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This is a gross violation of federal law; Gropin’s Joe’s idea of unity…

Gropin’ Joe Biden’s coronation will take place seven days from now.  D/S/Cs are screaming Normal Americans are going to stage armed protests in every state capital and in the holy of holies: Washington DC, soon to be our 51st or 52nd state.

Despotic D/S/C governors that emasculated their police, would not accept federal help or call out the National Guard as their cities burned over the “summer of love” are already calling out the Guard, and one can expect to see M1A1 tanks and other armored vehicles in profusion. There are reports of the FBI, CIA and every other alphabet agency breathlessly briefing D/S/Cs in Congress about the imminent threat of insurrection, leaving them shaking in fear, yet simultaneously salivating over the opportunity.  Of course, such special snowflakes aren’t exactly profiles in courage under any circumstance…

The primary fake flyer…

Normal Americans, for the most part, haven’t heard of any such thing, and have no plans to do anything on Inauguration Day.  It’s a Wednesday.  Most will be at work–if they don’t live in D/S/C ruled states–keeping America running.  Those few that aren’t will probably throw back a few cold ones, spending time with family and friends, and if the weather is favorable, taking a trip to the range to exercise a fundamental, unalienable liberty while demonstrating actual gun control.  Unlike D/S/Cs, they do not live and breath politics even while asleep.  they don’t trust even the politicians they think might be nominally on the side of the Constitution and liberty.  As for the rest, they wouldn’t urinate on them if they were on fire.

Whew.  Glad I got that out.  Yes, they would urinate on them.  They would provide whatever assistance was necessary to anyone in need, because Normal Americans are not at all like the people that so despise them.  They’re decent, kind people, accepting, tolerant and willing to forgive.  Above all they’re smart, far smarter and more flexible than those that hate them.  Unfortunately, the would-be despots what will be in control of America on January 20 are not at all tolerant or forgiving, and they have telegraphed their evil intent.  No one need read between any lines to know what they have planned.

So here’s the point of this little missive: don’t do it.  Don’t bother going to a state capital, don’t take your guns along, don’t fall into the trap too many honest, Normal Americans fell into on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC.  Oh, and why would anyone want to spend any time in Washington DC?

Leave the streets of every state capital and DC empty apart from normal, workaday traffic.  Let D/S/Cs with their hair on fire look like the idiots and horrible people they are.

We know any government afraid of citizens with arms is illegitimate.  Government, instead, ought to fear the people.

We know we have no intention of disrupting Gropin’ Joe’s little party. Take the hint from President Trump: just walk away; don’t show up or legitimize Biden and president-in-waiting Harris in any way.

Give them all the deference and respect they gave us, President Trump and everyone associated with his administration.  They made the new rules, let’s enforce them—good and hard.

OK, what’s the counter argument?  We should show up in force, armed, everywhere in the country.  They need to know how serious we are.  We’ve turned out armed for many protests without the slightest problem.  We’re free men and women, and we have the right to keep and bear arms, and to speak our minds.  Besides, it would feel good to be as in their faces as they have, for years, encouraged their deranged minions to be in ours.

Yeah.  But we aren’t virtue signalers.  We’re not so weak minded and insecure.  We’re rational Americans, and our fight isn’t on January 20th.  Our fight to preserve liberty begins the next day, and every day thereafter.  We have the time to choose our figurative battlefields, and the issues about which we need to fight.  We have the intelligence, strategic and tactical abilities, and the skills to fight—figuratively and literally—in any and every way possible, but only when it is to our advantage.  Besides, they’re too stupid to understand just how dangerous it is to try to deprive Americans—Americans—of their liberties.  If they were smarter, they wouldn’t be plotting as they are and telling us about it.

If we go into those state capitals, we’re walking into a set up, and giving D/S/Cs more fake ammunition to use to deprive us of our liberties.  Yes, I know they’re going to do lie and make things up anyway, but why get suckered like that?  Why would we let people who think we’re stupid be proved right?

You know what’s going to happen.  They’ll have Antifa/BLM and other communist scum out in force, ready to provoke violence.  They’ll probably even have snipers ready to do a bit of shooting in the hope of touching off a conflagration, and no matter what happens, no matter how clear cut self-defense claims are, Normal Americans are going to end up dead, blamed, prosecuted, jailed and even executed, those that survive, that is.

Consider too, gentle readers, the position in which this will put police officers and National Guardsmen, who, for the most part, are Normal Americans.  Anarchists will likely shoot at them too, and it would take incredible calm for them not to start shooting back.  Yes, most police officers and military will never open fire on fellow Americans, but if they’re under fire and can’t readily determine who is shooting at them…?

Let us, gentle readers, fellow Normal Americans, give this ambush a pass.  Let Gropin’ Joe’s inauguration be greeted with the chirping of crickets.  Let our very absence, in person, on TV, and on any sort of media, tell the story of a historic ratings disaster.  If media talking heads drool all over Biden and Harris–that’s the tree falling in the proverbial forest–and no one listens, do they make a sound?  For the people that would destroy us, few things are more infuriating than to be ignored.  We know they’re terrible people.  We know they’re inconsequential.  Let’s enjoy our lives on Wednesday, January 20, and write just the kind of history they don’t want to have written: Americans could not have cared less about the Harris/Biden Inauguration, ignored them, and treated them with the contempt with which they have always held us.  Let there be a peaceful transition of power, pray we’ll be able to maintain the peace thereafter, but prepare if peace is denied us.

Let’s keep out figurative powder dry, and if confrontation becomes necessary, let any response be our choice.  If and when that time comes, we’ll respond, intelligently, carefully, and when we have the advantage in every way.

That’ll really piss ‘em off.