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Uh…maybe 2021 isn’t looking all that good after all…

Well gentle readers, 2020 has come and gone, and I doubt many of us are longing for a repeat.  However, as has become my practice, it’s time, once again, to look back on the most popular posts on this scruffy little blog for 2020.  It’s interesting that several of these were not actually posted in 2020, but were links embedded in 2020 articles, which probably says more about the topic of the original post, but we’ll get to that later.

The most popular posts of 2020, by far, were Sunday Funnies.  I might be tempted to think myself slighted, but as relentlessly distressing as 2020 was, I enjoyed compiling—most of the work—those, well, compilations, and even enjoyed commenting on them, even though that wasn’t a great deal of writerly work (yes, I made up “writerly,” but if writers can’t make up words, who can?).

Perhaps in reading these articles, you’ll be reminded of just how tumultuous the last 12 months have been, and might have hope the next 12 can’t possibly be this bad (as this is written, I have my doubts).  So, on to the top ten posts of 2020!  OK, OK, so it’s actually 11, but you’ll understand.

#1 and 1+: Sunday Funnies 09-06-20 (3717) and 10-11-20 (2909)  We were still caught up in the presidential debates, rioting, looting, and of course, the ever-changing and increasingly insane Covid-19 mandates.  I had no idea I was so prescient about the election, or so accurate about Joe Biden’s continuing war on the English


#2: Why I Carry A Handgun, 2020  (2301)

This is my July, 2020 update of one of my most popular recurring posts: the rationale for going about one’s daily business armed.  I’m sure it gives any Democrats/Socialists/Communists that chance upon it the vapors.  That’s not my intention, but I admit to a certain amount of guilty pleasure at the thought.  My intention is to provide some food for thought and arguments for those that value the Bill of Rights.

#3: Rayshard Brooks: The De-escalation Delusion  (946)

This was my June, 2020 article on the Rayshard Brooks shooting by Atlanta Police.  This was just one of several police uses of force that created immediate social justice martyrs.  However, this one is likely justified, and Brooks hasn’t enjoyed nearly the celebrity of George Floyd.  The trial of former Atlanta Officer Garrett Rolfe is still pending.

#4: Ruger PC 9mm Carbine: A Fun Solution  (865)

This was a June, 2018 article that has seen quite a bit of traffic since.  I attribute this a bit more to the fact Ruger makes high quality, reliable firearms that fill needs other manufacturers tend to ignore or lack the resources to fill.  This little take-down carbine is handy and fun, and perhaps my writing had a little to do with the popularity of the article…

Krystal Ball in a playful mood, but she’s a serious commentator!

#5: The Secret Service And Ebola: Seen Through Krystal Ball  (837)

This one is interesting in that it’s a brief, October, 2014 article relating to the very public Secret Service failures of that time, as well as D/S/C projection about gun owners.  Krystal Ball, an attractive leftist commentator, may have also had something to do with the popularity of this article.

credit: bouldercolorado.gov

#6: Police IQ 2–Updated  (657)

This was a July, 2017 update of a September, 2014 article.  I suspect it earned its place in this lineup because of the constant turmoil with our nation’s police in 2020.  The article is particularly pertinent because not only are police officers being defunded and/or resigning in record numbers, police agencies—particularly those in D/S/C ruled cities—are having serious trouble recruiting.  As a result, many are dramatically reducing the qualifications for entry level police positions, including hiring people with serious drug abuse histories, arrest records–including felonies–and lowering test scores, including minimum IQ ratings, in order to get not only racially preferred candidates, but any candidates.  It’s actually frightening.  Just how dumb do we want the guys or girls coming to our home in the middle of the night in response to a burglary in progress to be?

#7: George Floyd: Bad Ideas  (637)

We return to June of 2020 for this one.  I’m sure, gentle readers, you’ve heard Floyd’s name, and have followed the destruction that followed his illegal drug-induced suicide.  This article was my initial take on the case.  One particularly ironic factor in this article was the dismay of a progressive journalist who was shocked, shocked! that Antifa/BLM “mostly peaceful protestors” would trash the offices of her paper.  There is no professional courtesy among leftists; they always eat their own and bayonet their wounded on the field of battle.  I later updated the Floyd case in August in George Floyd: Social Justice, Real Chaos.    That article remains what I know about the case: (1) Floyd was dying from overdoses of at least two illicit drugs before the police arrived; (2) They met him as the result of his commission of a felony; (3) There is no evidence of racism whatever; (4) The officer’s actions were not only reasonable, they exactly followed their Minneapolis PD training; (5) The officer’s actions were lawful; (6) They’re being persecuted because they are white, Floyd was black, and Minnesota is a hotbed of D/S/C wokeness, featuring a black, Marxist Attorney General.

#8: When Is An unloaded Gun An Unloaded Gun?  (632)

This is an August, 2013 article about a May, 2013 incident in New Hampshire.  In that case, police searched a man’s vehicle and found his semiautomatic handgun in the glovebox.  A loaded magazine was also in the glovebox, but the handgun was unloaded: there was no magazine in the gun, and no round in the chamber.  The police arrested him for carrying a loaded gun in his vehicle without a license.  Fortunately, the judge eventually ruled that an unloaded gun is an unloaded gun.  I suspect this one is reliably popular because it’s all too easy for law-abiding gun owners to run afoul of poorly written laws, over-zealous police officers, and hyperbolic politicians.

credit: starsandstripes and sportsillustrated

#9: Scientific American Breasts, 2020  (630)

Because SMM is all about science—actually, not politically correct science—I felt it my duty to re-report on a study—originally from July, 2018–that conclusively established American women have the biggest breasts in the world.  Is this a great country or what?  The only thing that confuses me a little is this article didn’t rank higher in viewership, because, well, you know—breasts.

#10: FISH! BRAS! Ooops; I Mean NO BRAS!!!  (624)

This one, a July 2016 article, reinforced my faith in American’s faith in breasts, though it did bring up a never-ending quandary among men: fishing or breasts.  It is about a trend during Summer, 2016 for fishermen to have comely, topless young women display the catches of their fishermen friends, while tastefully obscuring their breasts, thus apparently solving the ancient dilemma to some degree.  Take the link where you’ll find some of the young ladies required larger fish than others, which should not be taken to mean the author of this scruffy little blog does not appreciate smaller breasts.  Fish, I can take or leave, particularly when they’re obscuring such notable features.

Once again gentle readers, my unending thanks for your patronage of this scruffy little blog.  I can only hope it’s as much a pleasure to read my offerings as it is to write them.  I promise to do my best to find more breast features, so long as I can do it without being too egregiously and gratuitously male, and may 2021 be less annoying than 2020.