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One would have to be fully as stupid as D/S/Cs believe Normal Americans to be not to know the Harris/Biden campaign is the greatest bait-and-switch fraud ever perpetrated on a nation.  Even during the Campaign, Harris elevated herself to the top of the ticket.  She later sort of walked that back, but oddly, Biden did not.  Biden is clearly suffering from dementia; the signs are everywhere and grotesquely, tragically obvious.

But what a two-for-one we’re getting, gentle readers!  Biden is a senile, mean, vindictive and vicious leftist who is promising to install the most “progressive” regime in history.  He is not an ideologue in the conventional sense because his immutable principles revolve around whichever way the political winds are blowing at the moment, and whatever will enrich him or his family.  Even the cursory knowledge of his decades of pay to play scheming makes plain he is compromised, certainly to China, and likely to other unfriendly regimes.

And then there is “Ka-mala” or “Kama-la” Harris.  Even she can’t decide on a pronunciation, but if any of us fail to use whichever one is current today, we’re racist.  One of the hardest of hard leftists ever to reach high office, she slept her way to the top, is far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, but on the positive side of the ledger is a Marxist ideologue as consumed by identity politics and hatred for America and Americans as any of her kind.  The difference is she may soon be president.  Unelected to the office—in more ways than one–but the first of her kind, whichever of the superficial identifiers “her kind” might find helpful in pre-writing history.

The only real question is whether Biden made a devil’s agreement before the rigged election to put her in the Oval Office, or whether he imagines he’ll serve out a full term even while Harris and her handlers are plotting to remove him as soon as possible.  Or, of course, whether he remembers any agreement he might have made.  In one of his rare interviews, he recently said if he and Harris disagree on anything important, he’ll have to develop some kind of health problem and resign.  He was not smiling or in any other way indicating he was kidding.  Actually, to be fair, he may no longer have the capacity for introspection, irony or self-deprecation.

Now, as Stacey Matthews at Legal Insurrection reports, D/S/C mouthpieces are already elevating Harris before the Inauguration:

Even after he officially secured the nomination, the questions about Biden’s mental fitness to lead persisted. At one point when he was point-blank asked about it by a reporter in early August 2020. Days later, he announced Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate.

Along with his choice of Harris came the inevitable speculation from Republicans that Biden, who was still made several incoherent statements from the comfort of his basement, would be a mere figurehead if elected. At the same time, Harris would effectively take the reins and officially take them in the event Biden was already making plans to step down after the election.

Such speculation was further fueled by reports from pro-Biden news outlets like CNN, who suggested the reason Biden chose Harris was to have someone ready to step up ‘if and when’ he ‘decides to step aside.’

Will he even know he has made such a decision?  Does he understand what he is still, haltingly, able to read on a teleprompter?

New York Times left-wing columnist Thomas Friedman suggested this in his Tuesday column titled  ‘Kamala Harris Deserves a More Important Job’:

‘Harris is too smart and energetic to be just the vice president, a position with few official responsibilities. I’d love to see President-elect Joe Biden give her a more important job: his de facto secretary of rural development, in charge of closing the opportunity gap, the connectivity gap, the learning gap, the start-up gap — and the anger and alienation gap — between rural America and the rest of the country.’

Friedman went on to argue that Harris was the answer to helping the Democratic party ‘bridge Silicon Valley and the rural valleys of America’:

‘Kamala Harris is a natural for that task. Who better to bridge Silicon Valley and the rural valleys of America?’

I’m pretty sure how Normal Americans feel about how Harris feels…

Who better indeed!  Harris is so smart and capable she failed the California bar exam, and dropped out of the Democrat primaries without winning a single delegate.  Normal Americans are very much like dogs in several meaningful ways.  They know who hates them, and they can sense insincerity and those that want to hurt them.  I suspect most dogs would flee from her as from a pestilence, and Normal Americans will too, if for no other reason than being repelled by her hideous, Clintonesque cackle.

Part of this “anger and alienation gap” of which Friedman speaks is entirely in the minds of D/S/Cs who are absolutely incapable of self-reflection.  It would be hard, perhaps impossible, for Normal Americans to imagine anyone less likely to be sincere in such a quest, or who they would trust less.

Why won’t Normal Americans trust Harris?  Remember that whole “bait-and-switch” scam I mentioned?  Normal Americans conduct daily business on their word and a handshake.  They value honesty and sincerity.  How are they likely to feel about a woman instrumental in and benefiting from a scam of that magnitude, particularly when her every intention is to “fundamentally change” a systemically racist and evil America into something resembling the glory and equity–not equality–of a socialist/communist dictatorship?  In such societies, everyone is “equal” only in misery, poverty and constant degradation.

We should not be surprised that anyone writing at The New York Times is utterly, even maliciously, clueless about “rural America.”  Friedman is apparently trying to be polite by not using the condescending “Flyover Country,” but that’s the part of America, and its people, he means.  America, outside the coastal cities, is far from universally “rural.”  I’ve often written about D/S/Cs undertaking safaris into deepest, darkest Flyover Country, where they interact with the mysterious, unfathomable natives, carefully watching them in their backward, uncivilized natural habitats and reporting their backwardness and genetic inferiority to the rest of the self-imagined elite.  They sometimes try to find some good in them, but always, finally, conclude they are not only Deplorable, but irredeemable.  This no doubt confirms in them their innate intellectual and moral superiority and virtue.  Begin here to explore several of those articles.

2020 Ford F-250

One might also pause to consider how people horrified by the very thought of the existence of pickup trucks can possibly bridge any cultural gap?  Harris hails from just that culture, which sees anyone owning a pickup truck—the most popular, best selling vehicles in America for 38 years have been the Ford F-150 series of pickups—as mentally and socially inferior, and dangerous not only to the environment and civilization, but deadly to innocent pedestrians.

But none of that matters, because Harris is overqualified for the job, but only if one considers factors having nothing to do with intellect, accomplishment or ability:

Harris will soon be the first woman, the first Black and the first Indian-American vice president, which certainly resonates with a lot of urban voters. However, if she could make herself the person in the Biden cabinet who always shows up FIRST to listen in rural America and the FIRST to appreciate its concerns and the FIRST to make sure its concerns are addressed, she and the Democrats could make themselves competitive in a lot more rural counties.

Oh sure.  Normal Americans will forget Harris is among those that have, for eight years, called them systemically racist, anti-this and that, and wants to make sure very confused men can pee and shower with their wives and daughters.  Normal Americans are sure to say: Oh look!  It’s more-important-than-just-vice-president-Harris, and she’s here FIRST and says she wants to listen to our meaningless concerns.  Just like Bill Clinton, she feels our pain.  Unlike Bill, she might not want to feel our breasts, but we must obey her because she’s female, Black, Indian-American, and a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn’t matter to honest, rational people.  Besides, she resonates with urban voters who hate us.  For what more could we possibly ask?

Can she be any more wonderful?

Actually, this situation poses something of a quandary for the D/S/C Media.  On one hand, they are absolutely resolute in their rule never to do anything that could reflect badly on a D/S/C.  Yet they have already begun interviews of Harris that are making Hillary Clinton’s “why are you so wonderful?” tongue baths seem almost hostile by comparison.  They have, sort of, begun reporting on Hunter Biden, a story they actively suppressed pre-fraudulent election, which is certainly going to be harmful to Joe Biden, who they want to get out of the way for Harris, but to do that, they have to actively harm a fellow D/S/C.  Oh, the horror of having such high journalistic ethics!  What’s an honest, non-partisan journalist to do?

Oh well.  I’m sure you, like me, gentle readers, can’t wait for Kama-la/Kama-la to show up out here in Flyover Country FIRST to listen to us and bridge simply tons of gaps.  I’m sure it will be merely the first step in the fundamental transformation we all so anticipate.