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Is Joe “the One” too?

January 20, 2021: Joseph R. Biden is inaugurated as Temporary President of the United States, Kamala Harris, President-in-Waiting.  As this is written, he has yet to complete his first month in office—many doubted he’d last this long—but the destruction he has wrought, and seeks to impose, has been amazing by any standard.  Some of it is, no doubt, a result of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a compulsion to destroy anything ever touched by Donald Trump and anyone and anything associated in any way with him.  If a policy he implemented is unquestionably good for Americans and America, all the better, for there is no quality by which the contemporary D/S/C may be more accurately known than a withering disdain for all that is America.

But what of the rest?  Is it a result of Biden’s rapidly advancing senility?  Is he merely a puppet?   Remember his muttering “I don’t know what I’m signing” on his first day’s executive order signing fest?  He’s obviously wearing an ear bud, as when he walked past two Marine Guards, someone obviously told him to “salute the Marines,” and instead, he said: “salute the Marines,” as he passed them, and of course, did not salute.

Regardless of the cause, he promises far, far worse.  Awaiting that, here are a small number of the destructive things he’s done, and is planning to do, in less than a month.

1) Biden is the first American President in 40 years to make no contact with the leadership of Israel, our most important and loyal ally, and the only Democracy, in the Middle East.  This should not be surprising, as the Obama/Biden Administration was overtly hostile to Israel and did all it could to strengthen Israel’s—and America’s most dangerous enemy: Iran.  This snub is particularly dangerous in light of the Abraham Accords, under which the Trump Administration achieved peace with many of Israel’s Arab neighbors.

Biden’s negligence does not bode well for Israel and American national security.  Biden’s Press Secretary, the hapless Jen Psaki, during a press conference, refused to confirm Israel and Saudi Arabia are important American allies.  A week later, Psaki grudgingly admitted Israel is an ally.

 And if that’s not sufficiently bad, Kamala Harris, excluding Joe Biden, is conducting one-on-one phone calls with foreign heads of state.  See what I mean by “President-In-Waiting”?

Pre-posting Update: Biden finally called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 28 days after taking office.

2) Iran: Biden shows every intention of returning to the Obama era foreign policy of damaging our allies and supporting our enemies.  Biden wants to return to the Iran deal, even though we now know beyond any doubt Iran never stopped working to obtain nuclear weapons, violating that ill-considered pact.  His policies would lead, at best, to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, and most likely, to a preemptive nuclear strike against Iran by Israel.  Israelis know when Iran says “death to Israel,” they mean it.  Biden apparently thinks when Iran says “death to America,” they’re chanting: “Joe, joe!”

NOTE:  As we continue, remember we’re in the middle of a pandemic.  Millions of Americans are out of work.  The economy is a shambles, and Biden is talking about mask mandates and continuing lock downs for at least another year.  The governors of some states—blue states—are determined to exercise dictatorial powers over their citizen’s lives, and Biden’s handlers are just as determined to tide them over with taxpayer dollars.

3) Soviet era travel restrictions:  Biden is proposing travel restrictions that would not only destroy what remains of the airline industry—and what remains of the economy–but would clearly violate the Constitution’s privileges and immunities clause.  The restrictions he is proposing are also targeted at Florida, whose Governor has embarrassed D/S/Cs across the nation by doing very well in every way in dealing with the Covid virus, where they have miserably failed.  Where are your papers, comrade?

4) Gun Control: Biden used the anniversary of the Parkland attack—the SMM Parkland archive is here–to threaten gun control measures that would, among other things, ban entire classes of firearms and magazines, open the floodgates to bogus lawsuits designed to bankrupt all firearm and ammunition makers, turn tens of millions into instant felons, and further hasten a skyrocketing crime rate.  This at a time when D/S/Cs across the nation are trying to abolish the police, and due to their incredible weakness on actual criminals, crime is running rampantBiden is threatening to use executive orders to get what he cannot get through Congress.  Not only would these measures violate the Second Amendment and the separation of powers, they would surely violate the constitutional prohibitions on ex post facto laws and takings.

5) Keystone XL Pipeline: Biden revoked the permits for the completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, throwing tens of thousands of Americans out of work, angering our Canadian partners, and actually endangering the environment by forcing the transportation of all that oil by rail and truck.  D/S/Cs are also clamoring to destroy the Dakota Access pipeline as well.  Energy prices have already begun to rise.

6) Fracking lies: Biden lied when he said he would not ban fracking.  He is doing just that, as well as stopping all new energy development leases on federal land.  This is especially damaging to western states like New Mexico and Wyoming.  New Mexicans are already experiencing bitter buyer’s remorse.  This will cost tens, even hundreds of thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly.

7) Biden revoked the Trump policy denying the Communist Chinese direct access to our electric grid.  What could go wrong?

8) Biden revoked the Trump policy requiring reporting from colleges and universities involved with Communist China’s Confucius Institute.  This is a front for the Chinese Communist Party, which has used these relationships for propaganda, anti-American indoctrination, espionage, and stealing American scientific and industrial secrets.

9) Open Borders: Biden has abolished ICE without actually abolishing ICE.  His lackeys have ordered ICE agents not to do their jobs.  He has stopped all construction on the border wall.  He is opening the borders, and requiring no Covid vetting of illegal immigrants.  He is moving to make as many as 30 million illegals already in America voting citizens.  Again, remember millions of Americans are out of work and still laboring under draconian Covid restrictions. These illegals will be competing with unemployed Americans for jobs.

10) Minimum wage: Congressional D/S/Cs, and Biden, are pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage that will destroy innumerable small businesses, and force employers like McDonald’s to replace workers with machines.  Entry level jobs have never been intended to provide a living wage, but D/S/Cs don’t care.

11) Eternal masking: Biden is pushing mask mandates, and the draconian infringement of American’s rights that go with them, for at least another year.

12) War on Americans: Biden Administration officials and congressional democrats are working to label Americans that do not fully agree with and praise Administration policy domestic terrorists.  They’ve already labeled them racists and white supremacists.  Most recently, they—and Biden–are claiming former police officers and military members are “fueling” white supremacy.  This is an excuse for totalitarian crackdowns on the exercise of Constitutional rights.

13) Trans “rights”: Biden is elevating the demands of a tiny group of confused and arguably mentally disturbed men over the rights of girls and women.

14) Military Social Experimentation: Biden is turning our military, once again, into a social experimentation laboratory whose main focus, rather than defending America, will be on fighting climate change and systemic racism.  What could go wrong?

15) Praetorian Guard: Washington DC continues to be an armed camp, the Capital surrounded by fences, razor wire, and National Guard troops.  The most recent signals from the Administration indicate Biden plans to keep our troops there until the Fall, at least.  Thus far, keeping the Guard there has cost nearly a half billion dollars.  DC looks like the capital of a banana republic.

16) Green New Deal: This is among the most comprehensive and destructive policies Biden and D/S/Cs are pushing.  Its effects would be felt in every aspect of American’s lives.  It goes far beyond “fighting” climate change, which we have neither the power nor the technology to do.  The astronomical amounts they want to spend would bankrupt the nation and enrich D/S/Cs cronies and corrupt regimes around the world while having no effect whatever on the climate.

Even better, Biden is being pushed—as though that were necessary—to declare a “climate emergency,” which would allow him to assume dictatorial powers even more far reaching than those assumed by Covid-drunk governors.  What could go wrong?

These, gentle readers, are merely a few of the destructive policies Biden—actually, his handlers–has enacted or is working to enact in less than a month in office.  Not one of these policies in any way helps individual Americans or the economy.  Not one supports or strengthens individual liberty.  Not one gives our allies confidence in America’s intentions toward them, or in our reliability in defending freedom.  Not one gives anyone confidence that our President is mentally fit for the job.  What are the odds not a single policy would be of benefit to America?  It’s almost as though Biden were an enemy rather than POTUS.

This, gentle readers, is apparently Biden’s bad idea of unity.