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In 1890, Rudyard Kipling wrote “Tommy,” a timeless poem about the realization of soldiers that politicians, despite their rhetoric, despise and use them.  Here’s a portion of that poem, and by all means, take this link and read the whole thing:

You talk o’ better food for us, an’ schools, an’ fires, an’ all:
We’ll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
Don’t mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
The Widow’s Uniform is not the soldier-man’s disgrace.
For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an` Chuck him out, the brute! ”
But it’s ” Saviour of ‘is country ” when the guns begin to shoot;
An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
An ‘Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool – you bet that Tommy sees!

On January 20, 2021, our Tommys saw and understood.  Regular readers, I’m sure, recall January 20: A Peaceful—And Ignored—Transition Of Power, wherein I urged all Americans to not only stay away from Washington DC, but every state capital on Inauguration Day.  Why?  Because D/S/Cs were trying to set up as many false flag operations as possible.  They wanted to lure Normal Americans, angry at the continuing degradation of our Republic, to carry their lawful arms in protest, and planned to provoke violence, the better to seize upon the damage they planned and caused to deprive Americans of their liberties.

My writing colleagues and I were successful in large part because Normal Americans are intelligent, well-informed people who could smell a trap from miles away.  Some 25,000+- National Guard soldiers from across America flooded DC before and on Inauguration Day.  They were there in response to panicky “intelligence” from the FBI, among other federal agencies, of massive, armed, terroristic, insurrectional Trump supporting, riotous riots at DC and every state capital.  Behind 12 foot, razor wire topped fences, Gropin’ Joe Biden and Kamala “Commie” Harris took the oaths of office they never intended to honor, and thousands of soldiers stood guard, most with empty rifles, bored out of their minds, staring at empty streets.  Two thousand were sworn in as Deputy US Marshalls, but did no marshaling.  By January 20, they had been there for days, even weeks, and had no idea why they were standing on a given street corner, watching the normal flow of daily life, interrupted only by barriers and the occasional military vehicle.

Nothing happened:

There were ‘no confrontations’ between National Guard members and any protesters during President Biden’s inauguration ceremony outside the U.S. Capitol, National Guard spokeswoman Darla Torres told Fox News in a statement Thursday.

It’s not clear how many protesters showed up in the nation’s capital, though a heavily militarized presence in downtown Washington, D.C., likely deterred any large gatherings from coming together.

Of course, we can never know which, if any, crimes were deterred, but it’s very much like the corrupt mayor of a landlocked Midwestern city who was questioned by a reporter who learned the mayor’s mother had been, for years, handsomely paid to watch for tidal waves.  “But we’ve never had a tidal wave!”  the reporter exclaimed.  “Don’t thank me,” the mayor quipped, “thank Mom.”  D/S/Cs are taking credit for saving the Inauguration, but they certainly saved it from nothing, not only in DC, but around the nation:

Oh, and thousands of local police officers from around the nation were also present in DC.  They too did nothing, because there was nothing to be done, but photos of smiling Texas cops in their cowboy hats suggest they had a good time not doing it.

What we know, beyond any doubt, was the FBI and other agencies were once again–still?–dead wrong–could it be because they were giving their new political masters what they knew they wanted to hear, and were ordered to tell them?–and congressional D/S/Cs are ready to seize on any excuse to revoke the unalienable rights of Americans, rights they have no legal or moral authority to grant or revoke.  And now we hear, courtesy of Western Journal.com, just how raving insane our political masters are:

Agreeing with [Fox News’ Martha] MacCallum, [DHS head Ken] Cuccinelli replied that 25,000 troops was the equivalent of an entire division. He then disclosed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had requested the ‘last up of the final troops’ and had asked for crew-manned machine guns.

‘A division. You have a division,’ he told his host. ‘The last up of thousands of these troops was requested by the speaker through the Capitol Police. She even wanted crew-manned machine guns in Washington. That was rejected because there’s simply no use for that in a security arrangement for a civilian undertaking. Just — so some of this has gone beyond any legitimate security need.’

Fortunately, our National Guard commanders are sane, where Nancy Pelosi is not.  Scott Johnson at Powerline provides a e-mail from a soldier who, for obvious reasons, remains anonymous:

Apparently having passed the necessary vetting, a long-time reader writes from his unit guarding the Capitol:

My guard unit was called up last [week] to help secure the Capitol and has been providing security since [January 16]. In 48 hours of on-duty security I have not seen a single protester — only one drunk guy who cussed my 2nd platoon (which raised morale for a good two hours – soldiers like and respect fluent profanity).

Last night I saw probably 2000 riot-prepared soldiers unload from buses and enter the perimeter. This level of military involvement surpasses overreaction, skips past overkill, and pegs ‘insane.’ Whoever ordered this response is completely out of touch with reality.

Twenty thousand is a difficult number to explain. It’s especially strange how it’s a much larger number, relatively, than in 7 A.D. when Varian lost about that many in the Teutoburg forest. But 20,000 troops is three times as many as I deployed to Kuwait with in 2019 for a rotation there, and that seemed huge.

The cost of having these troops in the District of Columbia for one week, including all the movement, food, hotel rooms, and medical probably runs over $100 million. It is just another data point that indicates the people running the country are not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

And now (I wrote my first draft several days ago) there is word that ‘some National Guard units’ will remain in DC through MARCH to ‘guard the senate.’ To guard the Senate? For THREE MONTHS?

May I just say, if you had any respect for the FBI or any belief that it was not a fully partisan organization, you were completely wrong. If there was any ‘credible intelligence’ that there was enough of a threat to require 20,000 national guard troops at the Capitol this past week, then the FBI is completely failing. The fact that the alleged credible evidence was clearly inaccurate tells me that I should not ever trust the FBI with anything I would give a 19-year-old soldier…

The “vetting” to which Johnson refers was the first of many indignities heaped on our soldiers.  Congressional D/S/Cs feared many of the soldiers were politically unreliable.  Why?  Because many of them must have voted for Donald Trump, so they must pose a deadly danger to Joe Biden!  So our law enforcement and intelligence agencies “vetted” all 27,000 soldiers and kicked 12 out of DC.  They refused to say what wrong think/wrong speak those soldiers might have held, but it has been suggested at least some of them supported the NRA, and surely, must have voted for Donald Trump.  The horror.

Then, some 5000 Guardsmen and women were forced to stay and sleep in an unheated parking garage—DC is cold in the winter–still in use, with only a single portapotty, a single electrical outlet, and of course, no cots, blankets, or other amenities.

The graphic is, of course funny, because our military members are often called upon to sleep and dwell in very bad conditions.  The difference is that’s in actual military operations, in war.  Here, our soldiers were ordered into a massive clusterfark in our capital city, and faced with what is apparently a lack of planning and coordination on the part of those that ordered them there, did their best to deal with it, as our military members always do.

It must be understood when in the military, one’s constitutional liberties are, of necessity, abridged.  Our troops must follow orders.  Our guardsmen are under particular strain because most are being pulled out of their jobs and away from their families during peacetime.  We owe it to them to provide for them as well as possible, and never to deploy them unless it is absolutely, militarily necessary.

Here’s an example of the meals provided our troops, meals that were supposed to last an adult soldier, carrying their weapons, and all their other gear on their backs, an entire day:

These meals were not provided by the military, but by contractors who were apparently used to providing meals for first graders in elementary school.  Here’s an evening meal:

Obviously, Guard commanders were not given adequate time for logistics.  To their credit, some lawmakers were genuinely upset at the way the Guard was treated.

Others pretended to be upset, like the execrable and vicious Chuck Schumer, who promised to get to the bottom of who ordered those troops into a parking garage.  To date, the culprit has not been identified, and doubtless, never will be.  Donald Trump, learning of this outrage, put up a great many troops, for free, in his nearby hotel.  Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, was not amused:

Nor was Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida:

Indeed, D/S/Cs are demanding a Guard presence of some 7000 troops through March, and likely, beyond.  For additional information on just how unusual and bizarre this state of affairs is, see this article by Glen Greenwald.  Considering the complete failure of intelligence in these matters to date, what possible cause could there be for making our capital look like a banana republic?  True, general crime is rampant in DC because its civilian leaders are D/S/Cs and thus, not only totally incompetent, but cheerleaders for criminals. But the US Capital has one of the largest police forces in America. Where are they?  What’s going on here?

One theory is our political betters believe themselves to be of immeasurable value.  So precious are their lives in comparison to the Deplorables—Normal Americans—of flyover country, no measure taken to make them feel safe, even when they are in no actual danger, may be counted extreme or unnecessary.

Another, which is closely allied, is they are showing us who’s boss.  They’re telling us they are to be feared, and they will use the full power of the state to intimidate, punish, and if necessary, machinegun their political enemies, which amounts to about half of America.  They’re too stupid to understand most of our military won’t break out the crew-served weapons and won’t kill their fellow Americans for exercising their rights, but that’s another article for another time.

Indeed, they’re showing us who’s boss.  They’re using our fathers, brothers, son, daughters and mothers in uniform to unwillingly threaten us.   But they want them there because above all, they fear us.  The “Domestic Terrorists” they intend to crush are not Antifa and BLM thugs and other assorted felons, sociopaths and psychopaths–actual domestic terrorists–but Normal Americans who dare criticize D/S/C corruption and lunacy.  They intend to rule by force, to take away American’s fundamental liberties.  They intend to rig everything so they can never again be voted out of power.

The smartest of them understand when Americans are pushed, individually and collectively, beyond the breaking point, when they know their vote counts for nothing, the rule of law has been crushed, and no one’s life, liberty or property are safe, those Americans are going to come for them, and for every petty bureaucrat that has a hand in harming liberty–everywhere.  Oh, to be sure, some will peacefully protest at first, but they can’t abide even that.  They’re evolved beings, so far above Normal Americans intellectually and morally, they cannot allow their inferiors to so much as suggest they’re not the epitome of human evolution and virtue.

These are not the actions of those confident the results of the 2020 election were unblemished.  They are not the actions of honorable men and women.  They are not the actions of representatives that believe themselves the servants of the people, their hired hands.  These are the actions of fearful despots who can see their loss of power—and worse–on the horizon and know it won’t be pretty, so they try to use the National Guard to divide and threaten us further.

It won’t work.