe.  The greatest tragedy is Biden’s handlers probably just think Putin is being mean.  They haven’t a clue, and the world is going to pay a heavy price.

UPDATE, 03-18-21, 2230 MT:  At a diplomatic meeting in Anchorage, AK today, Chinese diplomats lectured our Secretary of State for hypocrisy over racism, and accused us of weakness.  They also violated the agreed rules of deportment for the meeting.  They did not behave this way during the Trump years.  The Chinese have always been very quick to exploit perceived weakness with insults and force.  Clearly, the Russians and Chinese see the Harris Administration—Joe Biden, temporary president–as fundamentally weak and unserious, and they’re going to take advantage.

This is not going to turn out well.