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It wasn’t necessary this time…

The Georgia Senate races are over, Raphael Warnock, an anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian “Christian” minister has won.  Jon Ossof, a crazed leftist with no accomplishments, but strong ties to China, also won.  In 2021 Georgia, there was no way a Republican was going to be allowed to win.  Was there election fraud?  In Georgia?!  Of course there was—all the mechanisms for fraud used in the presidential election were still in effect–and in coming days, it may be exposed—for now, the media/government/social media don’t have the power to absolutely abolish free speech–but no one will be prosecuted, and D/S/Cs now control the entire federal government.  The only real surprise is Fox News didn’t call the contest for Warnock and Ossof last week.

It has been widely observed America is in a “cold” civil war.  The heat has now been turned up.  With that in mind, I provide a few initial observations.

The execrable and vicious Chuck Schumer has proclaimed D/S/Cs, if they seized Georgia, would change America and the world.  We will see that in this, if nothing else, he may be taken at his word.  Congressional Democrats are also calling for President Trump’s immediate impeachment or removal via the 25th Amendment. Obviously, they’re determined to finish a coup they began prior to his inauguration.

Various “conservative” commentators are blaming President Trump for daring to expose election fraud.  That, they say, convinced Georgia Republicans not to vote.  Would it have made a difference if he lied and said there was no fraud, if he rolled over, exposed his belly and begged D/S/Cs not to hurt him or the country too badly?  Are Americans circa 2021 so fragile they must be sold a bill of goods, told everything is on the up and up and don’t worry, be happy?  Are they so stupid they can’t determine such things for themselves?  Have we sunk so low we blame not those who defrauded the American people, but the victim of their fraud for daring to speak of it, for using lawful, constitutional means to futilely try to stop it?

Could, I wonder, Mitch McConnell’s blocking of $2000 stimulus checks just before the election have had any effect?  He didn’t block billions in foreign aid for the most frivolous, bizarre purposes.

Various conservative commentators observed Perdue and Loeffler had to win beyond the “margin of fraud,” which they defined as a more or less constant one or two percent.  That status quo calculation no longer holds.  D/S/Cs, emboldened, thinking themselves all powerful and above the law, will produce whatever margin of fraud is required to win—and more.

Various conservative commentators are blaming Republicans for thinking voting no longer matters; D/S/Cs will steal every future election.  They’re speaking of 2022 and 2024, using status quo calculations about how Republicans, just as they did in the past, will once again retake the House and the Senate and even the White House. They’re counting on voter remorse.  They’re counting on D/S/Cs to be Americans.

Joe Biden is never going to actually be in control of his party or the government.  All that remains to be seen is how quickly he disappears and how it happens.  Americans are now victim to the greatest bait and switch scam in American history; they’re not going to like it.  Kamala Harris was always the D/S/C presidential candidate, and she will, very soon, be president.  Ilhan Omar for vice president?

D/S/Cs will, immediately, act on their stated priorities:

*Change the rules of the House and Senate to eliminate any role for Republicans; that’s already been done in the House.

*Change the law to nationally institutionalize election fraud.

*Make Puerto Rico and DC states, establishing a permanent Senate D/S/C majority.

*Open the borders and make all current illegals America citizens.  Give them benefits denied lawful Americans.

*Take ever more oppressive steps to disarm law-abiding Americans. 

*Crush any and all investigations into D/S/C crimes.

*Weaponize every federal agency to attack their political enemies, which will soon be much of the American population.

*Emasculate and defund our military.

*Pack the Supreme Court with D/S/Cs who will not so much as pretend to render decisions based on the law and the Constitution.  The current court’s cowardice and abdication of responsibility in the hope the alligator wouldn’t eat them at all will only result in their being eaten first.

*Make racism and discrimination against white, Asian and other disfavored Americans the law of the land.

*Any and all federal or congressional investigations into election fraud are strangled in the cradle.

*Our allies will quickly realize there is no worse and more useless ally than a D/S/C controlled America.

*Our enemies will play the Harris Administration like a fiddle from Hell.

*China will eat Kamala Harris’ lunch; Joe Biden will barely be an appetizer.

*The only crimes absolutely punished will be crimes against D/S/C rule.  Criminals will get a free ride.

*Some animals will indeed be more equal than others.

*D/S/Cs will pretend to uphold individual liberty, with the exception of unlimited “buts” that cut only toward eliminating individual liberty.

*Our energy independence/national security will quickly be eliminated.

*Gas prices will skyrocket on the way to forcing everyone to drive electric vehicles, despite there being no infrastructure or electricity to recharge them.

*An exploding regulatory burden will, once again, choke the economy.

*Taxes will become directly confiscatory.

*Divert all tax revenues to D/S/C priorities.  Americans are not among them.

*Single payer health care; that’s the ultimate control over people’s lives:  criticize the government?  No health care for you.  Elderly?  Can’t waste precious health care resources on the likes of you.

*Abolish, then federalize, the police.

*Not only eliminate the freedoms of speech and religion, but institute speech codes and mandatory “right speech and thinking.”

*They will not abolish the Constitution—they’ll keep it in place for the sake of appearances–but they will ignore it.

Americans will see, very quickly, which of three paths America will take:

(1) The woke, permanent D/S/C rule path.

(2) The status quo path of “normal” American politics.

(3) The path of restoration of American Constitutionalism and the rule of law.

The woke, permanent D/S/C rule path:  We can count on RINOS like Mitt Romney to assist D/S/Cs.  It is not outside the realm of possibility they might switch parties, but that’s not going to be strictly necessary.  Merely being as squishy, stupid and vindictive as they are by nature will be enough.  What is really going to matter is whether there remain in the House or Senate, any Democrats willing to preserve the rule of law, American constitutionalism, indeed, mere sanity.  Socialists and Communists, which are the majority in their party, can be counted on to be Socialists and Communists.  Socialists will destroy  your career, terrorize your family, impoverish and jail you.  Communists will skip right to killing you; it’s so much more efficient, and American communists love them some Chinese efficiency.

They have clearly stated their intentions and they’re going to act on them—immediately.  They are going to so change the law America will no longer be recognizable as a constitutional, representative republic.  It is no coincidence D/S/Cs and many members of the Stupid Party keep referring to America as a “democracy.”  In a democracy, 50.00000001% rule—absolutely—and may deprive the minority of liberty, property, even life.  Most importantly, they may deprive the minority of the ability to vote them out of office, which is the D/S/C’s first priority.

One would be tempted to think some Democrats will vote as Americans, fearing if they do not, they’ll be voted out of office.  That’s status quo thinking, and if D/S/Cs do everything they’re threatening to do, the status quo is dead.  Democrats will no longer have to fear the electorate; they will have to fear their party leaders who will have the power to determine the outcome of any senate or house election.  Voting will be mere political theater.  The winner will be determined before the first fake ballot is filled out.

Unless I’m wrong, and there are sufficient American Democrats to prevent the “fundamental transformation” of America into a socialist cesspool, this path is our foreseeable future.

The status quo path of “normal” American politics:  This is, almost certainly, forever gone.  One way or another, life as Americans knew it, is over.  D/S/Cs no longer feel even the need to pretend the status quo exists.  It won’t be long before Americans, as much as they might hope if they ignore what’s happening in Washington, it won’t affect them, realize the status quo is dead and isn’t coming back.  People are going to have to take sides. Government is not going to leave them alone, quite the opposite.  They plan to make the tyrannical governments of dystopian novels like 1984 look positively classically liberal.

The path of restoration of American Constitutionalism and the rule of law:  This is America’s only salvation, and it is not going to occur absent enormous turmoil, perhaps even enormous bloodshed.  It will not happen absent the reforming of the nation under a Constitution revised to ensure individual liberty, with no opportunity for subversion from within.

Some are suggesting great strides will be made by voting Republicans who did not support President Trump, the rule of law and the Constitution out of office.  That’s status quo thinking, and the status quo is likely gone forever.  On the woke path, it won’t matter at all; it will amount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  On the restoration path, they might be removed by less polite means.

Perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps D/S/Cs will not do everything they have been telling us, for years, they intend to do.  Perhaps they will suddenly develop a new appreciation for the sanity, peace and prosperity the Constitution, unique in all the world and in all of history, alone provides.  Perhaps they will rediscover a new appreciation for the Founders and for avoiding the tyranny of the majority.  Perhaps they will embrace Normal Americans as worthy of human dignity and rights, but that’s going to be difficult for people who consider them sub-human racists and morons.  More likely, we’re about to experience, good and hard, the unity of tyranny.

Americans that love liberty and the rule of law have much to consider.  This, however, is certain: Americans will not surrender liberty, and those that would take it, are probably too stupid and arrogant to exercise restraint, just as those tyrants that have taken on America in the past were too stupid and arrogant.  All came to grief.

If Americans are forced into a corner, if they have no constitutional means for a peaceful redress of grievances, they’ll do what Americans have always done: destroy their oppressors and restore liberty.  In that, we can take hope.  For the foreseeable future, however, it’s up to D/S/Cs to chart America—and the world’s—path.