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A variety of seemingly unrelated things are converging to provide lessons for those paying attention.  First there was global cooling.  That didn’t work out, so climate hustlers changed to global warming.  That didn’t work out, so now we have climate change, which means everything and nothing.  No snow?  Climate change.  Snow?  Climate change.  No hurricanes?  Climate change.  Hurricanes?  Climate change.  Hot weather?  Climate change.  Cold weather?  Climate change.  A fly in one’s tea?  Climate change.  Torn socks?  Climate change.  And now with the miraculous new ingredient: existential! More than twice as existential as the old formula!

Colliding head on with climate change is the necessity to deprogram, reprogram or reeducate the simply billions of domestic terrorist/Trump supporters out there just waiting to do terrible things to the only intelligent and moral beings in America: D/S/Cs.

But what if the deplorable domestic terrorists aren’t really all that terroristic?  What if they’re actually kind and altruistic?  What’s a card-carrying D/S/C to do?  Rod Dreher, at The American Conservative, pursues that vexing conundrum:

Virginia Heffernan
credit: simonandschustercanada

Los Angeles Times columnist Virginia Heffernan, who lives in Brooklyn Heights but who lives somewhere rurally to escape Covid, recently had a dilemma: her Trump-loving neighbors did something nice for her. She doesn’t know what the right thing to do about it is.

Now, stop right there. Normal people don’t have this problem. Normal people think, aww, how nice, and start thinking of ways to return the kindness. But normal people are not Harvard-educated New York-based liberal journalists. Hence Heffernan’s revealing column. Excerpts:

‘Oh, heck no. The Trumpites next door to our pandemic getaway, who seem as devoted to the ex-president as you can get without being Q fans, just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.

How am I going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness?

Of course, on some level, I realize I owe them thanks — and, man, it really looks like the guy back-dragged the driveway like a pro — but how much thanks?

These neighbors are staunch partisans of blue lives, and there aren’t a lot of anything other than white lives in neighborhood.

This is also kind of weird. Back in the city, people don’t sweep other people’s walkways for nothing.

Neighbors being helpful to each other “kind of weird”?  What projection.  Heffernan continues:

On Jan. 6, after the insurrection, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) issued an aw-shucks plea for all Americans to love their neighbors. The United States, he said, ‘isn’t Hatfields and McCoys, this blood feud forever.’ And, he added, ‘You can’t hate someone who shovels your driveway.’

At the time, I seethed; the Capitol had just been desecrated. But maybe my neighbor heard Sasse and was determined to make a bid for reconciliation

So here’s my response to my plowed driveway, for now. Politely, but not profusely, I’ll acknowledge the Sassian move. With a wave and a thanks, a minimal start on building back trust. I’m not ready to knock on the door with a covered dish yet.

I also can’t give my neighbors absolution; it’s not mine to give. Free driveway work, as nice as it is, is just not the same currency as justice and truth. To pretend it is would be to lie, and they probably aren’t looking for absolution anyway.

“Free driveway work, as nice as it is, is just not the same currency as justice and truth”?!  Ms. Heffernan obviously inhabits some other reality, which is to be expected.  D/S/Cs create their own reality, full of their own “truths” and “social,” not actual justice, and expect everyone else to live in it.  I’m tempted to write “who thinks like this, really?” but the answer is obvious: many D/S/Cs, who analyze everything through the clouded lens of wokitude, political purity and virtue signaling.  Thus does Heffernan believe her neighbors, whose names she likely does not know, and who probably have no idea who Ben Sasse is, expect her to in some way promote Bidenesque “unity” and to anxiously seek her validation to enter the human race.  I mean, who shovels other people’s driveways unbidden anyway?  These guys:

Did they care about the political leanings of the people they helped?  Would it have so much as occurred to them?  They saw a need, had the ability to take care of it, and rather than waiting for government, or cursing those who don’t expect government to provide for their every need, handled it.  Just to further the point a bit, let’s examine one more example of D/S/C thought, this time via The Federalist:

Former White House Deputy Press Secretary T.J. Ducklo resigned on Saturday evening following backlash for sexually denigrating a female reporter who asked him questions about his romantic relationship with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond, who frequently writes about Vice President Kamala Harris and the Biden administration.

‘No words can express my regret, my embarrassment, and my disgust for my behavior,’ Ducklo said in his official resignation statement, noting that he ‘embarrassed and disappointed’ the new administration greatly. ‘I used language no woman should ever have to hear from anyone, especially in a situation where she was just trying to do her job. It was language that was abhorrent, disrespectful, and unacceptable.’

One day before his resignation, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suspended Ducklo for one week with no pay after a report from Vanity Fair exposed his derogatory comments towards Politico’s Tara Palmeri. The comments included threatening to ‘destroy’ her if the corporate media outlet chose to run a story on the potential conflicts of interest stemming from Ducklo’s relationship with McCammond and claiming Palmeri was just ‘jealous’ of ‘an unidentified man in the past who had ‘wanted to f-ck’ McCammond ‘and not you.’

Psaki later admitted during her Friday afternoon press briefing that she knew about the incident long before the story was published. Many, including multiple reporters, criticized her punishment for Ducklo as merely a slap on the wrist.

Having moved back to Wyoming after retirement, and being considerably older than I was the last time I lived there, I bought, for the first time in my life, a snow thrower.  It’s a lovely thing.  I always do research before buying expensive items, and the Husqvarna machine (header photo) was highly rated, which makes sense, as the Swedes are good engineers, and they certainly know snow.  It took me a few snowfalls to master the machine and adjust it properly, but it purrs like a kitten, starts on the first pull, and does a good job.

The neighbors on either side of us are nice people.  Like virtually everyone in Wyoming, they’re hard working people.  I haven’t a clue of their politics, nor does it occur to me to ask such things upon meeting anyone.  Character generally is not absolutely reflected in one’s political beliefs, though sadly, D/S/Cs seem determined to make it so.  Should the issue ever come up, I’ll be glad to discuss things calmly and rationally, though to be fair, one can pretty much safely assume one’s Wyoming neighbors aren’t flaming leftists.

Anyway, our homes are laid out so our sidewalks are in front, and our driveways, in back.  When it’s time to roll out the snow thrower, I do their driveways and their sidewalks as well as mine.  Why?  (1) I have the machine out and warmed up; (2) Getting enough exercise during the winter is always a struggle; (3) It’s a good thing to do; (4) Why not?  I’m retired; I have the time.

On the days they get to it before I do, they do the same, and I’m sure, for pretty much the same reasons, and when we chance upon each other in our comings and goings, we chat amiably, thank each other, and with a smile, go about our lives.

But not Ms. Heffernan, who obviously spends much of her life in misery and suspicion, pondering the motives and values of those around her, and deciding how or whether to engage with them—or not—based on her analysis of their politics.  Are they worthy? If she is kind in return, does that validate their systemically racist, white supremacist, domestic terrorist beliefs?   Only D/S/Cs, only people with the right political beliefs can be kind.  But what happens when Normals are kind?  How can this be?  Only exalted beings like other D/S/Cs are worthy of the glory of her time and attention, but just this once, she’ll condescend to thank them for an unbidden service for which they expect nothing at all, but she’ll be damned it she’ll acknowledge their humanity.  A mere driveway shoveling isn’t in the same category as truth and justice–two things about which she, and others of her exalted class, is uniquely qualified to judge–after all.

And what of Mr. Ducklo?  He, among the elite of the self-imagined elite, working in a D/S/C White House that is really going to give it to the Normals good and hard, that is mandated by fate and the bending of the arc of social justice to fundamentally transform the world, did no more than Joe Biden and the rest are doing to Americans every day.  He surely said no more than they say in private, knowing no one will leak on them as their brethren did to Donald Trump. He had every reason to believe a reporter wouldn’t dare expose him for the angry, vicious leftist he is–until she did.

Is he truly sorry for his actions?  One might reasonably believe he is sorry he got caught, and in a rare moment when ethics actually had to appear to matter in the Harris Administration, ran afoul of them.  He is sorry his lack of character was revealed, and he’s sorry he lost his job.  I’m sure Jen Psaki is sorry she had to fire a fellow traveler over something as petty as putting a lesser being in her rightful place.

Out here in flyover country, in the meantime, neighbors shovel each other’s driveways and do a thousand small kindnesses, expecting nothing other than the self-satisfaction they derive from such tender mercies.  These are Americans, and these are American values.  This, not the “values” of such as Heffernan and Ducklo, is why millions are desperate to leave their nations to live in America.  This is why, should D/S/Cs push us into civil war, I’ve no doubt of the outcome.  While the blue states are conducting political purity purges and bayonetting their wounded, the always denigrated denizens of the red states will be pulling together, helping each other, and practicing actual tolerance.

Now please excuse me; I have to check my Swedish snow thrower’s oil and gas levels and tire pressure.  It can snow pretty much anytime hereabouts…