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Groper in Chief…

I have, since before the “election”—yes; there is reasonable cause to doubt the legitimacy of that election–of Gropin’ Joe Biden, pondered the mechanism—and speed–by which he will leave the presidency.  Did he make a deal with his handlers to hand over the executive order pen to Kamala Harris, the President-in-Waiting, by a date certain?  Or is he sufficiently deluded to imagine he’ll complete an entire term while everyone, including the media, covers for his ever more rapidly accelerating mental decline?  If so, this leaves only one possibility: the invocation of the 25th Amendment by his handlers.

We now have a clear indicator which possibility is most likely, as Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection reports:

Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA), the son of former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) asked President Joe Biden to share the nuclear codes with those in the presidential order because a single person ‘should have the ability to start a nuclear war.’

‘However, vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,’ wrote Panetta and Lieu. ‘Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment.’

Panetta and Lieu noted the last sentence with three instances:

*A tweet from President Donald Trump

*President Richard Nixon’s Secretary of Defense telling military commanders if the president ordered a nuclear launch

*Pelosi asking the Joint Chiefs of Staff about Trump’s nuclear authority during the Capitol Hill riot

Good Lord.  Let us observe up front there is only one Commander in Chief of our military: the President.  He is the only person in our constitutional Republic given the authority to authorize the release of nuclear weapons.  It has been done—so far as we know—only twice in history, both times by Harry Truman to successfully end WWII.  By this, we may reasonably infer the system works.  Be aware some three-dozen D/S/Cs signed the letter to which Chastain refers. Anyone with any sense knows President Trump tweeted about a great many things, but what always mattered was what he ultimately did.  He was the least war-happy president in modern times, not only starting no new conflicts, but actually making peace, stymying our enemies, strengthening our alliances and allies and reducing our military commitments overseas, all of which Joe Biden has already reversed.  Anyone with any sense also knows it to be grossly, dangerously unconstitutional and hubristic for any member of Congress to demand access to the nuclear codes—which is what Pelosi has done–twice.  Military leaders wisely informed her of the Constitution and declined to play along.

They want Biden to give Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, both Democrats, the nuclear codes.

The congressmen have three other proposals:

“The secretary of defense must provide certifications ‘that the launch is valid and from the attorney general that it is legal.’ This could also include agreements ‘from the chair of the Joint Chiefs of staff and/or the secretary of state.’

Riiiight.  Nuclear deterrence by committee and lawyer.  That’ll work.

‘Congress must declare war and specific authorization from Congress before’ anyone conducts a nuclear strike.

Reality: A submarine launched nuc could strike within 10 minutes or less.  With detection, confirmation and communications lag, a POTUS would have even less time to make a decision.  An intercontinental strike would normally take about 30 minutes.  Will we get counter launch authorization via an in-person vote of Congress?  Both houses?  Virtually by Zoom?  The Chinese Communists would know the result before we did.  Wouldn’t this remove any actual deterrence in that an enemy could be certain we’d never get off a shot before they could essentially cripple or obliterate our second strike capability?  Wouldn’t this actually encourage, rather than deter, a first strike against us?  The answers to the last two questions are yes, and hell yes.

‘Have ‘a permanent active council of congressional leaders’ to take part in national security talks with the executive branch.’ Officials must alert some of those leaders before a nuclear strike.

Great.  Again, a legislative committee breaching the separation of powers, obliterating our checks and balances.  And who would be on this committee?  Someone like Eric “nuc ‘em” Swalwell, he who bang banged Fang Fang, he who has been completely compromised by China, yet remains on the Intelligence Committee?  How many people do we want read in to our highest secrets?

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R), is not impressed:

MIKE LEE: ‘Look, there is one argument or another with regard to whether or to what extent we ought to be involved in foreign conflicts at any moment. One could have one opinion or another about at what point it is appropriate for Congress to declare war rather than have the president order discreet strikes. The fact is the president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

This is why we subject presidents to a very rigorous review process. That is they have to win elections. Once they’ve won an election you really do have to pick that horse and then ride it. You’ve gotta let the president be the commander-in-chief…

This seems really weird to me that they’d take that away – and by the way, who are they going to give that power to? They’re gonna give that to a committee? In addition to being wildly unconstitutional, this would be a horrible policy. Remember what happened when you put a committee in charge of protecting the Capitol? That didn’t end so well either.’

Indeed it didn’t.  Lee is right about normal elections.  Candidates are, in effect, carefully vetted by the public, so that we don’t elect someone manifestly unfit to have the authority to start WWIII, or to fail to deter it, or fail to protect us when his deterrence fails.  The 2020 election was anything but normal.

Biden, for all practical intents and purposes, didn’t campaign.  During his few appearances, he lied about his intentions, and refused to say whether he’d pack the Supreme Court, dropping a Pelosiesque “you’ll have to elect me to find out.”  No sapient American doubted Biden was—and is–mentally deficient, and his deficiencies were worsening.  But the Entire D/S/Cs Party and its media propaganda arm covered for him, and continue to cover to this day.

If we don’t want someone mentally unfit for the office with his finger on the figurative nuclear release button, both parties have to have the sanity, courage and integrity never to nominate anyone they know to be unstable.  How’s that workin’ out for us?

Anita Dunn bombing herself out of the Obama Administration…she’s baaaaack!

D/S/Cs admitted, they bragged, the election was a fraud.  The New York Times admitted it.  And Biden senior adviser Anita Dunn said Covid-19 was the best thing that could have happened to Biden.  Perhaps, but not so much for hundreds of thousands of dead Americans and their survivors.  Dunn was an Obama advisor forced to resign after praising Mao, history’s greatest mass murderer, as her political philosophy model.  At least in lauding Covid, she’s being true to the murderous record of her political fave.  Covid allowed Biden to hide, kept tens of millions of Americans in the dark, without the information they needed to make an informed choice, and gave corrupt politicians and judges the cover they needed to unconstitutionally change election laws to ensure Biden’s corrupt victory.

D/S/Cs put a man in the Oval Office they knew to be mentally impaired.  In so doing, they broke faith with the Constitution and the American people.  They committed an egregious, historic fraud that has the potential to destroy our national security and republic, and the security of our allies worldwide.  Consider this from Vijeta Uniyal at Legal Insurrection:

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, China’s police repression and the new draconian laws are succeeding in crushing the pro-democracy aspirations in Hong Kong.

With President Joe Biden in the White House, Communist China is moving ‘with a scope and speed few here anticipated,’ the WSJ noted. ‘Everything that’s happening in Hong Kong today was unimaginable a year ago,’ a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist told the business newspaper.

Gee, what might have encouraged the Communists to do that just now?  And this, From Mary Chastain, also at Legal Insurrection goes beyond outrageous:

From VICE World News on Wednesday:

‘The State Department never agreed to this kind of testing [anal swabs] and protested directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when we learned that some staff were subject to it,’ a State Department spokesperson told VICE World News on Wednesday.

The spokesperson said Beijing had assured Washington that the test was given ‘in error’ and that diplomatic personnel were exempt from the test, which was mandatory for incoming travelers in some parts of China.

‘We have instructed staff to decline this test if it is asked of them, as was done in the past.’

However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian denied everything on Thursday:

‘To my knowledge…China has never required U.S. diplomatic staff stationed in China to conduct anal swab tests,’ foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a daily news briefing in Beijing.

American foreign service personnel, with diplomatic immunity, submitted to anal swabbing by Communists.  America dropped its trousers and let Communists probe her. What the hell is wrong with any American diplomat that would submit to this?  It is entirely possible they were ordered to submit by their superiors, but if they weren’t, I can think of no more obvious disqualifier for foreign service.  If they were, whoever ordered it should get a rather grander reaming of their own, and a boot applied to their backsides to propel them forever from government service.

The Chinese are acutely concerned, always, with saving face.  The Chinese Communists are masters at the subtle and gross insult and at taking advantage of any possible weakness in their opponents.  Anyone thinking this an innocent mistake is an idiot.  Anyone thinking the Communists taking advantage of Biden’s incapacity is likewise an idiot.  There will be worse to come.

Does Joe Biden know any of this?  Even if his handlers are telling him such things, is he remotely capable of understanding them and their geopolitical import?  We would seem to have the answer to these questions.

Biden’s handlers—whoever they are exactly—and the entire D/S/C Party are directly involved in this fraud, and in fraudulently plotting to put Kamala Harris, a woman even Democrats wouldn’t vote for in the primaries, a spectacularly unqualified person, in the White House. Knowing who Biden was and is, knowing he can’t so much as deliver a State Of The Union Address, knowing he’s mentally incompetent, now they want a committee, a vote, on using our nuclear arsenal?  Why?

Power.  They hate the Constitution.  They hate America and Americans, and they’re dedicated to destroying the Constitution, with it America, and to abolish the American people and importing and creating another.  In first invoking the 25th Amendment, Nancy Pelosi said she wasn’t doing it for Trump.  Are they warming that amendment up now?  Is the nuclear control demand the opening salvo in the removal of Joe Biden and the installation of the first female, black, Indian, whatever, fully Iranian and Chinese controlled puppet?

It was the aforementioned Eric Swalwell who scorned the idea the Second Amendment’s purpose is to deter government tyranny, and to allow Normal Americans to rise up when necessary to overthrow a tyrannical government.  Swallwell opined small arms would do the peasants no good because the government has nuclear weapons.

Mere stupidity or a Freudian slip, a glimpse into the intentions, the future plans, of would-be despots?  We can be sure the more aware of D/S/Cs understand they would fare poorly in a Civil War.  They know the people that produce, build and fix everything do not, for the most part, live on the coasts.  They also know the people who know how to fight, and who possess the equipment necessary to do it, live in hated Flyover Country.  They know should the country split, every producer that could, everyone and every business necessary to make a country viable, would flee to the red states as fast as they could, leaving nothing but philosopher gods and takers in the blue states.  Oh, but if one political party had control over our nuclear arsenal, that’s a powerful convincer, and if a red city or two had to be obliterated to make the point?  Hell, they’re already tearing down the Constitution brick by brick, what’s a little nuclear fired cleansing of a nest or three of wrong-thinking, hate-speaking, domestic terroristic, racist, white supremacist, too damned white, transphobic, homophobic, insurrectionists?

Eric Swalwell is the man, compromised by the Chinese, still on the House Intelligence Committee, the kind of man who would surely be on a D/S/C chosen nuclear weapon committee.  What could possibly go wrong?