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From time to time, I post the thoughts of readers on a variety of topics.  This article, which sounds the alarm bells over D/S/C efforts to purge the non-politically reliable from the ranks of those holding security clearances, is a case in point. It follows and builds upon SecDef Austin: Purge!  The author, who reasonably asks to remain anonymous, self describes as: “a career officer [who has] held a Top Secret clearance for decades and [has] never seen language like this used to adjudicate granting or holding a clearance.”

Before we get into the article, let’s take a moment to anchor us in this point in time. Yesterday, Gropin’ Joe Biden had a two hour phone conversation with China’s Communist President, Xi Jinping.  Imagine that “conversation” gentle readers.  Joe can’t remain coherent for ten minutes in a prepared, teleprompter speech.  Not long ago he mocked–”c’mon Man”—the very idea China could eat America’s lunch.  Yesterday, after the phone call, he changed his tune: “We don’t get moving, they’re going to eat our lunch.”  Obviously, Jinping not only ate Biden’s lunch, he stole his lunch money for the next four years too.

In the dim, clouded recesses of what remains of Biden’s intellect, even he apparently understood how woefully overmatched he is against America’s most relentless geopolitical enemy.  China plans for the long term, centuries; Biden can’t remember what he just said.  Lord only knows what “get moving” means to Biden.  Waste trillions on climate change and chasing ephemeral racists, certainly.  Destroy our economy and military readiness, to be sure.  Politicize and weaponize the federal government against the states and individual Americans, but of course!  Turn America into a socialist banana republic?  What else?  Si vis pacem, para bellum–Prepare for war to ensure peace?  You must be joking.  What must Xi Jinping, who most certainly is not senile, think of Biden, and by extension, of America, after that phone call?  He’s surely hitting the accelerator for world domination.

Read on, gentle readers, and see one of the paths to national dissolution laid in preparation for Biden.

As a liberal or a conservative, I think you’ll agree the left seems to be much better at playing politics than the right.  For the uninitiated, chess games take place in three phases:  the opening, middle game, and end game.  In the opening, both players develop their pieces by putting each piece on a square best suited for its unique characteristics while putting their king in a safe place.  In chess parlance, I’d say we are probably about to enter the end-game phase in the battle for our country.

The progressive left started ‘developing’ their pieces early in the 20th century while the conservative right sat there and played with the checker pieces that came in the box set.  Some of the main development moves by the left were: building a welfare state under the guise of social justice programs; the indoctrination of our youth–future generations–by infiltrating colleges and universities; and building an ever bigger government using the military industrial complex by keeping us in endless wars–all the while protecting their King.  Their true intent?  Turning America into Europe.

After decades of attacking the right’s “pawn structure” (rights and values), by undermining the family, attacking religion, taking control of the media and the courts, they are now preparing to take direct aim at our King—the Constitution.  Every one of our God-given rights, as described in the Bill of Rights, is under attack.  Freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, right of assembly, right to due process are all on the verge of being taken off the board—the examples of how this is true are just too numerous to list here.

As the end of the middle game nears, they now bring out their Queen (cancel culture)–the most powerful piece on their side of the board.  From her, no one is safe.  Try to speak up—you’ll be silenced –blocked by big tech–or shouted down as racist, homophobic or misogynistic.  Try to protest—you’ll be arrested or doxed and lose your job–or both.  Try to hide; you can’t because everything you do is monitored and they control all aspects of government.  They even have non-government entities to attack you (see Bank of America).  Try to live your life the way YOU want to—no way!  You must conform.  They control the very words, even the pronouns you are allowed to use.  Your wants, needs, opinion, values mean absolutely nothing.

As you sit there on your little square and look out across the board—every piece is staring you down.  Every aspect of your life has been weaponized to use against you, because the left has been busy ‘developing’ its pieces for decades.  Their newest weapon is aimed at every conservative that works in the government or serves in the military.  Back in 2017, one of the last acts of the then Director of National Security, James (lied under oath) Clapper was a very clever development move that went largely un-noticed.  He signed a Security Executive Agent Directive 4 entitled ‘National Security Adjudicative Guidelines.”  The stated purpose of the directive was to ‘establish a single, common adjudicative criteria for all covered individuals who require initial or continued eligibility for access to classified information.’  It also superseded the previous Directive 3.   Seems fairly innocuous, but it’s anything but, as we will see in the coming months.

There is a tactic in chess called ‘the discovered attack.’  It’s when a powerful piece hides behind a lesser piece, aiming down a diagonal, rank, or file.  Then, suddenly, the minor piece moves away to attack some other piece, clearing the way for the discovered attack to occur at the same time.  That is exactly what is happening here.  Directive 4 was put on the books, just one year after Clapper signed Directive 3, with an entire section called ‘Guideline A:  Allegiance to the United States’ added, with language that was not in any of the previous directives.  It just sat there for years, right under the nose of the Trump appointed DNI—waiting for the right time to bring it to bear.

Clearly, the criteria were not used when Clinton had a server in her bathroom, routinely used for transmitting classified information.  Nor was it used against her chief of staff, when classified material was found on the Weiner laptop.  No, that was not the right time, but the time is coming.

The carefully worded criteria uses lofty language such as, ‘. . . association or sympathy[emphasis mine] with persons or organizations that advocate, threaten or use force or violence, or use any other illegal or unconstitutional means, in an effort to:  1) Overthrow or influence [emphasis mine] the U.S. Government or any state or local government.  2) Prevent Federal, state or local government personnel from performing their official duties.  3) Gain retribution for perceived wrongs caused by the Federal, state or local government.  4) Prevent others from exercising their rights under the Constitution or laws of the United States or any state.”  It’s as if DNI Clapper knew exactly what was coming.

So, what does all that government-speak really mean?  Well, it means whatever the left wants it to mean—that’s the point.  The criteria will be applied only against the enemy: conservatives.  The left has shown the criteria certainly don’t apply to Democrat members of Congress who openly support Antifa—whose stated goals are the overthrow of local and federal governments.  It certainly doesn’t apply to those who support using illegal surveillance to stop a President from performing his Constitutional duties.  But, if you are a Trump supporter or even just a conservative working in government—watch out.

You might ask, what exactly constitutes the deliberately broad/vague term ‘sympathy?’  I don’t know, but I can guarantee, showing sympathy for an unarmed Air Force veteran (killed by government law enforcement) will not be viewed in the same light as bailing out a Molotov cocktail wielding, ‘mostly peaceful protestor’ trying to burn down a Federal Courthouse.

What about ‘gain retribution’?  Isn’t retribution for perceived wrongs committed by various governments a stated goal of Antifa and BLM?  A word to the wise–If you have a security clearance, know this: you can support or show sympathy for Antifa and BLM, but don’t you dare wear a MAGA  hat or march with the Tea Party.  Equity or equal treatment will be in short supply for you my friend.

This new, powerful chess piece will be used to purge conservatives from the ranks of the government and military—mark my words.  Once they ‘prove’ Trump guilty of seditious acts in the kangaroo court of impeachment, even a tweet or a comment, deemed ‘sympathetic’ on Facebook will be grounds for losing your clearance.  By the way, don’t expect the Director of the FBI to let you off the hook because you didn’t ‘show intent.’

The end game in chess is simply the side with superior material remaining, chasing down the opponent’s king until it has no place to go.  The left has many, many powerful pieces still on the board—all staring down the conservative right’s one lone piece: the Constitution.  Due to unconstitutional, but strategic changes in election laws and the inexorable change in the country’s demographics (by the unfettered migration of millions into the country), America will soon be a one-party country.  Elections won’t help— a fair election is what the left says it is.  Forget about the courts—you won’t have standing, and the Supreme Court will soon be a mini-congress made up of mostly far-left judges.  The right’s King, the Constitution will gradually be pushed in a corner until, finally—check mate.  What remains of the conservative right will then be told to take your checker pieces and play tiddlywinks in the corner—until we come for you too.

This is a matter of extraordinary importance.  A great many people, of necessity, have security clearances, not only in the military, but law enforcement and many civilians in government and industry, particularly the defense industry.  Because they deal with sensitive, even top secret materials, they must be carefully vetted.  But just as Joe Biden doesn’t support allowing our military to be armed against actual CONUS terrorist threats, he doesn’t support retaining the qualified and honest, but politically unreliable.

James Clapper
credit: powerline

The execrable James Clapper, who lied under oath and suffered nothing for it, is very much a D/S/C thug.  Note in his formulation, anyone who seeks to “influence” government will be denied a security clearance.  Isn’t trying to influence government what the First Amendment was written to protect?

What Clapper has done is provide the Harris Administration with the tools necessary to purge the politically unreliable from the ranks of those with security clearances.  Many military jobs, for example—known as “military occupational specialties”–MOS—require security clearances.  If one suspects someone is not politically reliable, revoke or deny their security clearance, and instantly unable to meet the requirements of the job they’ve already done for years, they’re gone.

In so doing, oversight of governmental abuses is eliminated, since no one will be in a position to know the truth about sensitive matters at the highest, most secret, levels of government.  This, by breaking down our systemic checks and balances, will make it much easier to eliminate Constitutional rights.  The damage will be done before anyone can object.  Doing this to the military will eliminate most of the tactically competent personnel, leaving only politically reliable toadies.  They’ll be hell on wheels on combatting climate change and systemic racism, and on paper, formidable against honest American citizens, but fighting wars against our enemies?  We will have gone full pajama boy.  Never go full pajama boy.

The glorious socialist revolution marches on.

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