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I fear, gentle readers, in the months and years to come, I’ll be doing a great deal more political commentary than I anticipated, or ever wanted to do.  I also fear that as the vindictive and vicious self-imagined elite that will soon rule—not govern—America more and more eliminate free speech, this scruffy little blog may not be long for the blogosphere.  But until that time, I shall persevere, and as always, sincerely appreciate your patronage and commentary.

With that in mind, I commend to you a KOMO TV—Seattle—news documentary: The Fight For The Soul Of Seattle. The subject might best be understood from this quote from the documentary:

Seattle no longer feels the need to stop anyone from doing anything for any reason.

In other words, if you want to break the law—any law—in Seattle, you’re golden.  Defecate and urinate in the streets, destroy property, steal, burn, loot, trespass, commit assault, you name it, it’s all cool.  The documentary also briefly visits California, where the same lunacy is the status quo.

It’s well done, and a sobering look at where our new rulers want to take the rest of America.  The documentary does a generally good job of exposing D/S/C lunacy, though they don’t ever put it in those terms.  The horrific status quo of Seattle is described in mostly passive terms, as though the decisions of specific, leftist, politicians are only a peripheral cause of the debilitating effects visible for those with eyes—and reason—to see.  Things just are, and no specific, named D/S/C politicians are directly responsible.  It’s all just kind of inevitable, really.

The narrator does talk about, and illustrate, the damage lawlessness has caused, and the imagery, though never as raw as it easily could be, is more than disturbing, particularly for those who have never seen the depths to which human beings can degrade themselves and others.

The documentary implies, but never explicitly says the battle for Seattle’s soul is lost.  It was lost long ago, and absent a complete repudiation of D/S/C articles of faith, there is no hope.  The only hope the authors of the documentary suggest is “Hope Haven,” a proposal for a sort of massive, expensive drug treatment facility.  Such things are like the old joke: “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?  Only one, but the light bulb has to really want to change.”  They correctly note “homelessness,” which we can expect to essentially vanish from the media radar now that D/S/Cs will rule, is driven primarily by mental illness and drug use.

It should be remembered our current state of mental health lack of treatment is a direct result of D/S/C thinking, which essentially abolished in-patient facilities, which were thought to be oppressive and evil.  That was more than a generation ago.  Now they’d also be called racist, sexist and various other lists.  We see the result of that bold thinking in the streets of Seattle and innumerable other cities.

While the documentary bemoans ubiquitous lawlessness, they never really call for the restoration of the rule of law, which requires not only very specifically targeted broken windows policing, but actual prosecution of crimes, and judges willing to hand out sentences that fit the crime, an issue that is addressed, though weakly.  They never say some people need to be in jail if the honest citizens of Seattle are ever to enjoy any degree of peace and safety.  It is remarkable, however, since KOMA is an ABC affiliate and is clearly far from a conservative outlet, that they go as far as they do to expose the utter corruption of what was once a decent American city.  However, since they are clearly not conservative, their solutions are not–particularly.

Take the link, gentle readers.  If our new self-imagined elite rulers have their way, this is coming to every city and town near you.