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Barack Obama started it; newly minted Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is apparently on course to finish it.  

During the eight years of the Obama Administration, warriors were forced out of the officer corps as our military was turned into a social experimentation laboratory.  Our servicemen and women fought climate change and were indoctrinated in Critical Race Theory, and to accomplish those all-important missions, it was necessary to ensure the leadership of our armed forces were politically reliable.  As a result, training and readiness suffered.  Aircraft became hanger queens for lack of spare parts.  Our Marines were forced to scrounge aircraft bone yards, and even an F/A-18A parked at the USS Yorktown Museum for parts, and ammunition of all kinds was in short supply, limiting necessary live fire training, while domestic federal agencies stocked up on arms and ammunition and formed SWAT teams.

The Trump years reversed the ammunition and training drought, raised military pay, and eventually banned racist indoctrination (Biden has restored it), but the severe lack of war fighters in leadership positions remains a problem.  Chair bourn commandos have always been a bane in the military, but Obama turned a significant part of the leadership of our forces into sycophantic pajama boys.  That’s not something easily or quickly fixed.  With the installation of General Lloyd Austin as Defense Secretary, the Harris Administration—Joe Biden, spokesgaffe—seems to have found a real, politically reliable, social justice, race warrior, and he’s up to date on all the latest D/S/C acronyms, terminology and indoctrination techniques.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday ordered U.S. military commanders at every single unit across the force to focus for the next 60 days on discussing extremism with service members.

‘Today, I met with senior leaders to discuss extremism in the military. As a first step, I’m ordering a stand down to occur over the next 60 days so each service, each command and each unit can have a deeper conversation about this issue. It comes down to leadership. Everyone’s,’ he tweeted Wednesday.

Austin, the department’s first black defense secretary, had vowed during his confirmation hearing on January 19, 2021, to ‘rid our ranks of racists and extremists.’

Pentagon officials say they are not sure yet how big the problem of extremism in the military is.

Such “conversations” always amount to “shut up, you racist!”  While our military is wasting training time engaged in D/S/C purification rituals, our enemies are laughing their totalitarian asses off.  And this while keeping some 7000 members of our National Guard surrounding the Capital at the cost of at least a half billion dollars through march.  As the late Senator Everett Dirkson said:

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.

According to the New York Times, the FBI notified the Department of Defense it had opened criminal investigations involving 143 current or former service members in 2020. Of those, 68 were related to domestic extremism cases, and one-quarter of those were associated with white nationalism.

There are approximately 1.3 million active-duty members and reservists in the U.S. military.

In other words, if one can trust the FBI, the potential problem for which Austin is shutting down our military doesn’t amount to even a rounding error.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby cited the protests at the Capitol on January 6 to contest the results of the 2020 presidential election, where some pro-Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building and engaged in violence with police.

He said the presence of veterans and active-duty service members at the protests was a ‘wake-up call’ for the Pentagon.

To rational military leaders it should be a wake up call about the horrific and unconstitutional dangers of using our military to do the work of the police.  It’s an issue I recently raised in Guarding DC: It Won’t Work.  Non-political, professional soldiers know our political class hates them and the police, and is using them for nefarious purposes.  Political ass kissers delight in the opportunity to build illicit promotion points.  It is at once encouraging and tragic a freshman congresswomen has more sense than the entire Harris administration:

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) called the stand down a ‘political litmus test’ for the military.

‘Biden’s Defense Secretary ordered a 60 day service-wide stand down to address ‘extremism’ within the US Military. This is nothing but a political litmus test of our brave men & women. It is obscene & dangerous to use soldiers who risk their lives for America as political pawns,’ Boebert tweeted.

‘We can hardly be surprised by these political litmus tests given Biden’s political vetting of the 26,000 National Guard troops in DC for his inauguration. I spoke up, as did many others, warning that would open up a very dangerous precedent & less than a month later here it is,’ she added.

Boebert is smart enough to carry a concealed handgun while living in one of the most dangerous, lawless cities in America, so her view should not be surprising.  In this, and much else, the devil is in the details.  What, exactly, will constitute evidence of racism?  What will constitute extremism?  If the military uses the same standards as universities and the Harris administration, all that will be necessary to dishonorably discharge one of our troops is a vague, unproven accusation, someone looking at someone the wrong way, or engaging in a microaggression.  Or worst of all, anyone not all in for D/S/C philosophy.

Will General Austin rely on snitches, or will the military dig into the browsing history or social media comments of every member of our military?  Will our intelligence agencies focus on this rather than keeping an eye on our enemies?  Its likely, as Biden, Harris and a wide variety of D/S/Cs have said America’s most deadly enemies are within—conservatives—including our military.

This witch hunt assumes our troops cannot honor their oaths.  If they are conservative, they are a deadly danger to Joe Biden and all D/S/Cs, and must be canceled, deprogrammed or reprogrammed. Of course, D/S/C troops are assumed to be politically reliable, though D/S/Cs hate and distrust our police and military.

In this case, years of honorable service will not matter at all.  If someone claims a given troop is a racist or extremist, there will be no possible evidence to prove otherwise.  The greatest danger is the majority of military men and women are white:

Nearly 70% of active duty personnel are white men, and nearly 54% are white women.  This will provide a fertile field for reaping racism and extremism, because minorities, by definition, cannot possibly be racist.  Is this actually necessary?  Are our NCOs and officers unable to detect racism or extremism that interferes with good military order and discipline?  Are they unable to use the UCMJ to deal with actual racism and extremism?  Of course they’re not, and they deal with such things every day.  But that’s not enough for an administration that claims every American institution is systemically racist, so a sufficient number of racists must be found to support the narrative.  The demand for actual racism far exceeds the supply, so President-in-Waiting Harris is, like a good communist, going to manufacture the supply.

Is raising concerns about this a conspiracy theory?  Barack Obama worked hard to remove warriors from our military.  This is more of the same, only farther along the path to despotism.  This is a purge, an attempt to build a Praetorian Guard, utterly loyal to the maximum ruler and willing to oppress and kill fellow Americans on command.  Perhaps this is a conspiracy theory, but if one were going to build a Praetorian Guard, this is how they’d go about it.  Interesting coincidence, that.

Our military is not a threat to Americans, but a military that is not politically reliable, that would refuse to repress and kill innocent Americans on command, is a deadly danger to D/S/Cs and their plans.

This is not the only danger to our military.  President-in-Waiting Harris has repealed President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military. 

This will reduce readiness, drain scarce training funds that will surely become even more scarce under Harris, and with the ranks of most of our soldiers depleted when they are suddenly discovered to be racist, white supremacist, extremist domestic terrorists, our military will fall back to the weakness of the Obama years.  Actually, it will be worse.  Which white men and women will enlist in a military that will dishonorably discharge them for no reason at all?  Who will enlist in a military that fights climate change and non-existent systemic racism rather than America’s actual enemies?

If a president were trying to weaken our military, it’s hard to see how they would do anything different.

UPDATE, 02-11-21, 1115 MT:  Scott Johnson at Powerline posts a brief article on Gropin’ Joe Biden’s visit to the Pentagon.  If Biden’s intention was to ally fears the Commander In Chief was not up to the job, well, you decide:

With a vacant look in his eyes, Biden observes: ‘Before I begin, I have some welcome news that the Saudi government has released a prominent human rights activist, Loujain al-Hathlou — -loul — excuse me, l-o-u-l — from prison.” That’s loul — not lol. Silence!

A bit further into his remarks Biden refers to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as ‘Senator Austin.’ Biden stares vacantly into the prompter persists throughout. He occasionally slurs his speech. He occasionally misreads his text. ‘I will never, ever dishonest you — dishonor you,’ he vows at one point. He pronounces Tuskegee with a hard ‘g’ and then a soft ‘g.’ ‘Sorties’ becomes ‘sortays.’ I wonder what the little boy who said the emperor hasn’t got anything on might have to say.

It was also nice of Mr. Biden to confirm what I’ve asserted about his plans for the military:

There is no aspect of our agenda of the 21st century leadership where the women and men of the Defense Department do not have a role — whether it’s helping curb the pandemic here at home and around the world; or addressing the real threats of climate change that already is costing us billions in impacts on our bases, on our national security; or being part of an ongoing fight for racial justice.

Take the link, where you can see video of the 10-minute speech.  Even the lowest enlisted troop can tell Biden is mentally impaired–they’re far, far smarter than D/S/Cs imagine.  No wonder Jill Biden is virtually always right beside Joe when he speaks, and no wonder she does most of the speaking.  The President of the United States is not mentally fit for the job, but we knew that when he was a candidate.  His presidency is a fraud, more specifically, a bait and switch scam.  When the president in waiting takes over, her sole qualification is she’s a black, Indian, something or other and female.  And of course, a socialist/communist, which has been the point all along.