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As regular readers know, I’ve found it necessary of late to report on Wyoming’s sole Representative, Liz Cheney.  I began back on February 9, 2021 with Wyoming To Liz Cheney: Learn To Code, where I made this observation:

Liz Cheney obviously doesn’t understand this, but Wyomingites do, which indicates she doesn’t understand Wyoming.  Even if they didn’t much like Donald Trump, they absolutely supported his America first policies, particularly now that they’ve had several weeks of the opposite for convenient contrast.  Because Liz Cheney abandoned them to embrace D/S/C lies/narratives and their plotting to abandon our republican form of government, they’re going to return the favor and help her find another sort of employment.  The Harris Administration is working hard to destroy the energy industry, which they claim will produce millions of high paying jobs.  Perhaps Ms. Cheney should learn to code, or produce solar panels?

I was referring to Cheny’s vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump, and the response of pretty much everyone in Wyoming to her vote.  To put it mildly, her chances for reelection in 2022 aren’t promising.  I followed up on February 25, 2021 with Liz Cheney To Republicans: You’re White Supremacists, You Insurrectionists!  I concluded that article thus:

Cheney has obviously bought the D/S/Cs anti-liberty narrative hook, line and sinker.  ‘Insurrection?!’  What kind an insurrection is unarmed, does very little damage, is confined to a single building and leaves within a few hours?  Cheney is asking us to answer when we quit beating our spouses and raping our children.  We don’t have to convince people who know they’re lying we’re not what they claim we are.  To do so only gives their false accusations legitimacy.  ‘Holocaust denial?’  That’s the business of D/S/Cs.  ‘Anti-semitism?’  That too is the exclusive province of D/S/Cs whose hatred for Israel and America and love of their enemies is incontrovertible fact.  A single confederate flag means what, exactly?  All Republicans are somehow tainted by the actions of one person who may have actually been carrying a false flag and must strive to convince people who cannot be convinced they’re not what D/S/Cs falsely claim they are?  All Republicans are required to ritually repent–despite doing nothing wrong–to people who will use that repentance of false charges to ‘prove’ they were right all along?

Who, exactly, does Liz Cheney think Republicans are?  Who, exactly, is Liz Cheney representing?  It’s not Republicans–Normal Americans–and it’s certainly not Wyomingites.

That article was in response to Cheney lecturing Republicans to the effect that they must convince D/S/Cs and the world they have stopped beating their wives, kicking puppies and pushing little old ladies into highway traffic.  One suspects trying to convince those that cannot be convinced they are wrong about what they knew to be lies when they said them would be somewhat—futile, even more so than resisting the Borg.  I quickly discovered I was in good company when Tucker Carlson, an hour later, said pretty much the same about Cheney, and the next day at CPAC, so did Donald Trump Jr.  Good company.

But Liz Cheney is the gift that keeps on giving, as The Washington Examiner reports:

credit: wbez

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 ‘commission’ ever begins work probing the causes and effect of the pro-Trump riots, the role of media ‘perpetuating’ the former president’s claim of election theft should also be included, according to a GOP proponent.

Said embattled Rep. Liz Cheney, ‘I think that, you know, any media organization that was perpetuating the notion — continues to perpetuate the notion — that the election was fraudulent or was stolen is contributing to a very dangerous set of circumstances.’

In a speech mostly focused on foreign policy, she told the Ronald Reagan Institute this week, ‘I think we, the American people, need to know the truth about what happened.’

And while she endorsed the commission to investigate the riots that ultimately led to former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment, which Cheney voted for, she rejected Pelosi’s plan to make it a partisan group. Instead, she said it should be set up like the 9/11 Commission, which was equally divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Uh-huh.  Let me see if I understand this.  Daring to suggest the presidential election wasn’t entirely fraud-free is dangerous.  Cheney wants to know “the truth” about what happened on January 6, but not what happened regarding the election, because that would be “dangerous.”  But she has to give some sop to the rubes back in Wyoming, so Pelosi’s “Commission” ought to be bipartisan, you know, just to make everything fair and stuff.

D/S/Cs are so confident in the results of the election, whenever anyone dares mention the possibility of fraud, they scream bloody murder, surround the Capital with fences, barbed wire and very bored National Guard troops, try to destroy the First and Second Amendments, and label 75 million or so Americans domestic terrorists, but anybody who “continues to perpetuate the notion—that the election was fraudulent or was stolen is contributing to a very dangerous set of circumstances.”

With Republicans like Liz Cheney, who needs D/S/Cs?