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As I’m sure you know by now, gentle readers, protests in Washington, DC have turned “mostly peaceful.”  As I’m sure you also know, the media is absolutely untrustworthy.  The narrative, as this is written, is “Trump supporters” went wild.  Of the photos I’ve seen, most of the individuals being so labeled are dressed in the traditional black of BLM and Antifa, appear to be anarchists, or are other assorted idiots—such as a guy in a horned helmet, apparently an escapee from a 4th rate Wagnerian opera company–looking for attention.  What I suspect we’ll discover in the days to come is more or less that.  What I’m not seeing, in the video and photos thus far, is the kind of wanton destruction and mayhem that is the trademark of the paramilitary wing of the D/S/C Party.

I am, of course, severely limited by having only media sources upon which to depend (absolutely not Fox News).

What is different from the kinds of “protests” we’ve become used to seeing, is President Trump and everyone associated with his Administration immediately and unmistakably called for all violence to end, and for an immediate end to the protests.  Not only that, but he has called out the National Guard, the FBI and various other federal law enforcement resources.

That noted, a few initial observations:

*As President Trump has said, peaceful protest, as guaranteed by the First Amendment, is legitimate.  Violence of any kind is not and should be prosecuted, just as that kind of violence in America’s D/S/C ruled cities was, and is, not.

*Feckless and entitled legislators of both parties, particularly those who did not condemn, and who actually encouraged “mostly peaceful protestors” across the country in 2020 are getting a first hand taste of the chaos and anarchy they have so cynically encouraged and manipulated.  Now it’s on their doorstep.  Welcome to the reality of the political chaos you’ve created and nurtured.

*I would like to think this the action of thoughtful patriots—which the apparent lack of wanton destruction suggests–but we don’t know nearly enough to make that kind of assumption.  At the moment, it appears to be the action of opportunists, political agitators, and dimwits.

*The media, desperate to build an anti-American narrative, will do all it can to cover up any involvement by leftist agitators, and will reflexively blame it on “Trump supporters” despite having little or no evidence to that effect.

*It’s something I’ve often noted, but the police can only be successful, can only survive, because most people are willing to obey the law most of the time.  When people don’t believe the rule of law is any longer in effect, the police can’t do their jobs.  Americans have had a long time to be convinced there is, at best, a two-tiered system of justice, which is unconstitutional and un-American.

*I suspect the reason the police did not start shooting is they realized they were dealing with Americans who had enough, people who really wished them no harm.  I also suspect they are just as frustrated with our corrupt and stupid political class as every rational American is.

*D/S/Cs, and certain witless Republicans, will use this to their political advantage, and to the disadvantage of liberty.  Who should bear any blame, gentle readers? Those socialist/communist thugs that steal an election, or the President and others who call attention to their crimes?  D/S/Cs are big about not blaming victims, unless they happen to be Orange Man Bad.

*Politicians should reasonably take this as a warning.  They’re not dealing with sheep; they’re dealing with Americans, who can be pushed only so far.  D/S/Cs, thinking themselves morally and intellectually superior, and the vanguard of a great and inevitable fundamentally transformative revolution, won’t see things that way.  They’ll use this as an excuse to attack individual liberties.  In so doing, they’ll doom our republic, which is their general goal in any case.

*If there is any lesson politicians should learn from this it is unless Americans can be reasonably certain elections are fairly and lawfully conducted, our Republic stands in jeopardy.

*The only thing that might help reverse a very dangerous trend is the establishment of a complete and competent investigation into the fraud in the 2020 election, and the prosecution of everyone involved in any way in perpetuating it.  When 40+% of the American public reasonably believes a presidential election has been stolen, there is no other choice if we are to remain the United States.

*Perhaps the other lesson they should learn is when they lawlessly and arrogantly threaten the lives, families, careers, and liberties of Americans, Americans will not restrain themselves to polite, reasoned argument.  Some will take it personally, and hold them personally accountable.

Once again, peaceful protest is not only acceptable, it’s a very good thing, healthy for our republic.  Violence of any kind is not, and must be prosecuted, without consideration of political motivation, under the equal application of the rule of law.

More when more is known, and/or I can contribute something worthwhile to better understanding the issues.

UPDATE, 01-06-21, 1630 MT: 

No, it’s not civil war.  Again, this incident appears to be little more than many really ticked off Americans expressing their displeasure in a way federal politicians can’t easily ignore.  What will cause the Second Civil War is a totalitarian, arrogant response to this, and to Americans generally, by D/S/Cs.  Any bets on what they’ll do, gentle readers?

UPDATE, 01-06-21, 2130 MT: 

Do they really think Normal Americans look like this?

 I’ve had the time to view much more video and photography of the events at the Capital today.  What I’m seeing leads me to believe much, if not all of this, was staged–provoked by leftist agitators.  I’m seeing far too many young men wearing the kinds of helmets, balaclavas, clothing and protective equipment commonly worn by Antifa, BLM and other anarchists.  The red ball caps they are wearing—many of them merely red–not bearing “MAGA” logos–appear to be brand new, as do their Trump banners and other signage.  In other words, those easily identifiable graphics appear to have been handed out for this occasion.  Certainly, others followed once they breached defenses and broke windows to enter buildings, but they appear to be older, casually, not specifically dressed, and apparently did not engage in vandalism or other crimes.  I could be wrong, but that’s what my lyin’ eyes tell me.

Listening to Sean Hannity this evening, I was amused to see how shocked he was that anyone could possibly get into the Capital building without permission.  What he, and I’m sure, most Americans does not realize is what I earlier mentioned.  Without voluntary compliance with the rule of law, the police cannot do their jobs or survive.  There are simply not enough of them to ring any building 24/7/365 to ensure perfect security, and even if there were, even that would not stop a determined enemy.  Nor is the Capital Building, which belongs to the People, designed for that purpose, nor should it be.  Several officers were reported injured.  That’s the work of people who do that sort of thing for a living or for fun, not Normal Americans.

Consider too the optics of the Congress surrounding itself with sufficient armed force to protect themselves, while actively working to deny self-defense to Normal Americans.  That wouldn’t bother many of them, but it would tend to annoy Normals.

The point is the Congress should, if it were honest and sane, take pains to ensure Americans can have faith in the rule of law.  They have not, and they have rubbed American’s collective faces in it, which is in part why they had a mass unscheduled visit from their constituents today.

Why would leftists provoke this kind of political theater?  To justify depriving Americans of their liberties, of course.  Do not for a moment doubt, gentle readers, many D/S/Cs on Capital Hill are wringing their hands in glee at the thought, as their media propaganda arm does their dirty work for them, spreading the appropriate narrative.