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D/S/Cs, which obviously include the media, appear to have no idea about the lives and beliefs of those strange creatures that live their meaningless little lives in Flyover Country.  We here at SMM are all about public service, so we present this helpful guide to Deplorables.

One of the primary advantages of being a Normal American, perhaps the most important advantage, is we do not allow anyone or anything to live in our heads rent free.  Politics does not consume our every waking minute.  Hatred of political figures or celebrities famous for being famous does not warp our souls.  Irrational fear does not force us to start awake in the early morning, drenched in sweat and panting, nor does it drive us to safe spaces.

Unlike so much of what fills the airwaves and blogosphere, this is a very good, a positive and uplifting, thing.

With virtually no exceptions, we are focused on what truly matters: God, family, work, play, friends, our communities, making a living, helping those we can help, and working toward a better day, not only for ourselves, but for our community, state and nation.  We ask God to give us the wisdom to recognize the things we can’t control, and the grace to accept the reality we’re not in charge and never were.  Our lives keep us more than sufficiently busy, so we tend not to worry—or so much as think–about the lives of politicians and celebrities, or D/S/Cs in distant cities and states.

Unlike our D/S/C neighbors, we do not worship politicians.  We are, in fact, suspicious of them, and expect them to lie to us and do us harm, so we plan for the worst and are grateful when it does not materialize.  This belief comes from our worship of God, not some mushy “spiritual” force, but the one Creator of the Universe.  Our lives are informed by our personal relationships with the Lord, which makes us very, very different from those that consider us lesser beings and their enemies.

We have a very different definition of “enemy.”  We do not think those in any way different from us in race, national origin, sexual orientation, thought, word or deed automatically enemies.  They hate us, but we don’t reflexively hate them.  Those that actually try to harm us, our families, our nation, or take away our liberties, that’s a different matter.

When Joe Biden was elected, many of us were upset, concerned, even worried, but we didn’t break down and uncontrollably sob.  We didn’t bay at the moon.  We didn’t demand to be excused from college classes, exams or work.  We have lives.

Mark Twain said:

Nothing so needs reforming as the habits of others.

We laugh with Twain’s brilliant insight into human nature, because we recognize that urge as something to be avoided, not as a mandate.  Sadly, far too many D/S/Cs see the urge to control others as a virtue.

Contemporary D/S/Cs are calling for “Trump Supporters” to be “deprogrammed” and “re-educated.”  Such calls are not only based in bigotry, but massive projection.  Normal Americans never worshipped Donald Trump.  We saw him—and see him—for exactly what he is: a talented, driven, capable, and flawed human being.  He has committed adultery, not always told the truth, sometimes made bad decisions, sometimes failed, but because we know we can be forgiven, we are compelled to forgive him, and wisely, judged him not on everything he said, but the substance of what he did.  We are, therefore, not “Trump Supporters,” but Constitution Supporters,” or “America Supporters,” perhaps “Liberty Supporters.”

Donald Trump, therefore, cannot be removed from the brains of Deplorable, toothless, oddly dressed, smelly, WalMart shopping, pickup driving denizens of Flyover Country.  He never resided there.  There is no reeducation to be done, nor can any possibly succeed, because no one was brainwashed in the first place, unless one considers appreciation for liberty, the rule of law, equal treatment under the law, and small government—American Constitutionalism—brainwashing.  Many D/S/Cs obviously do.

We gaze on the bizarre reality of America’s cities.  We watch the lawlessness, the political correctness, the discarded needles, feces-laced sidewalks, the D/S/C policies that turn those places into third world hellholes, and we shake our heads, glad we don’t vote those kinds of politicians into office, nor would we allow that kind of moral, spiritual and actual degradation to take hold where we live.  Yes, I know, it’s insidious and happens over time, but follow along a little longer.  Circa 2021, it’s like Hemingway spoke of bankruptcy, it happened gradually, then suddenly.  In our cities, it’s damned sudden these days, and is getting worse.

We feel badly for the honest citizens of those places, particularly the poor, people who cannot simply decide to go elsewhere.  They don’t have marketable skills, the necessary money, or even reliable transportation.  Having recently moved upon my retirement, I understand all too well just how expensive moving can be.

Even many of those with the means might be locked in place by their careers, family, friends, and perhaps a strong sense of place.  They remember what originally attracted them to their city, the good, clean and law-abiding times, and they might even feel a sense of determination not to let the animals win.  But sadly, most of them vote for the same Socialists, Communists and nitwits over and over again.  They’re like people robbed at gunpoint, over and over again, who never understand the reason they’re robbed is their part in perpetuating the social and political policies that make robbery a low or no-risk occupation.  Some even accept it as a part of living in a “civilized” place, a place morally and intellectually superior to Flyover Country.

We feel badly for them–mostly for their children–but we do not hate them.  We don’t think them inferior or stupid because of the clothing—hats–they wear, the vehicles they drive—or don’t drive—their choice of restaurants, the color of their skin, where there were born, or pretty much anything else.

We take Martin Luther’s King’s words to heart, and we judge others by the content of their character and their actions.  Nothing else really matters.  Racists?  We don’t know any, and would think poorly of them if we did.  White Supremacists?  The same.  We have nothing but disdain for criminals regardless of their motivations.  Oh, and we don’t call others names like “racist” because we don’t agree with their politics, but only if they behave like actual racists.  Most of have damned little privilege of any kind regardless of our skin color, and we don’t for a minute, think skin color makes anyone anything special.  When race-bating politicians announce they’ve appointed the first female this, or the first black that, or the first female, black, trans this, we think: “That’s nice, but are they any good at that job?”

We really don’t think much about D/S/Cs at all.  We have lives, remember?  And this is a part of that God stuff, we really do work at loving our neighbors—that makes hate more difficult–and we know we have to work particularly hard at loving those that are unlovable, as some people just are.  We don’t always succeed, but we do work at it, which is in large part what keeps us from obsessing over whether someone 1000 miles away drives a pickup truck or eats red meat.  We could not care less which obscure film gets an Oscar, which gay guy marries some other gay guy, nor do we think any of that brave or noble…you get the picture.  We’re busy with our lives, families and friends.

About bravery, lots of us are veterans and very proud of it.  We know bravery, and saying and doing things everybody in a D/S/C favored victim/social group agrees with isn’t it.

Regarding religion, we don’t judge anyone’s relationship with God.  Joe Biden says he’s Catholic, and the media call him the most observant Catholic ever to exist.  OK.  We’ll take what Joe says on faith, but never the media.  We do, however get to judge one’s actions in comparison to their professed beliefs.  That’s a necessity for daily survival.

Personal responsibility—that’s big with us, individually and throughout our communities and society.  That’s why we tend to have law and order.  We expect of ourselves adherence to the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.  Again, we’re not always successful, but we do work at it every day, so we expect the same of others.  People who aren’t reliable, who don’t tell the truth, who can’t be trusted, aren’t worth much to us.  Oh, we can forgive them, but we value actions over words, so we keep an eye on them.  That’s partly why we appreciated Donald Trump.  He exaggerated from time to time, but he kept his promises.  When it mattered, he held up his end of the social contract.  That’s rare for any politician, but he was never really a politician, so he had an advantage from the beginning.

Remember: we don’t worship any politician.  Anyone, male or female—and yes, there are only two genders and that means something—who did the same would have our appreciation, never worship.  We don’t get tingles up our legs or any other part over some dimwitted politician, nor do we care which ice cream flavor they favor.  Should we happen to be in their presence, we don’t gaze at them with the longing of a love sick 13 year old.

As generally forgiving as we are, we’re also determined and hard working people.  When it’s necessary to fight, we’ll fight, but we won’t go looking for trouble.  That’s something we also liked about Trump; he fought.  Like us, he virtually never started a fight, but when attacked, he fought back and those that started the fight weren’t anxious for a second round.  He knew what mattered, and so do we.

There are things for which we’ll fight, because we know some things are more valuable than life itself: God, family and liberty, more or less in that order.  We don’t expect government to take care of us.  It’s that personal responsibility thing again.  We don’t think anyone owes us anything.  We have what we have because we are willing to work for it, to delay gratification when necessary, and we treat others with sincerity.  We know government can’t protect us, has no legal obligation to protect us, so we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves. That’s why we’re a bit prickly about anyone trying to damage the Second Amendment.  We know it protects every other right, as well as our very lives.  Besides, shooting sports are fun, and Americans get to have fun, particularly when that fun is protected by an express, unalienable, fundamental right.

This is where we get back to watching our cities burned by well-off Socialists, Communists, anarchists, racists, just plain criminals and other wastes of good oxygen.  We watch the police defunded, kept from doing their jobs, and when stupid and violent thugs are arrested, they’re turned loose by D/S/C prosecutors and judges.  The honest citizen of those places doesn’t stand a chance, and we feel badly for them, but they have choices, and some make bad ones.  That’s on them.  We have lives and so do they, and for the time being, we all get to make choices about them.  Personal responsibility.

We know government has no conscience.  We know politicians see “The People” as an abstraction, useful from time to time if they can be separated into warring tribes, necessary to periodically appease, but of little real importance once an election is over and they’re safe for another term in office.  Then, campaign promises can be forgotten, and they can get down to the business of what they intended to do all along, but dared not tell the rubes.

Ultimately, we want little more than to be left alone.  And that is the real problem.  Those that consider us enemies, the self-imagined elite clothed in virtue and self-righteousness, are obsessed with us.  They are compelled to tell us what to think, say and do, how to act, what to wear, where we can live and how, what we’re allowed to drive, which lightbulbs we can use, which toilets, washing machines, dishwashers we are allowed to buy and circa 2021, what to think and say.  They want to control every aspect of life because they believe man is perfectible, but only if forced to obey every thought, word and deed of the self-imagined elite who alone are sufficiently moral, intelligent and evolved to drag the unwilling unwashed into socialist Utopia.

We don’t give a rat’s ass for “messaging” or narratives.  We live in the real world with real world consequences, which is partly why D/S/Cs hate us so.

It’s that God thing again.  We know there can be no earthy utopia.  That’s reserved for Heaven.  That doesn’t mean we don’t try to make life as rewarding as possible, we just don’t believe it’s our business to force everyone else to think, act, speak and believe as we do. Salvation is available to all, but it’s voluntary.  One must sincerely want and ask for it, and then begins the life-long process, the daily maintenance, of our relationship with God.

We’re plenty smart, but we know there is always someone bigger, faster, strong, smarter, better looking, etc., so we spend little time gazing lovingly into mirrors.  We’re very capable of doing the hands-on things necessary to make life possible; we know how to build and fix things, and we like doing it.  We’d rather fix something than pay to have it done, but we appreciate those who have knowledge we don’t have, and are willing to pay a fair price for it.

We know being born American means we’ve won life’s lottery, but it doesn’t mean there’s no work ahead of us.  So, for the most part, our lives are pleasant, rewarding and happy.  And so can everyone’s life be, if only they’ll embrace American Constitutionalism, which means leaving others alone and working on one’s own life, which ought to be hard enough.

Sadly, D/S/Cs won’t, which is why it’s hard for anyone to lead a peaceful, happy life these days.  That’s why our republic stands in jeopardy.  Still, we’ll keep trying, until we no longer have a choice.