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During and after my police days I was often asked if I was ever scared.  Of course I was.  Any cop suggesting they’re never afraid is an idiot or liar.  You just get scared so often you learn to deal with it.  Or you don’t, and you get out of that job.

In that profession, I saw innumerable people deal with tragedy, with horror, with the deaths of those they knew and loved, and even with close calls with death.  Most cowboyed up.  They understood life is often unfair.  They understood evil exists and may confront any one of us at any time.  They grieved, reassessed, healed when necessary, made changes they could make, and left the rest with the Lord.  They went on with their lives. Most became stronger.

Of course, some—thankfully, few—were not so strong.  Some allowed their experiences to own them, even to destroy them.  Some became shells of their former selves and wallowed in anguish and self-pity.  Some became bitter, blaming everyone but themselves for their misfortune.  Again, they were, in the grand scheme of things, few, but they reminded me not everyone is stable.  Not everyone can deal with adversity, and some live—if such may be called living–in virtually constant fear.

This, it would seem, is the case with our “leaders” at the nation’s capital, as Jon Levine as The New York Post reports:

The House is officially in therapy.

In the weeks after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, which left at least five dead, lawmakers and their staff in the House of Representatives are seeking out mental health counseling.

Let us pause for a moment to remember only one of those five died by violence: Ashli Babbit, an unarmed veteran, shot by some official, possibly a police officer of member of a protective detail.  The others died of various medical misfortunes, with the possible exception of a woman who may have been trampled by a crowd.

Paul Tewksbury, director of the House Office of Employee Assistance, told lawmakers in a Thursday hearing that his office has provided 760 counseling sessions since the events of Jan 6 — something he called a “significant increase.”

Tewksbury said there had been around 3,000 contacts between his office and the Capitol Hill community in the first half of 2020.

The ongoing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has hobbled the office’s services, though Tewksbury reported that ‘huge amount’ of phone calls for those seeking assistance were taking place.

Well.  This is significant:

The news was first reported by Roll Call, which last month also covered mental health fallout from the attack.

‘There’s a lot of stress and anger going on. … We’re validating feelings, whatever they are,’ Rep. Gerald E. Connolly told the Capitol Hill newspaper. ‘Interestingly, the people I think who were struggling the most are the people who physically were not here.’

Prior to analyzing this state of affairs, let us review what we now know.  The “riot” of January 6, was mild indeed by the standards of the rioting, looting, arson, even murder that wrought more than $2 billion dollars in damages in America’s cities throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2021.  Those riots continue to date, though at a somewhat lesser rate and intensity.  Not only were those riots not compared to Pearl Harbor, 9-11, and various other actual catastrophic events, virtually every local, state and national D/S/C politician in the nation encouraged, supported, or at the least, had nothing bad to say about them.  President in Waiting Kamala Harris blatantly encouraged them and actually raised bail money for rioters.

We have video of capital police letting people onto the grounds and into the building, most of who stayed between the velvet ropes, saw the sights, and took photos.  This might tend to make prosecution of some of these “insurrectionists,” particularly those who merely saw the sights, a bit difficult, not that Harris Administration prosecutors won’t try.  The D/S/C propaganda arm—the media—continue to call it an insurrection, and blame white supremacists.  There is little, if any, evidence actual white supremacists were involved.  The supply of white supremacists, like that of racists, is not remotely keeping up with demand, so mighty efforts are underway to find or manufacture some.  There is certainly little, if any, evidence such people planned the events, though there is real evidence Antifa/BLM types did, though there is an excess of supply in that area, so it’s being soft pedaled.

It was supposed to be an armed insurrection too, but to date, only two of those arrested have been charged with any firearm violation—DC has among the most draconian anti-liberty/gun laws in the nation—and it appears they were not even in the building.  It is an odd insurrection indeed that was essentially unarmed, caused very little damage, and ended when the insurrectionists left after a few hours.  Even odder in that only a tiny portion of those present fought with police or did any actual damage.

Oh yes: it’s also clear it was planned long before January 6.  People began trying to breach the building long before the end of President’s Trump’s speech, in which he urged people to peacefully and patriotically make their feelings known, ended.

We also know not a single representative, and not a single staffer was injured.  If so, I’m sure we’d still be seeing front page stories about it.  Perhaps I just missed this sort of thing.  If so, gentle readers, I’m sure you’ll kindly provide the necessary links, and I’ll update as necessary.  However, as this is written, it appears the Capital Police did their jobs.  Folks working at the capital were properly protected.  No one had to fend off ravening mobs of “Trump Supporters” with staplers and 2000-page bills no one will ever read.  It appears no one was in any actual, as opposed to hysterically possible, danger.

Disclaimer: some number of Capital Police officers were reportedly injured, such number constantly changing.  Those that broke the law should be prosecuted, there, and around the country.  Of course, that’s largely up to D/S/Cs politicians and prosecutors, so…

Let us assume Rep. Connolly is right.  He is, by the way, a Democrat from Virginia.  When the media doesn’t mention a politician’s political affiliation, it’s always safe to believe they’re Democrats.  Let us assume the people most “struggling” weren’t actually there.  He have heard about the horrible ordeal of AOC, who was inches and seconds from a horrible, violent death, until we learned from one of her female colleagues whose office is two doors down from her, they were both in an entirely different building—not the capital—and none of the “insurrectionists” was ever on their floor.  One can scarcely imagine the horror and PTSD of a Beltway dweller being nowhere near any actual danger.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar, shouldn’t our “leaders” be made of sterner stuff?  Are such weaklings the best we can do?  What is their response to the legitimate concerns of the American people over election integrity?  They’ve walled themselves off and surrounded themselves with troops, who I am certain, gentle readers, think the people they surround fatuous asses.

It has taken Australian media to say about Temporary President Biden what we all know: he’s not mentally fit for the job and continues to fail.  And now we learn a large number of our elected representatives and associated bureaucrats are not dealing at all well with no real danger.  These are the people we depend upon to defend the Constitution, and our nation from foreign threats?  Seeing the mental deterioration of Temporary President Biden, and reading of this kind of mass cowardice, our foreign enemies must be wringing their hands and maniacally  laughing.

Were I a psychologist, my session with one of these special snowflakes would go something like this:

Dr. Scruluse: “I understand you’re the chief of staff for Congressman Foghorn?”

Ms. Pantywaist: “Yes I am Doctor.  It was so horrible!”

Dr. Scruluse: “I see.  Were you injured?”

Ms. Pantywaist: “Well, no…”

Dr. Scruluse: “Well, did you have to confront a rioter?”

Ms. Pantywaist: “Well no…”

Dr. Scruluse: “Did you actually see any rioters?”

Ms. Pantywaist: “Well no.  I wasn’t in the same building as the rioters…”

Dr. Scruluse:  “Not in the same building?  Where were you?”

Ms. Pantywaist: “Uh, a couple blocks away?”

Dr. Scruluse: “So Ms. Pantywaist, would it be accurate to say you were never in any actual danger?”

Ms. Pantywaist:  “Well, yes.  Doctor, what should I do?”

Dr. Scruluse:  “Cowgirl up.  That will be $500 dollars.”

Which is why I am not a psychologist.  Which is also why, knowing our self-imagined elite, ruling class for what they are, I fear for the future of our republic.