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In installment 19 of this series,  I warned of the consequences of the passage of H.B.1, which will codify election fraud on a national scale.  Temporary President Biden’s throwing open the southern border is only one small part of the overall D/S/C plan.  Flood the country with 40 million or so illegals, force states to let them vote early and often, add two more states with D/S/C representatives, and most importantly, senators, and no Republican will ever again be elected unless D/S/Cs allow it for appearance sake.

Another essential part of the D/S/C plan is H.B.1280, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.   With a title like that, you have to know it’s not actual justice they’re talking about, but social justice.  Rick Fuentes at The American Thinker, explains:

credit: blogs.scientificamerican.com

Also enacted along House party lines was HB1280, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a vengeful bill that convenes a grand inquisition on American law enforcement by abolishing qualified immunity and exposes good police officers to personal lawsuits when they must use force to uphold the law.  Millions of other local, state, and federal government workers, to include prosecutors and judges who hold sway over criminal investigations, trials, and punishment, will continue to enjoy those protections, as will congressional Democrats and Republicans who have, to date, refused to lift similar Section 230 protections on oppressive social media platforms.

Doing away with qualified immunity will cast a wide net over police behavior.  Criminals would be empowered to file frivolous complaints over nonlethal uses of force in routine, lawful arrests.  Police officers would find themselves brought before activist judges and capricious juries, absent of any legal representation from their employers, and at risk of losing their personal and family fortunes from politically-influenced court decisions.

If HB1280 becomes law, it will defund the police by discouraging applicants, as becoming a cop would be made even more dangerous and untenable.  Depolicing would replace public safety, as police will use their discretion to reduce personal risk by avoiding confrontation.  Look to the summer riots of 2020, when city police were hamstrung and sidelined by Democrat mayors who played politics with people’s lives and their livelihoods, obliging miscreants to loot and burn.

HB1280 also extends to the state attorneys general the authority to investigate and impose consistently ineffective, costly, and oppressive consent decrees upon police departments as a means to align the profession with social justice and race equity issues.  The bill prohibits chokeholds and some no-knock warrants that are crucial when encountering armed suspects concealed behind locked doors or as a means to prevent the destruction of evidence.  Such warrants require scrutiny by deputy attorneys and county judges before they are issued.  The legislation also creates a national registry of police use-of-force, even including incidents where the allegation is unfounded, or officers are exonerated.  This bill is patently harmful to public safety, a perilous state of affairs that safeguarded Democrat lawmakers are willing to overlook.

One of the worst features of the Obama Administration was its wholesale assault on law enforcement agencies, and it’s focus on racist “social justice.”  Few know the Department of Justice had a small unit of race hustlers dispatched to places like Sanford, FL—the Trayvon Martin case—Ferguson, MO—Michael Brown —and Baltimore, MD—Freddie Gray–to use taxpayer dollars to keep the racial pot stirred.  A great many agencies found themselves forced to accept consent decrees because they could not afford the litigation costs of fighting the federal government.

What would cause the feds to descend on a given town?  Obviously, a publicized police use of force as in the three aforementioned incidents, but mostly, statistical disparity.  Let’s say Smithville is 30% Black, but the Smithville police write 70% of their traffic citations to black drivers.  To the thinking of the feds, this is obvious racism.  What’s that you say?  Maybe black drivers in Smithville just commit traffic offenses at higher rates than their population numbers?  Shut up, you racist!  What?  The police normally don’t know the race of someone they’ve stopped for a traffic violation until they’ve stopped them and approach their car on foot?  Shut up you white privileged, supremacist, anti-black racist, racist!

But it’s even worse.  In a town with a 30% black population, The Smithville Police Department has only 12% black officers!  Could there possibly be any clearer evidence of systemic racism?  What?!  Maybe no other qualified black applicants applied for police jobs? RACIIIIIIIST!

In most law enforcement agencies, particularly smaller agencies, people tend to stick around until retirement.  There are years when there are no openings for new officers. And even as minimum standards for officers continue to be dumbed down, many black candidate’s criminal records, to say nothing of other negative traits, are disqualifiers.

To DOJ race warriors, the facts don’t matter.  There is statistical disparity and it must be stamped out in the name of equity and social justice.  So consent decrees were written, and suddenly Smithville officers could only write 30% of their tickets to black drivers, which meant a decline of 40% in tickets, and a corresponding decline in traffic safety in Smithville.  And Smithville had to hire more black officers regardless of their criminal records, drug habits and lack of other qualifications.

Consent decrees also mandate things like Critical Race Theory indoctrination, and the abolishment of lawful and necessary police tactics like Terry stops and various restraint tools and techniques.  Such limitations not only increase crime rates, but make the job much more dangerous for the police.

Back to H.B.1280.  I’ve long thought it past time to revisit qualified immunity.  The police need some form of immunity.  They should not be subject to constant lawsuits when they act within the law and policy, and in good faith, but abolishing it entirely is insanity.  At the very least, this provision alone would discourage officers from being proactive, from aggressively seeking out and deterring and arresting actual criminals.  Most officers would simply drive about, answer calls only when sent, and absolutely avoid black criminals.  But even that wouldn’t prevent a blizzard of harassing lawsuits.  That’s when the real goal of this legislation would kick in: competent, professional officers would quit—in droves.  Who would want to be a police officer knowing they’d spend every dime they ever earned fending off bogus lawsuits?  Who would put on the blue suit and venture forth knowing many of the techniques that keep them alive were no longer available?  Who remaining would be able, or interested in, resisting the bribes and corruption such policies invite?

Who would want to be a police officer under those conditions?  Criminals, obviously.  People who shouldn’t ever be given authority over others, certainly.  Really stupid people, to be sure.  It’s a topic about which I’ve often written.  Law enforcement agencies are hiring based on IQ,  but not to find the smartest people possible, quite the opposite.  They’re ensuring they hire only people of average, or below average, intelligence.  Consider half the population is below average in intelligence and you get the problem, though it does expand the number of eligible candidates, which is largely the point.

The bill would allow state AGs to serve as a social justice arm of the Federal DOJ where consent decrees are concerned.  While such things would occur almost exclusively in blue states, the effects would be felt nationwide.  Consent decrees are extraordinarily costly, commonly requiring police agencies to hire multiple people merely to produce the paperwork federal monitors demand.  No LE agency has the cash on hand to do that, and when forced, it means they have to reduce the number of line officers.  For many smaller agencies, being burdened with a consent decree would mean closing their doors, which is exactly the point.  D/S/Cs want to abolish the police, and this legislation is merely a sneaky means to get them to abolish themselves.

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What’s that you say?  That would mean chaos?  Of course it would; what’s your point?

This, gentle readers, is one of the most venerable D/S/Cs tactics: the Cloward/Piven strategy.  Basically, the strategy calls for creating absolute chaos, such that people will forget D/S/Cs caused it, and will accept their “solution” to the crisis, a solution they would never accept under any other circumstance.  I’ll get to the solution in a moment.

Fortunately, we don’t have to guess at the kind of chaos this will cause.  We know what happens to cities when the police are prevented from doing their jobs.  We’ve seen it across blue states last summer.  We’re seeing it today.  Crime increases at obscene rates, particularly violent crime.  Imagine this playing out across the nation, gentle readers.  Under those circumstances, we can be certain of a few things: 1) actual criminals will seldom be arrested, and once arrested, seldom prosecuted. 2) honest citizens using force to defend themselves will always be arrested and always be prosecuted.  The proverbial book will be thrown at them.

Everyone will learn what professional cops know: if there is no effective law enforcement, society can’t function.  If citizens must go forth armed merely to ensure they have some hope of getting to the grocery store and back with their purchases or lives, we’ve descended to a state of nature.

What many seem to forget is our system of justice doesn’t just protect the honest from criminals, it protects criminals from the honest.  Once law-abiding Americans realize the police just aren’t there, and/or aren’t going to be allowed to do their jobs, they’ll take matters into their own hands.  What other choice will they have?  And when they do, criminals won’t have to worry about doing time; they’ll be dead.  The only reason most people don’t take crimes committed against them personally is they can be reasonably assured the criminals will be caught and punished.  Of course, that’s truer for some classes of crimes than others, but the general principal holds.  Take away that assurance and things are going to get intensely personal in a hurry.

Why do you think first-time gun sales continue to break all-time records.  Americans aren’t stupid.  They see what’s coming.

But wait a minute!  If there are no police, who is going to do the arresting of honest citizens?

Why the federal police, of course!  One of the best parts of local control is the police live in the cities they police.  They’re part of the community.  For most, that alone keeps officers from getting badge heavy.  This is why in the old Soviet Union, and in contemporary China, soldiers were assigned far away from their homes, making it more likely they’d be willing to kill on command.

I suspect, gentle readers, if D/S/Cs are successful in destroying local law enforcement, they will enact it by application of the Daschle Doctrine—from former Sen. Tom Daschle—who in pushing the TSA said you can’t professionalize if you don’t federalize.  We all know how well that’s worked out.  They will establish a federal police force for the entire country, one that won’t be racist, sexist, transphobic, etc.  One can’t maintain a dictatorship without it.

What’s that you say?  They’d be entirely political, and would spend more time spying on and oppressing the people than enforcing the law?  Of course they would; that’s what they do.

A federalized police force is also absolutely essential if D/S/C’s anti-liberty/gun policies are to become reality.  New York State’s gun grabbing SAFE Act has had only about a 4% compliance rate.  A federal gun grab would probably do worse, because few local agencies would be stupid enough to go door to door, trashing people’s homes to seize their guns and getting blown out of their socks in the process.  But a federalized police force, taking its orders from DC?  That sort of thing would be right up their alley, and they could be absolutely certain they would never face discipline or lawsuits for brutalizing or killing white supremacists, racists or domestic terrorists.

What’s that?  I’m paranoid?  We’ll see, won’t we?