It’s time, gentle readers, having come full circle, I burden you with my thoughts on the Covid hysteria, trusting you’ll buttress my ramblings with your thoughts.  I’m not the type of person who easily shares my medical/personal issues.  I just don’t think I’m that fascinating, nor do I think others are desperate to hear such things: “Hi, I’m Mike.  Glad to meet you.  I have a particularly nasty and disgusting skin condition that makes my life a living hell.  Here, let me show you… Hey!  Stop!  You don’t have to run away! I don’t think it’s contagious…”  You get the idea.  But I’ve decided to add my personal issues to sort of break the ice and give you a chance to respond in kind.  I don’t think I can infect you over the Internet…

Mrs. Manor and I contracted the Coronavirus, together—we like to do things together—in December, and it hung around all month.  My symptoms were relatively mild: no chills, no nausea, just an initially heavy and constant fatigue and achiness that eventually went way.  Never had respiratory issues of any kind.  I felt pretty sleepy, but sleep wasn’t particularly comforting because I was pursued by annoying, but not disturbing, dreams of the “knowing there was a problem that had to be solved, but being unable to figure it out” kind.  Eventually, I felt well enough to be up and about and just pushed through the rest, but it took a great deal of effort.  Each and every bout of the flu I’ve ever had resolved in far less time, but involved heavy vomiting, diarrhea, and half begging God to just take me now and get it over with.

Mrs. Manor didn’t do quite as well.  She had chills and mild nausea and the other symptoms, but more intensely, and wasn’t able to get around as well as I did.  As a result, she developed bloods clots in one leg and one lung—her Dad was prone to those—and had to spend a few nights in the hospital, but is fine now.  Did I mention she’s seven years older than I?  We’re both in that high-risk age group, but if Mrs. Manor had been a bit more active, we’d both have passed through the infection with no real difficulties.

We got the Moderna vaccine several weeks apart.  Mrs. Manor had mild chills and a weak imitation of her previous symptoms for about a day and a half.  I only had the chills for about a day, which I didn’t have when I had the virus.  She had her second shot at the end of January, and our little nieces gave us both the flu, which reminded me just how awful the flu is compared to the Coronavirus, at least for us.  We were grateful we have multiple bathrooms and plenty of spare trash bags.

I got my second shot this Tuesday, and the thing kicked my posterior.  Major chills for the first day, “sleep in your clothing with a stocking hat” chills, followed by the kind of fatigue the virus initially bestowed upon me for another day.  I slept an average of 13 hours a day for those first two days, and today—Friday—I’m at about 95% power.  The only real, lingering effects remain a little fatigue, and a bit of soreness at the injection site, but I think that’s because the nurse threw it across the room, darts style.*

I suspect this little anecdote would be familiar to most Americans that have had the disease.  So please indulge me, gentle readers, and please add your comments, as I list a few random comments on viral observations.

*It’s said veiled women are the most attractive.  If that’s so, the cultures that buy that are obviously terribly repressed and on the verge of psychosis.  I’ve found trying to communicate with others whose faces I can’t see terribly annoying, so much so, I generally don’t bother looking at them.  The lack of feedback, and the realization I probably won’t recognize them if I see them with their masks off, is disorienting.  No wonder people are feeling so alone and displaced: all the usual social/relational signals are warped or entirely missing.  Subconscious self-preservation makes us withdrawn and sullen.

*As I noted in this article, masks make it terribly difficult to understand most people, because most don’t articulate well—or at all—and it’s particularly difficult with the normally soft-spoken.  Salesclerks and others so often have to remove their masks to be barely understood as to make a mockery of their one-size-fits-all corporate mask mandates.

*In my middling sized Wyoming City, every fast food chain except Wendy’s remains closed to inside dining; it’s drive through only, and Wendy’s just opened to that a few weeks ago.  I used to have an urge to eat at McDonald’s, particularly when they resurrected the McRib, but there is little worse than cold McDonald’s fries in particular, and cold fast food in general.  All our local sit-down restaurants have been open the last year.  The fast food joints have all taught me I don’t miss their food and they’ll just have to struggle on without my assistance in the future.  Good work, corporate hacks!

*I’ll be writing a full fisking of Temporary President Gropin’ Joe Biden’s speech this coming week, but my initial impression is it was written by people who think they know what Normal Americans think, and/or they think they’re so brilliant they can trick Normal Americans into buying their particular line of bullshit with the right slippery narratives.  The basic theme?  I’m your super wise and caring daddy Joe, and if you give me absolute obedience and loyalty, I might allow you to have a few people over for the Fourth of July–outside only, with masks and social distancing.  Cross me, and I’ll revoke all your privileges, and shut you down again, good and hard.  Oh yes, and I’ll absolutely tell you the truth, followed by a plethora of easily disproven lies.

*We’re supposed to believe the federal government gives a damn about Covid when they throw open the borders to hundreds of thousands of people from third world countries, many of who they know to be infected with Covid and innumerable other diseases we’d banished decades ago?

*I’ve been reminded of the brilliance of our federalist system.  The needs and daily realities of the various states are indeed very different.  Tragic national corporations and the federal government don’t realize–or care about–that.  More tragic, the Federal government would love to keep us face diapered and terrified indefinitely.  Most tragic, anyone would believe anything they have to say, or imagine they have our best interests at heart.

*Government has no conscience.  It has no compassion, no caring, no altruism.  It has only an insatiable lust for greater and greater power, and as Conan (the Barbarian, not O’Brien) said: “to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear da lamentation of da vimen.”

*While I understand people respond to stress very differently, the fearful, timid reaction to the virus has generally dismayed me.  Are we any longer the land of the Brave?  Will we meekly go along with another virus scam like this, even if it destroys our economy, nation and society?  Are petty political despots so fearsome we will obsequiously obey them?

*I accept whatever risks are entailed to go maskless and to be close to those I love.  Is it merely because I’ve actually faced death in past professions and due to several medical crises?  Is it because I’ve had to confront, in very real and immediate ways, my own mortality?  Is it because I’ve long ago accepted the reality of my death and know what the afterlife holds for me and mine?  Am I, because of those experiences made of sterner stuff, or are others not so experienced also able to display a bit of what one might call graceful resignation, if not courage?

*What kind of people have we become?

Let’s hear from you, gentle readers!

*Just kidding.