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For some five years, an epidemic of unprecedented virulence has stalked the land.  At least half the population has been susceptible to this contagion.  The symptoms have been striking: raging, uncontrollable hatred, leading to hypertension, paranoia, unreasonable fears, the utter destruction of emotional stability, and the complete collapse of ethical standards.  Those afflicted have been compelled to completely abandon moral and legal standards in the pursuit of the destruction of the object of their hatred and anyone or anything associated with it.  Simultaneously, while destroying every societal norm in the pursuit of their demons, they are compelled to accuse everyone else of doing the same.  Particularly noticeable has been a reaction, akin to that of a vampire confronted by a crucifix, to the Constitution, the rule of law, and any accountability for upholding either.  Uncontrollable verbal outbursts, such as: “racist,” “white supremacist,” “domestic terrorist,” Normal American,” “shut up,” and recently, seditionist” and “insurrectionist” are common in the end stages of the disease.

In the end stages, the afflicted become even more agitated and self-righteous, and attempt to raise taxes, impose insane and destructive regulations, destroy energy independence, America’s health care system, the American military and national security, and threaten to “deprogram,” reeducate,” and throw Normal Americans into vaguely envisioned camps (gulags).  Politician worship increases to such an alarming degree, even the wives of politicians are described in god-like terms for mundane acts, such as wearing a scrunchie on a ponytail.  The end is imminent when the afflicted begin to not only demonstrate a psychosexual affection for China, but begin to do whatever they can to advance China’s interests.  They can often be found insensate, lying in alleys and gutters, surrounded by empty bottles of soy sauce and the ruins of Chinese takeout.

Those suffering most are diagnosed with a manic compulsion to impeach, as often as possible, the President of the United States, even if he is not actually the President of the United States.  Preliminary studies indicate once the virus has damaged the brain in this way, there is no possibility of regaining a moral, legal, ethical compass, and reasoned analysis and argument is impossible.

The affliction:  Trump Derangement Syndrome.

January 6, 2021: An enormous crowd gathered at the Capital Building.  Among the thousands were a handful of agitators.  As we now know, Antifa, BLM and other anti-American groups were present and participating.  The riot began long before President Trump stopped speaking a long way away.  While some broke windows and did other minor damage, many were let in by Capital police.  Most stayed between the velvet ropes, viewing the sights and taking photos.  Some few were aggressive and fought with police.

The media and D/S/Cs (I know: same thing) continue to solemnly intone “five people were killed!”  In that number, they include Officer Brian Sicknick, who was said to have been bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher.  We now know that didn’t happen, and the other deaths, with the exception of one, who appears to have been trampled, were due to medical events, such as heart attacks and strokes.  The sole actual criminally prosecutable death was Ashi Babbit, a military veteran gunned down by some suit-clad, cufflink-wearing official.  She was unarmed and doing nothing threatening to anyone when shot in the neck from close range.  We do not know the identity of who shot her, or anything else about the investigation/cover up.

Two Capital Police officers committed suicide(?) not long after January 6, but we know nothing about the circumstances of their deaths.  Were they merely coincidental, or in some way connected with the events or their aftermath?  If so, “official source” aren’t saying. 

The mini-riot was no insurrection.  Everyone left within a few hours and the Congress resumed its business.  Nothing was set ablaze, and we now know it was planned long before January 6, yet many still characterize it as a horror unprecedented in American history.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to establish a 9-11 like commission.  D/S/C congress dwellers continue to speak of their close brushes with a horrible death, as though they were there at the Battle of the Bulge, at Pearl Harbor—to which some have actually compared it—Rourke’s Drift, the 300 at Thermopylae, Gettysburg, or perhaps even the Little Big Horn.  AOC was particularly melodramatic and pathetic in speaking of her imminent doom, until a Freshman congresswoman pointed out AOC was in an entirely separate building, her office was only two down from AOC’s, they had constant police protection, and no rioters set foot on their floor that day.

Yes, there was possible danger, but we now know not a single congressman was attacked, or ever in actual danger of physical harm.  Despite knowing of the possibility of trouble in advance, despite President Trump offering the National Guard—in advance—nothing was done to increase the presence of the Capital Police, who admirably did their jobs at a disadvantage.  Who was responsible for Capital safety?  Nancy Pelosi.

A question Sen. Ted Cruz would have liked to have asked the House Managers…

So what was the impetus for the second impeachment?  Terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Congress critters enraged by the presumption of the proles.  It’s one thing to turn American cities into third world war zones, to torch businesses and destroy everything Americans worked for decades to build, to destroy the economies of cities, to assault, burn, rob and murder innocents.  That’s politically useful, hence a good thing, and many D/S/Cs not only encouraged it, but actively supported it, like VP Kamala Harris who actually raised money to bail rioters out of jail, many of which committed similar crimes after being loosed on those communities.

No, they found no fault in any of that, but how dare those, those TRUMP SUPPORTERS—the words cause them physical pain and deepen their raging TDS–express their political opinions!?  How dare they come to congress critter’s place of work and cause a commotion?  Who do they think they are?  Citizens?!  That was the last straw, and even better, they could pin it on Trump, who was leaving office in days.  Rational people would have settled for flaming political rhetoric, but—TDS.  So unquenchable was—and is—their hatred for Normal Americans who have been represented by Trump, they just had to take one more, futile and stupid swing at Normals through Trump.

More unasked Cruz questions…

So in a single day, they impeached Trump, and some Republicans went along.  They’ve always hated Trump too, but they feared the voters. With Trump almost out the door, and the realization they no longer had to depend on voters—they could just cheat!—they suddenly discovered scruples, and had to vote to impeach Trump to save the Republic from a man who would be out of office within days.  If they didn’t, Trump would destroy the world!  There was no due process, no investigation, a hastily and incompetently drawn indictment, no witnesses, nothing, just blinding hate and rage.

D/S/Cs are very good at keeping their members in line.  They won’t break ranks no matter the issue.  If one of their member, say a presidential candidate, were filmed serially groping and sniffing little girls and women over many years, they would vilify Republicans for mentioning it, and close ranks around the pedophile groper.  Republicans, on the other hand, excel at bayonetting their wounded on the political battlefield, and crowing about their virtue in so doing.  As I’ve written, that’s a calculation likely to be expensive to some Republicans whose hatred of Trump far outweighed their fidelity to the Constitution, like Liz Cheney of Wyoming.  

Even so, Sen. Rand Paul forced a vote, and 45 Republicans affirmed a Senate trial violated the Constitution.  The Senate has no authority to remove from office someone who no longer holds the office.  The outcome of the trial was preordained.  Yet the farce went on.

D/S/C threats forced several lawyers hired by President Trump to withdraw at the last minute, yet he was able to hire several able lawyers, also at the last, last minute.  D/S/Cs used to be staunch defenders of the Bill of Rights, particularly of the rights of the accused and the First Amendment.  Now they think the Bill of Rights has various exceptions to be discovered and invoked at future political convenience, when they acknowledge the existence of individual rights at all.

The farce was mercifully brief.  D/S/Cs had no case, so they relied on emotion and fraudulently edited video montages.  Look! Rioters in the capital!  In the holy of holies!  They were in the halls!  They weren’t smiling!  Some of them were mean!  They broke stuff and threw papers around!  They–gasp–sat in Nancy Pelosi’s chair!  Surely that is enough to make any Senator vote to burn Trump at the stake, even though there is no proof he in any way incited the pale excuse for a riot!  It’s like Iwo Jima, WW! Trench warfare!  The Ia Drang Valley!

In only 2.5 hours, Trump’s lawyers exposed their fraud, and played video clips of many of them saying far worse, using language far more likely to incite riots, yet even so, they argued they were protected by the First Amendment, just as Mr. Trump’s speech was.  They destroyed D/S/Cs fanciful case.  It was real lawyers against angry pre-school children.

As was obvious before the impeachment frenzy began, there were not enough votes in the Senate to convict, though seven corrupt Republicans did vote for conviction.  Liz Cheney, censured by the Wyoming GOP Party, and burned by the anger of most Wyomingites, dared not join them–that time.  The entire exercise amounted to a moment of political masturbation, yet there was no joy, no pleasure to be derived.  Donald Trump–accursed Normals–beat them—again—twice, and the roughly half the electorate he represented were vindicated.

It is unsurprising, which is also tragic, that temporary President Joe Biden, obviously raging about the defeat, pushed his unique brand of “unity”:

The spectacle was not entirely without value.  It exposed Republicans that desperately need removal from office, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who clearly always hated Trump, but also clearly loves power.  Republican voters will be more than glad to oblige.

D/S/Cs still don’t get it.  Cynical as they are, they remain incapable of introspection.  Normal Americans don’t worship politicians.  The legal, ethical issues involved were not, for them, about Donald Trump, who they’ve always recognized as a flawed, human vessel.  They like Trump because he actually upheld his oath of office, kept his promises, and shared their love of the Constitution, the rule of law, and most of all, of America.  He put America first.  This remains a hateful thing to D/S/Cs, but Normal Americans can’t imagine why every President shouldn’t have this as their fundamental, indispensable principle.  They would support anyone that did this.

It is, of course, not over.  D/S/Cs must destroy Donald Trump, his family and everyone in any way associated with him.  They will use every weaponized arm of the Federal government in this pursuit, and should they kill him, they will regularly exhume his corpse and kill it again.

credit: babylonbee

The delicious irony is, Normal Americans, through the flawed vehicle of Donald J. Trump, beat them again.  That’s why D/S/Cs remain insane.