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Just a bit of medical/academic lunacy for today’s article, gentle readers.  Regarding the headline graphic, we have reporter Jennifer Bendery, who apparently never learned that two is more than one–it’s plural–so “millions of Americans” have actually been vaccinated.  And once again, President Trump is working magic.  Remember when the Lightbringer said it would take a magic wand for the GDP to ever again rise above 2%, and then Trump found the magic wand?  Then it would take a miracle to have a vaccine prior to the end of 2020, and Trump produced a double miracle with at least two vaccines?  Good times.  Good times.

Time for a venerable joke: A massive oil field is discovered on a Wyoming rancher’s land, so at the age of 64, rich beyond imagining, he decides to go to Harvard.  They won’t accept him of course–he’s a rancher from Wyoming–until that is, he endows a professorship.  On his first day on campus, he’s orienting himself and asks a student for directions:

Rancher: “Say there partner, where’s the library at?”

Snooty Twerp: “Heah at Hahvahd, we do not end our sentences with prepositions.”

Rancher: “Well then, where’s the library at, asshole?”

The point is there is more common sense and intelligence in the average Flyover Country American than in the entire faculty of Harvard or similar institutions.  And today, gentle readers, I have proof.

Speaking of good times, remember when graduation from Harvard Medical School was something of a feather in a doctor’s cap, a sort of indicator of knowledge, skill and scientific rationality?  Good times.  Good times.  But not anymore, as Brietbart.com reports:

A Harvard Medical School department Twitter account referred to women as ‘birthing people’ in a tweet, and claimed that ‘not all who give birth’ are women.

After being called out by social media users for referring to women as ‘birthing people,’ the Harvard Med Postgraduate Twitter account posted a follow-up tweet, explaining why such verbiage was used.

Speaking of magic and miracle, I’m wondering—just wondering, mind you—why Harvard and like-simple-minded organizations never seem to produce so much as a single example of a non-female “birthing person?”  And they’re indeed saying men can birth babies.  That’s a thing these days among the seriously woke.  A single video of a non-female birth would do the trick, wouldn’t it?  On second thought, I don’t think I really want to see that sort of thing…  Harvard doubles down:

Moreover, the panel on ‘Maternal Justice Across the Atlantic: Race, Pregnancy and Birth Equity in the United States and Great Britain’ — hosted on Harvard’s website — also refers to women as ‘birthing people.’

But Harvard is not limiting itself to biological illiteracy, no.  Now they’ve expanded into numerical illiteracy:

Over the summer, Harvard, which is ranked as number one in Best Education Schools in the United States, according to US News and World Reportpromoted the claim that ‘2+2=5.’

To be absolutely fair to people that manifestly don’t deserve it, I suppose Kareem Karr could have been making some esoteric point about perception, equity, diversity or other dimwitted nonsense, which these days would fall into the category of merely annoying rather than revolutionary.  The actual point is when what is supposed to be one of the premier educational institutions in the world demonstrates less knowledge of biology and mathematics than the average Flyover Country 2nd grader, what’s a Harvard degree really worth?  Oh, and should we really be listening to anything Harvard has to say about public health?